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Information and Image 



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lomcujQ £dvbor\~'[hpeM) 


( 1879 - 1886 ) 

Thomas E. Jeffrey 

Microfilm Editor and Associate Director 

Paul B. Israel 
Assistant Editor 

Mary Ann Hellrlgel Douglas G. Tarr 

David W. Hutchings Robert A. Rosenberg 

Editorial Associates 

Leonard DeGraaf 
Joseph P. Sullivan 
Alan Stein 
Karen Kozak 

John Deasey 
Barbara B. Tomblln 
Jacquelyn Miller 
Marla Antonakakls 

Student Assistants 

Keith A. Nicr 
Assistant Editor 

Reese V. Jenkins 
Director and Editor 


Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 
National Park Service, Edison National Historic Site 
New Jersey Historical Commission 
Smithsonian Institution 

University Publications of America 
Frederick, Maryland 

i of McGraw-Edlson Company. 


Rutgers, The State University of 
New Jersey 

Edward J. Bloustein 
T. Alexander Pond 
Tilden G. Edelstein 
John Gillis 

New Jersey Historical Commission 
Bernard Bush 
Howard L Green 

National Park Service, Edison 
National Historic Site 
Roy W. Weaver 
Edward J. Pershey 
Smithsonian Institution 
Bernard Finn 
Arthur P. Molclla 


James Brittain, Georgia Institute of Technology 
Alfred D. Chandler, Jr., Harvard University 
Neil Harris, University of Chicago 
Thomas Parke Hughes, University of Pennsylvania 
Arthur Link, Princeton University 
Nathan Rcingold, Smithsonian Institution 
Robert E. Schofield, Iowa State University 


William C. Hittinger (chairman), RCA Corporation 
Edward J. Bloustein, Rutgers, The State University of NJ. 
Cees Bruynes, North American Philips Corporation 
Paul J. Christiansen, Charles Edison Fund 
Philip F. Dietz, Westinghouse Electric Corporation 
Roland W. Schmitt, General Electric Corporation 
Harold W. Sonn, Public Service Electric and Gas Company 
Morris Tanenbaum, AT&T 


Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 
Charles Edison Fund 
The Hyde and Watson Foundation 
Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation 


National Science Foundation 
National Endowment for the Humanities 


Alabama Power Company 
Amerada Hess Corporation 

Atlantic Electric 

Association of Edison Illuminating 

Battellc Memorial Institute Foundation 
The Boston Edison Foundation 
Cabot Corporation Foundation 
Carolina Power and Light Company 
Consolidated Edison Company of 
New York, Inc. 

Consumers Power Company 
Corning Glass Works Foundation 
Duke Power Company 
Exxon Corporation 
Florida Power & Light Company 
General Electric Foundation 
Gould Inc. Foundation 
Gulf States Utilities Company 
Idaho Power Company 
International Brotherhood of Electrical 

Iowa Power and Light Company 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Katz 
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. 
McGraw-Edison Company 
Middle South Services, Inc. 

Minnesota Power 

New Jersey Bell Telephone Company 
New York State Electric & Gas 

North American Philips Corporation 
Philadelphia Electric Company 
Philips International B.V. 

Public Service Electric and Gas 
RCA Corporation 
Robert Bosch GmbH 
San Diego Gas & Electric 
Savannah Electric and Power Company 
Schering Plough Foundation 
Texas Utilities Company 
Transamerica Delaval Inc. 
Wcstlnghousc Educational Foundation 
Wisconsin Public Service 

A Note on the Sources 

The pages which have been 
filmed are the best copies 
available. Every technical 
effort possible has been 
made to ensure legibility. 

n lieu of transcripts, however, 
enlarged photocopies of selected 
items contained on these reels 
may be made in order to facilitate 




D-85-001 through D-85-033 

("Deafness" through "Electric Light - Electric Tube Company") 


D-85-001 Deafness 

D-85-002 Drexel, Morgan & Company 

D-85-003 Edison, T.A. - General 

D-85-004 Edison, T.A. - Accounts 

D-85-005 Edison, T.A. - Advice 

D-85-006 Edison, T.A. - Articles 

D-85-007 Edison, T.A. - Autograph and Photograph Requests (not filmed) 
D-85-008 Edison, T.A. - Bills and Receipts (not filmed) 

D-85-009 Edison, T.A. - Bills of Lading (not filmed) 

D-85-010 Edison, T.A. - Book and Journal Orders 

D-85-011 Edison, T.A. - Clubs and Societies 

D-85-012 Edison, T.A. - Creditors 

D-85-013 Edison, T.A. - Employment 

D-85-014 Edison, T.A. - Family 

D-85-015 Edison, T.A. - Suppliers (not filmed) 

D-85-016 Edison, T.A. - Unsolicited Inquiries (not filmed) 

D-85-017 Edison, T.A. - Visitors (not filmed) 

D-85-018 Electric Light - General 

D-85-019 Electric Light - Ansonia Brass & Copper Company 
D-85-020 Electric Light - Armington & Sims 

D-85-021 Electric Light - Bergmann & Company 

D-85-022 Electric Light - Edison Company for Isolated Lighting 

D-85-023 Electric Light - Edison Electric Illuminating Companies - General 

D-85-024 Electric Light - Edison Electric Illuminating Companies - Accounts 

(not filmed) 

Electric Light - Edison Electric Illuminating Company of New York 



Electric Light - Edison Electric Light Company 
D-85-027 Electric Light - Edison Electric Light Company of Europe, Ltd. 

D-85-028 Electric Light - Edison Lamp Company - General 

D-85-029 Electric Light - Edison Lamp Company - Accounts 

D-85-030 Electric Light - Edison Lamp Company - Lamp Test Reports (not filmed) 

D-85-031 Electric Light - Edison Machine Works 

D-85-032 Electric Light - Edison Shafting Manufacturing Company 

D-85-033 Electric Light - Electric Tube Company 

D-85-034 Electric Light - Foreign - General 

D-85-035 Electric Light - Foreign - Europe 

D-85-036 Electric Light - Western Edison Light Company 

D-85-037 Electric Pen 

D-85-038 Exhibitions 

D-85-039 Fort Myers 

D-85-040 Glenmont 

D-85-041 Insuli, Samuel 

D-85-042 Menlo Park 

D-85-043 Mining 

D-85-044 Patents 

D-85-045 Railroad - Electric 

D-85-046 Telegraph 

D-85-047 Telephone 

1885- Deafness (D-85-001) 

Following the appearance in early 1878 of articles about the phonograph, 
which drew attention to his own deafness, Edison began receiving inquiries about 
his proposed invention of a hearing aid. (See Thomas A. Edison Papers Microfilm 
Edition, Part I, 15:3-166.) This folder contains correspondence inquiring about the 
current state of the invention. 

Approximately 30 percent of the documents have been filmed. These items 
received significant replies or were written by individuals associated with Edison. 

o£Z&Ls- \Jbtn>L* /*-&C L 
X2o^o«-* $rzrus££_^C 



~>~3.nEALEIt IN£~< 

. .... . ^ . ..' ^ 4 ’/^' 

.if. / ^ 

srff '/bo^v J$Jr£#-<\.sh(-■ Jist*^L£jb_JZj&sC 

^i^v. ^ 

^ky } • cf-^LU far %r/** x *s- ** «*++■ 

//htsvt al/xt-jh 

^W> yyo^^ ay ^ 

1885. Dr ex el, Morgan & Company (D-85-002) 

This folder contains correspondence about financial transactions undertaken 
by Drexel, Morgan & Company for Edison or his companies. Material relating to 
Drexel, Morgan & Company's role as a financier of Edison's electric light and 
telephone ventures can be found in folders on those subjects. 

Approximately 70 percent of the documents have been filmed. Routine 
correspondence relating to financial transactions for Edison or his companies has 
not been filmed. 

P.O.Box: 8080, 

t ^ m’cr 


CLssss^ ( '2s 


t, £L 




Af-'hjt. ^^XJL^sssjtsssf^ . - - 

( ~^j~ A 2 


Y-& f c*^6-2>~^2s / ' 

-^ l ^ a _^' ~2--'As-' — tsl^ 4-A\y 

(L-'ty -y~f oss- &Ol-~^Ls222jl22) —Max "Yo ~^sScZ2 

Y—-6-i «- 

r V C~<sy~ISJ ^UA^6l/ 

~J0/\I/;?:/’'. sdH&yeiM/ f/'tcz'’ ' 

*^y> <2<-p^j' Z^db^o 

6~y ^iy(y-^L UM-- 
*L, C^^Cy -f-£jL 

-cv^e ck^c*s(_jl 'hJL^^^c^j~i_^/-/L . 

JQ&-^u 4 -JL. CL 

—'£o^\s <L^y-<Li cl^L- ; 

>.'% v<p <■ - fr.^ 

^ a __/j ^L LAJ -— 

n / 



to me for signature of El. Railway Co. 

• jMfttutrmtimm. 

*/s Tt* .. a>/- 

0 \)jUkaJ _» 

J(L^o^^c{s AA^- XJ, 

JLla^-o, fVI^^ c ^' AAA^^r- ^ 

J yfc^uJLu j. lMrdlJL 0 ^ i aa^um, 

(*0->~oLa-1^ ' AJL. L^<L^ 'f^> JUaaJuxX -IxJr- f- % oUst~ 0 -^ 

'^JUP^ Xrr. 

l^icM^LA^ AAaZLjj^ 

^.'/S - -- 

1885. Edison, T.A. - General (D-85-003) 

This folder contains documents, primarily correspondence, covering a wide 
variety of subjects. Some of the material relates to personal matters. Also 
included are documents that deal with more than one subject, such as a letter 
about both the electric light and the telephone. Documents concerning subjects 
that do not fall under the main subject categories are also filed in this folder. 

Approximately 70 percent of the documents have been filmed. Duplicate 
copies of correspondence, third-party correspondence unrelated to Edison, and 
unanswered fan mail have not been filmed. Unsolicited requests for personal 
favors, for loans and exhibits of inventions, and for information about Edison have 
not been filmed except in cases where a significant answer has been found. 

\^yky?. Ql.< 


> <—dc_( 


*&Cjou 4 *-+ C^cxs^s 

^ C2^u. '^sicC?^ /^3^'-^ c ^ 

J^CCAaaJL/ ^t^s- 

CX_ c^Co^-^EV^y O--OV.0C. 0~6~4U^JK^ 


f-J'' t£^s£- tdL-^e %tr z-JLc 

L *. 

^^>C. *y — 6st*7*-£t 

5th, 1885. 

Mr. Thos. A. Edison, 

65 Fifth Ave. , N. Y., 

Dear Sir:- 

I was sorry not to meet you when I was in New York. 

I wished to advise you just what has been accomplished in the sep¬ 
aration of cream from milk speedily, my idea being, that with this 
thing in your mind, and by keeping you thoroughly posted with ref¬ 
erence to the state of the art, you would be enabled, sooner or 
later, to accomplish this much-desired object. 

I also desired to show you the model of an engine which I be¬ 
lieve you would recognize as a valuable improvement in this depart¬ 
ment. I know that the Brush Electric Light Oo. have adopted the 
Comer engine, and are manufacturing same, and I believe you think 
very well of that engine-* This new departure is not a rotary or 
an oscillating engine: it is, in all essential features, just ex¬ 
actly the sane as the ordinary.reciprocating slide-valve ermines, 
but i't has the advantage of being simplified vastly, doing away 
with many parts, and the working parts all being boxed in, so tint 
it can be rixi where it is dusty and dirty, Ac. It has an automatic 
cut-off, and the "cards* taken from this engine are better than 
those that have been taken from most of the best engines of the 

10 to 50 H, P. engines can pr obahLy be made for 1-3 less than 
other engines of the same capacity, and possibly one-half less. 

Will you kindly advise if the next time I am in New York, you would 
like to see the model, and if so, ; I will call upon you and exhibit 
it. We have sane larger engines completed, one, a 35 H. P* being 
subjected now, to comparative tests with a very e xcellent automat- 
id. cut-off engine, of the usual style. I remain,wishing you the 
compliments of the season, and a very happy and prosperous New 

Yours very truly, 

J -- V 

I jyu^ 

! .C/o.&o)' 

portrait 3 cu fp^- or ) 


Designs for Monuments of all descriptions submitted and artistically executed. 

E; L. Kellogg & Co., 2 i park place, 

TL e • ScLooT rTournaJ, NEW Y0R1C 

TV • Tenders’ • Institute, 


H§ books™ TEACHERS. 


°) A 


'l b 

tfejUkAv - ~^- Qaa 

■ Jl — / >^r ~". | "V>r>-!tCC. ^<^v>vjtj 

< ^-s*r~^ oJtr«v>-^' - Vivv. V^ Axlrwfcy 

„. .*?Tt^r„_ ( CS_/y>.c^. JO^JttvrJl cK-_ _v^^v»J < ^vy'J-«^_ 

\u-<j . v\A." 0-fi-A.<a «=-6^jLcJ]p 

i- •wOlA. 

j- VyviA*i«.^<s>o., 

[. _fe^__. avJ 2 r^Uw_J^ 

vs v- 

. ~X§v_a^. Stv=xx5—^ 'V^.\J^.~- «-jj^^s-v^a 
vr^v — v^p V^juc^ ^ 'v^Je'p ~TRJ(A_«a^ 

£v-~ 0 ~* -N_«_^ . 

^> -«-5lSL^ ^I>-S?j_X^^vr-v^-wo t^Lfflj-fi-X aj_->»_o «-v^ ^jc^v^cSL. rv'^'-S— 

Q^Slu ^ ^ .ft5cL^Jk,-i^ 0 Jlr't!^ >k.-. 

> «a» TC Jl w '-o-^vA^Jt v _ «-o ~tfcvjL^. ‘Sjuou.aSiA- IDfcd. '‘LoJaJlr- iV" «• ■^~" ■ 

also C^JtfcCv^^. V^JIp ^'”\/\. . < ''Vvv^Nw ^^xSLn^o ’U“w*>— c^_<cr—»—? ^Vvv-^ 

Vy»- Vv,.^ C^aA~ .jJ‘^ 1 , } 

- ) <2_a^ \vv^ e-j^JlcJL ix. «L 

^A.~~\ <S-X^X_ '^x^-UbUl 'w£ V oJ^ ,- _ * 

' e> C *^ L " Njr ^ r ^' c ^ Q - c ~-^ J,- V^ *£_«~v^v_ ^ «rv^_ ’W^O; 

«r^-. ^ w^JLJL IA- VdLSL^ Vj> 

oJi^^j - -^V ^ A 4 ^=*— -fcA.S^, 

' X-Aj^-^'fc8x>o *—=~^- C5L-Q.CV>V^ A ^. ^ £v«x<JL ; CW ^oSjlo^ cxA— ___ 

// ^~'-^ilS r S^ -V—-CvjLx^ 'Txrvx^ "VjO CT^XcX. cQ^jj, ( a_/VA_ofi^ C<_A— JLa^Ji^_ 

-^_ ij^vj— ”*-^Oi^\ 5 Sv-^ rt -^ «J-*jv. Q_v. ‘^'^“CrV'x 5 rv.cj^vj—^ a. ~Vj>j- ^. q . 0 ^ _ - .■ _ 

yw—Xx/i. odL-_^n^_ % <3-0-2—_v_ ( Vfc, &*-v_ ---— Sj-^ <S_Q.«> •a-^v^ <V^vr-<r>-A^, 

QJLb^co^vx^^ c&1JL'vvA~ ^Lstst^. -Wv^ iUUGD^ 

Cy^o W> Vr C VV~y. <EXa, iU^_ JJ_^ — Oi— n.J^ ’LAr-• /J^. 

0 — ^ L. . ' _ ' 


cr V~ ^'V*'~ 

c V\«X/vvv_j^ 

\ ^_a_*v. o-<^_ *7b^Cfc_SLv_ig-vyv_ ^ O/v/^A- A^es^e-5^. 

: ^^JUX. $L<_ 'Jjz- ^ ~g 0 _ 

_. tf- ^. TL _ 

, 9-J^v o_A. ——' ^-O-Tts-V^p--, 

I.. ..S_ffiiL^--^s>__ 



- .Qjtc^ 


No. 65 Fifth Avenue, 

^tA*. < 9'lA/£y£'A*A. 'Pv-uo C ClA-A- — 

New Fork,---188 

3 eUv^v-a. 

' 0 __ £xX&-<* 

— (F~ /- 

iT~.^T A_ «w a a^>- 


v s -^jX5&A ^ ‘**'X° 




§1 Ml. 801. IjJnlmtr, ^tojjdtlor? ||Sj3 

SI. tlu^uol-i ,,C, ff.fci.,.0 /e^r.. //' 1885"' 

P <2-Cc^sT- 

'&' -it-/. 

. 4 -^ ‘2sjst^c*z~ 

/O . 1 ✓ .. > >. - ^ 

0 {^Ut^csfesvl ' 

•> ^5^ &u<suir- 

— ; 

0?S7SV«S<-' . 

. ms -0 3 .- 1, 


E. E. iSillilanb, 



O. N. FAY, 

aonornl Mnnndor. ' . 8 


EV TV Gilliland Esq., 

95 Milk St., Boston, Mass'* 

Dear Sir;- 

The gentleman who writes this letter is a 
very nice man, a friend of mine, and 1 would like 
to inform him upon the subject of his letter 1 * 1 
Do you know of any experiments in this direction? 

My Dear Edison:- 

New York, February aath. ltilirs. 

i After you left town T was very sick indeed and 

was absolutely unable to attend to any business until the day be¬ 
fore yesterday. My Doctor was very much afraid that T woul d have 
pneumonia, but I have got through the most' serious part of my 
severe cold and shall doubtless bo all 'right m u few days, if 7 
take decent care of myself, 

STOOD HUNTER, As soon as I was able to get down town I 
callo'd on Mr. David Religman, and he told mo that owing to the"hoii- 
days intervening practically nothing had been done with relation' 
to th'o stool printer since you left. Ho expected, however, to got 
matters in shape in the course of a few days, and T do not doubt 
but what business will result'. A fow days before you loft you 
told ine there v/as a great deal 7 might do in connection with the 
stock printer in the way of preliminary work, so as to be able to 
push the matter actively immediately ; U u returned. Will you 
please send me a memorandum of the various matters that 7 can look 
•upi Do you think it advisable for 1 onny to eo ahead and experi¬ 
ment with a seven dot letter?. jf so, will you please lot mo 
have your ideas on the subject, so that I can 1 onny, or do you want 
any experiments conducted with a view to improving tho shajo of the 
letters and figures of the fine lino printer’. 

I a/i), through Russell, ophating on the Police and Fire De¬ 
partments, with o view to getting thoin to consider a bid for put¬ 
ting their wires underground. 7 expect to go over to Philadelphia 
to soo Hr. Hontloy early next week, v/ith a view to getting him to 


consider tho matter of putting his wires underground. 1 ruosi is 
of course unable to do anything in tho way of laying at present 
as we are having pretty severe weather here. In fact the earth 
at tho moment is covered with quite a large 'amount of snow, and 
tho frost is entirely too severe to allow of his starting his work. 
His tubes, however, are practically finished. To-day he got about 
three parts of the copper for his large Milan prdor, 

AUTOMATIC, I understand that Bo nans* a Mackey leaves Paris 
for Hew York about the last day of this month. Can wo not bring 
to his notice the Automatic, arid with-this end in view have you 
any suggestion to male as to keririy conducting some experiments, 
with tho object of getting things in good shape. ;r understand 
that Hacks/ vail favorably entertain some deal about the stock 
priiitor should the fieligninns retire, and I think it would be a 
really good thing if, at the same time, we could mako some ar- * 
rangoiaont with him, with a view to putting your own letter Au- ' 
tomatic on the linos of tho 'Postal Telegraph (Jo. 

RAILROAD TELEGRAPHS. T oricloso you herewith Copy of a re¬ 
port which I have got from Hradstreet’s on tho “Phelps Induction 
Telegraph (Jo.*, of which (Jhoovor is the'main promoter. Prom this 
you will see that (5hnover»'s Company has not raised any largo amount 
of money so far. Jn fact they have simply put stock in the hands 
of Trustees to soli, in order to provide them with capital, arid ' 
you may depend upon it that their present exhibitions are made' 
with 'a view to “boosting* uj. their stock and so enable them to 
dispose of it. I received a letter a few days ago, addressed to 


you, froii Choevor, drawing your attention to the fact, that »“Tho 
Railroad Tolograph Co." (which I imagine is one and the saw* thing 
as the Pliolps Induction TelegraphbCoJ was incorporated in August, 
luu-t, and 'Choever asks that you will have tho name of our Company 
which is “Tho Railroad Telegraph fi. Telephone Co.", altered,' as tho 
tv/o names are so much alike. 'Tomlinson says that, as a matter of 
law, there is no reason why wo should aJtor our name, but as a 
matter of courtesy he presumes we should do so. Will you please 
let mo havo your ideas on this subject. Will you also'let mo 
'havo some sugostions as to the' methods I had bettor pursue, with a 
view to drawing public attention to our inventions. If you woro 
hero I should propose doing this by moans of an interview vitK ' 
yourself, but your being absent makes the matter rathorcdifficult 
to deal wit,h, 1 presume our object should be to so draw atten¬ 
tion to our Company, as to prevent cheover from' sell mg the stock 
of his Coi.ij.any, and thus compel him to tank'd a deal with us, but T 
am in somov/hat of a quaudary to know what'"course T should pursue wh 
w 'ith" a view to arriving at this dosirable result,. 

ORE Mill,13-10. You may remember that 3ome time back the people 

backing Connolly in his experiments opened some negotiations for' 

u deal, by which they could get control of the ore separator, so 
far as tho separating of iron 'sand is concerned. They have come 
to me within tho last day dr two, and the enclosed letter from 
them (William Pell v Co.) is the result of my conversations with 
them. You will see that thi's proposition guarantees a minimum 
income to the ore Milling Co. of (51,000. for 1HHS, S^fiOO. for 


IbUri, .$5,500. for lbb7 and S5,000. for lbbb, You must remember 
that this income is only minimum, and that Roll R Co. anticipate 
separating (iuite a good dual of sand, and in fact pushing the bus- 
"inesB for all it is worth,' -They start on m cents per ton roy¬ 
alty and end up with 10 cents per ton, so that in order for us to 
got above 85,000,’ in tho fourth year they have got to turn out 
upwards of 50,000 tons of pure'iron sand.” ' I thin! that tho price 
which they propose depositing for each machine ($400.) is amply 
sufficient. In your first negotiations v/ith them you mentioned 
'$.‘>00. I layst have your opinion on this matter immediate!y. 

1 want you to road Roll & Co.’s letter very carefully, arid lb 
write me fully on the subject, 'as should you bo agreeable to thoir 
proposition 7 am going t'o the Cut tings’ and got them to agree and 
close up a deal immediately with these people. They moan busi¬ 
ness. They thin]; they have a splendid tiling in' Connolly’s pro¬ 
cess.for making the sand into blocks, and they are going to push 
"tKo matter 'for all it is worth. This matter not only means busi- 
"‘ness to the Ore Milling Co., and a certain income to cover their 
'■'current expenses, pending your producing results in connection with 
'the"working of precious ores, but it also means work for tho Ma¬ 
chine Works, as tho Oro Milling Go'. Have not only to got ore sepa¬ 
rators from tho Machine Works, but’ Boll A Co. propose buying our 
dynamos. 1 want to know what' size dynamo will charge two sepa¬ 
rators, arid also what xxe sizo will bo used for charging throe, 
four and six separators respective!y, 1 have got tomquote pri¬ 
ces for dynamos to Boll F- Co, to use in connection with those sep¬ 
arators, providing a deal is made v/ith them. Rhoul d shop prices 

T.A.R.,'5. 5 

bo quo tod?, I notice in your previous negotiations v/ith thorn 
that no profit beyond tho Machine Works profit was put on tho dyn¬ 
amos. Ono thing 7 like about' this px«pc<3x*x«K proposed contract 
is that unless we got our money each year the contract is void. 

If wo believe in tho business of working the iron sands, providing 
the royalty is sufficient, T do not third, that wo cun very well"’" 
object to making the contract, as Pell ,» Co. will push the busi¬ 
ness, in connection with Oonrio3 3y‘s new patent (which 1 understand 
is a very good one), and if they make money out of it we are bound 
to. They propose first of all working “on 'the Rhode Island Oodjfe 
ifith a view to getting ail their apparatus in perfect order, but 
immediately they close an arrangement with us they proposo getting 
'the control of all tho Canadian deposits of sand, and later on” ’ 

'they will get control of that on tho Pacific Coast. ' . 

You will, notice that Hell a Co, only propose -to deal with the 
United States and Canada, but iri talking to me they stated that 
should their home venture prove successful they propose going 
further afield and working the deposits iri Mow Zealand and Norway 
and Sweden. if you decide to make the arrangement with them, 
which they propose and which 'is decidedly bettor, s« far as policy 
is concerned, than the first proposition they made me, would it 
not be well to see if we cannot manage to got some Pind of a patent 
in Mow Zealand and Norway and Sweden, with a view to being in a 
good position should Kell .* Co. eventually decide to work in 
these countries. I cannot impress upon you too strongly that 
this matter requires immediate action, and T trust you will answer 


tho various points in my latter fully, and immediately you get 

LIGHT BUSINKSS. Tho isolator! businoss is just as dull as 
'’/non you loft. It shows no improvnmont at all. Tho tost too); 
place at, tho "Chelsea" Klats on tho United Status plant, and they 
•wore'not able to get, more than from five to six lamps por 
power, notwithstanding that the U, S,' people had guaranteed ton. 
'■'/hat will, be done in the matter is not Lnov/n yet. T understand 
that exactly the same results wore' obtained 'from a plant in Phila¬ 
delphia installed by the U, fj. Go. 

Bat'cholor is still negotiating with Oostor as to your Various 
'claims, but as liatcholor will, write you about, this himself, T do ' 
not considor it, necessary to go into the matter, 

I was round at luth. Street, yesterday, and T understand that 
Tommy is vory much bettor,' and that, he will bo homo in about a 

Hoping you are having a good' time arid benefiting from the va¬ 
cation, I remain, 

Vory sincerely yours, 


r 7 

Removed tQagi^ae^*" 
O Murray Street, New York. 


^«-^. «=<. 

„ 4£ 

<2 hZL Z^lze^- 




r's office! 

sdU-A* . e^U ; 



<S*u- Z (Zi, ^ 

& ‘Tt-uv/Z^ . A, 

'farY''-c&Zts „ ^&rx?.*^e- s s^i- e. 

**—} cCo v Za^U^vl, Tf (^, 

+*-*^' e/ ^ vod?K>u, 6 

o^oc^. o4^> 

(Zi- "i ^(Lc^U, jpirvi) i^> 'Z oJt af~r^Cr 

■A+^C J^t^y jLrr- a^ 

/(Pi? 5~~ <?■ 3 ~ 3 o 

_ 1885. 

•Ur. Thos.A. Edison, ^ ^ 'O W- O V" Cjn 

65 Fifth Ave., N. r. t t / / v b < J 

My Dear Sir*- /• < !*-'t U4\ ^ . 

- A Frenchmen, Uons. Tichenor, has taken out a patent / / 

in France, for a device for making butter by electricity. Milk is [ , 
introduced into a vossel of special form, and in it is placed a 
pair of electrodes, and the electric current isrfthus passed through 
the milk. Buttet is fonned in little balls on one of the electrodes " 
and it is said to extract the butter from 45 litres of milk, the 
current from a dynamo-maohine for about 3 to 5 minutes, equal to 
about 40 daniells, being all that is required. With such a current, 
the balls of butter are sufficiently voluminous .to detach themsel¬ 
ves fr«ai the electrode, and float to the surface of the milk. The- 
butter is then gathered and worked, just as in ordinary churned 

Now, my dear sir, as I called your attention to this matter 
two yoars ago or so, and have been urging its importance upon you, 
desiring to work with you in developing this interest, I earnestly 
? T °P° ! hatW ° to ? othar can got control of this invention, for the 
United States, if it has been patented in this country, and also 
that you will give this matter consideration and make such experi¬ 
ments as shall suggest themselves to you, for perfecting and im¬ 
proving the process. 

I have already written to Paris to find out who this U. Tiche¬ 
nor is, his address, Ac. Have also sent to?Washington to see if ho 
has applied for a patent in this country, and have directed my at- i 
t0 i “ nodiatoly obtain a copy of the French patent, and send j 

If Mr. EdLson is not at hctye, wo hope that his Private Sec- 

l Plaaao sand one of-^he copies of this lottor herewith j 

enciosed, to Mr. Edison, whom,ywe understand, is now in Florida. 1 

This interost is too iumense to bo neglected. Can we have the as- I 

surance that Mr. Edison will give this'matter attention t i 

Faithfully yours, 

D. H. Burrell. 


ELECmW%LwnnT n 

9 Murray Street New York. 

( 3 &:^ ..■;■■■ ^. <r -. 

^i^xSe^Lci. <fz<^ 

0 s'/''e*T^_ T ^ 




Tarrytown, N, Y,,. w . f . 188.. 

/S’-«•«/-«» fc 


ej^| fflt. ai. Jlnlmtr, ^proprietor. |G^f> 

' St. S : fa. r U\o’\v\.^&^ . | 88 ^T 

■^Cjo.ojn. ’vivrv. . 

■'H a ^ ^^ JVVV \ >C *“ 'Woo. 'wSxfi/v*. eS - 7\JWL«-ii/\3--e-ci(, ^SXAJv ■ 

ViStouv**' O—^UcxcA. 'VvoXr » -V-n o.^A/ a v.y, v- | 

CW^c^. •Va 5^ >jl ^ b-cJJv,c\ ) VcSs^ "VvoV 'VJvwA t ^ i 

-\_irtttrv_ 'WoVAjXd&N.Jt^.ciU. A-^vjvCi • 'Sl<3YV-'^' : \Vai3c 

^'' A- c \ v *^» -x^rsvcK. ^lAjo^jk_ 

'\v-xvv. ^.Aleav^ Jr" \>s-o^i •vvcj'c 

v Vr.^TVA.'V^^ \^J|- 'V^XTqAA YU*. CXc^xowV to JAv^ 
■V^vtrtw •Vo t*d.cor Vx^Ay^ a.-v\<X ^VolA \v,ww. cJi4o -I 

i "Vivot A^rw.vw<^ ( Vr, .J&oUl. -^vcJx •vvro'jJUX. I 

I o*T«~J, Y* 'Jr, ^Ww-j^T %-v^ | 

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<\«Ar vAraii: >ylp'v*^. W Vc*.dL , 

I 4-ioC^cJU^ 'V^vji_^texc^j^v. "WviV 'VtvlyvJ^ rr^- ! 

^\ow^ Vrrsp^X^j w^^dX, ^ <^tt\r Iva^Uyto \W. j 

'VcX-VtIM. C,C>^VVV_S_ % C»^A^SC<X '^OJWWV, 

cJrcrvJf Jt”, -$»_«_ ^cu.c!C "V^vtJt" VvJLXocva '\tv\a^*^csyy^ 
Oyv'-'A ~V^voJf -WsL AaWx^i -’Vo V-vju^/v^ VvJC -^-QY'C^vrV" 

"VivJLwv < &a\c| ^Av,v^Vjvy’VW^V" 

\-K.Ojyv\-. A*XjXa^ •W< ] \~ 'Vvvoj-x, 

V'-S.O-^Uk^jt. c^wA 'VSv.olX'’ ^cvo oSX. %Sifl.yVxA 

“^OVVA. 'il .tXiyOQ .1 j 

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, \\^va'V^or-V s .-^>c ^ \>\joro\jJ\A 'X&YvXx • 

<^11^ ' J ^v(uxA, fVwcX, \sJr ’^0'^ Vvwcvjj ~K^vc«Jc vA“.v»r»xa j 

■ "VvaXT 'A^V'-Y^-O^X.V 'V^VQ-S, - ' cyjk/wys "v«ivou 

AsAcw^nc^ V-voth^iI. \v<i*rv '\«S'5 >^Wa. : \^ "V\«v* Vjv — J 

V«iV A*.c\. "'V , V V ’wbvt -vjj^SaX J 

W“o v^JVtk. fv^ova Xa/v»\a\ ^ \x_JUWvA, -\AAvoJV - | 

^CVi 'V3V\J. *-~v. 'V\c^. 

• Qjgpyjv* >oe*V > 

I; L. ^frp 

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w ^ >~»<-«^~ti <Vv«X«4/ UiA <j -1 iu-iUta^, 

lw\ n^.c»^IXj f _ 

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■V *W Arw^. |JT ^ fl ^ 

&■ /- 

; ^"wi>- 

c Uf~tn A _, _ A 

J F - frl&M-dMjJuJLL, 

Thomas A. Edison, 
No. 65 Fifth Avenue. 

!• . , /A 

New York . Ct-'f. b t / 9 " 

(J 2/ /2> 


tb. •<£ s-l£cC^t~ OuCj '<lt*SUV.<Uj 
i?Y Cl 

o. 4. 

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Z~ex^y G-<~A^*s ttu^ve^uA 
/*-A~- - -&>Y-&-' C^ ZLex*+*x •>*■ •> 

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l/6ou tdistnrt /uvtsa /n^uy /tA/JL<scJ[s 

MAZtos /l^iy 'Jl'tsisCtA^J^ ^ /(faH/ott y X/f yUls^<^COCA^CiZ/y1^^ 
MCIm AdrUJuU fa Jjb tJZo uols / ^fajL/ Cs£s Osisists 64t£s fT' 
APAsISiZj Sssisisfi AsWtstAWAsf, 1 sA /u> AeM -^tr Mmts sti mwAA. 
\9 jssUd-u-^-Jits sG stiflJUss sU'ts's et-weO sstmst-AseO /C-n-t- -■ 
sUsOUsV sA Ms y O’i-aA ^istsTrs yn-ts .t-s-U-O As /&* 

Auj-ucO /6Us M ssyojsns-yisi/ svt-isu AstrJL aA y tnss -At, - 

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yristsyi astsiss sOlAsAs 

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<£^2-, ^Tcx^t—«e-- tf >-\J- .(^2-zp _ _.._ — _ 

<P^Lc<> .. . . _ i 

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/¥• — £*> — /y'i-rr*- 

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_yQ(/,~/^.i— -y.<> 

' Ufc* 

<2. S y Q^U-^.. ____-_; 

.._..2Z^/. J^L^*.,......-.| 


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,^^>»_/-- <&T3&%.. <^2a^-tfra^4r- 


S/tcdum^, /lA&'Oow^ sj^LMy 

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ZjlcxJ!^ <kX4e ^./<p&. 

B^lyt^-i^tZvfii JL^/H-tdo /^Z- /L^i^asuts ytizj cL^yutd —e-e* cL-C~~ily£/y*i ^2" 

/f(!~[~ JLtMsd^O __-.2_ 

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JQ.i4st&~~<y> /tyuix^L ✓*— &Gslst**~£-as£zZ^T y-, /i/<v///i^j d -i n J, f** 

J^gJyZ^L^, /bzi £sCyO~cJ^ /2stzzfccZZZ* , I V> 

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pir~y > PIlaacL oaa ,d-&diad!^ /(d*A— pa-A^— 

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■ QAAlSLS-l.tAU. cjj /dm. 02a.cL&a\- r ^t-tUM'Li)^i.n'^ «- 

\^j /O'' 1 '' 1 - 4 - ' y\jip^A^A-AA^ d-AAA-A- d^A— £tA.£p~Jd) cri^A^ 

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tdlJL' £>/Co3aL Cft d^OOL) 'dvdi, &-<A. dot, dtA^Udid 

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^UaA^a c6&AIAa<AIcL^ /AAaCIa^ Ga^SLaZj w CtAAdl_ /LJaX-, 
\j*eSlAlS-lj'<L-l^ Jj J0 CaacL. O^L t>L?J^ Aaa. fyTs\ tXAAAAJAr , 
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\Za^l O-Ma /Ca^AjI— p CXa.cL. (J^L^TAaCaII &-, c£? cZaA-IS-aA (j/Lao 

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CtA^ rf\AA> £pj(^lL/— *4 r A<AAAA r ^eAr 6? J/"A Z^aAAUaI\, ^ZiAAtJt- r 
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IpAc. ^tT)dAAAJ-ir^A~ /(aS^AA^ 'AjL. jpLyicArtA-ZoL. pyuSAfr- ZaA— 

■AL&JaacL &AL ^ in ~ ^ 3L (L&aJC&AAA^}a{- X^IaJL I 
^p&ACt- I^AaJ/IAJLAAaJL. ^DZ^aAiaI s OlAa0L Claa QuIaCcTcJa, - 

-/A)aiajLAaaI ^/1^c4La(A~A--> Q(0-0iaIaIaa)aI (/iaAaA* ■ d C (aa^-cLlaa^ 

XQaJlcL tyoA, dZ^/ZfrdZ 

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V_^A_a^4' cv£. Wa-Uc. U*-»— 

O' -■»■ «>-<^-£~^” V-O-^,4-_ u>-t £\’*^C 

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yj'jt^^.od^ /%■ a^. ^ ^:. r ^.; i 
^ * £a/. t&Zc<4z^ 

- --— 

$CiOo&£jZ' $«^6-ccjl 

I. A. Edison, Esq. 

No. 65 5th, Ave. New York, 

Dear Sir; 

In rq:ly to yours of the 7th, inst,it is true we 
have had a temporary injunction served on us for using the Ban¬ 
croft machine; hence we are unable at present to supply our trade 
with Paraffine paper,as we have been doing in the past. 

Regarding the Paper which you speak of,we would be pleased to 
hear from you fruther about it; and see a sample of its, quality, 
and )U}pfltoJ|ha$ its cost would be as compared with the paraffine 
Waxed Paper which we have been handling; Also what would be the 
Royalty on it, and the expense of a machine to use in the manufact¬ 
ure of the same, and would there be any probability of our infring¬ 
ing on any other Patent in case we should use it. 

If you will advise us on these points,we will consider the 
matter, and it will greatly oblige, 

Very truly, yours, 

J. W. Butler, 


- s 

<^£--x^ r cysisd J^~- ZZZ^yZ^~ 

&y^f\*z^ls£xS&i* _ u^y-...Z^C^rrrv.... cZZZZ*-y-(P^^-<- 

J^um zr-#L 

'-%^-*£- ** zrA//*-^jty - c^y^s<L <z <£ c^tzz'.^ 

4 ._ / , /. 

7£~~.^L TZz, ZLZzzz /^_ ZL-*z- ZLzz^z 

a4 a^<^_L^Xl^C L^_4rz .^^c..- 

Zarsy-y cr 

£c>Ci**3L^ri*c- £*Si^s: 

°y>~Ca^r- J&fcsr-} __ 

y^f~ >- 'i*.Oi*>- 


y^T" ^ lii ^S^c«. 

C-4>~&£cJp>£~ y GOstO- T-'t'’ <500- ~Z-£^<y 

gC^c^gc *-* Q 

t'O^O- £- O-^ &c*iczc&7-. 

/V’lSK^t. CG ^^-ly-O^cs/GCTT^, 

O C^-c^CgC. 2. Q 

~z^-^-t^CoC r "tf^- czUr- 

~gcgcV ~u-ts>tS &-go^- -v'^*-«-<_ 

Pyy/tr' cuq_ 

^"4 ^o~l^ ^Ct-cT^q.^ 

(QsLs&1%^ ^ ‘^-‘-^ot-^ti, -rJ^ '-i^t^t/ 

S ) &lsL,0-V4r 'P Ot^c^C- ^1-^ ^ ^ -- 

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)h#£x^cnys- CC. 

C&lrv-iys/- “Z is/- -z^o-a-c^- 


^tr^ o?t£cs 

&C^9’ C^L- 


- '-t-^yy-t^u6cC r- 


y^b 4- 'f£4r4jL 

•C <J-C^y "try CsCX^zdLl*^ 

y<r4 &Xs 

S3*y^rrt^ '-wx < 

^K'CC^of ~z**tr-&&c 0 -t^cf~au<z, 

&o£* *4-’ £~e*&wrz*t~, 

cLjPCu^ ots/- </£-r^. 

*£■oty>0 c4st*0Ct&lz v -t-i^. 

<y C^Cuucy ~cV o-uis-r' P&y-a-4iy^-^p 

c^&gc*^ ots^- y^-7-a^- 

’ \<r*ZoL. 


^oy^r C- ~t>ts-L. t^y^/- 0 o^^r^- 

cc- Pou/vy- /*l 

c *^V'C^tf /2yqy, ■S.po*' 

The Edison and Swan United Electric Light Company, 

57, Hojborn Viaduct, 

London, E.C..,88$' 

Art-vA^i^ j^w ^oA-^aA — aA^tAti — <UtP 
- — d — ■tpt-*^A r t A~*A- 

(A — -a- 1h^ pits. OAtZe^Ojl^t ffC0~*jL, | 

^/-lA»1 j 

^>HL— 't-^shv' pA -I^tvvv^^j^-O I 


rS Jlv-Ly 

^AP^ssj or -' 

J14++A —Wt^tr „ 


Pjst-rP, uTtd 



_ Pl-W&s , ’A^t-Pyfv. 


■ y/A'\ $•/.&$„*,/„:>/; 


Sfi/4 t /hK^t^jts, 
> prr / k/ 

Western Edison Light Company, if§ §T 



Chicago, v£^//4 


JUa : ■. 

Jy^- OL^-x_ CtAX^cX<_ JZeSCa. 

j SljZ^At /&od^r- 

tj- yV(cuf., y _zzU ^ 

- - o < sCA-<L^>C(UjL^( .yCs— 'T^Ia ~l / %/Z'L? r ~' 

tf~ rC ^~ Suu^x^L, &<r- YVZUy^_ 

&*- <^j- — sC>&Y7*<^C<+-vt_ ALt^./^.sCv-' 

JCC <- CU^, c^Joc^v; /C^Lc l/l/ui^/^- j 

y}/\Ayty^O^ ^-t*~0(Msu£Ay>^ ~(f~ p * —^Lc/- 9 

cWvx^v._ ybv^yA _ yi/isv yCsb&Lsti/isL. 

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4>ij&—fc C0oo£6unsn. Tlcon <M^corft~Ctoe CcusJt- 

GJaJLcizk- Jf t f& QiAA.evvoKzdkr- ev&i. 


~'beM.c)~fcrO ?%{&,**& 


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CCA/- S/AA* Ct' 'tz-er^Ck. c>-^/^ 

^7i£>T~ ~ 

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't^AsL^C ^ / ?d ~7~yz? &. 



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Jfcto i|S«imtf lmcb»3^2f< 


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AX. *MSLstC&£ fCist esy^Lt^ili^/ 
1 sUy*~+' ; tZys£ 

&ei?h*-*'Jrj 0%* -w V 

“"Z^tT^vT^VV^t, tV J^ X ' ; yv\XA' Ccr^~e- —C^xa Z-—»- 

t**iw\. C-<S^w- rvy^u A^y WA 

U"fflts Gyy/Luist- 

r -yvu^4?f (yyy,KS 

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yw/&h ✓VV^'* t *-^"y S&- 

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Irofy kqd I<kvk Gcoodd- 

10 & 12 READE STREET. 

L.yLti^ ■ 



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At (sZs^yJ’ i /S4^L^3-^ *jSjtzS/^~~ — £c^£s *^A'^Z-CjZ *--^'1 

At A~zh-z^^ '.'<£ ^ X 

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Impmkl ColUflc of (Icnptmmjg. 


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^W‘ brfa-Ur- *-^/tc^<W- 
.^v,dsJzM . / 4 . y ht&x^jz: y - (faUL-e- . 

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Cdlyx. -iU<nyf'') <b (Iciiui faj^a^fa 

(XyL^eyC^ V^. ii. 'Ht.ey u*J &. 

The Edison Electric Light Company 

65 Fifth Avenue 


, a'*,****'t ^Ca^-C sz*e.<ze*4*-0^ 

ls?1Stst*J fOSl<C4 Jsn* Ctumscr - ' ' / * S * 

Kc^iu- *~~y- *r~? **r?* 

^ .**•»■/~zz, ' 


Address all Com 

nsf- 07. it " 

§Sa-&oo oh Sc ^Vltcocc (So. 
^Wakeo-^tsw-lje She<vw aSoi'I’eo-.', 
3&,(2<f&l^cw.i>t Slv&e&fc, 

Slew SJ!©*#^ 

- 18855 " 

< 62 sO-<J? 


JL. 7o fr&T.Ce'i^ 

f^T-zr-z.ts/~~ ztL- {Lae^*- T&cTfr' 

7*7^j/T&sV^ dO^*7d 2v Mu &C£> </zT~z^t_^_y 

No. 65 Fifth avenue. 

New York, 


(2t — t-'Ls'tf 

Q.-t^t—^r\) /V^ 7 ^--^Lc-^c^-c-^x) / 0 2 <L.& l -c^ 

£txh^L*X^X>f {X^L^S 

/$XXrjR<s/ <Z>UX/ &L--'I'd 


New york. .^L~^-^ -Pq 18E 




<=fc-'' ^^vv*-' oto^^a 

— w - C^Cvt^ 'T^VtS ta ^t^»^VV 
cxst^oCs’ **<£*cs' -4-d^ 


/ MS' a -}-1 

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6cJ»A»w _ —-»CD 

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•&*— —jo < 2 ^ -^ 6 — * Z 6 * 

c 4 d=:'fc. ^ ^ 

6 ^ S=*“ 

3 ^'n 

Jt ~ ~~ ’/ 3 ~ 

3 —- j*~**~, c* . . , 

4fcdt£aGSC^- U U ^ t ^cP*^T 

4 c/ r v^csxxz, c~. t*~^+**£ -ts - 3 *^ 


Vfc-t <~~d) 


fe» '^^ p ~^ Jj --H > A j7 


ytzr-fr jL^r-^-o # ^ v 
^ ^■- *> /&^ v 
£t '- p «-y 7lU> k, cj^ 


J(*> 3 ao*>> 

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Jtrza . (LTZ~ 

JUjBL~ v 

„ ^ — qfec^ 


# 24 -^- 

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£ 2 Ar>.~CC Ccx^i^ 

o+sz -tr 4:ee.e~~i = -rz^ 

\WCo^4c Ufi ('-0-<» V*c~-c~ -O-t^M 1~*2- 

tfCj » : f - 4.‘ : y Wv ^ J Q C~-C*-e.cC 

L^**»*- t^-«« frM W»<il <"-i’l^X--s* 


t (W_o 7 ) 

ip £«*"«- <=^-‘ ^ 


^ Vfc- 

~;r~ *» 


”f 5 ” 

CjC*ckf~~ ' 

Urr-JCT^ &> £**&Z 

^ U **• -* ^ - 

jCv-cre fcfify H-rp-T" 

(jrOZCTCa^ r- 5 " 3 | 


07 ) 


r 0A4cvs*s3f“ dCHtj i' ; C 

i» i i I, <y - 3 G— M -~^ev k**—- fc" 
. . g > 



£1^4^1 88^7 TbjaSsx^cv.. 

^ %: €flv^^S:^- /^Q<ia for A 

L^-0iLiEC ^ •*- (T-Jar^ff 6^-^Y -y-vy • (kr*<^/^ 5 

• l l^TMAAi . L|mvac 1< ; folV: j 

*®~ Operator* ar^roqi^ata' writs all niiugn In*Ink. ~ 

The Mo. Pao. B’y Go.''" FROM. RECEIVED. 



Blank No. II, ... . • _ . ^ ' 


French Atlantic Cable, 

New York Offices, 40 BROADWAY and 81 NEW STREET. 

No. of Wds. 

I . The following . message • isre : 
.ceived from the French. Atlantic 
Cable i Company, subject to the 
printed on the back hereof, which 
are ratified and agreed to. ' 




' 1 w 4 / 

Mwi^mtL'j^il' j^y Jtw^f (Uu jJJ iLnt/n**L 
dhu^y!*^(v'«/ aJJJJuts- cki-Acf-tm. /i.(u^uL'fJjd / (w-(r~-dLj / o /(t-Jryd H _ 
li^n*^i lAM/ fji^- d'-rviyfwj/filui _ jMU'th'&uJL 

/jint- lud^Vt/.' JkJctCi /£a^ ^Cdj/L-f^T 

/<4W t CX ^(TA.dlLnV, ^Aj^nJurlM^- (ImLsfifw/Uurrlo- 



Uhskju-Jt-t ( 




■ v p 




Jlvilinu.cs (LCoiJ-lAucbjj a hjb' 

ftrdjldji/uw.U' ae.J T’Jtwb^A'f'u, fr'CjcdvJ 

wfj^(dyUjr^ dd' /lff ' 0. - - /> St 

J(kJ.Krw-Mo> /J.crduJ'- y^JjLif-Jddh(Az(bL. ^-th^nc'd //dts-/C(u<it^ ; /(>JL'fa- l< s 

JcJk^ht^ J /iiitJJl /Mf At/^Tu, AfcXZj^ 

A^M M^fxnJw Cj^/^tuS'/UuuuJ tUj s<ZU/^. ^rLtL 

hvxdyyuHll 'iii-ajfyjxfi/ftyv J s. ^ 

the western pniqn telegraph company, 

No. 65 Fifth avenue. 

r Zjp r ~^—~r — 

N ew York, Auguat.l2th..18854 88 

My dear Edison:- 

hn , ’ ' * ™ ceived the enclosed letter from King yester—-u 

day, but was unable $o send it to you. until, your . telegram giving <• \ 
I enclosed letter from Prof, Barter fnd > 
would state that 1 Jiave jxi tten him,saying-that I would forward i 
is letter to you with the request that you reply direct. I also > 

enclose letter f rom Mr. Dixpn. If you have anything to say to him 
please let me knojff. . The gentleman who saw you with relation to „ ‘ 
° f \ your ®lectriel pen patents has-been in here and desires 
something a little more fonnal, so as to enable him to go ahead * J 
IZITr r6turn? he was talking about royalty and asked me 

what I thought you would think of 10 per cent on the selling price 
f the apparatus. Please give me some kind of an authority in 

faction ttS H tt 1 C8n fiX 4110 thing np the gentleman's satis 

faction and then the formal papers can be executed on your return. 

X want you to understand that this matter is pressing. • Keep me 
posted as to where you'go so that I can wire you again. 



-< <//. ^p/fci/ r ' : *: 

,J^c A t- j 

' . ' '?/ e-' ^ 

! r/i.{V'i~ > l -S- A-^./. / V 

j CiZ&./icsLct>( : // / c..' t 

j./4 -r /?-. • / A^rtm^y .^ ^ . .j 

I -A f/L^ 'U '.^ 7 Ttruy I 

i tevfz s//u ,^y J j/fr K : 

: /t.yy*. 1t&. //.,', , v /? 

j • /“/^c ..Jc-Aet.'-C Act/ , ,y ft'm.. j 

j -'*A(>-.l'.’— .ft'A'7/kW)^? . '/' 'z' A/--(-<£■:%J . : 

! ..... At i-szl . A-t-jx. V'^. : . ; 

j . ' I'-C . (AL.- CcA-Zj Aj . r' 7 "^ .. ! 

j . </--Si'A>' A L-r^ i _ J 

; ... .0CJ- . y. 

;. -4/' ^ ' • S.. ; .^ I 


CTk. bb-S. a-. f?<j—L~->-^_ /£«/-i_«-'C_ 

IrMu^ <2; 

? a-*C£, ^lr^<5'4v'£^-t~'t < *, | 

<—V ^VT) a-/^~ <^L<r~xx^_ /^u.<zK^ 


Mcch.hic Arts. . ^ ^ \ .. < 1, 

Jir*^ Y ; "( J 

^ ,va' v ^ Mu^q£^- ^.v~-^i^«m'bar‘^rdT-™“''®®.8 

Vy d^fr. EdiWr . Z 

• (U- 

The Trustees of Cornell University 
have asked me to come here and assist them in building up a/great 
school of engineering ^and promise io stand by me to the end . 

I am at work , therefore, fitting up lecture rooms, gathering col¬ 

lections in the museums, a.ranging workshops^and gradually getting 
ready for a good start . I think "bint,. in a year or twr, we shall 
have the best material facilioies in -he world for teaching the 

mechanic arts and the higher work of engineering . 

In looking about here, on my arrival, I noticed that all 
the dynamos were of other styles ihan ours and ..ha.. , so far as I 
have observed, these is not a single Edison' or an illustra 
tion »f any one of your inventions here . There may , however, be 
something in the Physical Department that I have not seen . 

Can you not see a way to let me have a fi-light machine of your 
best pattern? and such other of your inventions as you may likefe 

have represented in our museums ? I am thinking of lighting up 
the shops with the' ineand scent lamp of high power and that would 
be a good way'of making the young men familiar with them . I can 
buy the the company if you think it necessary ; but 
would much rather have it as a contribution from you personally, 
if possible . The other companies seem to have monopolized this 

kind of contribution to our.collections . 

I hand you ( herewith,a circular describing the course th&V 
I propose to attempt to teach . I shijld very much like youj^to 
look it overhand give me any suggestions that may occur to you . 

You will observe that a number of gentlemen are promised to come 
here at their own convenience , in the course of the Winter, and g* 
give talks to the boys,at their weekly meetings for debate ,or form¬ 
al lectures ,as they may find most convenient and agreeable . 

CoOild you not come in soje day in the same way —I am sure that,*'" 
the young men would receive you very enthusiastically . ■ You could 
make your talk what you might think on -he whole best suited to 
bring you into good fellowship with your audience . 

I would apologize for taking your time in thus manner 
but that I know your interest, in all that is proposed to help the 
boys of the coming generations to get what yon and I could not get 
(though we needed it so much,when we were youngsters 

I was at the meeting of the American.Association,last 
week-end hoped that you might be there . I hope that you will 
come hereby and by, and see what we are doing . The Sci. Am. will 
give some account with illustrations of our college that will in¬ 
terest you ,in a few weeks 

v ery truly yours 

The Baltimore & Ohio Tele graph Company 

/j7 1 * , y° m P a:i l r WiTlGXITO and DXM7UD mcsufei only on condition M 1,1 I. „ - * - -* _Z_ 

4sht /Aaj " 



^ <Z^£ »KK^ . ^ 

■ ** '£»•'•>' -&*U. 6 JwJ tfu**L. 

~6u*JC TyCC& yyyyy J. 

M* -^.WV-: <^<, js^wy-y. . T'^^y .. ti^cjf.Q 

•>*nnU). --^-vt. " ° * 

*^ v "- - J^L^y/CJ^r, <-v n^y^y/L 

. uo -y>y~*y. (r~ &4- 

daZZyrK*. k-~~x-* yy^rSy '■• 

etc a* 7T*jo J c^L . : y£ e> y n ^. (-' /£,. ‘ Tt£L. 

JkU. /W*v*..xt^..;£. 

-**■.-•■sy^.fcfe <0 . rruL..'^ 

' .(*»._ihJ .—^Vi 


. _, ' st&J&0Z£. 

i— 1 _«-?7 trvaji* C>*^ _ /£&/(• ■ TvO 



'yWUs >7Tt_ j 

7n«- .-^-l ia£.,,Urri^<.. C*~- yfatszjzyyr/t{j . I 



•a -wu4C c£o (ft® 

-~^5 /0 -A •£c*^^*£Sb 
t(*..:.:Jr . ^ ,^c- aajLu , .y.*y ~, 

? .:: r _^~. <v~~ UatL , 

! <£..:<bcfcx.. 

[ Ui ___ 


^VA^C.. v-..jpj;/^ v ... _>w> t^u. ^ c 4^- . . 

Fred. B. gurney, agent, 


. '^sd 188 S 


c/Qc^a _ I 


^ <^u>s cr/ioL^ <sO ce^^y 

— *<0. 

jS0~od yCC^CO /OS' JZ. 

’ (J <= ^S ua/ *0CCjr?yU/ 

E. I. iSilliland, 


ily^' Aj&td’ 7 ^5 

*- &)ltL\aSMu- 4 JL- 

,. f&J- 

<^<f y-eJ, e^uStZ^-^y^ 

/W^T. oy&f- &z 

&hM 'K&J- -&*■ - 7 fu csul /&a^ 




4h^^M. ^ C^Ayyz tot* 
t*. -&0-<s-4c C^Lj-e. ( e£=<! (dffljLr *ya £&*& y-* 1 

$-&csOfvj(~ f^ji. -/y^~s*-*- ^'^ gr ^ zx ^p s - 1 

- 4 *nujL/&^ <£ 4*1 /&~tf/s:/^ 

sfaAAf. emjch AJ$/f***"* 

d r,£ 

<SLsj? t&Zx> 


-/“ _/ --**z^v jC»V <i ^ 

<^t>^2- >fc 

<&-n ~£s ^tasf- '~?Hs\ . 

CLsf~~ & £> tJ^-C^P N 

'/* Aut <ge> tf / -^gJ . 

\ (±9 <&iM 4,: 

| 7 sfr=T 1 *-a /~/ ~a -CtS’ 
j ^ d>£*j- . dU/6-A- 

I IthjCJL /f*~~ ' >^U^LeS*- /£a^ « 

/C<l£&i^ &■ <3o<^fu/£kjS ~&sC^e£rf r '. 


"zf" < 2 Tj-«. ^^ 4 »-t-s. 

TPtrt of 'glforJi, 


Cl.-. £cLc^Latva- £?< 

ts ^ru^fcc 



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LatTJ^(XA>- C^ - AtCjeyMA^A^^ 

Vrc-c^LAU-X-- U-W "Scc^V- 

\^ ^V. YVXiJ^m^. 

"tLU_, VA>OL Ua. '*>\_ 

■tew, CX^CA^, 

U -to_ UlmXcL^. J^ttLu WtX- 
t^rv- vy tftfcCi^wCa-iL 
Vuw. cLa, l 

i V'W'X'Srw tfel. ?aWA^ 3 \<xW, 

j \/Vv \aTVA ^Aav_-^^ k!^y\*. ^-vaAj •-^O'UM/S 3) 

. C VW\. (Jj y- l>(!/UAAA>vi^ H'Hao^W' | 

^ ^ 0 X 12 ^ C \jJ^U>aKm~~ 'W 4 yM^_ j 

(<W )^-*-3 / ^ 5 " LciJ^A^Z- ! 

cywaU tJZ, ©A <C?au | 

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! (VvvO'^Jtt^ <koAww\ {X^d 

A^vvu_ Uaa>UA. ,yl 4 vUW<- 
( 2 vvvw!£a/~oA" ca- rhvovT 
; Afv<_ VVvAvJ-OiAAaTS.' (V^iCOA-. 

/tr^K. 0>O XyfVC^L &O *^WVV -ftW I 

b V<hT M«- &uA~" 2*- a-u/^- CaXoJ\" j 

-6^2) '^' r ' ~u 

(^Wc/liuT" uMn.^ ^'9 < WvlM'' 
/VaPV A" UHHJLiT ^3/UWc 
Sj-tMj-K. — L_/(ii&Ao VvS^/uA 

^A-vv\ (L\^j CjJUU^ /fc3 A^L-v)-uj (Jv_ OuiaA 

uavsIvo^^w^ o-* l <> l ^Aou^£c 
'^ d£A j^y^i v)A^. ^LA 0<M^3 •CvvvC 
V^u_ iCi-Go \^1 a*X Ctk. f 

U^T^ AI^Vk^a-^ ■U)-^-\.^eX N 

{y^JiS A~vf\T (>Ap Ww 

3* Mj0o2aAa^ 

< J^V **L\ d<Xwyj es^ * 

fUrjjzJf' — <'-<- n^H^CC^ 

|2^_ *L 3 try tl~tj 'll. ^—- 

a/haaJUM*~ yijyt "th-v. 

/U^o-mX^T , VHAn7t^Wu^ 4 m. 2ma-4x^L<^ a^, 

- 4 t^A. O. K^U^i cJut-e-. — _ 

s^-c 3>^fu.etv/L ^j^- 

Cla^vjAt *_ $ -ft^/" a^. 

4<^tiVo Az-s/T (M— AaMXL^ oZU. aUM-a^, - 
}^&A^\A^iA~ ^U/k 7 l^2aa.o4a. — 'A— 

c£\5-u^4 _ ' /^Ia^h-<_ 

J^oJj f f K •j-'fl'Vot cr| I'Lj 

^2iVlXxt--> &'vx_ gCi}-t /K^ Cm6C Ia-v 
'[IvjU/v |2--u^'Ma_. -Tt^T ^cLL w_ 'j/24£</u/U 

X-tA. liwi' .£ .J tv'jl^K 

(~ CKvvyxe—cA-tr A*!~~uXjL t/ yiV^v. A4v(* 
^XJsmj-w zAaj- 0'V'-&A^ Oam, 

OaAmtv, A/wVaKajX, -llvtvv, Am^A. 

.'. / b'O'lrtr-V ,- <JW*ytX- Vy\Kv. <Wa/Vu^ '4a«Ak ft/K, 

<V0 <&MWjjl{jo .9 ' VU/ ^ s ^- 

tr/u. I in. «A“&- i^/UxA eA- /-^- '"‘V?*' VUX~ 

^v&ViA^ Qo^» ~ <^vvW^ 

t>Vc~o^YU». (m^ iTj^h^T aSSn^i.. o^_ 

Q, aVT- /Iat: - 

2An££)t^.^ 4Mi-n^= Ato-crw 

as, Hr#' V'*' 

^UV. •ttea^ WS. /y- oX)uv£^ i\j QtV j 

^^- 4 '' 1 ~- \jaAaju^ CHVT \A.J^> , Cfc_ ^-^rvx^i-v ‘ 

Wct-^ '*&? 0 Ol/W. 

^ oW uJiX c^aAaA, /tyiv^ /tve^T *iA- ; 

_ $3 ovvri' Afcuj Wai-K |-v J j 

^Wwv. to sjpjiwi-/ m. <3 

<=^TQt. QWk. \/Lt-^ &JLj2_e^yp ■#— ] 

lolj4-i4 r a.Xo- j 

^ ^3 /e~y V/S^tTe^Lt.! 

ro^v^Va^wC, ^ IG~- AhuICTc^i 

cL-dy^el* kiftb~.ALffci^ 

^ t^> Qjxx&ii^l) < 4-'CwZy-C (L&Z<f i~. i 

a. JuxM.~~ h^-omA. ^uv ] 

(k^C'W-fco Lt^iXUr- \/'K^4-uut£”i j 

•>£^ Y 5j -~ 7 ^'/A- ^Wt/, ^ a/tva^O-eZ^ 

—C-u-^ /(X/yyQ-t/CAr $ 

^yD'K- oaT' 1 

</ y^ p y^y uatu-v r^ ^fwvku~w i 

0^3 Uu| <Vvvc4*Zv <U lUtlvw 

C T J ' •• 

■ vyy , $ 

E. E. Gilliland, 

T ~OM6 . /ss-j'&ss 

lso } tf&S— 



>iof im *yt Lftrrfi. (mC-fcnrc. LOs^MU<4«t«| j 

~\&W *11 Gef.COC C* Ul» C CO-hr €*7fc.oj(- 

te <4<me ««*tfte toof^ <vt» « l« |W<*)Ci« «u.^ Uol< 

f!f ’.^-. 

6o«n Cas(7^. a ,i| ^TCT |w, —■ 


< ^‘ /U ‘ ^r^* CC,f¥ \ 


||lu>tograj}h ^allcrji, 



16 & 18 BROAD STREET. 

New York,. 


£tX 2, 7-yt 

^ ' *7 /z^ -T ^ V ! 

<2U o-*£- —Cs 

/^CcoC CC/LX ^—c^</ ^—/ 


-»ME M □ RaND UM«H 



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<?7 /y 

rv t^vw^ 

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/Ajt-X\. Cs-> , y.e. Sfo 

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! U-^ffL 

to 1 

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Ay A- rtl 

~y. 1 v. 

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tfc-'/ltfrfi s/f- p c> ‘A*,_ 

'^'<9 /bts(< (S& Cec' ts^ •— S( e^ ■^A'* -AAS> j 
M./fe7/ftA,6' u^>l»V^ /k-v.r A-~~ ' 

Cr^vm.n1,f7.. F, y ^fc . ^ 4'ty.fy 

/ L. /L'C ^l /'-Si.-' k ^ j (uX-C ^ I 

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^ (j. —•£ ct~~-'<-C- fa** w,..x^,: 

■91 t f. ?C Q {(- u-[\. ^ ‘ ~-Cy At"/- \ 

'/('l Ct l 1 V. ^yJ-^F\.{. l/V\x6C- <ii:’ i -V<-F ((XT. 0">-'\_ <— 

c9 "» L i-K n v • ' /'"i (> !■(/ «) -jA.S--y 
*&* fy <■'(>[. !Hv- {Oh a^) 


>') t CC 4 l./u-w,' 

^Z"' £ ./, <n \ v r-v— -V ^ 

<zv K KjL.'- w-O'-v — ^V'L^- ' 0 - 6 ) —/t<^v.c— 

K $ i ^S)7 J t[ ^ 

^p, f? C— ft 

Sxt^cAx ^(stA-//U A *<■->> 

^■v>a. ^ ,/a; 

vft,tf-Zxpvsi a «t± .i-rr...^i; 

, '^ y-j 4y;t: Jy /. :^ '• 

t-\^'V.A- c ^' 

fi. t). f\i)dn^w^ & Qo. 

10S-1D7 Wabimh Avenue, 

“Electric Valve Service 

By the use of this invention the heating of buildings to an exact; 
and uniform tomperature is accomplished. Rooms and Auditoriums may 
be kept at any temperature desired, thereby saying fuel, discomfort, ill 
health, the cracking of woodwork, furniture, pictures, etc. 

This apparatus applies equally well to all forms of heating and ven¬ 
tilating devices, the thermometer in the room automatically governing 
the temperature. It is invaluable in Public Buildings, Private Resi¬ 
dences, Hospitals, Schools, Conservatories, etc. 

Ma, Oct, lo, 1883, 

Samuel Xnsuul, 

Hew yorky 

Dear Sir,- ,/ 

®he Western Electric Company have reoently request¬ 
ed no to get for them a settlement of the old Telephone, and Pho¬ 
nograph matter with Edison, You will remember that 1 have 
assigned my intereat a in that contract to the Western Electric 
gompany by consent oy 111* Edison. i 

It is probable that a representative of the Western Electric 
flompany will call on you in Mew York to see about this matter. 

Is it not possible to get it straightened out t I think you told 
me one time that this was the^old matter of Edison 's which had 
not been adjusted. Anything which yop can do to have the matter 
attended to, X shall esteem a great favor, 

Sincerely yours. 



Thomas A. Edison, 

No. 65 Fifth Avenue. 

NEW _188d— 

t j£a-r ?t*jCs , "*- v 

/ 6 - 6 -c 


CLvlJPJL ~i£^ZZt?-z* fcW' 

Gf-toc£/ /z<_A? "nyty -*44*0^ ^L-> 

, ** ?74^C i 

J-Z&> ■4^---''/&oj * j 

f^wLC* <s*o~ 

s " /f<r 

, ^ 


6Uj~rXr ,g S'iT- 

.tf\rxj_.c^ 'Z^w ‘K 'T/e^r cCl- (C^ -/^ 


X^^-C t y? c>—S-fLasy- o4lu^a- 
'z’ko^/ 2^kyu^_c. ■~^jL-fv>~+~*^' f ^-p 

7 fo fdLfL 


d t vW^4 ) VkUvI. <V 


^L~V 3-. aSl^SlSu-^. v 
A - 

^ vb^ e/\ 

Itna^j ^Jv_a_^v_6- cUaj-cJI. 

XkL vnJL 

_ V \“^~ VrxrsJU' ^ LA . 

. TV\Av_ <2-wj—JL&— ' d-^/ 1 

^Lx_-o^<fj\- 'Vvahq t»_yV- ^ 

0-d c-y^ 

>7? ^ 


;; W" H t> X If. t 

V W ^JU Jr- 

Received at the WESTERN UNION BUILDING, 196 Broadway, N.-^x, /' ":dy(yyi <?C4 4 doe 

MIe; ■ 

Q 2 e_ 2 ^A 2 yH <.-^ t — f >— y f(^Vt- <J?s/c r X>a/(£^/ 

( v_ /h^ , ; 

— (Jm f'/.QjA (2aa sUA<? _ J CLaL />u^ng _ _ 

- /^JltAULP A9-? y>Cb 'IaI-X^a 2 ~to (I'lA-^fA^x J 'f _ 


)wery Fire Ins, Co 



from the §or1t $owcrg $ire Jf tmtmice if'Onymiw, 

being in full for all claim for _ 

of which _ 

to the Company for cancellation. 

.... Dollars, 

— - in consideration 

...of this policy is hereby surrendered. 

Chas. B. Lamborn, 

Northern Pacific Railroad Company. 
Land Department. 

Land Commissioner. ^ 

ST. PAUL, MINN. S*&*-*Sr * 9.&J- 



Edison Iiamp Sompany. . 
Phillips Bros., London. 

the Itout-Ieadowcroft lo. 



New York,.. 

My Dear Mr« Insull, 

65 Fifth Ave., City, 

Enclosed is the letter which we 

would like to have Mr. Edison sign. As you will see,it is merely a 
recognition of us as the manufactures and selling agents of' his 
standardizing light instruments. You will oblige us very much if 
you will return this to us tomoroow, as I have just completed our 
catalogue and want to use this of course. I send you a proof of 
a cut of the instrument. 

Very Truly Yours, 





the Itout-IeadowcFoft io. 


New York, ... N .°_ T *...I 4 !..i! 85 !.... 188 

Dear Mr. Insull, 

I regret having neglected to thank you for the 
letter you sent me signed by Mr# Edison# Please excuse my negli¬ 
gence and accept my thanks for the same. 

Mr. Edison used to have in the testing room in Ooereck St., 
a large Rhumkorf coil which gave a 10 or 12 inch spark I forget 
which. The last time I saw the coil was two or three years ago, 
when it was in the midst .of a lot of traps over there in the test¬ 
ing room and looked very much neglected. Perhaps we may be able 
to dispose of it for you if Mr. Edison wants to sell it, as we 
have customers who want a great many instruments of this class. 

Will you please let me know sometime whether Mr. Edison wants to 
sell this or not, and if so,the price he v/ill take for it# You 
will understand that this is merely an inquiry with relation to two 
possibilities, namely, that Mr. Edison wishes to part with the 
instrument, and second^ Vvat the possibility is that we may some 
day have some one come along who wants such a coil. 





Edison Liamp ©ompany. 

the itout-loadowGFofi to. 


New York. ’. Nw 18 ’ 188f lSR 

Samuel Insull, Esq*, 

65 Fifth Ave*, City, 

Dear Sir;— 

We beg to acknowledge the re¬ 
ceipt of your esteemed favor of the 17th* inst. in regard to the 
Rhumkorff coil and also in regard-to Mr. Edison's decision as to 


Yours Truly, 

Ah-t-t SL-c^ a 

'5'^ / ✓?/—> 

r^tUL. <S/fc'~. // /Wj~ 

’<r>ts csaj/r 

cAhuXj v 4 ?Aj 

-4,tlrsn~t. esi, a.aA&c<rz« 
fhe. <L£*Cjfiut OjA AAc ' 

0-h^Ust_ ^W-lCci^C t/zZe-c*^ yrL^ <U*y 
fc^^csAcS - t//^oy'U. Ariy ''AnAe ac-G^e. 

/U-rA&^sC y<n^ Gt*. O-e^ Co^t^ iS yA 

A-c^-JA- t7 ist« CTt-t. oC Tr Si^t a-AL&, a^^y^ru- 

$*C. -dzett^L, C-^H? C ^ UJ tsTit, £}(jb y*~£er-£iS' 
A^leccAu/ ^a^a~c7LI*. A £r&r. 
j rciAu*t*, $U^uJ^Astra^ 4 A~A, /us-AaoTL y™ 

| $s(cl A lv-7Lac£> Ut-c2& ■&■ -de.t<*A ocj 
I lfa-*C. ^4Lct_y,y^r-^je. c/A 

\ .-^s LvoCc &TT**JL. tu, aC<um. ~tz^_^ 

AfrlZjL /ki^el /)-€. 9 j3^_eC <d^Coo*+. -</trw* A^&, 

6 ^Gc^c^. ytnvi-y fy-i^Cy 



v-ATo, "Hr, 11 a . 
WK_. (i f$Vu ^ 

J’iilonl ^tllornnijs, 


Boston, Mass., .188i^ 

v. 0j\JJjUy\sy-~- ((a^ !}-0-^ fe- WcV 


-- ^ V i, ~-- C^- (kKlti-' 

11 ^/jijUu~J' o ai4m-<i) ^ 

(h^v^ t* < KpJ^ - wAlm*- t& \J / \%L^]/H / l^ / n^ — 

JJA- ^sit n^^MrOo. rj — Lrtt, 

Sjf oMtUf- 

(\y0}MA~ Mhns<- ^vx^^vosC 

!. , a / ' n n . n 

(~>-$- r —- yV- • UT - 

<£f oAUjl (}[A4yh0j~y^ > 

(^^-w — &uaAA~' 
— (Jvv^t. - 

- 608 - 

fltortli-'Mjcsijem Utatmual §ktife. 

CAPITA!*, 3200 , 000 . ’ 8 UBTX.VB 180 . 000 . 

<^hica go,-.^.3..r?. ...^^2^ 188 »^!~ 

3?di_ £L, —J 



w??f^ 7 £ 

c/^-tdXsr <Sa/)Tj ■*— (j . 

j Tlty^O syiatk, //0 0<sg 
a ^ <ll/tA i*\&nn*' |j 

A-&sirV> fijf 

— A^la^<l4- /Co If^tAjCAj~iyO?Ca 
jU^cJ-*y^X^~rr*s7>, TY-ts ^VLcto-y sul^ 
^f/ooo. jbctXct cty\, Z^Jt^ 
yOL^ot^ ^ ^w. o^4- /OU. 

cks3 ZZl, o-i^jA., aC^rct^crrs, J~vr y^ooq ; 
Cry^ C/O/Ci^kj <5Km^ iCfcx. oLck) <UnA^rZ. 
yco jft?£L. ^ Jvv c?/ cZpUt^/o, O^Zo 
JjLasu~tso £X_ h*U(x^cj^ yi j//^ 

Uj/uicJ^ OlX. foJtc^UL. y£z> tycsi^^ X 

&rx.cZ-sL/l x^csl ccjsj£^Z_ i! 

0~/cZ~ ^COoZjc £cx. CCcyCA-CyiJ^. i 

** / 9 /C 

&fct. 4 A&(x ^<ZdL jft/odoo. 
Ato, to*. (yutA^O metL /.Iff 2. 

/3a/, 7<r Cy&tAsr' Cy, . / ^ 

f/ 0700 . 


r$':/ ’ 


j>-/ - 

o / 

,>V : 

<^cLl^j-c^--<J ^f~), ^4A>^3£^X_t»-wt_X 


^ZZZ^ -|<^-v-ty y/y 6 

c ^- o <-^- 4 -«--< l <^. / ;LxJUL^-<s< y^-JiX-Ls 2-j~^? 

i-<-J y <^^c^o<-^--^, ~to ^c-^-«>-<^-<_A_tV / -^t_e-^ 

^M^xj-CCC, 0.^-4Xo 

jk^jdtiju-fix^JU.*. 1 

<^o-t^ X-tzu t^Lj^A 

•^-^, ]/4Zu- Cyl 

^U-^Zl ^fc<_^«-CA-«a ( f~*-0 
^-<-iJ p^s/LLxj C*c>-yjSj<-ii(r*X-r+>. 


* (&- Waju— dy ^ 

, &tzcr 

A-*-o » 

<£/'Zo' £c~z£ji 

Co~Z&£. Stjt. 

d-7 A— etjiA-t. W-V 0-^-T-Z_ 

'C&sr^i^, «-o^6 

&«*. X 9U-aut.a. j/^o— ^^-*«-» 

^ <?, </^ o&" Q^-t***^ £</*&(. &-c-e£P- >. . 

® /. O-o /ZLjfbX 7**^-=, 

't- *.-n> X. /. vis/bV-j. 


Thomas a. Edison, 
No. 65 Fifth avenue. 

» ___ G^fn. — T/f—Sj'i'/c fisfc*. '^7'$^'/" — 

— '/L ^ 

Thomas A. Edison, Esq., 

93 Fifth Ave. N. Y. City, 

Dear Sir - I have at hand the 
communication forwarded you by Thomas E. Self of Hobart, Tas¬ 
mania, and shall give it proper attention. 

Thanking you for your courtesy in this matter, I re¬ 

Tours Truly, 

(£uk ( -4 t' I- 


m^JL^ Uf,-i$jf! 

So -ifcr ■ ■ • 

aJjL-tb i-^Q (TIaJ^JLoJ-o (9^|i.«Av) 

rf ’-tfc /)!iu»(.4: ,<^.^; • 

(of- ,/^.OUWJ /U/uu-cA-> j\JbuiU^J-Lz^>. U^J 

I^LcL crtXZZxh^ 

■ JlpfiL.JttlU'l'OjV %: Jfy(ruhAo^d^ oj~ jfL<-J~ I 

O- ajuddt&A^x.^ /Ur^t-o JyaJ _ 

(VuXDtT oJl) (tco-JL v4uu>ceo "to" 

;*—tfecod ^in>€->i^-vU-eA aX^ 

Jbcrt. J^O^dtOuCcJ^-j /]^A do 

(yuuxj-hu> (X- Lffv<> l. IT Ljer^JLdtj <Uj-ix/c 

/^U-<5 Cu«JL) ^ 'hvouit^ • C^(TU~> Urdlilj 


hkAKjJdlXj JImaaaj )l*Xj(Jk>' 

<y h*^x > <Aa>*X^Aaa^ v 

.-• ^ ' CHAaa> ( jUZtttAA^X^i f ■ ■ 

> V t ~^> 

(fmowelte- at 


mrsi* 'a- / 

'■J2A-4- **/ Syt-^fo-t* asI 

1 u / 7 

jl&CLA cy (Dj*fAj*4' Q/U-_ 

rfe\. ffi-t Of-yirtcjicl^l^ 

Wl cn.'i.'v ex- 4 _ rfL , f?QCt^4,o- t>t_ O.A-L f Ac db/¥-C 

% filoAu>^A_ M/U^ ^ Vc, 

£%* &Cr„cn -oAAi_. cClA^CiAX.cL, /AJ~. c/)CJ-<olc-tjLs^ O-Vi-JL. 

jrffcrc jf Ct-4^ dj /CAlA^t dpCrtAsA', Al OstJ-i-^a Js-u A+AL 

e.'O-'-ijL* ' rfL^.^t^hSi~t &L. A-o tjp O-tAA^rf- Q— 

0>l O'CtV '-'L ^7-1 a cLjZ- /*-l^TrT-<- lA-A-AAA^ /Ua, aCAljC^ 
ClA/S JLAa /-i.,zA< rA_, fiyi^x O-LA Cj/ 

cJx-L. pri.K oL. (JlOA-x t *J (¥'. flzr%- GL+^QZfa JL 

ytnsu-i J- (\(j O^A.yfcdiijL-. p SX-A.<d c/Ao-x+^aa. . 

' &-A_ &- C^TXSI AjLA.*A_pfjM /Aia Aqcj-xaJuA , 

A'->- X.-X.J Cc CJXjSt/^AAA^ 0 ~>C-Cl^- fiyiA.s\e/j^ Aj 

fi Cl A cL jj C-l.-dd< (U— /LA..AlaCa-aA- Ao Ot-pispA <s 
Oi^ 'Xt-i fyiA. a^A-L, C>^cA. fi-AriA-esc-L^ /-aaa cLu-^. ChfxXsAc A-e^irT-*^ 
<X A/.a^is\aaaa^_ fg^AA^L r^AAAAA,tAU~^r^-L-^~ o-U C-A 

dU 4:.A0.y&$/t 

Cl LjlaJAz^au' oi. (Lo^a^ CX? jUsA-cx <lJa_ o-^c(.sls^. p^ira^ 
JL&AAa-LcL /aJaaj^C fi olAoL <Ad cJ.<^ ^-<ZA_i cr^A. 0-JjL 
tAA- /ALi_ -^QYdl <rf yjrajLA J A^tavAc t Olaa°L O-JAo dl 

I C-O-iaaa^ls^- fO'lA CJ-tA. A-L-Ao~d^ e y^ /CAtU_> ctj>C 

^AClo^U AA c *-xaa a- 4 _ Ct- x Ab c/a.&~o-*-a_, Afi, p}-&A~ 
0~4-icLl_ fi,eSl/Zs-i cf? Ola nl_ G^-cJLu\_ t O-aa.oL 

(rf ,,dx-i_ CQ-A ot_<LA Ao pAla-iAA- CCX-ia-aa. I/sAa, Oa_a 


\Ci/sC7*- (S/-t M.-in o i*s{~ ^d'f'X cr v-i-Del 
%A-Aaa- , <TV Ca^La j fjf t /claA- fry- aO^r 

\/<J /it f- »- < -f. At CL /tAAyxy^ //-A. ,rA 

Cj/ A& O /jcrsA, JA> /A-*../) Q sx- 4 ~o-\ ia. 



zJ!«/ A<At 

jQ c*-A.oC. <P~P nCt-/-^ /--*- 
Yg&U- yfsOtSl //. n(-A t/ a 


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e!) s'C/i/.Q /q o-aa.*/- 

jA o-t^t/{~ 

Qa , r>l jAa-. flc/oL CA.O-ML oAa.o < -*-£ ^ 

|/? -Q.jf-e.SiSi * cL /l (i-t/-* *-<.* Ct-.c.* <ryr et*A.\t.A A- 
cl A /JiA^ /p o-t +A o-/ ,oLt_- /n 

L -A- ^tV--V~l*l<4 

/ • 3 

/ytLA.X <J/1A O-OLf- 


\Aen^ c 

/AjBAAa-a ycAT7e~yUt- <rjf. Ck.iA.eL /Ac., /or 

{'Aa. &*-</.-(_ rt..u4. < 

(S/ t /An/ t/A /PUsiA-ri t-j- frj 

/ta- 0 ci> cL«a.a_ ^ u. L. U/nyc 

%-CX. A a el, Ca 4 .\_ 0 L sA/e l/£a a n/ /^a /ciuaa-, 

J~A,4. A /Aj-A-t-^-on-A- C@Si frtjA i aC, 
t/o 'i- }A /1 C I a Ja^Iia aL. (b y /Ala- Q^-a+aa*j^a . eg 
\^/ia -3 'Cqcj-xa+4- , /y/xtxA /Aa, (^ / *L, 

frt-p cl Oy) /Q. AlC'-i a/c-L A-e_ C^.i^tn.x <A/»L, (3-aaoC /Aaz 

I )7 / y\ uAaa>+ ■ l. ///(- Ma^aa-aA caa-a-4- /hj /ye-A ly/<A- 

I d a fr-n <ot-t- /-<_ cIjla-\a.a*c ^ xaA/t/^ C^fr-d/o', 

/{//'in A ClA\- Ol/-L(A/--l(//A‘' -*A //yi-AA-J—, (X- - 

<aiA /O O-a.L. CL l (/)ol/AA >^C 0 ~<L.^tr v~ 

/ C^n/Luy/ (^ /OoA/nA yiAA- /)Av/- <xfe r 

1 e a/iA-A-Aa -Oa(_ci-a4-aa/~a. <C/X-&aa_ CM. r /o- /u/o-^L- 

ioL Cry-dLux-t. yL/L^/U- a-ajl/. , 

d/ \ /fr$rt5~' x (Ola. /h cpbi&AA. 

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OMT^ Jtst 

KD.t, o-u^Ai 

.V-«— : -S!:\44vKt'(—?: ? v . ,. ,SN V V. 

Jk\ ^.<ks\ "W; sU ^jssSk, 

osw. „>jSsSv.. 

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C$Ue •*«- vj^®SS£i& ^*r 

/tLecJi, mjC: 

/for, S. c? sm* 

J?T ^*C y^*~ ?***%*£ /A/ 

•„,.. v S , ..VW'G. _,orA ^ ^ 

&IK, 26-i^jj£-av 

c£r ^V*t- 9**>^ &£ii*-/t, 4^ If* /$-£/£«-> 

'7$~ j^Lal/&Z^, d^a^c^A'. e?*66**>a**t 

/cUe^ZZZ-- r- JttTrS.'e 

024a2£". C?i^Ll£> fcf ^e*-i*££y>s &-■ 9*6 etZ£> 


\7>^. ^ AyO. <3- 

/^2Z6c) ^ PZ&Zs ^^o, ^-* «-*-»,! 

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f2i*<*£. is^ ^^cr£j Zr'C Cu-~ 


\ . \^sV 

t-^ f^_4—/^y <s^ 

s£zZ, dtz <^fc«_ik_ 

V; \fcSoj ,C> . V^V. NJ.^. 

v, 4% X-> 3 n^^5Sv \<x\^ ^rv»S^ ^"$5, 


■3-^y.x A V. ■sJ^N.j .>^ky$Si 

JC> v^\ ^-S> >^^Xj 

a-’x-^X ^ <?&y 


j lU’-yjA 

&./' V'TP7'f ' r 't 5 : "C.. 

] '-<* ^r^iJl. ~H^rPO j-x 

I ^ ^* ?l '/r4 AiVs-lu-U^ 
t - ': ,J T '•'• {• tJ- 

’ . i' - jL . ^ 

(Almt/JT. JMjrm-Ji, 
(ijintitii-tsllw at JJaiar, 


/f— //ifrs —- 

/) ~~ 


74 Madison Ave, 


/j fci/k 

~ I Dear Edison: — 

December 18th,: 

1 shall hope to see you on the steamer tomorrow, if not 
before. Shall be at the office of the Mercantile Trust Company 
between twelve and one o'clock. 

1 am leaving without anything definite upon several 
subjects we have verbally arranged. Should papers not be ready in 
time for me to take with me, please have them forwarded by first 

steamer, as I shall only remain in England ten days, after which 
communication with me by mail will be uncertain. At the Mercan¬ 
tile Trust Company they can always tell you where a cable will 
reach me. 

I would like to get a letter of a circular character 
from you; I have already spoken to Mr Insull about this. Some¬ 
thing like the form enclosed would be satisfactory, or you can 
alter it to suit yourself. Unless you can let me have this be¬ 
fore I go, please mail it by next steamer, addressed to me at 
No. 6 Walbrook, London. 

I would like to have you send me a first class pho¬ 
tograph of yourself, writing your name at the bottom of it in 

your characteristic’chirography, and a few words to indicate 

that it came from you to me, as, for instance, “to my friend. 


laboratory of Thomas A. Edison, 

Menlo Park, N.J-. Dec. 18,’85 

To the 

Directors, Officers & Agents of the various 

Edison Electric Companies in Europe * America. 

Col. Qouraud is about making a tour of the world, and I 
am anxious to have him meet the representatives of the various 
companies bearing my name. 

Col. Gouraud has been intimately associated with me in 
business pertaining to my inventions for the past fifteen years, 
and has represented my interests in England during that time as 
my partner and Attorney, and it gives me pleasure to commend him 
to the kind courtesies of my many correspondents. 

Your obedient servant; 

% s-<+ 


J> eU* Pz-r/' -&r-s^ZCi 

Ss ttrcr^^, jv*.^ <^L (Z*-*-.'- 

<**’ 4**2.<*.a^U. C&'*Cs trerf' V/&.r4: ^yX^L^. 

^ 7*eZ> /&«/i cJ?7*f&C, 

AW /<T .~— aSL/ ^5re*. £. 

✓sfc^fe. s?£zz> ojzAj '«£ 

CZ^ «*»/ ^T- 

^bum. < 9 k<j &&e^~ 

y^Lw*ro6 &/'c*^—^La J&-T «£*-*-cxC >w^^b 
/2^l& es<2<£a~~^*~-p-, a^C' -Z*-^ 

/o-C*<ZC> ■5*' 

^<-<^> ^<*^47 

(Z^^Zyr s-c-~ - 

' s&c<4> tu - <*^*^7* 

I if 

u ' <iyL-4*~/*Zj 0-^.a tye- j -*-> CPfL&tj 

. r h*-£s o ^ O^m/yJt-t 4sj^cJ3st<L> 0^j- < yy^t^^cu i >tHS - 
^ *^V'tfi-^t^v»-> l*fb*-Gd«J uyr^*-> y U^e<^4^> 6^tri-£L-i*siue-^*J) 

QjLoTLtsC-yj jo^t>-4t-t^je^^oO '^-y 

Jy^vv-iTO '^V; ^<uv~ yvi^sC&&usC€j> cLt4suf-&<u Ur r^bt~<^t- 

ttOo<Lej> zj/JfU*Tvvvi^v*J4i, t^o (L4-yy^~t-tlA^o-yy) L4-tst?fc) -^Li^/ ! 

1 CXsvx^O Ir-tTe-^pO 

tjT ^fc^vo• /3*^dr" CLa^t^. ey^O~ 'T^l^v 

,'UaatM^ etZa^J ^rv^4vi^i) UfZidJ 

C^CLspA^O £<Cej J^a^tr J b^tz.(ryv^t~^£p ’hsUvryrsO: 

j " *>^**-*STLAZZ-eC> fe- £<=i^/ tCzZzsCr Uvc) Cyn^S- 

lyn^s 0-fa^Tr*-i~K^5t-> t6dj> -£-swv-v_e^ _ : 

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asf—' ftfu^ 'tisi l/X ji_ J oJaI^o^^a^ 

^ OA^syiM^yi, 

1885. Edison, T.A. - Accounts (D-85-004) 

This folder contains summary accounts relating to Edison's personal finances. 
Most of the other documents are trial balances and draft account sheets that were 
used in entering information into journals and ledgers (see Accounts Series). These 
have not been filmed. Approximately 40 percent of the documents have been 

k/(H& ctsC ■■ ■" -"~ "" . 

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19 • 3 ^ 

1885. Edison, T.A. - Advice (D-85-005) 

This folder contains unsolicited correspondence suggesting improvements in 
Edison's inventions, asking him for advice on technical matters, or requesting his 
assistance in improving or promoting an invention. 

Approximately 30 percent of the documents have been filmed. Most of the 
documents selected for filming received a significant response by Edison. 


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. &*<-e~e.sM>&} tZ7g_ 

Albert C. Bates, 

A painted bath-tub is a nuisance* The majority of 
bath-tubs are made of tin, and even made of the best tin, the sur¬ 
face soon wears off exposing the rusty iron on which the tin was 

If one of these unsightly tubs were filled with 
water, acid, etc added, and, in short, all the other material that 
enters into an electro-plating bath- could the tin particles be put 
in and a battery introduced that would plate the whole surface of 
the tub? 

I know nothing of any of its depart¬ 
ments, but it has occurred to me when I have looked on these un¬ 
sightly rusted tubs, that if they could be re-coated with tin by 
some process of electricity without moving them, it would be a good 
and welcome thing* 

There are thousands of bath-tubs in this City which 
are in a rusty condition, and if a method for re-coating their sur¬ 
faces with tin were discovered and made known, the demand to. put it 
in practice would be worth the trouble of the experiment. 

If this is a practical idea, please let me hear from you* 

/ '$-<^ <yf yjhC^ syy^fcs 




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w .6*? ^ ^^ 

rf/rf^y.. ui) /)~rf~ ^e-p^l-C* —- v /y-v-^ urf£i 

~ , /%ry<L <lsi' y & _ 

13 W. 38TH STREET, 


91ew ^ork. 

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(?r*u^c ^ 1 «. r/ZA-^^y U'/Uzz, 

^ SAMUEL SWAN, M. D., I.H.A. off.ce hoo»s{ | ™} 

13 W. 38TH STREET, 

SlEW Q|0RK.-.188 

f y^t^r—e- <2*~ /6L-e^£«^<lz-'£Z'*~<‘ 

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y%cz; c. t'/' 


_ __ /7?^e-<&ZCe. — y&-*~ 

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13 W. 38TH STREET, 

3 r yi'{-e/£c^tj, _<u 

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i-*a,<^jt-Xs£~ yo-ixs- . "3^" 

X3oCooC^ . 

. (pk/ej-^r/F -— 

1885. Edison, T.A. - Articles (D-85-006) 

This folder contains letters requesting Edison to write articles; 
correspondence relating to articles about Edison or his inventions; and letters from 
journalists seeking to interview Edison. 

All the documents have been filmed. 


RemSecl to 31 Milk Street ,,, /£? „ yf 

/ /SoT- , / jr, 









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c^l/L . . 

' A Seem'd of Events pertmning to Telegraphy. 

J, B, TALTAYALL, Editor and Proprietor, 


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/CvVlA 01, M , &>cLa. 


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Lsi i,<]^( PA cm < (■. / '' va.<L^ 

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'-M'Ur'O 1 

Editor’s Office of The Sun, 

. New York,....^^ t ^ W i,...^l... I 88 4 - 

\Lx, ' 

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fy/taZS* , £a-t OaL^Zy. yg^ p^ 

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*pj , Oo / £w U»-^~e->L 75& $— «_ 

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/>t/ e/d ^C*t^ <a*~ ££L£l~ >t/-i& £/£— 
4~^vi 4l<* gfL^c l - *r spy.u£u*<£~r 

Massillon. Ohio.... 

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ey.tAh/y (U a. /MuiJy&r, £*McsJ. 

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f/Muy tnu. Cta mJ«z\ 44 /trz -iCtatirtr- 

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stsU /C4c edfcviX, d utfirr <r&t 
/fare cwOtf/lOon 'yv*^~fry- al^CC^t^/ua^uu^ SK sCifccs 

X \ ? 


Massillon, Ohio. 

/Hirf 6ui/ US 

m* /LfidL cuiZuJjl -— /&-s^/z_. 

'%A CUU CrtiisMArtSts/-- £T»UP - 

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/li£fcu amJU 1 /tutuZ4/r^/. 

ytvt /l£u.c>uu^, 


Cff* Will,appear about August 1st, 1888. 

The Ohioan, 


Devoted to the Literature, Art, Sports and Amusements 

Stark, Summit, Wayne and Neighboring Counties. 


T he Oh ioan. ' 


The Literary Department will bo supplied with well written arliele n,, 

V0UCh01 ' f ° r »" ^aontr the Special 



Together with them features tho Literary Department will be renleto win 
ongural stones, poems, and short contribution topics o? genemHm™ s T 


and “ret 1 EnIXr cife^ D “'°- * iD " er "««»«* 
tecturej^by 8 represenlive 1 architeots. XamP * CS ° f moderu Arohi- 


b“„1cm billed tap yLg^en! mercha°„f,“ 

We will K” °/ ‘K? 1 ““?« of t ! leir brethren. 

Wo X* , e S ? c ! e , y betters V sbcml leaders, 
in evly town 8 b ” S Dram,lti0 nnd Musical correspondents 

any MLpJeferSce." 11 the news of this ,tind without giving 
en„jy bi *° no ^ P r ete,riding to furnish the amusement news of the 


Wo have a thousand other plans which will nmuBo and we lie™,,,„r 


' number of S, T a ” 1 ™ to issued ik wil1 ho to have a certain 

nurabor of pledged subscribe!*, and. imutnneb us Tub Ohioan .will bo a nurolv 
local paper, Ihoso must be secured immediately within tlio territory which JL 
hope at tot to enlighten. Wo ,nu,t have a guaranteed liltoftwotousamla^ 

bereagreo'to'pay'one'Ddiarand Twentyfiv^ContsHtii^S) ftr'ono^yeare'Iuh- 

senphon, upon receipt of the first number. We .will not go toTJs" 
thrsassomneo. We now place in . tho hands of the public the life of The 



QEO. S.'.CASKPy ' 

™°c f hTy a e s r :: • - 

fSS, f§j 


IS -1 ’ 

lV£MKi b :: 

jJlfB r in8p B '* P0C0CK i/taft 

C. A TAYLOli . ,'i/W/on’ '■ 


Joseph Mederschitzky 

Klolcirlkor uu.l MoolmnlUm- 

Gr.-Kikinda. , 



; /14/&co(jU<s e^.<^v eyyy> y saCou&r yyu-istyr -e^i'e. efe&c'i£<s*e^ 

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‘t^^^cx*ccy<yczyyp0 y yfyye^y^e^a 
ytycAy yAjUb*M!st& scAolScc^C yy*-ty* 

yt/ly/A(yt<y @gAL$^i As)l//-&4*j y(y(yt- yO^&ty yfy&yAC^yfr- A&ys^hyiytyA? y?*i&yz^*2yy'&- 

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ytA COUVyyydA /£yy&&CL$j '}'LyOt^Jl^cb<y<yy /O^tA ^yuty/^iyyut^- yutyyy/' ^Oy* 

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/fCr-p-i't &y^-yj yiyyyOlt(AAy e-y yCy^y^y S'eHyyAyo, (^OL^-ty/eyAty. ytA&y/C^ey. 
yW^yytt^h yf^e^te^A 1 t^^re ysCefi-^el- y^yj&y>yy0£ty*y-^’ tyr 1 ?. 


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cjjdnrYtA^ olJ&~ oC&u ^a4aacc£a£&, &rj^i^c£es&*> &C&* X/Ki tTexA^^/Ct^zt 

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•€S(A^1AaC££a*A A/V^SlA?tCAA^ j -EAt^AtAAA^&. AlAAAA* AtAAfi-t^j ^jAyTA^-^t 
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O^Kt'-C'. Afe^AT- AiAseAtAZ^Q 

AAA. >^1~A > (AA4!A?.*AA/C^l£AlA r AA^£AA AiAAACjA^A'cA^gSgs' 0^9-^-^tAt^^. A^eAt^OA^A- 
AA&A^ytL 0u£ A&*^aa£&<aaJ /Oi^te. aCaac^. £tA&cA*/e~ 

'ZAAsCtAp j?ClCaaAaaJ^£oa. C^£^cs£o^A^tAAA) s<iu^^e ec^&M. eSe-*-W^— 

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,)/&nAf ^Ma^laa^^a '%^CAA>£iAt el. aac£S 

■ $Vhv-/£tjCwdk //~ 

'- &^Caaa ezC&zA’ 
ifa-rHA^cx^e*, &-h*a’/ 




July 28th. 188.G. 

Dear Sir: - 

You will excuse me for taking the liberty to address you 
by present lines and to', request you with the following: 

Being electrician and mechanician - by knowledge and 
practice - 1 have been entrusted to publish the first book, viz: - 
a httPgariajy handbook for telegraph and telephone installations, 
which I was so happy nearly to finish by the kind help of the first 
european celebrities in the "Electrotechnical Science." 

The above mentioned holp encourages me to write you this 
letter and. to beg ( the whole future of me and my family depending 
from the good success of mentioned handbook) you will kindly fur¬ 
nish me with an original article to crown therewith my work, which 
treats even such chapters, - which especially are of your invention. 

You will kindly excuse my request, - but, as you, Dear 
Sir - are the most genial inventor of the XIXth. Century, - you 
are easily ab.le by furnishing me an article on your inventions - 
to lay the foundation-stone for the future and success of the whole 
family of a poor electrician and mechanician! 



Being in hopes that you will- kindly consider my request, 
1 furthermore beg to ask permission to dedicate my book to you 
Dear Sir, as to our Sun, in greatest respect! 

You Y/ill be pleased to send the asked for articles - 
either in french or in english language, - without delay; the il¬ 
lustrations, belonging thereto, I request to send me either in 
drawings or in original cuts.(electrotypes) 

Repeating my request for you kind assistance - 1 remain 
Y/ith the highest veneration 

Very Respectfully Yours. 

Joseph Mederschitzky. 
Electrician and Mechanician. Gross-Kilcinda 


J AM t at *( tt ®3 ^ ^ fe JMMU vm, I ooo cjoJuia 

of Ipr .oyaru^ liKwuu, k to*, jjav wu-nJton. M& ^ 
tw *K > > kauw4. idlteno. 

.-&mei?i<§aR Railway EHablishiRg S©., 

Journal of Railway Appliances, Street Railway Journal, 

Power: with which Is Incorporated Steam. 

>E “place ™wSs| a ' NE W Y0RK . CHICAGO, Atlanta, St. Louis, 
S * Ub#rt5r8t 

u-e^e^oe., 4-eccdl vu.c.ttt.o.t- 0 -^cto- ck-J- ^c-Ufic^-tlo^.t-, 
o-f fo-uA-....S^X...r^.. 

,. . .et-i- u>-ilt c*t,t\-Ltc. ua. to- p-t-c.p-a-t-e- 

'■ -•.'^t^ 6 '.-.4*^’ ciU-cct o-t- 

U^U-cct, fi-t- 'ftfjLUcM&V." 'X 4 , c «, c 6 . 

‘V A-^-^ to- d-o-tc c 

tLi^ tc.ttc.t-, a^tc. o./ p-o^-cA-, et-i- uca. <Wc et^c-c 

^o-ioJ-UcX-Uo-L^t^U.. . fl 

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<x^ ^teeter 

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t/e^U /t^AA/AAp^x^Z^ jpA-g^&cc^rA^e /9+-&<zJtt 'eyte^/M^ 


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AflXtiAj s&OxzAj? //a OX e#£^>o^ pfoi cZj 


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XtXsCxAx' eJAt<XlX(y£Ax77<AzA zZx ^^AZxextAAxxA^XOXXXXcA} 
axxx) ccxljc, axxx^x^yaAxAA? j vzxfr - 

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&P-4 f A&uvtceAxr* / AAAAA&ce/&rJ f AA’xAA^x^-xxA 

\tz& &j^xyxUt ■$ / t$Y?£X!ztt*.a-’'f _ ^s -t/cc*x xSpjk&3 

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— 6cx2x2xy>Jd-z<te& l& ^ ZLe. /nAAL A# ^AxflflxxA 

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. fezc66y ex 6bco6 - $Jz axffe$0~tzxo6 i^( f /o 6b ~6AA_ c/y^ 


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j At'tfai // f&ufikr a ' r . 

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Sfacrfyisf <2-£^y Jt&yi'/c-'d4 l £eS&'s*Z&£j*tt /■ Aca^t^ 

/touted iuom_ r &Pi4A A(? Af-e^ts fe /Ceut* tA&to /TtcaJk/ 
% £t/j? Ax JeJo <&£ dfzx/ & </&&*&.£s c/-~ 

Gi' a4/jzc~jc4 ■ 

!^&h'aia&& to tcStU-csoy /fi-gjtuztZeT 

!^j£££ tf-zzaA #A4<r c* 4?jt-c£<jesi64s4yf £&* £ 

OiZZfLS & 4 tA-&> 

c7 t _1 s y . ✓ _ 

jzp (S^iA- ii^aA tZ^ry-Csy AUu/-t*yy 

^ec6t) a4? tap A&Zrz*tAf r c #^£y 

\AA &a£^9^-aA^ s7U^ fazot / e^ce^i 

| ifo (AA</ 

^ sr- i i 



Rew Yorl^, 

(jLt/h n / '~ 

...188 J 


cl. LUL^r-- j^-vw li^r he 

■VUi-y Uw X.— T*" W-, 

1^-vTUW Jhrtis^7 

«- dyO^rr-C'' 9 " C^rrujiJ^ 

><Qr ^4 

xyjy' ^.<2? **2, 

j&-a S 
<y 6L^st^j& $cz*zi f 

<IW^»W z-y Ai^r-^7—a^^, / wiSC-tt s 

^ - ’>^~y> Y~ Cry!*~zfC / e*-r 

—$C 17* oC^Jv^' « 

': -" J&e, £r. 

.. ^ ....... 

a/hCfi’-r' (f‘i<y ,’ yh-1'.~— . 

Lhsa/fci. «y. jj'tnr- 

frfcj.: ..drFirrfch/ ^£~y>i. t<t -ug.. 1^3 

tyt-&rjKL0lLcu ■ < r „. . . 

nL& . ..{XrtvtiZAlr. On^ . 

Qc :.<.n'fc£s .. 

. ...fyl* o^r...<^fivro ('jj-Jt/.'£^ y . fit/.h- - 

</ Pi. L .Ck*M--V ~\'-•-••"••-• • 

• OJLdXi-toLC>UL,t t - - 

^K-<_ tV jThU- </V_ 

Ch^Jb-r^e^ > 4" t ih‘-^ , ‘ . ■■ ■■ 

. .. 4&yr, /L^~ 0 3J~r?4< .'. 

S -^- b'lstj?L n^f— <-*■£- <f~ 

s(r*y)~- <v~ 

.., J&,ft*c-v*k^ M ^ 

-.0".u~4<- 't$U‘. i^JLsjU'l- to / Z?d- 

jLi^i, y°. ....... 

„, , .,., rv ./*^V<- /Ur&<&... kyy&l&t 

(¥^t\y&L si't-vC, /t^L^Z^w^-- fcul^jify^ 
- f&Z. iryt^O^e^^uO^.. (L'iFv^y'^c-ZZc^, 

-Ma3kL M~- M-iu y^c 

ts~~ 0'1'A^, ,-r r*r:H:fr.y. 

(fy ^ ^>k>^£- 6^0’ s i'£tJz-r j! 

J?y/0,. &*rfeL. /. • y3r~ty>yt .... &/L-. 

1885. Edison, T.A. - Autograph and Photograph Requests (D-85-007) [not filmed] 

This folder contains unsolicited correspondence requesting Edison's autograph 
or asking for photographs of him. 

1885. Edison, T.A. - Bills and Receipts (D-85-008) [not filmed] 

Most of the bills and receipts in this folder are for personal and office 
expenses. There are also bills and receipts for routine laboratory expenses. 

1885. Edison, T.A. - Bills of Lading (D-85-009) [not filmed] 
This folder contains bills of lading for the shipment of merchandise. 

1885. Edison, T.A. - Book and Journal Orders (D-85-010) 

This folder contains correspondence, bills, receipts, and other documents 
relating to the ordering of books and journals. 

Approximately 50 percent of the documents have been filmed. The following 
categories of documents have not been filmed: advertisements, announcements of 
new publications, and other documents relating to items apparently not ordered; 
bills and receipts that contain no information about specific items ordered; other 
routine documents that merely duplicate the information in the correspondence. 

Publishers of Scientific Text-Books and Industrial Works. 

Agency for S. BAGSTEB & SO N'S Bib les oW Miscellaneous WorUn. 

Jfew York,\Lrj( > isasS~ ' 

, c . <K ■ 

tyyin-' <3. 4 1 G JLa^ooa. * 

* CCiA^a^v«^>x -"Xt ^jythoj^} 7 ^ 

3-^I^cAj^-J^^O OLAj — y oJ L. ^2Z^-- - 




/ y_ 'YvaJUL dXtk 4 ) 

• /jfc. Ouj^Co_ Jjfy /o o-v-*~z<y 

_/Q^Uax. yis £~—■ ^3 >*IsC%bs^. .—— 


^^OAjXjyaJLtisr' —^JZ^SpO , *>T ^ 'TOW -AjwX^ 




~4 4uz 

&c^cy ^ 

'V^ ts6*£- <^A 

{/O cZ^ 

/7 0<? /z/ t-^ fc/ VLf-^^ Z&Z -£_ 

Midland Industrial Gazette 

1885. Edison, T.A. - Clubs and Societies (D-85-011) 

This folder contains correspondence, bills, receipts, and other documents 
relating to Edison's membership and activities in social clubs and professional 
societies. Also included are requests by clubs and societies for lectures by Edison 
and for exhibits of Edison's inventions. 

Approximately 50 percent of the documents have been filmed. The following 
categories of documents have not been filmed: published proceedings; printed 
circulars; form letters and other routine correspondence regarding meetings and 
other activities. 

ijO't't fVoue baan cPocteb a mcm&e* o| ifi-a 

‘CsPve ■cece^pt -for. •you* initiation fee 

‘SfVe bueo ace 01.00 a montfv, or, 010.00 a- 
yea* if. pa4-b in abuance. £t (ife ■me-ni-fic*- 
o-Pvt-p -may- -Be o-tPameb -Gy fcPie payment oj; 


Room 25 Cooper Union. 

New York March 13th. 1885. 

Dear Sir: — 

I take pleasure in informing you that at the 
Annual election of Officers of this Society, held at its rooms, 
25 Cooper Union on the 11th. inst. your were elected 

^ ^ i The following is a list 

of the Officers elected for the ensuing year. 

President P. H. Van Der Weyde 
tfc 1st. V, P. Geo. B. Scott 
2nd. " » Geo. A. Hamilton 

3rd. 'I » T. ,A. Edison 

4th. " " W. J, Johnston 

5th. C. 0 Malloux 

6tB. n n Geo Worthington 

Treasurer P. W. Johes. 

Executive Committae, 

P. H. Van Der Weyde, Geo. B. Scott 
P. W. Jones, E. L. Bradley 
J. A. Seeley, H. A. Sinclair 
Eugene Lynch, Jr. Jno' M. Pendleton 
A. A. Knudson. 

^ Re-elected. 

Very Respectfully, 


JOlruCd (d (J’au^n'ti/y 

e( J ■ ,jJ ' 

^ j / 1 "t<d (^ a oi' v 'h j^cn i a c ^ . y 

'■fv" h'ndht fd«Mu 0<r><4><df 6 (Jt(u Vv.V' A. 

^Ht(nrl0s,{a,£w „* c //fe iuddfb 1'<dd*fu(r' 

J- j (> /-c *»UL' ^ 

Tv /z 6 <^ /,-.y;„v, 

I p y ’/. hylf <'^0H fix Aiv I^Cidhxxuxft,-^ 

d (jxi.fx ^elxu^Xu<L/ l<j (1 , rn ’/j /^'^'') 

fAl etuxd , lYi UaX( 



7 t 

^ l*iTl7<o tt lt-fudk Qr< ddt t .ax t { C(T( 

( ^ Vt ^ n-, / ( <rd ^7 

{(tACld a « d ^/-Uf 4U. il J. ( f C?t(f(.(tddfi 

- yjiiidd / 7l/'co0 /u 


/)■ * * 

6-Ct-r ~i\i (_! 

■tend j(i fi K dh- ru u u ,Ljj "< MtUZ^ 

Ou Tduti^ ( (xdj-6 1^0.44-<■< (i di ^tc^uCC ~fc~'7ftd 

7 £c c A i v o 7 ^/r > 



®I|i£ jHartihm&f JEfetMc Cfgftit ^ 

SI.©* % JSfQuuitlfn iSthraiieitj 

l^alIltiTO© IS® ■ 



&?-v { 

^-Sl£C Qyzr> 2^ <2*cr-?-r^3^f&^^ 

C^^t>-*? ^<£<L £Z^— a-<_-. z2t^c*_^{X^ ^jo ^_—' 

Z^t^vl, 4r~~ J'trTs' z^L ^x> , OCsi^eC^ <Z^«—*> _ 

2 <‘2^^-~-Cr—y y ^S '^SL-J.^fa s . 

" tcn^tz; %cc^., m 

ZsZyi^Lr ^ AL- 

J-^%r f~2 r v 

V tv~**~£r- 4 f~ <^£ 223 / ^/(U 26 '' "■<?' 

AARON K.Sr/lCS. Manger. 

Thomas A. Edison, Esq., 

Nov/ York City, N. Y. 

Dear Sir:- 

I hand you herein circular announcing the first annual mooting 
of the National Electric Light Association to be held in / New York 
on the 18th day of August next. 

It is my pleasure to extend to you a most cordial invitation 
to bo present at the sessions of the Association and it will afford 
the members of the Association much pleasure to have you presmit 

a paper touching upon any special or general topics bearing upon 
the subject of electric lighting, transmission of power or ot her- 

I shall be much gratified to receive your acceptance of this 
invitation and also the indication of what subject you will present 
so that it may be properly announced. In the mean time, I am, 
dear sir, your most Obdeient servant, 


Saltimore, Md„ June 19, 1885. 

a mee ^ n ? “I 1 tbs' Executive Bommittee of tbe 
Rational Electric tsijibt 0ssociation,' bold in 
Rew Yorlj on tbe 9tb^ihst., it was Resolved: 
(gj tbat a general meeting of tbe Rational Electric 
bipbt Qssooiation be beld at tbe Hotel, 0am, Pinion 
Square, Rew Y’or^, at poon "on tbe 18tb .day of 
0uijust next, and'to continue from day to day until sucb 
business as may be presented sball be properly dis¬ 
posed ofj also, Resolved; tbat invitations be sent to 
all companies and persons eligible under tbe constitution, 
wbo are not already members, to become so at once. 

^o fully explain tlje qualifications necessary to 
become a member, either as' associate or active, d becj 
to quote tbe following extracts from tbe constitution of tbe 
•Rational Electric bicjbt 0ssociation| 

Article second i—Members of this Association shall ho companies, 
Urns, or individuals, operating electric light plants or manu¬ 
facturing electric light apparatus, 

Article eight/—The entrance fee shall he ten dollars, and the 
annual dues shall be ten dollars for each member, 

lender tbese provisions you are cordially invited 
to join tbe 0ssociation, and should you accept, please 
notify tbe undersigned, enclosing your draft or cbeclj for 
ten dollars, payable to tbe order of Summerfield Baldwin, 
Esq , (ij) reasurer. By return mail you will receive a 
receipt, wbicb will be your credentials, admitting you to tbe 
convention to be beld in Rew Yorlj, 0upust 1 8tb, 1885. 

You are requested to send to tbe undersigned 
a list of subjects wbicb you wisb to surest for discussion 
at tbe Bonvention. 

Yours very truly, 

j. F„ M0RRIS0N, 

Prest, National Electric Light jisso, 





3 XM^shin^toa Sq. 


syA. U—J t/i~-af-^c-o cr 1* 


jt X” a o—C .-CtC^ <S_cr-i-i,c— 

C±^-1 (. 1 C t. . ^ <- ■< ^ (A —<--' ^C-^A e^XXle. v —- 

ft,. t-c ... <. •- C- C-<-7 A*-/» < ^' v ’ ■& e<^L. 

6z<<J j p* uX< /<* ^ 

c (a ', 'Ci.<-^.^,,c,-t 'r t'-*- ^ ‘a 


• £x , y'y^eA-'V/y 

* 7 ' 

/( 3 ^ J. 

9to. 3 9lo&tfv Scji 


Sept-^IO, 7M- _ 

W- B. E. 

tty dear Sir:- 

I bag leave to acknowledge, with 
thanks, the receipt of *6,35 ii* 6f your 

dues to 'The Canadian Club*, as per account 
rendered, which I now enclose you receipted- 

I trust that we shall have the pleasure of 
having you with us at times- 

Thomas A* Edison, Esq., 

25 Orameroy Part, 



■®pic Gaua&icm GtuG, 

9lo. 3 Slosfcfw eypasfvlmjpoiv Sc|ua«, 
9lciu 9fosPi. 


3 Ocg fcaue lo bta-iu Co you*. attention you: 
luitfi. tPie Canadian Sfufi, as foffotus : 

‘^9o cJml'icittoit- «Fce,. 

“So Hues for-. .y/z-r. .*jcar cubing 


^Jou*. t emit fan ce -vuif-C grcatfy oGfigc, ‘ 

9|o„» VCZij trufy, 

3?ccciucb tfva a Gone 


^ tfC 

The American Institute of Electrical Engineers, 

£&L . k 

&jdAjL dtj ^&-dd>d Hy^-tT^yd^-i 
ftfoyts^dj^ CXstyi^du f(A*stAjh~<MJLj ^y*.jy.'4A-^ // d’ < 

'/tkM. \^cux.c>tu<^ ^yt)~>y^O 

v'taj-j C&suyl>x.cj£, o/C^ir-^> 

kj-O^ujtoL 'dLiy &/ /yLyyyd-cJ^f cj y(yL^djA-L)LyiC'd~ > 

/ ^ , t y yj 

y^tc^JV-L, / <^6£y' ^HAyA^ (L feyf-'A^, ^ 

<y^h^/AY y<y~ ^T^yJaC (&*> 

CL-) cddd. OAUC (XAyJ'dUHuty Aft ad.^U- la)-J /&Arx^y Cft | 

<^A<Uy^uJ<y. dV'/cUtdAAh^ ^O-xyj t A-^ Au^y<jL, w 

/^-OyJL- „<y) odoS'CX-^J (C/-ZM^ 

Oyotyu (ftddt ¥*Ay H^^aA 


(A^AyS'ciKy^J (O^CH^ AxAck daLyd-djl^ C^ (2^/d~iyyyiyd' 
'ft"ft (dUyty ft-fh'tyjey' 6\Aayy /dt?^ -AaJAz) /HA (/Hyd, 

/?5 ST '!>’ to 


4 UNION SQUARE. - .yT f^.y/j 

Fuhrmann & Westpiiai., . cTfew ( 7 /^J (ILL 


. s,> 




X^Yface/y^ff r/- X Yrfr/ftA y/ 

L ' : r(FirKC1 ? l^/YYr Yc/ f - fey 
/« 7 f Y- L(re r?~ Xu i / rff*/j 
^<D ■ /f rY- Y/ K r/i^tn, /$ 6/ 

/hi T^rfiv^/j a/ 4 . 3< X// x , X t f/? 

• Hew -yoi-K -^Ityehid • Club • 

New York, . .1885. 

on the List of applicants for admission to this Club, proposed 
by you. As the names of the first yof now on the list, will 
come before the Governing Committee for their action at an 
early day, kindly advise us at your earliest convenience -whether 
said applicant is still desirous of becoming a member, and, if 
so, send to the undersigned all necessary information regarding 
him, including his residence and occupation, that the Committee 
may be prepared to act promptly. 

Please remember that all applicants must be known, or 
introduced to two members of the Governing Committee, before 
they come up for election. 

Yours very truly, 


Mm fcss 

.. , ss ^ 

't* &Lt> t 

J toko, pXc.oA.u.Us. iv. oJUu.Uuin^, 
tLat o.t o. noc^tiny, o-f tLe, •4^1*^ 
■.Kuittoo, bold, on, utuUuo. ' 

<.utut-u,!j.y, otooto-d. a. ttuuyn.Lo.1, of tbU, 

$ O ii. 0 .to L.C. bctt foX. iStOotCo^tco^i. /c-o CUH-cL 
&***,, omJ, Lop to. i.ap tbot 
i^itu-tio^i. i^tptoiuolu <y,u,o.llfio.a±lo 4 i, to- 
■ w-itbia, tLcuyA, f'oow, ttut. d.o£o 

-i-o» oJ.v.Uut., wJook, m,o.bUi.p fuapnooiot, 

■a.u -&LuA. &orti^i^U*ubio*Uu R.I& to. £c. 

yo*UUu Vc.hft^otfuitp, 


1885. Edison, T.A. - Creditors (D-85-012) 
bills THiS f ° lder Contains corres P°ndence and other documents 

Approximately 40 percent of the documents have been 
correspondence and routine bills have not been filmed. 

relating to unpaid 
filmed. Routine 

^ C-\S~e~>L, &***'-) 


. ■<*> a " ->- ”'• 

T- f S’" : 

S '«, 

• ^. • 

@®py MummMMSt ‘ "' 
To Mb. \fi-. 



Q J 0 | ji 


A-64Jr> cfcfcfc^ 

V Y (wKa. ^r 


9 if'zuzsg'JZy y/ 

State of 


...or.. ss. 

Mai „ 7 ^. ' 

^ ^ 

/etru/la/ «n(/i 

f . 

■...^&$*r.. . /ei4h 

te yteat 

Thos. A. Edison, Construction Dep’t, Dr. 

TO.. ^7 / 


!;^ v .... A , v .. . J 

! .■ . 

■ ,: ^ 


V,v,w, >-,r 

i V? 4 # •' ,/,'w 

A\ -?’’’' ■ - - • '; 

" \>^v ,$$*•.••; ,*•> -/>. ,.S,,•>, V~> 

U Vi . , V; 

: v;.^ ■. 

. C ' ... 

' \ 

ii b *,.„7;ir 

Ws^^.k'' 1 - ‘ • ■-■■■'- 

// f t 



SYRACUSE, N. '{.yY^CCy ‘Cl / , 8se 5" 

y. d&Yoyycr/'iy (Qjft (~Y 

&d~, d~Yy^ Ut/ Q/feMrfyerrf 

Yj^Ubu <Jcn~ 

iHo c/ervts JY*lY Yctsycz/ {/yu yZ.CC/yvcoC /a AV 

ytyr. /&, ^LdUZ&cCi CVtscY. 

ty’/Tcvi/ trrYots^ovesns ALy/yxsCw ycyo /ocaY XS<uz/* Oy<Y aY yawis 

s^rrYl XYis (3ouvYYrr Y'C /myoocoC Yo Y 
YfcY /ZA^tiin^y arcy/ixyjy Jrarrviy (Yove&X^. YLszs 

<&oo~e-aJ- CsaMY ymy /^Y-ycMviJC o^aY /zjzJvu> y^ YazYYa 

l^OTAy Ay? 3Y Yaz^yxy? <Y Oy ^U^^LOtYyy^VOL^o J3 Zt^e^o y<nyLs 

yrcY&zy YYay-js 
< Yv 

<£**3 AlvcytaYoji*) 

Y3y>/ jUT^r^ Mf&y? Y.^Taju A7\y CXy 
y(Y yTC-o yYyn<JY Jt<Y ^aiyyjz/ at<ju yzjzy^r^^u- 
•7mayJ- AsiA.% Y- yU/OnYyb JY Oty <?/Ul*xY OL£j&0y^l^<r?<JXsCCo^ /t^<7 
^ YYY-Zs A^t-ay Yd ydott&b /Yes Yy^O, 

/1^/uuY ytnxj> S??ui4tv*?y Yt /uiyath Yd jYY dCocd-^ 

Y0-& YcyWr/uYyy y^ Ya ym^&tfjux/ aJ YYJy 
, <z Yzodjft'i'ty Ytfw S 6 G 1 YI 0 M .*0 cYcCY 

C^mnA^YiY/x~ ZZCY^uYccn. /YY cc/uC* (y 

Yl/tUty (ajmlJcvzJAl 

(^Jjy/C7x> YfacYt-wJb YfypttC 

OlMjv cJ* 'YY/J' 

/&Cluowyx/ aYtf/e. /uJLtsu^ Y 


SYRACUSE, N. Y .jMg.US.L.Mth'. .. 1 

Prof Thomas A Edison 

New York . 

Dear Sir 

As we do not succeed in getting any reply from either you o.r Mr. 
Batchelor in regard to our account , ft appears to us that eitner you ' 
think in common fairness you ought not to pay for the drawings or patterns 
of the special Engine you ordered, or that you are not legally bound to do 

If it is a question of common fairness we shall be perfectly willing 
to submit the question to any dis interestd fair minded man y.ou may select 
and agree to abide by his decision providing you witl pay if he so decides 
There is no doubt in our minds as to your legal obligation , but we 
do not fancy appealing to law where it\appears so plain a case of fairand 
square dealing 

Will you kindly say what you are willing to do in the matter 
Aside from the Engine itself the move proved of great value to the Edison 
Go. by reducing the price of the A & S Engines some hundreds of Dollars 
each, and a great loss to us indirectly 

An early reply will greatly oblige 
Very Truly 

The Straight Line Engine Co. 




Syracuse, n. y .. Sept' 26th' , 88 6 

Thomas A Edison Esq 

66 6th' Ave' New York, 

Dear Sir 

In answer to a letter of ours dated Aug' 28th’ 'your "Private Sec “ 
writes that you were away and expected to return about Sept' 10thwhen 
he would lay our letter before you , and that undoubtedly you would have 
the matter attended to at once 

Please look the mat ter over and let us hear from you yp one 
way or the other as soon as convenient, as it is. an account that has run 
about a year and a half 

Very Truly 

The Straight Line Engine Go. 

1885. Edison, T.A. - Employment (D-85-013) 

This folder contains correspondence from or about employees and prospective 

All letters that contain a significant response by Edison or that are from 
individuals associated with Edison have been filmed, as well as correspondence 
from individuals who were subsequently employed by Edison. Approximately 30 
percent of the documents have been filmed. 

/K" v/ / 

/S', / rr<r 

r .. w . __ 

: . v j£. 

/.:, a 

/) ' 

,l/L C7 -£m^£pj, - s r LXstt^lA^/ A 

|? .,. 

;!**■”-5- .-.. rrr^rr^U^%_^ 

' C&. 

< 5 ?^ . /U^ ~ 

^/ /$■/»/{ n ,. 

i - ,' t 4^t^_ / ~./L^ 

1 - ... ■ _^L, .. 



. Zf ..<7-7^^, 

*y£^t££a^ .Ao. ^. 

-^-i^E*.. .,.... 

■f^ rjtzZ^-jr: 

5^.//•• //..i/-' 


L-jr^iszjC- (/ &-&*yxj d-t. 


J>? ^W? 

vaa\ 4 »~y 

{U "V~" 


— '*\skt4x. —5i^A. 

-A/oJLv—~ v ./n/w/^v Jv^/CnaJC _/VV^-S-^W CnAi. Vc^Cu> 

^-AX^Cr^A--t^. C^^CA^OL. J^r> 

wXrA-^trvX. Aj-n^AT w^\/u Va^vvJI. 4 ^ C5w>v 

./VA/A-AX^ \3Cv» /\K^N/\AAutyX- .y\Aj<t*-AxA _A^C’. ywt>v\r C^v^tAw- 
Xu^J(/U^ TWO ~^J—kr IV^^Ji, 

W cx* \ IW JU~^JL^A~ _ \ vw-^- 

A-rysA-x \^ JLpo (SMI- y^vv^ 

/ ^*J»X>0'X^.v->^'O ^S/Vtv-AXv C^-SLX- ^1 “VVvw «*X>/C’vav^_ X, 1 ~».v 
'Ov^v^jA, Aj-^AJ \ ^Vs^A^y^r&J_. JCv^cn-JL 

W -Xja, . tAA^^—A." ^a^-JUL Jluu^v 

-A/vo*_ tA/Ayvv^ /\A/Trv3tk_ ^vS^twOt-^, \ 

~~ \-W. X~jjr vJL Attr-w* Co 

C ./vycC -- V$> JL\_ , 

\ AyvWv^ .✓woA -^A^lX^tv 

\ a^UjulXj^ 

Va * />k A^nrw^ y^«r-^Aos3Jlw^ ^A-'TT’vx-jV.. \j ^- . ._i 

VL J^J\ \ 

^U~~~Ur,— Vs -- viu-V. 


(%/>**-&— V^» tALv.. AAXA^bv> 

V^j i-JL^ 

1L. ^^rO0u^ AX: 

. -. II^A-at-vA^ 



■^S, <C ^&cUsZc^r-K_. e£t^ZZLe__ 

-&trzrzsi&4~ act cu^e^ 

-ZZCt^p <?Utsv2£ 'O'"-' - —' s-/~Z>*?./^7 


-^1u-*-— V'-X. -.^. , ,,%.• 1 

y^if — T--^' st-tL*x^'t&zr . 


^ ^ , 


t ^' c ' <> 7^ ^ •^-'t-tx-^. ^. e a^/t^e, e< . 

,i . • 

V^aJ ^/^wv/l^rw ^^\3 '-Niv^>/vxA-~^^oJoC-»-v\-^-2 
'-Vj -A^/V-a^JC^V-^. 0\ c _ ) "ftVxJ-N/Ol^^AJw 

! —X>w~~^i-JL cA—, V3w-o->_ 

Vo _X|-C C^V^CojJU^- 

. Jv -Avtw*. yvjJL^vx4l_ V3 Cj^%^— Via 

^Wn.A-^nX' ~^LrTA-'X/~\H- sA^-XAJC^vva 
C^ ^AO^s. ^r$Lo/a_/v^~ ^A^r^S-iL 

! V5 tyyUoc caw owL 

5r ^^O ‘ \> ; & -J^OJL -NA^jJU 

VXn/ AK „ . JU?o Ar>jc -\ 


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W-irV~4L . 

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7~3~2 u, t-^s-^-e-g, <&fr. 


Western Union Telegraph Company, 

O'Kje^ /C *0 


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Q-£yV-* 2 -rvU& <2 

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Of*C*^s&j /£sjl, <&jLc_jCj 0 • , 

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C<^^ #*-z-^ <zz-^/<t*-v> zZ^ ^C^c- 
AtC# &a</ /&zos6>T t/^^&iSiZt*^- 
^ezi-' yO~zh^/&^ /^Zas ^z^^^~(/- 

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*&*&r fctz^u- 

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<?£? /^w*Jczzy^ 


SoIuDibia, Boone Bo,, Mo„. 

f .. ~Y~ 


^<r rf<n~S Y-7^rc^ JUL* 

^ it- ,/*- * 


Southern. Teleg 


;aph Company. 

_JL L BOULWARE, Receiver, 

atedi.'JCihi _ 




••^^=s^rj<-„.r)fea : :... 7 __ (7 ... 



— :M.....’^%^xjL. ...< : g+lA... Axg. . $4^^ 

^ .<C£^;^c. ..*^- X -W X . 

<0r ““ 18 '- _ > • WIGHT MESSAGE. 

- w outhern Telegraph Company. 

. 1 EfTOM cau 1» I^!^iixl ukuIiisi only by roiwitiini;„ I W "" llabim.i. ulilili lute twin nmmeil in tqr the midi 

■ ■ »r--P«*™..nd u-u-np.,,, ..«,u. 

v». Z. MMKM£ Receiver. ' 

—'~ =±~J± W E? ' Gan I Sup% ■ ' ■ Richmond-. Va. 

J0 • ' T; Ofa, n :r ^ .. - . 


~ " <SL - p** y . ^£ L. 188 si-' 

.. jsl .a^<. 

m ' u -> .. 


..... ^mrr 


cr jfcltsu. Sjr £tj &' C/£if. EjUck'. U/ti. f‘M-^_ i 





Edison Lamp ©ompany. 


fhe itout-Ioadowcroft to. 


New York,. N0V * . 5 ». 1 88{5 « i 

geo. W. McNish,. 

’ c 'Danville, ya., 

""" V 

.Dear Sir;— 

In reply to your telegram of 

. ; ?*$!■•• . • 

this , date we heg to state**that at present we have no position in p 
our business for anexpert. You might perhaps do better with Ur. 
Rdison, or the * Edison Go., whose address is 65 Fifth Ave., this 

Yours Truly, 


©Imritij ©inanimation Jwcietij 



21 University Place. 

\ J i #s 


^ ■ \A^-. 

dQe-OA, <cf^7~, 

\S/p. /i f' cP'y&t? &***-. Cijy 

o(A~ TxA# 

e ^ r ^-tA' /if. <S-JL<x*.a-tZ&sl* t -ifaAtAi 

cu^J~ nJAtAy- *la^ »ku **jlAa C^c-eA^C' 

_jLv~*yC^ 3 £**-/■ Arif 

^UA<A<^4»-^>A- -fta f-e-t*. <_ jl^^L£u-y^C hj * 

$£t. ^eutA^^y ca> An ^Uxt/ 

Ga^ualaA fag Tift. Ovutvtj &j/^eC Jv-tn4(3. 

ft. 'l/jsC&O MaO fe. 

&Av~i+A~ Taw Au-tx/da - Ty'cAC fd. ft- 

^LauA- ad- jtZa-AnJi- i 
. /OaWAlXAaT &*C*At+T[sAlAi-&. Ajsth-to^ AA. t2L-A(- — ' 

£ Office, 108 LIBERTY ST. Laboratory, Rahway, N. J„ 45 Minutes ride b 

/. ALFRED HAID, Ph. D., 

Analytical Chemist, Technical Expert, 


JSlectro Chemical Matters a Specialty. 

crfciv ..... . 


1885. Edison, T.A. - Family (D-85-014) 

This folder contains correspondence and other documents by and about 
Edison's family. 

All the documents have been filmed. 

s</&^±A*~eL-£ , ^z!S- "^^L-^ev* 

0^-^&ii__^Za*_£-^U--&£} *-? f '^-^&2-&si-v-e^ ' -g-^r-cy'*- '^a-fa&LS _ 

/yfc. i~? cx «=-^cx—ixxc- ^ 28^&&_ 

^jry -CVo^£-/ < -f 'V <xO rye~f %fa ~y t?OL^ <f c^-o . 

‘/o-^-e. v-^- —Z^es <_.? , 'Y / &+*--**y*-££*' 

C*.^\J2XZ. co-is£&- \2Zjg^> va-fc-O^/■ '?-^-ir-Tj^-&4) 

^«Ux3 __ ^A-4T ' {f~G~~$—&~^ f&O— ~&>~£S £j?cCZZ} 

/fa —*2x0 ^&G^> ■/£>-«fexxQ —/ ^--w. * 

_t/ <»Xa 9 

/V<-^x>Vxx___--IA^n-^2Ce_ CtHVty J^B^i£t) <a«x c»< 




Burglar-Proof Furniturf. and Sash Locks, 


Cleveland, O. 

cA ^aJ ~ ' '■ 

■AAtZ* r A*? 

Ay /AAftAr '*XJ y^ A^AZ, sf \ 

'i ^Ay^ AA /^z£?^#~Ao A^^jL-ySk^ 
cAAa m A^A / A-Tvrrpe'^- ~<A 

/A^A*£ 7- Jh^AA~~^ Aro ^,-. / ^ 

~~ AA'ty AjZ^v'/As A^A 2rey, ^Ley^t- A^r^^A ^Aryans 

^XT, ^ /' Alt- &**AAcj~ <£L^ 

- "L 7 ^ ^ 

jf+r y^/At^A- <*y Ate* ^yyzAz/A^AA AAAAi Cc/S£A/ <LA 

*-^-^s^AaA /^AAU_ Ahr>*A£AA*o 

A%^ 7- ^c, 

i-——— <£ut? *£? 

»t±^r SSz-fefeir 

j^yy "'- — ^yy^y. <z 2 **^fZ*a^ag k 

•* *■*■*£. ^r <G^,i/ 

y:&*?*Gz4-L. /^g^y^Ae /?W, 2 / ^ 

L -^J^fegfS^SL*^^ j^S*/^i.: ^ ,_ 

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//yzsy ^i, y,^ ^A^AAL^ 

fcz^^^'xy A^rTt^u _jyj 

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y^f eAx^ J?z^> y^*^^y^A-^Z 

yz2**?&' AZi, Scz*vy> _ | 

h<^A a£i zyL&z*^ &L~yyc^yj /y 

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's ; /• • 

'A^f^u y***' Z^ygrt^ 

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i ! fji'U^ £/' rC'A'TUL pO sC<? &l. 

'!• cc^tc (yy^-^^c^ /py~tr-isi^. /fo.&'i.'c/fl 

\ y & o 


3- //^ jJ '— 


5-s - 


To Wsm & Cottrell, Dr. 


•terms, cash. 


■ Sa,t +-A J. 

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' SC(xAA/&.est^. Az-GHyv-tzA Ccj-cnxZA fcr^y Z'ZKy 
■Z^m CTi'Ly- _ //'yZ-c-ZZZye^- ct. , J-Zst-£Z.t.r_ CZ 

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A-zoA^ Ad z O-ryp -y <ZAcx-S/L d/.z.c£y ed~ 

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<^2rtti-gi7‘itr//c<i //, giy^^c; 

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1 > J I 1^ •-*! _.+- ...111 *■*. 

1885. Edison, T.A. - Suppliers (D-85-015) [not filmed] 

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to suppliers 
of equipment and materials for Edison and his companies. 

1885. Edison, T.A. - Unsolicited Inquiries (D-85-016) [not filmed] 

This folder contains unsolicited correspondence requesting agencies for 
Edison's inventions, inquiring about the purchase or cost of his inventions, or asking 
for other information about his inventions. 

1885. Edison, T.A. - Visitors (D-85-017) [not filmed] 

This folder contains routine letters of introduction and requests to visit 
Edison. Letters that received a significant response by Edison, or that were 
written by individuals associated with Edison, are filed in their appropriate subject 

1885. Electric Light - General (D-85-018) 

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the 
commercial introduction of the electric light and to technical aspects of electric 
lighting and power, such as the design of lamps and generators and the materials to 
be used as filaments. 

All the documents have been filmed. 

The Metropolitan Telephone and Telegraph Company, 

Cy&ow.&y*' * 

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c&e&70-X: ■ ■ . .;'>'•' ... ,. : _,. -v 

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dOAy r /nZy yte^rtrui/y OJA ^sb^ * ^<2lyM*ty 

- u^ssrtbjSb . /2o?A^ £&>*£. >, AtytottAZTcC 

°^\ /C": /fa&y&CK. O^y^C 'V'fc C4£sT*i^' ’ t y 

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<? l ^ v -£ fAx^JZ- cA-i^cy^^d-bif’ . (Iasi%\~ S } -t-^-'<5^\ 

< A7 \a& 0 T 7 .\A<ua. OjBsAAA C 7 S -£© 

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vvv. ... //@cl^/? (^ r ^r^u4^/y-£> . y^Uj 

^Leyie g-o-rru!, " /T^n^ie .apj ^ -Aja-'fc^y 

Subnet. ^ e^Lc'e <4jyz*tf ' 

/o ^^o-<-M_ 

'— 'TTl^ /l*y%ji> Cct'-l'Z^e To 

TV Society of Amateur Pljoto^rapljers of New Yor^. 

C. II'. Canfield, See. n __ 

New YorL^tS^^r.. .Sr...^f... .188^ 

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U/u'w^^r^-ct^wiT ^ Q&Jirvwi \nCCUrw —tuu$ 

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<2^jus£ , J-J £-c«J -ut Gz+^ivC. <rf t/J 

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■fL fJ'MLL h<^l b. 

fa-ry . hs&ve^ ei A~i> <— 

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l$M&nge&?rts S$tce&. 

Cl'J- folt /,. 


C-AA-^. /C* . .^^«Cau <=-^- -4dr 

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(/fs- t_^ * cu^J o--P- 

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-/£— Scf&z 

<4? i^xk Jr t^.lLc. 

^|-WA| ^5LA*-Wi«u»ia' 

yt) v o^****>^.^ <&c ^Mwi-cwC 

A *9j*' ^£-/v»fc-X -L-^i /Ctfwj^v — 

cu> ervut. * v ----- 

(Le <-~-&OTW l-V\. cl U-a^-^ a^c-t. - 

b-ww*jl} o-«[i>"—£T"«. 

~^*^'’ " l ' ^ r%j£tx 

v&^xSL-C. ”Z*~ xX-^-^C^-Le, eZrf&tj, 

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o^Ce, 7 y\. c^r 

/'£*^y C+^x^^/U-f 4L^ 


/ ! £/t-<JUC ! l£>’ .Cs(J~~ —i 
(f~t*A^vy^JL. ■■■ Atv 

? £<- ^^-x^^/^J!/ sC*-x7 <Zl —Z'-v-w 

r 7'~' < j • T^O~ts tQ-^dZ-JL&j J^U-fa-d CxA-^gL-rf 

z-M. ca-*-*^ £■ /'&*-■<? 

7c,-^*-y ^-,'~r-t. 6 <L<?. _ 

June 24* 1885. 

er been used to any practical \ . 

Mr. Thos. A. Edison, 

Menlo Park,N.J., 

Dear sir:- 

Has Electricity ( 

extent in heat producing for any distance from the source 
generation of the electricity? 

HaB it ever been used for the practical fusing of Metals,), 
such as in Blast Furnaces, for making Iron from the Ore? 

Do you consider it practicable to use electricity in that! 

What amount of power is utilized from transmission of 1 / 

electricity ten (10) miles over proper conductors? 

Please send me a catalogue of the generators you make ^ 
( with the amount of power they will generate,and convey 10 miles J 
^and showing the amount of heat they will produce. 

Very truly yours, 

Ur. Thos. A. Edison, 

65 Fifth Ave.t New York. 

Dear Sir! 

We have your letter of July 8thj and note shat you say 
about the success had by one of your assistants. We beg to say 
that we will follow out your suggestions, and will immediately 
make further experiments in the same direction. 

Yours Truly, 

The Boulton Carbon Co. 


cjLU. Pres»t. 

Bridge Engineers and Contractors, 



July 80, 1885. 

Thos. A. Edison, 

Oare of Bergman & Oo. 

802 Avenue B, New York, 

Dear Sir| 

1 wrote yo* last week with regard to 
to the Standard Light jPlat'e Testing Maohine, 
asking how soon y#a oouid du^lioate the one 
furnished to the Sooiety of Anateur Photogra¬ 
phers, and at what prioe, Please let me hear 
from you as soon as possible, and oblige 
Yours truly’, 

Polar Oil Company, 

Corner 28.n l Sl.niur5 1 . 1 . 1 Avonuo. 

‘jk "Sr^Zy: \ . ...»<^ ««>• . IS *V_. ML 

!.iy dear Sir:- 

I enclose herewith copy of a loiter which I havo this 
day addressed to oar newly appointed IVopibrn Uanagor, Hr. ti.S.Ba* 
-gor of Chicago, in answer to a. sorios of loiters and telegrams 
from him, and others, informing mo of the circulation of vilo and s 
slanderous reports by Hr. Barton of the Thomson-llouston Electric 
Co. of Boston, regarding the American Co. and myself. 

You are no doubt aware of my faithful service in intro- 
--dueing the T-H system to tho American arid Canadian public, as well 
as the large amount of apparatus purchased from tho T-H Co.,all of 
which I have paid them for, notwithstanding we are carrying many th 
thousand of dollars in .value of their apparatus which wo have not 
received pay for. 

Since we concluded to abandon tho use of tho Thorason- 
Ilouston, for a system Which I believe has superior merits. Hr. 

Barton has very suddenly discovered that tho American Company and 
its President are a very wicked lot of people, and for months has 
busied himself in circulating the most vilo and wicked slander. 

A long telegram received from Chicago today, asks me 
to secure letters from Banks and other reliable sources to refute li 
this mans ca-luranous. 

This I would not do under any circumstances, but have 

Comer 23 1 :!'Sl.and 5tt* Avonuo. 


taken the liberty of asking fir. Batlgor and hi a friends to write 
to a list of gontlcnon with whom I am acquainted, and many of 
whom I have liad more or loss business relations with. 

I write this to toll you why I have given year name as 
a reference, and should' you receive an enquiry from this source, I 
trust you will do me the favor of answering sane as you may think 
tlio case fairly deserves.. 

Sincerely years. 


Nov. Htfrd. IS83 

S. S.Badger, Esq. b 

Pullman Building, 

Chicago, Ill. 

Hjr dear Sir; 

Your telegram of last night, informing no of the second 
Vatch of infamous slanders ,«« into circulation, in Chicago and 
hi 2 wmikoe by Mr. ail an A. Barton (tenoral Manager of the Thomson- 
Hoi i a wn Bloc trie Co. of Boston, regarding the American Company, and 
myself, personally is received; and I note your request for rae to 
send you letters from some Bank, or other reliable sources, to re- 
futo his statements, a few „r which 1 undersold briefly to bo an 

I.-American Company entirely irresponsible, without assets or cre¬ 
dit, . 

is.-Amoid.can Company has no rights to use its name, which is the 
property of tlio aiomaon-Houston Company# 

3. “Tho President of the American is entirely unreliable, and on- 

4. -American company about to wind up its business, and that its 
President is preparing secretly to run. away to Bu«,po,.never to 

3.-That the Directors of Ute American Company are very respectable 
men, but that they state 6penly, that had that known what an awful 
and unreliable man 1 am, they never would have allowed their ntnos 
to be used as Directors of the American Company, and „ ow are only 
waiting a favorable opportunity to withdraw from it, ,? ;C .,.?; C . 

And many other Vile and equally charges, which Ur. 
Barton failed to discover while I was actively engaged in building 
UP a business end reputation for tlio iShemaon-Hoiuiton system, and 


Mess. Spencei 1 Truuk & Co. Rankesrc, 

Ar:3iiig*.i«i & Sims Enpirio Co* 

Hon* ii.K.Hycio, Proa. Agawam national Bahk, 

Hon. L. .7. Pov/csra, Ex-ilayor, 

C. A* Hiehola, Director Agawam national Hank, 

Tlu-a. 0. Hndors, Pros, United States Ban*. Hartford, Conn. 

A.C.Ru-hiUii, Pros. Hartford, l51.Lt.Co. ('.Mi system) •' « 

V/n. II. Goodrich, Proprietor “Hartford Current” „ 

Col.' Sperry, » » 

Ciiao. K. iXistifi, Gen. -Ian. Schuyler Kl. Lt. Co. « « 

11 • P. prost, Gen.Man.Southern H.E. Sel. Tel. c<>. Hew Haven, Conn. 
Edward H. Jotmdon, President Edison Electric Liphi Company 
Ho. Co fifth Avenue, How Turk* 

A* H. Ilrower, Secy. '.Tostcm Union -Tel. Co. Hew York. 

A. P. Chandler, of the Uackay-Bennott Twlcgraph Combination, 

Ho. I £5 7 Broadway, .Now York. 

•John V.. Powell, Gen.Man.Brush-Swan El. Lt. Co. Mew York. 

E A, Noyes, 'freon. Portland Savings Hank, Portland, ho. 

lion, franklin J. Rollins, Ex-Col lee to i* U.s.Internal Revenue, and 
Preside!*. Consolidated Ei.Lt.Co Portland, Me. 

You may also l'ofer to Mr. Chur.. A. Coffin Vice-President of 
ikoMsen-Kouston Electric Co., lol Devonshire St. Boston, Muss, and' 
if you can get a letter from ; im corroborating Mr. Bartons state¬ 
ment I will five you HI000 cask for same on presentation. 

Provi, TUX. 

Springfield Mass 

Yours Respectful ly, 

Edv/ard li. Goffj 

■ President. 

^■'rf/tesurr// Cj/rr/s/r. 

7/&rr» ■%„>„ tMLm/tf &JMfiiy. 

'rtv- *y*. Wntf. 

»- CV'C *./■/ ,> t r c f 

*s ^ 


i^iL 7 ' 

■0( ,/ . 0 M- 'T6~ 

<///y f~ff rc ,, ///S' 'tr~/-f/cn u 

t" k <-/// ?£ JU«y ^ 

\0/i^ J, C,,,*) 0'>y V-. ^ '7 

S&//V KtS £//. /* 'C> -> r.. 7 /k 

/L O r •er r t-V/Z/T J.-, /■■} ///*., // . - $7 0f/L 

44 (kL re^ r 4 ^„ ^ 

/Us" ttt l l-tr Cr<-L t-j * ' /^f/' / <S?<£^ _ 

C^Li.' . — fe/s - - . fit*'* Yf * i/<r <TfL-0?^ 

( l Lj/Zt'l ji f Cl ~/)U 'ts/^ 

a.r; <C) l J St J^ 77^1 S/tS C 

U f,,~ ^ i.'O'KU.i* e/^ /fc / L^/s Sy-, 

ty/.’^x n //a 'tte<*s c7^' /!£.*//-f/ * \ //Z*/zr 

Lt^/' C-/ j_y c/(/-i /c__ ~ fi-i't /) /. /Crr. /■<?-' 

< <?/£. I^-y- f'f'C<2^y t j/~" £ //z **' /Cy /v//-s* 

<"/t cs o & cy£}- I 'Xs aft ^^TM 'I. 

^ ^ . { /7£ 1/L* 

ft s c< / cy/{^ 4^? A * s^tt- Se -^<.__ 

4t 1 / c£ Car 0^ ^ //f<*7^ fa** '* 

//?&> Cc kx^io-nt <y~-~ q).^7 * 

1885. Electric Light - Ansonia Brass & Copper Company (D-85-019) 

This folder contains documents relating to Edison's dealings with the Ansonia 
Brass & Copper Company, which supplied the copper wiring and tubing for the 
construction of Edison central stations. 

Only one document — a statement of account with the Thomas A. Edison 
Construction Department, dated August 31, 1885 — has been filmed. Many of the 
other documents concern problems involved in collecting the money owed by 
various local illuminating companies. There are also numerous routine orders for 

1885. Electric Light - Armington & Sims (D-85-020) 

This folder contains correspondence relating to Edison's financial dealings 
with Armington & Sims, manufacturers of steam engines for Edison central 
stations. Much of the correspondence is by Theodore Andrews, secretary of the 
company, and by Gardiner C. Sims, general manager. 

All the documents have been filmed. 

Providence, R. 

..188 .£1 


U ~sL/Ly —cf L'Vu-t 

/l+j Av, —r— ^ tlv Gsy-C. Cs fa,.<ljJiS) o-C?> 

—#w ~ : tz4r 

^ A'dj~ito' IsCvi/O C'&sM' ^V-t- ft*^y 
Hjw' , 'V^cUOa- tfv- ‘- ' tS' c~~~! 

!/Ci7^v c'/v»»*.' _ --■ . / 


L- -J!L 

Providence, R. 1 . 3 ^*...' 

•S' < < — b^ 

-2 >—7 ^/L , ^ ./u.0*.r/. sU+~/f 

» >v**'t'~~.-i--4- p^-v *L // i~i^~—- 'bo. /y Z+.eviy,^.*. 

/be '*-**"»— . *L b, Z//~ ^ ’'' 

b e>w o/^Jif'a. &r 

-to^7 . b*~ b- .-w-^— /~0.*b - -. / %.*,<• / *■£+. /v 

/ •- A-V V ' 

cb *£" 3*4- s/c TV'l^bmm b- b" *~-*/m- **~~-*L tWH 

astbl? /o s?t/is\^e. —UA' c~%***s** *s- ^■w-'*-—•-■»'•—* .»-*. y 

l ^ * t « '«SM»»i* /%.*—t —-»>- ^-ww /-»"»'»^'*»i-^ r - 

'Us*~£ /yisu*b?~ Co ^u**b t-v'b <a^w ' C&ue, 

/94+±'t$» «■**-*. '>-<^-^—— n^u*-*b b rvi ^w ■/■>/ /^/b-„*— 

<b*b ^ 4 A- ^ 





Providence. R. .188JT 

trjti /j^ 


^~£l n,U£ ^ ^4 

<»JL, f?z<> 

:&, ax.. 


The Baltimore & Ohio Telegraph Company 

* siirdC. 

^ <Jra-c6^ <£>cnnjC yh^rS^nr-^ ^ea^ siyzt. 

/£-en^~ )^<nri*a£ij' s€? ~/ra ex!***' y^j-^y 

y^Z^T. ^-^yr s£&y r^^,,*~t_X 

/Lcc-^rrx/- ^g^L C&e^yfc.. tfffrLi Pr^. ->«^<f= . 

s4-z{*o&o<L <y§tf'TtJz, yi^^£rn£> <&-?7*<y. c33trpTj cdL&t^^^y' _2 8*^0, 

/7 ' /^>->A^'- St'l-iffC t&f-o^-tfC.^^. yfeflir. S$L s&iZ s&iriiz; ^~ct^. 
^?-c^<''S lLl>l> . y^eo-rj^T^., /ty&ts. yZ&8^ 1 i ? ~pfduzc& /&^ZT 

c/y^y^ls^, sZg&z &erts&(_j_ 

#&ayy^u : .-t&L scy/Lz, . 

<<Zc<s ^L c£c*^C^ c^</tLy£rs8<. D$& >73^8Z\- 

y^-zi^cAs*- < 3 § & 

C'^MtH^KX' y?~& ^tf<^-La.8-y-^ 


Z? o 

- l £.Z; 

Providence, R. 

:..... Z / zz . J88.sC 

, ,-t — ~Z~. z^z./ 

* 1 ° <)-o -2. O , Zj 'S'^-!-a^~c-/u^. 

^ */r u~:^L ? /i^Uy 

Q-'fc -a-^c^-cZ «^--s j ! A*. crfz*. 

^ -r~~yl£ 

cc*^ Gyisa -—v-T-w » /<» . Zv<-Z^«^-W'l^> ^o‘ , , , t _ 

, o/yu. ZLo. e=ZZ <*Z» *—W. _^- ZZ^«-z^ZZ A-^_ 

a^Z^v*-Z<Z» ^Z_-Z C^i-Csi -c-t-^p-.^v-u-*— f T X . 

c’Zt'Z-tf ^u. '’'-'A J 1 —^ „ A-«_ c- ^Zt-'>-^.Z~>L-*. 

/Asy*-XJLuj ts) ayLc^'-^K.cL^, 

z' /uxX^f /^-i^t. 

^ ZA. 

O ot 


Providence, R. L,<s^^Z^.188.£7 

1885. Electric Light - Bergmann & Company (D-85-021) 

This folder contains correspondence, agreements, and other documents 
relating to the business of Bergmann & Company, New York City. The company 
produced electric lighting fixtures, sockets, and other devices used with the Edison 
system of electric lighting. 

Approximately 70 percent of the documents have been filmed. The following 
categories of documents have not been filmed: routine correspondence relating to 
accounts; routine notices for meetings of the board of directors. 



Edison Electric Light Fixtures & Appliances, 

MioatloQ (Electric Light and fees) Fixtures a specialty; 

292, 294, 29© & 298 AVSNUB 1 

.* 2 ...... 


-»*> ri- Ca?) 

-<PPPy~ dft $?a.^/c 

l^e^J t/Fc^lX 

rCoct-e. L«^rCcui y~ 

__ S C«_CJK 

U SKc*^/'-' ' cur <?< 

/C ecu C>- f ■* rj^< 

Lr . ^ Ct<L Z' (Pen 

J, fCU-A« ^ «? c , 9 -c-. . l*r 

Vx ^ y~^- J cv. 

- C( <•'-«-« ^ ^ e-fr- 3 %e. 

pC/"rt cCc^v.^<Z PTTZ^l (’f-^s- 

'~~^~Ci~C tc-i/^ C't- £ ff Z. >Ct Xc—Z c*-»4 

Cyi/Ui e.Z rcrjv. P(F=rUju SZccvPfcJ <£e/PPl^y ~/Ps 

o(uL-C(P<—f Arc, CZl*^f~ , C cf~^ZuuYC\ uu- 

L-Ocr-1 ~CfKJL ^-t.«,t/- «.u Z cr-rc fr^cK^, Cc c^^vvZjv-- 

^ (cc^.t- sy d~t^cu-‘- $ rtx^ X"«« <^t. ef-'/’lZtu. °*-cuC--(r-/^‘\XL 

c(»2 ,L<ji-^— Z 

c*- (P^^Lt^ ' >' 

Z # JccvaZ ^C-.^'C-cZ^y' ; 

7"2cZ «2^=^e^c«_^, c^ c-C-f ccu-a^YL su. (Scu^Pe*-u*A j 

r«_< (<At,/^ ctSvuu -ev*-CZ<uJ cPCt) pucY&P*^^ fixe*-. j 

(TetO i^f l c / 'l-Hfitwi Ati 

C«3 ' 

<5c-, /7u. ✓Viol'} 

£(S?'1 <t^7 t tfJp «(.u,r ^t-^cWi 


rvufa , 

CX^Jl Ccc^tw../- 4UntJu) 

^ t^Civv^ i"< ^UUi^" 

^ /S^ c/p <j£jfC.6c.CC£r- r ~ s S”S- 3 

/SU X^c.J'yy' r^<fr?'^J~ 7 rg^ „_ c .-- 

C -C.-i.c- fC caa-C Cc<J?<s C< (Xia^-SccaC 

< '^/'^* L t-ccAA-^.*C CtJ-C-tztx^pc. C0*ljJ-Zi^ ta,f e-CfftyA-J 

/7Lt ' jtct.'.cL.fAoy C^. /Crr^^ZT/^r fetyC/ 

£CjZc <J/H C’-jA^ 

* Sy%?* 

4^cc {oc/<U. Lkjl (J ^$~cC-c-t-<-<-t,ci-cJ^ ^UcC-u-Ajl/} 7^) 

n<jc J rt C aaa £/ cTIJ-J- c-iv 7?tA, 
<%( t / / uCc.CfjUA.tJ e.i*,tr 

O-JXCc fi-Clt^.cA-£C^ SL-, gCfCty^J 

^cyt4 ^ TC/t^JeCfic* 
'-*■■■£ /-,.*, 
rS t^t-f ha,*-* (f ^cx or CfFCCCA 

r C\Mc tc CcJcjl f lA. ^i-CC-OO-l-ctA.\s /~ ‘J\s'-(t-^/<iL P 

f&Y /^Jc^y eg 

A ^C-YToijx-xJx. cf-f «'■<-<. <— 

C2-Z-^Ygt_ G^Y t^—^-r^e—x c*-<D 

t'lyl Gfc 

^-C-lhC-x^x-*'?^ . ‘>S~(_gL'_ P riJ^/- (X )~c*,xY6r /tTc^S— 

^Pl (>-0.< e^S. J 7» ^2A< 

Y>c<^x- ) $~cx^-tc cA.«_<L/ . ^ •'■**■' s /tZc«^C ^VrctA-^ 

S2cyy &-CTZZ* «_/• Ct-CtA-f<- t) r.Z* 

^V - '^ x^- t <-J' l < e ^~7 ^ ?e ••*■ &*x*yC/rtL*f' 

/C5t^c<_«-eP fl < c-t-c-^ /7(cx-f~ ^*g "TAjC 

T75 " /• ^ cc^ck 'fle>-<t. t^7> TV 

tc eYx^k. «.U rttet'-c.^ fsy£^e<-'^xS2!^g’ 

7?Lc X X-u., sf&r;>u ; pr 

/<-c^ /?ct ^t r n f<-ttn. ^ 

^Cc-i ^^-c/rc*. ^ ^ e _^r 

A*V£. t 

/a ex^C- 


'^C. C c-<- '•*-«- «<xi 

X ' rjS -<- -s,.^ ® Yc^gfe 

T&cx^f- YY -YT C i_ 

r/£&«— vxYt-rv 

/vexv uj^c^rzii, &«Sy\ 

J&CtreCx: ^/ktA S tyx^J- «.tCyC^ 

CC ^c ^cjx y y <?KC,< €.xs~ A- Y, Ox cx c <J CxJ~c c(x, 

3C u c(tt <?t«.cy At 
<ic,t<. 1 ^-t A.C'C-t-*- /eu-/ ^fAxYtcYla~ 

Y/*-cs*-Y~ e-Y ifjc. 

\f Y\ CO-C-YCca^-I 


*Lt A. 

L ZcYgCc*, x, XX 

^2^6-^tM.u-«j>-^ ,^-f ^ asLS-<i>^ S~£r '-/Q-~6-<^^- -^- r 
'Jm &(-'{^( ^Ve^5 «^2tLy c^-tx 

^"^-M-t^;, ' £c<**-t>&^<s /^u iet-ti^i 

^ <cu^^- ^ A^ec^ ^ e -^„ - 

Cf--^^ <A^V^/ c^i? *5>4^<_ ^■<-< <r J3. 

C^f~/C, , S\c^J<£ c A--t<^«.^ IJ^y'/C^ /- 

cPt- <C^ *S> >TAe^£Z^7 A- p ^zL<_ 

^ ?c, - < - ^ Ct - • /Cu. ''^- c^n.ettvM, ^-^(_. 

^-^-«4a-C ** 6 £tm*' Ce,r P 

^ e «_>_ /^-<L«^_^^ trc-i-^- A O' / eA^i t^^s 

f 4, $-< <• <Tc «-c•»_* ^-rA t-t-<.V ”^ '. i -v?^ rc i 

*S~ crtJ- X < Z^C‘- ^?<A<_w z*’?" < / '/T*«-./^ ecrc*-* 

A*- ^7 <?A- V 

^2^ £ ^ <^2 f tn^/ctA. 

^C-^Ct_,s<2 /id ^(X Cc< ei.//^ eyC^ 

1c? <? C'u-yC/f, 

/ XX 

t^td-C ^Ci. < W f 4-t/ 

w 'Tz(Vdin ^£«. c-ZCt^-tw; (ftt-i et-ZTL 
(X-ZZcc^ (52-6 6id./rot /t/^Vd<v^^- 

j 2 ?Lc Cd/ . £:-t/^(X<—7XC 

^Z-y ci-A. jy 0^-yC fot. c5 x;Si,cZZ7-&, 

imd,^ 4 4-C P £~CxJil.' A r S '%^- vA | £^ i 4* 

- - ZZC^j r f Tl t tJ* - ) — 

: ‘X' dt_ c'“'^t-t -«. t_^X-Act, 

Oc^-sl tf-^ 

-7%-c^ V ^ 

f « <0?"Zs—f C«-o- 

$ l CUWA^O. *~Luj\xJ, 

p^4_ ^y. 0-£ZZZ 

^ Ccttu^rt. 4-^t-<A-t*^ As^t^t V 



- , *£zs^ {ty’tZZZZ 

/cy'c^Sr^y ^ 

/?z <<z.c-C£ iy_£ 'Ziv?^ 

-yZ/^y ^ j 

^* y/ ' Sj V^c^J j 

'^y*^' 0 - ^ f~~c.<-+Z47 /^^A s/A sS £'*r 


rJ /tc^ p Zy cZ^yfr -<sv . ry/uz^j- i 

, ten-- uu ^*^^W; 

<»- ^C-^AA^ (Z/^ffc+S- cCtt, /—*&. e ^ / /^u,^ 
✓ ~ o^e-cy 0i^A /: &L-€%yyc~? 7 Ajl cck.Cx.y irt,A«^, 

A?cn*cScl~Z^ZZJ <c Lt 2<L* 

Z2 - ^Aics^A szz_ /^yC^i^y^s 


^M. V c<-^ 

i'l^-c^^-t, /^X, 

(yLt^c'V ^ tv\. (Ai ^ 

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&-• '-Y'c<^*-^ 

<£2 ex-r «. C<- YYTe*-Y o 


' <0^ i /£- tX-/?Z^4_ 

/£*. Y-y <?c.^ J 

1*1 ^ca~C/<^^ e+c& k cZf.~7tu^ 
\hY^A-Yh- A At «X <^7 e? <Yx_^jl. (^O-Yity ^y^tM. 
L-tA—^-cst*- *Y*^ hi *- <^~Y Yj ^tct^ e. A « m ^ Va^. 

hhi.O-^h" T^AjL (* e'ii^/rt^uA ^-yAt < 30 j> 4 s* 

j^-fi ■ /' \ / r / . |/ ^' # ^* fr f * 

'Yt^cYsL Co-Y^T 

<Ct r /> Y 6<-£- $-la^4 

T^ i/^ViAo-cJ>-H 
^%*CC^ A Yfx^A-Y~ 

'6 T^ 'Yei-e^ J Y^ZctY— 


< ^uUV c ^C. S ^ 


^ - ■ ^g» ? „ 

SZU. e^Cr- 

<&-&-•**. <<£-{> ^^ <uL^JLZ> s ^®^Cc 

/2^«. /f^ti C e >~l-^~^- / * V ' ^ r' fc. 


^r re^-r/l^c. S2^<^<L 

/ K L'-^k-/ <?e^C£ 

<2*>c <^£ZZU AzC 6r ^ 

<v-^-<U^ ~Z^Ot </A<_<^<_t 


L -/ ^<y <f^<i 


"C <_ 4^ f / 


&CSU&* "?*' ^ 

/ K^ " ^frrpyT^ty 

*- 7$y /TyvO-^rf 


,24) M yj 

caOCHOJs P.A, 00.-^*:^^ 4|fcy4 

A4v»r ti-te un &src)ij.2<. 

Vf«rtnor 'shlji>, $tyl® 

A, Cauchoi* ‘*ni' j«b % 4- *** 

Caor^e E.w.stiver-a ttpjaeijtl^^'fchsir '■i 
shi*- t*> «Qp)K>ttiiffa |i8;£3£8£ji 'l/r^ 

’ r P 


formation of limitol 
‘of which Frederick 
general partners, an,-, 
of £5,000. Partn^r- 
f Ur Hawh 80,1077. 

li sr^^rtrfi. 



Edison Electric Light Fixtures & Appliances, 

Combination (EMilo light and Can) Filins a specialty. 

)eBigns and Estimates furnished on application, The Host Complete raollltles for all kinds of Electrical Work 
202, 204, 206 & 208 AVEMUE B, S' 

¥ su-, /3 ^j- 

/ u -^ " 

C/)' t _ <yr~lXsi/Tsif C>C / LZtsiL~u' / 



Patentees and authorized Hanufaotursra o( 

Edison Electric Light Fixtures md Appliances, 



The Molt Complete (or all bind, of Electrical Work. 

292, 294, 296 AND 298 AVENUE 

L q J 

— A- 

s ' — «-^ 



Edison Electric J/Ight Fixtures md Appliances, 


Th. Moat Facilities for all khli of Elootriool Work. 

292, 294, 296 AND 298 AVENUE B, 

(fa*/, fajU- 

^ '~t/w 

CTUi^ -JLy'*y 6, ■5''^'. 

1885. Electric Light - Edison Company for Isolated Lighting (D-85-022) 

rrfatJa5 ontaln ? correspondence, agreements, and other documents 
® J?J he b “? lness of tb e Edison Company for Isolated Lighting, which sold 
small power plants for the lighting of single buildings. Much of the 
correspondence !s by Frank S. Hastings, secretary of the company, 8 an d by Jonathan 
superintendent. Included also are lists of isolated lighting plants 
fonnrf fn th o f °L * pla , nt at Cor nell University. Related material can be 
ound in the Primary Printed Collection (Company Records Series) and in the 
Edison Company for Isolated Lighting Bulletins (Company Records Series). 

r a t«£?« 0X f ll 2 ately 7 * cent of the documents have been filmed. The following 
If f ? 0CUments have not been filmed: routine notices for meetings of the 
board of directors; routine mtraoffice communications; accounts. 



The Edison Company for Isolated Lighting, 

65 Fifth Avenue, 

New York,.-February.•.Sth....iSS 5. 

W. F. Brewster, Esq. 


Dear Sir:- * V V. - 

, .. The Committee have decided}aga\ns£ conducting the 

South American business on the basis of your memoranda. X beg, 
therefore, to say that your proposition is declined. 

Very truly yours. 

Pres. 6 ffen. Kan. 

A— v/ 

> ■ 

^digori Concipkny fof Igolhled luting 

65 Fifth Avenue, 

New York,, March 23rcU.188 5 

Dear sir:- 

Yoa arc raqn oat sd to attend & conference at tfio'of- 
fic&B of this Coape.ny, U6. - <36 Fifth Avo«, to-morrow, Tn•jsday, wo- 
ring at 8 o'elooh sharp. 

STTBJBCT. The formation of a syndicate of contractors • 
and others for the purpose of starting a oocond Edison' Hluminfr. 
ting station in vicinity of Wadi son Square, »?. Y» city. 

Vary truly yours, 

B. W» Johnson,' 

Dear S 


In addition to the routine business of the Presidents 


■y Committee of the Edison Company for Isola.tod Lighting to 

be efi t 

3d on this evening, the erection of an up-town sta.tion will 

be bro 

jght up for action. As an interested party, you are earnest- 

ly reQ 

nested to be present. 


Ldth, 1885. 'f^P^Me.Gowan. 

May 31st. 

phhadelpkia sxniBiTior:, laiip tsst. 

Total hours run 085 

V/ESTOK, brokon 13 

Stanley, broken 17 

Woodhotiso R Rav/son, broken all 

EDISON,' brokon 1 

lot or Limps sot up. 

WESTOH, - 10 papor carbon, 3U4 hours run, 

Y/oodhouse R Rav/son,- 10 now Lamps, 

108 hours run, 

3 broken 

1 broken 
3 brokon* 


10 -"Sun” Lamps 103 hours, ran:, 


MAY 25th. 18H5. . 1045 HOURS. 





WESTON’S"SECOND SET, 10 Set Up, 504 HOURS Run.- 3 Broken. 

WOODHOUSE & RAWSON’S Second Set, 10 Set Up, 

321 Hours run. - 0 Broken. 

White, 10 SET UP, 288 HOURS RUN.--- 3 Broken. 


Office, 81 Turner Building* 

St. Louis, June 5th, 1885. 

Thomas A. Edison Esq. 

65 5th Ave. New York City. 

Dear Sir:- Gen Beauregard has enclosed the following letter, to you 
in a letter which he requested me to read and forward to yon. I 
dont know why he wished me to read it, unless it was that he wrote 
such a miserable hand that he was afraid you could not make it out 
I have therefore had a type-writer's copy made of the letter which 
I enclose with his letter, to save you the trouble of spelling out 
the original. Please give your attention to this, and as I do not 
suppose the invention to amount .to much, answer it kindly and po¬ 
litely as he is a good friend of mine. He also regrets very much 
•that he did not know that y.ou were in New Orleans so that he might 
have paid you some attention. He could have made your visit very 
pleasant, because he treated me very handsanely. 

Our opponents here must be very much demoralized; they are 
taking contracts where they can get them, for 50 per cent below 
our figures, and if they can not get them at those figures, they 
say to the parties that they will take the contract, at what ever 
they can get. Yours trulyf 


.Yew York, . /O 

18 SJ" 


rating of the Board, 
will, be held. at. the office of. . r *-gjjT 

«■_//«_.- day of . 





The Edison Company for Isolated Lighting, 




Weston’s “7 M" Dynamo - 100 Volts - 125 Amp.- 1050 Rev. - gave 
8U.5 per-cent commercial efficiency at full load. 84.35 per-cent 
at one-quarter load : 89.35 per-cent at one-half load. 

Their "0* W. 1. *' Dynamo gave 87.0 per-cent full load and sparked 
so badly that, load had to be cut down to 80 amp. It was entered as 
100 Amp. 120 volts. 1100 Rev. 

Weston’s No. 7 Incandescent Dynamo - full load 87.9 per-cent; three 
quarters load 90,5 per-cent; one-half load 89,0 per-centone-quar¬ 
ter load 83.2 per-cent; he was dissatisfied with result of full 
load, had it’ repeated and got 87.7 per-cent. Yours truly. 

%£ ICu 

. T~d<> 0 v 

:frr\ ^ 


~p Cl TfeP&ZZCT "7 " 

i /.. i ✓*... * Ao'O ’ 1 

^•/^■..Tprt . •• c?e?^ . tfk^TzT.... •:.,//.” 

- 0 

£ .' fT . 

... fi-i 

v AAv^ 

:.. T’-lii-'. 

kx OeJuAT'' f ,jn rf . -. A'lA ■ 

p. ^/itejto'tr^-KaS). 1 • ./ 

Co4l: 7^‘Vs ^9etW' 

. i . ^ 5^; Jy** 


' ' J \mA A'./ 

^.. .. 

| . . v .. ;...^u-... ... a...;' 

.. . 

tfUtitUsuA-Nkl.. • ■ : . iCtw. v. 


‘ 6 tH 2 (-.U 

•fer 6 : ........ : ..... , 

^t^/* • • • ■'••" .. • -. t. ■• ■ 


& ; ,.,' .. _.., 

•> iV.;v.r-- .••» :•• v.f • 


(Uc%j,. . . 

tF-ku.da.G- rr~ r'.ir-' 


^kk,rO .."'■ 

... jW fe 

•.».-(/(.... .-., I.:' ' 1 /;■*'/‘ 

... LJ 

: JjkvAcZ 

rv-i. <X/~(-CM. ,., •**'•' ! *,.... . ,"' ' 



A^vGT ' '" "... .k. '.. ’ 


.■ ••••■- . ..* » 

j|) juU.» •: ••k.i ; ; % u. 


• : Y) . . . — -. 

*h(p ch 

O 'HvOUK (X.k-v'-'U) .V 

The Edison Electric Light Company, 

65 Fifth Avenue, 

fcLo)~W) do 

/j New /York, 

cl XtQ, 

• r 

^ £0 y J. 

\ *(£**■<> yw> -ut^ 

I tfoftt'u.oo. 




faofate-otf'tfai.'y &“■ 

I ^/Sfrprater t?<U%9j?*u 

* ^ 






/ttr/At, 2 // lf*ve.-uJt./p 

v&vtc J3c.,s- en,j> 

/■ 4* 

/CH> . 











1 /e-*~o 


i/fa-ipoav cAoJe. c t o~Z> 

t/voy\c/ta y&to 



j / 2 , 0 -trV 


'tfy.. Yf/^- Jfc ~ 

*S~/ y J\r i/?r , 

/ ?*/* 





sXcc/wv^Af pty 




? 6 e> 



Yto,i/^.y JloU. %?•■ 

J&cAficyt- fry ^ 

V / /* £ V 

^ A 





o/fe/^V^ ^ooo>„ aJJ 


^ /. 




iJda-/e-o frla-oyf?- &“■ 




& 7 J- 0 . 


■fCM. *0**. 

e ' r ’“ ,r -"^'’' e 


6 o. 


J 6 o-o. 



2 ,e-o. 

j /f**r. 

3-£ , 

,//eri&//ts YtaetL, fc>&)S 6 fe*. 

cYfe-ie./Si- 7?y 

6 o. 





iS,CY*tsCr'Gr-i't*. o> *&>*' 


>J- 0 . 



■^* /*- i 




9 , ^ 

it ro 

"/A- ■ 

/ 6 */o. 



. mar-ling of I hr Board 
will he held at the office of 


. (l"t/ »f . . 

/>!/ order 

Secret a rn. 

—'^H t x?3e4- ^e<Z-n/ 

Sfa-7-iTt-^ , ~^3ccC'/ 


^ A 

SPECIAL NOTICE. If any change is made affecting the specified details 
or arrangements for this plant, this estimate must be revised, 


Edison Co. for Isolated Lighting, 

Go Fifth Are,, Jfeir York,.... 

||sfitiyife foif. ^...€fDO<$d!JL. . 

& . 

M .. 

City or Town of....... 

Slate of. . 


Specifications famished by . 

Note. Estimates at List Prices. 

. I Dynamo Typo. ±L . 1.ZS... JM. 

.^Dy»w au < ) «i Fa<uifliilTOU ..- 

./....Dynamo Base Frame...-.—.-3.-2-51... 

.../....Dynamo Sotting....~. S&- . 

./...Hand Regulator...—.Z^-. 3-3£..— 

..■AutowifttiL Regulator.. . —♦ - 

./....Pressure Indicator. - 

./iiLfTLlG 0. P. Lamps..... I2. ..5..Q.. 

_ Chhu&£j^L .-. 

.-e? P ? Immpo ....-.—.-.,.-. 

..JJ-SZ.Extra Lamps.... J.fl.. S^.0. 

. ££?... Key Sockets, Pol. B._...-. 

Amount Oariiied Forward, 

Amount BnouonT Forward, 

!Z XL - */0 kfa* 

--. — .--- 

Materials. 8 " ~r*~/& „ 

. 3 . 5 lLl)S. Common Wive, nt__ 

....rib*. Riwg o u - yh ’b . Ttfc_____ 

...'Ptr B hbbo r ftwtml -Whw, nt_ 

.3. .. Switches nt average price of /. XO each. 

- 6 .. 

-_^3r....Safcty Plugs, at. X-ff ... 

..S...O..O.. ..FtjMonWiug, at.— 

. Ft Zinc Tubing, nt_.'-,--- 

../.D.OCIcats, nt;.. 

( * 

{.'scuuujj . 


././ft..Tape: Solder i Salts; S< 

^ lO/tX 

Nails and ftnbbor Tube...... 



in 3 pipe pondnnts; average 

....Finished “ 

....Pliable Fondants, 

.2 It. Pendants, pol. Bronze, 

. 3 It. 

ft. long, nt. 

ft. long, at_ 

Amount Carmed Forward, 


b . to.. 


/ rs ~. 


. jSlCl .! 

± 0.0 . 

Amount BnooonT Forward, 

.....lit. attachments to Gns Fixtures.... 


| / 


. 2 

XX . 

Describc other special fixtures or catalogue stylos. 

Mofnl qi inf1oQ isr 0 


*v 53 .. ; 

..Porcelain Shades,. JL —in. diameter,. 

. +JUL . 

. 4 . 60 . 

AT, .20 . 

4-0 . 

. %JX. . 

34. . 

.-. 23. — “ “ “ 202,.... 

_ %^./..(a...- ... 


AX . 




Gen. Supt. 

Estimate Made 


estimate for power. 

-.Bailor.foot long,_ 

All fittings to bo supplied with boilor. 

Boiler, cartngo and handling.. 

Boiler Sotting. 

inch Tubes. 

Smoko Stack... incllcs ftr , 

“ “ Connections..... 

n “ Foundation__ 

Engine Cylinder-inches diam.. 

TVhools—.—.inches diam_ 

Engine built by_ 

Weight and Cartage™... 

Engine Foundation complete_ 

Labor setting Engine.. 

feet high_ 

■ inch stroke, with_driving. 

.inches face___ 

“ “ Pnmp No-_1._:.™L™ 

“ “ Enjector. 

Feed Water Heater_ 

-foot belting,-inches wide... 

All steam, exhaust, blow-off and water pipe. 

Connections between boiler, engine and injector-. 

Countorshaft, per memo, and sketch attaohod herewith . 

Labor putting up slinft_.'._ 

Freight and Cartage_ 


Estimate Made by 



■/Yew ¥ork,....-./j!L. ..- . 

Dear Sir: 

.. meeting of the Board 

will he held at the office o f /he<Y e/^7/4 ^ 

,m .. of .^ 

tSsJTti-Sg.:/^, ’dooj^S: . *M. 

/ c^o 


./Yew X't 

•h t 



'luting of the Hotted 


/<’// order 

v <2' - — - ^OZc* ec/_ 


*C<-0^t>UV t/U\- 

The Edison Company for Isolated Lighting, 


New York, November 6th, 1885. 

Dear Sir : 

The Annua! Meeting of the Stockholders of the Edison Company Tor 
Isolated Lighting, for the Election of Eleven Trustees to serve for the ensuing 
year, and for the transaction of such other business as may come before the meet¬ 
ing, will be held at the offices of the Company, 65 Fifth Avenue, New York 
City, on Tuesday, November 17th, .885, at 12 o'clock noon. The polls will be 
open at 12 o clock noon, and remain open for the reception of votes until 1 o’clock p. m. 
1 ransfer books will be closed on the afternoon of Monday, November 9th, and 
re-open on Wednesday morning, the 18th instant. 

I enclose herewith a blank form of proxy, which, if you are unable to 
attend the meeting, kindly sign in presence of a witness, and return to me at 
the above address. 

By Order of the Board, 

R S. HASTINGS, Secretary . 


Please address reply to the undersigned. 

Thomas A, Edison Esq, 

65, Fifth Avenue. 

New York. 

Dear Sir:- 

I would like very much to get a set of plans and spec¬ 
ifications of the Central Station in Berlin, 

Mr, Upton suggests that they can be obtained if you will 
write for them. Will you kindly do me the favor of sending for 
them. 1 understand that it is a well constructed station, and the 
plans may have many valuable suggestions in them. 

Yours respectfully. 

Oen’ 1 Supt, 

The Edison Company for Isolated Lighting, 

65 Fifth Avenue, 

A?'* t ^ 

.,r • - 

^ jl . • /? y /, ^ 

^ , ..6- CtT /V?.- 

£sa, a 

J/ .♦»****• ^/C #-**.<* 

7^r/ <.. .*-■- 

~ ** ** 

'f aS 

b'jjjJonJ r'j 

0* M K, 

vn/;<!'J no 

&U'/“ J 




*So ' 


yftXi- d- 


> /*&/, 


C stA,, r . 


/ '-C, t?~Ac(. 




<*<. ■M~-'A(.,4.. 



. -7&U. 

The Edison Company for Isolated Lighting, 
65 Fifth Avenue, 

0 ■* / /J V, . 

The necessity for an artificial light, which is perfectly steady, 
which emits no noxious gases, which is practically without heat 
and which is without danger to life or property, has long .been 
felt. The Edison System of Lighting fills .all these exacting 
Requirements, and is by far the most perfect system of artificial 
illumination at present in use. 

. Safety to Life. 

It is popularly supposed that the use of the electric light is 
inseparable from danger to life, but this supposition is entirely 
erroneous, so far as the Edison System is concerned. Where 
cun-ents of high pressure are used great care is requisite, but 
where currents of low pressure are employed, as in the case of 
the Edison System, no possible danger can arise, as if the 
naked wires themselves are grasped the current is scarcely per¬ 
ceptible to the. touch..® 

In addition tp absolute safety to the person,.the user, of the 
Edison Incandescent Light enjoys a degree, of immunity from 
fire other artificial form .of illumination affords. — The 
Edison Lamp emits so little heat that the most inflammable 
material may bebrought in close .contact with it .without the 
slightest danger,of guch, material becoming ignited., Should a 
lamr> be broken fronj carelessness or accident, there is no pos¬ 
sible chance of fire, as the incandescent filament contained in 
the globe is consumed the .instant .it is exposed to the influence 
of the atmosphere. ' 

. The Edison System is,.moreover, replete with devices of 
every character to guard against danger from fire, in connec¬ 
tion,jyithRhe,wiring, and this branch of the work has. received 
as.much attention,from Mr. Edison, with a view of making it 
perfect, as the apparently more important of his inventions in ' 
connection with the system. As a proof of the completeness 
of detail in this respect wherever -the Edison System is used, 
no fire has ever, occtirre^l which could be attributed totiie elec- 

Purity oft Atmosphere/ 

The Edison Light, as above stated, gives out so little, heat 
[one-fifteenth of that given out by a standard gas jet) as to be 
practically without effect on the temperature of a room; it is 
entirely free from the noxious qualities of gas and oil, whicli, 
are very prejudicial to the health, and it does not consume 
oxygen or otherwise vitiate the atmosphere. . In fact.dt .com- 


Light.meets^this requirement, and may be'used in close prox¬ 
imity to thfc eyes without any injurious effect resulting there¬ 
from/'' ’’ w . 

The Edison Co. for IsoijvTED Lir.itriNo, as the licensees 
upder .the patepts.qfMr.i Thomas A. Edison, are prepared to 
‘entjerfor t|ip,.instailationof the Edison System of Lighting,'by 
pieans of isolated,plants, .in„all places where artificial illumina¬ 
tion is required, ... i . .. .. .. 

'• T '’ DNiitiR'fi'tF. Purchaser’s Cofri-Rot. 

The plants installed by this Company are- owned absolqtely .' 
by the purchaser; the apparatus is entirely under his control,) - 
and operated by him without'the need of any special technical 
assistance. The Edison Co. for Isolated Lighting has installed 
in the Uulted State!!, ■ of such plants, aggregating upwards, 
of lamps, .all,of which are .operated without any assist¬ 

ance whatever from them. 

In the. following pages will be found a description of the . 
Component parts of a .plant, as installed by the Edison Co. 

The lamp consists of a pear-shaped glass globe about four 
and a half incites in height, exhausted of airland containing, a 
filament of carbonized bamboo, slightly thicker than a horse 
hair; which, .becoming incandescent by the passage of the cur¬ 
rent,..emits a.beayitiful,, soft, mellow light, absolutely, 
steady, equaling ,{116 Illuminating, power of a, gas jet- of the.bcst, 

The lamp is placed in arcceptaclp known as-.the “socket,”- 
front which the, lamp can be removed by merely unscrewing it. 
When a lamp becomes defective, it is.but'thc work..of.a mo¬ 
ment to retriove it from.,the socket and with*perfect, 
one,, Thq..socket,is provi.ded.witlt a keyattacliment, by means 
of which (he. light may be turned on or off, ..Each light is en, 
tirely independent of the other, but any number of them can be 
so arranged as to be controlled in groups by means of a switch. 
This performs the same function for a number of lampsasdoes 
the key-in.-the socket for each individual lamp. ., 


The Dynamo. 

The electric current for the lamps is supplied by the dynamo, 
which consists'of a powerful electro-magnet, between the pole's 
‘ of which another magnet revdlves, the simple revolution of the 
' one magnet in the immediate presence of the other, generating 
the electric current in the revolving one, from which it is dis- 
' seminated through the conductive^ wires to the lamps. It re- 
1 quires no special attention; and but a few minutes daily will 
suffice to keep it in perfect running order. 

Accompanying the^dynamo is a regulator controlling the, 
pressure of the current, with a view to keeping the intensity of 
the light normal. Where the motive power or number of 
lamps burning is constant, a regulator, operated by hand, is 
used, but where any considerable variation of speed or load 
may be expected, an"automatic regulator is provided, wh.ich 
compensates automatically for any such variation. 

In order to register the pressure given out by the dynamo 
machine, a pressure indicator is provided where no automatic 
regulator is used, and this performs exactly the same function, 
in connection with an Edison plant, as the steam gauge does 
in the case of a boiler. The indicator is connected across the 
circuit in the same manner as the lamp is connected, and indi¬ 
cates by means of a needle, attached to an electro magnet, 
and having a pointer which moves along the face of a graduated 
scale, and the variation in the position of which indicates 
whether the electric pressure, and, consequently, the candle 
power of the lamp, is too high or too low. The regulator has 
then to be operated accordingly to bring the pressure back tq 
. its normal intensity. Even pressure means not only even 
candle power, but also long life to the lamps. If the lamps 
pre run at high candle power, that is at high pressure, their 
life will be short, whereas if they are run at their rated normal 
candle power, their life will average far beyond six hundred 

Motive Power. 

It is not by any means essential that special motive power 
should be provided for operating the Edison System. If a 
plant is installed in an industrial or other establishment, where 
power is available, the dynamo is usually connected by belting 
to any ordinary line of shafting, provided, however, the speed 
.of such shafting is reasonably uniform. Where there is only ' 
boiler power available, and it is necessary to install an engine 
for the special purpose of operating the electrical plant, it is 
advisable Sat an engine should be chosen which is especially 
adapted to the requirements of the business. Highspeed 
engines, which govern closely and are belted, directly to the 
dynamo, without any intervening countershafting, are recom, 
mended by the Edison Company. A good constant water 
power is equally as satisfactory as steam, besides having the 
advantage of greatly reducing the amount of the running ex¬ 
penses .of the plant 

Steam Heating Boilers. 

In many places boilers exist for the purpose of heating, and 
•Such boilers are frequently capable of developing steam at the 
pressure required by engines, though only used for the low 
pressure required for steam heating or other purposes. In 
such cases it will frequently be found unnecessary .to provide 
special boiler power for the electric light plant. 


The current is conveyed,from the dynamo to the lamps by 
means, of two copper wires, called the mains, which run par¬ 
allel to each other. The lamps are connected directly across 
these mains, each. lamp taking current from them entirely in¬ 
dependent. each of the others. Should none of the lamps be 
turned on. absolutely no current circulates through the mains, 
and the amount of current being taken from the dynamo at 
any. time is in the direct proportion to the number of lamps , 




pressure required for steam heating or other purposes. In 
such cases it will frequently be found unnecessary .to provide 
special boiler power for the electric light plant. 

The current is conveyed from the dynamo to the lamps by 
means, of two copper -wires, called the mains, which run par¬ 
allel to each other. The lamps are connected directly across 
these mains, each. lamp, taking cunent from them entirely in¬ 
dependent. each of the others. Should none of the lamps be 
turned on, absolutely no current circulates through the mains, 
and the amount of current being taken from the dynamo at 
any. time is in the direct proportion to the number of lamps 
'actually burning. The two copper wires are thoroughly insul¬ 
ated, and also protected by wooden moulding where neces¬ 

If the wires are overloaded, that is, used to convey more 
current than they are calculated to carry, the tendency is to 
cause them to become heated, and possibly to a dangerous 
degree. To avoid lire, possible from this cause, an automatic 
device, invented by Mr. Edison, is used, called “ the safety 
catch,” or “cut-out," which is inserted in boih wires of the 
Circuit at various points. The safety catch consists of a piece 
of metal, offering greater resistance to the passage of the cur¬ 
rent, and fusible at a much lower temperature than the copper 
conductors, and, consequently, should there be any trouble 
with the wires, which would lead to their becoming heated, 
the safety catch melts off. This immediately stops the flow of 
the current through the damaged portion of the circuit, thus 
absolutely eliminating the element of heating and averting all 
possible danger of Are. , 


Although possessing so many advantages over other forms of 
illumination, the field open , for electric lighting would be 
limited were it not capable of-demonstration, that as compared 
with gas the Edison System is far more economical in its opera¬ 
tion, no matter whether the gas is obtained by means of the 
ordinary system of distribution, as in cities, or is produced on 
the premises of the consumer by special apparatus. In con¬ 
sidering the economy of Electric System, it should be borne in • 
mind that the whole illuminating power of the light is available* 
under all conditions, that an Edison Lamp may be put in any 
position desired, with a view to taking the greatest possible ad¬ 
vantage of the light it affords, whereas in the case of gas it is 
only possible to bum the jet in one position, and that currents 
of air do not affect it is in the case of all other forms of artificial 
illumination. If it is desired to invert an Edison Lamp, so as 
to concentrate the light on a given spot, this can be readily 
accomplished, whereas it is absolutely impossible to do so with 
gas. Under these circumstances, it is obvious that the effect¬ 
ive illumination of an Edison Lamp is far greater than that of 
a gas jet, even if the candle power be the same, when the 
gas jet and lamp are placed in the ordinary manner. 



Furthermore, the Edison Lamp, unlike gas, maintains its 
regular candle power up to the moment of the destruction of 
the carbon, whereas gas burners deteriorate to such an extent, 
that the ordinary five foot burner, which is supposed to give 
sixteen candles of light, will not average over twelve candles in 
actual practice. But, assuming for the purposes of comparison 
of economy, that the Edison Standard Lamp, and the standard 
five foot gas burner, have precisely'the same illuminating 
power, and supposing that the horse power requisite to drive 
the dynamo, is already present, the cost per hour of running 
too Edison Lamps, of sixteen candle power each, is as fob 

r 5 horse power (5 lbs. of coal per hour per horse power 

at $5 per ton).S .19 

Depreciation on machine, 3 per cent.ot 

Depreciation on lamps.14 

Depreciation on brushes, cost of oil, &c...03 

The hourly cost of running the same number of five-foot gas 
jets would be: 

100 gas jets, each burning five fcct'of gas per hour, or a 

total of 500 feet, at $1.50 per r,ooo feet.S .75 

The saving by the use of the Edison Light over gas, under 
these circumstances, is shown to be 38 cents per hour of actual 
burning, the cost of gas being over twice as much as the Edison 
Light, . 


Thejprospectivc purchaser of an Electric Light Plant will be. 
approached by parties who will make all kinds of promises as 
to the advantages and economy of their system over that of 
the Edison Company. When considering such statements, it 
should be remembered that the policy of the Edison Company 
is to promise less than it can perform, and to be prepared at 
all times to substantiate such promises. Wherever such tests 
have been made by scientific or commercial organizations, the - 
findings have invariably been more favorable than claimed by 
the Edison Company, and the 

Highest Awards 

have invariably been given to the Edison system, as against all 
competitors, for economy and general superiority of the factor 
examined, and has presented it In a more favorable aspect than 
- this Company has represented in its dealings with the public 
As, for instance, at the Electrical Exhibitions of Paris and 
Londonj and the Industrial Exhibitions at Cincinnati and 

• c£ie/ 

rr —t 

r -M'/ftf'S 

To Mru. Owners AND Manufacturers;: 

The special requirements of mills, factories anS -ilher i'n- 
dustrial establishments, so far . as, lighting is concerned, is that 
the method of illumination'chosen shall be. of-so thorough a 
character as to insure the turning out of as.satisfactoiy work by 
night as by day;- that the system used shall bh is economical 
as possible; that it shah be sufficiently, under control as to 
’ avoid all possible waste of light, and consequently .useless ex¬ 
penditure of money; and that its use shall qot'be associated 
with danger of fire. 

Perfect 1 Illumination means Perfect Work. 

. Owing to the fact that the Edison Light emits scarcely any 
*•- . heat ;.-that operatives may wbrk in dose proximity,to,, with- 

. -opt suffering any injury therefrom; that it tray be, placed cltise 
... to.highly inflammable material, without danger, it .is..possible 
to. so .arrange the fixtures canying the lamps as to focus the 
..."!,. -Ught,thoroughly upon the work, and so obtain an IUuijSnation 
H’' ?" ?0l “ tely '““attainable with any other s^tem of lighting. Th'is 

qr. j*?k.tremelyiimpdftant'in' 1 mills) where textile.fabricsare prb- 

-.duced.:;* .vi'a JSim . . 

The difference between good and bad illumination;-in n 

; - . runningiafler dark,-’ means ihe difference between turning oil 
• • •••? goodsi-Sfitfirst' aiiSsecohd quality. *in a mill badly lighted, 

- -- „in a miu Daaiy lighted, 

.-theiamotmtof second class goods produced is .far.greater thah 
tin aanill perfectly illuminated. Mr. C. J. H. .Woodbury, in a 
.paper on “Electric Lighting in Mills/'read before the New 
England Cotton Manufacturers Association, October 25th, 
1882, Stated:. “Theuud to the production of perfect work by 

this improved illumination is a source of additional revepa£ 
befcause the proportion of damaged goods usually made Is 
. -' thereby diminished.” ' 

. 'It iwiir consequently be seen from this that, the use of the 
Edison LigKt in his mill enables the manufacturer to get a bet¬ 
ter average price for his products, owing to. the better average 

:- quality of'his'work for the twenty-four hours, 
y: ;yi«IH-other bririches df manufacturing, necessary to 
•'•y distinguish weren? tints) it was. formerly impossible to work 
'F at’Bight,! Siring to the. inability to. detect varying shades by the 
«”'oMer meMs ofiuhmination. But with, the • use ofthe Edison 
r-’lsighlj'todifficulty is overcome, the goods, may be tiiriied'biit 
with'■■ eqhal ficjlity by night as by day,' and wiih ari ab&lute 
certainty that varjung tints can detected;- Mr. F. E. 

° f % P em <>erton Mills,. Lawrence, Mass:, 

• WTites: '■ We have now been using, the.Edison Light tin 6vr 
‘ weaving room fOrdve'r three moiiths. ♦.♦, .♦ •We are lighting two 
looms making fancy colored goods, and our wcavers arc cn- 
abledTb'Sistiriguish the different shades of color readily.” On 
Point Mr. C. J. H. Woodbury states in. his -paper- before 
quoted: "Where the use of shades of.color is involved, eleci- 
triOityTunii^es the only artificial lightlwhich can feasibiy be 

oti.-m- tMealthy- Operatives Cheapen Product., 

"'■“To BttndmrfActUrcr. who rurts his establishment at night, 
greaf disadvtmiage 'is the effect of gas or oil upon the at 
phere. Bpt the Edison Light, besides giving perfect illur 
tion, emits no impurities to vitiate the atmosphere, or hei 
raise its temperature. The night operatives, can, therefor 
this respect,’have equal advantage with the day operatives— 
performing their task . under practically the same cin 

• Unhealthy operatives are as incapable pf doing their part 
the work properly, as is an imperfect piece of machinery. •• 



great 1 disadvantage is the effect of gas.or oil u|>on the atmos¬ 
phere. B,t|t the Edison Light, besides giving perfect illumina¬ 
tion, emits no impurities to vitiate the atmosphere, or heat t& 
raise its temperature. The night operatives, can, therefore, in 
this respect," have equal advantage with the day operatives—each 
performing their task . under, practically the same eircum- 

Unhealtiiy operatives are as incapable of doing their prirt of 
the work properly, as is an imperfect piece of machinery. It ' 
is therefore as important to the manufacturer that his operatives ’ 
should be robust and healthy, as it is that his machinery should 
be hi a’ thorough state of repair, his desire being to get the best 
results out" of both. To achieve this, in the case of the night 
operative,-It 1 is essential that a system of illumination shall -be” 1 

• use'a'which'does not affect tire purity of the atmosphere or the • 
evenness of its temperature. Messrs. Oartt* Keen, ofPhila- 
delphia, : referring to ; the Edison Ljght in their worsted mills; 
writer . *‘Our operatives ail like it, especially.our night hnhds, • 
as the air is pure to'breathe, and unaccompanied by the drmvsy 
feeling resulting from gas lighting formerly used .in our mill." 
Messrs. Fiss,. Banes, Erben & Co., of Philadelphia, referring 
to the Edison Light in their woolen mills, say: “The absence 
Bf-heat and impure air)' caused by gits burners, is very notice¬ 
able in its effect Oti the'night operatives,,who. are better-able IW 
attend to their work'ih consequence." 


We. have shoWtrthat the use of the Edison Light will enable 
the manufacturer to’turn out better goods, and, consequently, 
to get better prices; that mills producing goods of varying . 
colors,scan now-run all night with, theaid of the light, whereas 
it has been heretofore impossible to make the investment pro-::- 
auctive„pwept*during- the hoireV^fiylight; and that night 
Apbratives render better service'where the Edison system is' 
adopted. . .These points might be urged, were it, necessary, to, • 
do so,- in favorof theecotioiriy : of the ligirt fo'tlie manufacturer,- 
as tfK^fce all of vital importance to him in the conduct of his. 

• business. .. But, entirely independent of these, the Edjson sys- - 
tem is by far the most economical form of artificial illumination 

at present in vogue. Tt should be borne in mind that no 
special assistance is required to operate an Edison plant; that 
after the instruction of > a week or so, the engineer of a mill 
can run the plant as satisfactorily as a skilled electrician, and 
that the attention the engineer will have to give to it will oc¬ 
cupy but a very small portion of his time daily, The dynamo 
is usually placed in the engine room, and obtains |iower from 
the same source as the min machinery, and is therefore charge- 
able only with its proportion of the whole power. Add to this 
the interest on the plarit, depreciation (which, is very small), 
oil, waste, renewal of brilshes and lamps, and .the total running 
expenses are obtained. The lamps are guaranteed an average 
life of 600 hours of actual burning, and the dynamo' is guaran¬ 
teed to give lamps, of sixteen candle power each, 

{breach horse power applied to a dynamo. ■ 

'. : ; 0f- 



» :V\ » v 

“ “Bhte without being touched. "“Mr. John Cochrane, Jr.,' ‘of 

. .Medford, Mass., referring to'the plant installed in his wore’tid 

nuU at Malden, Mass., writes: “The cost of power attending 
, * e 1, g htu >g seems to be practically nothing, as I am unable 
“ to detect any extra consumption of fuel. The general easy ’ 
•forking of the plant and quality of light is fully up to my 
‘teypectations, and beyond your representations. ” The man 
agenof the Davol Mills, Fall River, Mass., writes, under date 
•of November aotfi, r88 3 : “A careful test by indicator made 
September 6th, with 31a lamps, and running fully „p to t/,r 
. " tandla power at the lamps (,6 c. p.), gave the amount 6f 

“.Paused, 34. a H. P„ an average of 9 ., 2 lamps per H. P. 

„ 0ur 68 , and comrau tator are in excellent condition, and 
^ now look as if they might last for years. We are fuuy satis- 
"“•fled as to -cost, quantity and quality of light.” The Balti- 
more Twine & Net Co., Baltimore, Md, say, regarding the 
nmnrng of their plant: “We do not hesitate to say it costs 
J.about the same as though gas were furnished at 6o cents per 
i°°° feSt ln making dle above estimate, we have reckoned 
„ . . e entlre C ° St; the c08£ of Power, depredation of plant and 

Safety againstTFire. 

We have elscwher^ferred to the electrical>ecnutions 
Z t0 ( prevent ooy Possibility of fire in connection with the 
system of wrnng, and the purchaser of a plant has the further 
safeguard that all our work is done subject to,heap» 
B °“ dS ° f Fire Underwriters throughout the 
• -^7 States, and, who have given more careful and spedal 
attention to the subject, than has been given by similar Boards 
in other countries. No fire has ever occurred whid. could be 
attributed to the Edison system, and we, therefore, [feel confi¬ 
dent in pronoundng it perfect in this respect. It is impossible 
for a fire to be caused by the Edison lamp, as experience has 
proved that even when a lighted lamp,'covered with cotton or 
tissue paper saturated with kerosene, is suddenly broken, it is 
impossible to ignite the cotton or paper,; The moment the 
glass globe is broken, the carbon filament is destroyed, and 
this extraction is so instantaneous, that no fire can occur Th 
risk attendanfonjhc use of gas or oil, the constant apprehen- ' 
sion that a fire may occur, often makes it impossible for manu¬ 
facturers, where highly inflammable materials are used to work 

after dark, but if the Edisonjsysten, is adopted, work ’[can pro- 
ceed with equal safety by night as by day, asabsoluteimmunity 
from all such danger is secured.. In ihis connection we quote 
the Boston Chair Manufacturing Co., who write: On account 
of the possible danger from fire in other methods of lighting 
we have never used any artificial light at all, before using 
ybum In speaking of the Edison plant in the Sibley Mills, 
ugusta, Ga., the “ Chronicle & Constitutionalist," of that 

aty, says: “So safe is this system of illumination too, that a 

“ ‘ dr °P light ’ «« tie used about in the lint of the mdl/and 
.“ sawdust of die workshops, without danger. ” This confidence 
>n the absolute safety of the light is still further shown by 
Messrs. W. Knabe & Co., piano manufacturers, Baltimore, Md., 
whownte: “ We are using 150 lights since last November in 
“ our Case. Making Department, where we fonnerly permitted 
“ no 1,ght "tiatever. not wishing any risk from gas jets, or the 
.“ use of matches in lighting siraie.” ' ' ' ' i : 


'>»x- 6 ~ - c 



1885. Electric Light - Edison Electric Illuminating Companies - 
General (D-85-023) 

This folder contains correspondence, agreements, and other documents 
relating to the business of the local illuminating companies, primarily in Ohio, 
Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. Much of the correspondence is by William Lloyd 
Garrison, Jr., treasurer of the Brockton, Mass, company, and by Archibald B. 
Stuart, secretary of the Ohio Edison Electric Installation Company. Many of the 
documents concern the settlement of accounts between the Thomas A. Edison 
Construction Department and the various illuminating companies. 

Approximately 80 percent of the documents have been filmed. The following 
categories of documents have not been filmed: routine correspondence relating to 
accounts; duplicate copies of correspondence. 

MOB£/? rs 



(yCs^ jz/~ sprt^g&pf ^ 

ft/'' doZZCsbzi 


Jk/f'Ztyy ff^f*' CJL 

^/j-zy^r' Cj’/fyz^-yxz^t dC;(^^A^ C^cg^/z^s 

Thomas A. Edison, Esq., 

New York City. 

Dear sir»- 

There will ba a masting of the stock¬ 
holders of the Sunbury Eleotrio Light Company 
on Tuesday the 13 th inst.,at three o»clock P.M., 
at sunbury,for the purpose of electing officers. 
Will you please send your proxies to some one 
here or be present at the meeting ? I have 
notified Hr, Hastings,and you oan very likely 
arrange to be represented by the same person as 
the New York company. Please do not fail to 

have your stactk represented, as we are very 
anxious that sufficient stook be present to 
constitute a quorum. 

Very respectfully, 


_ r«!*r h _ 

JmL tcSel+news.^ 

T'V ^ / Watkins & White, Proprietors, 

j Mt. 

aSW cfcrt w ^ 

*S /J%L cl (PP^Oa/ 

prr^&C/ aPp^s-/ 

pc.'T-AiM & s&t*: ^-^jr ^'f'* 

^p/rS^/pf ^&-’</ PC 

^/yf?/ALCs P^CC, s7<PPP^ ^ P?PamP_^. 
<SpPpr aS^TS^/' Pm . 

SCsrrAt ^ ^ s^~ 

nS/ff,/ s&t**#** p/pP^P <&?&«/ PPP' 

*&*J*kS ^p^O 
_ s / " , 


h* k 

£Z<S£a*-c/~ — 

• /penn-^ **~ 6 dT 

3 ^__ 

7 t~ W2^_ 


$^-^C^Z^^Z<Z£&-i P?^zs0sC*i —^ 
„ . v cT~^r~&, 

- . As < 7 >*-£l, ^Zs ^° c ' l 


stA *— pTt^C A-u&^z ‘^-^-e. — 

V~^ '_ IS 

7t szs^r yf y^ ^szr^c <^r>^^. - 

~s>^2 Ss£<^ ^ Z?'' 





^ ^ —- -.- - - ^ 

^ y6 J 

y^zf ^,*y 7^ C2^£y'' / , ***✓ Gr^t^cy^-" * £*<ZZi*y> 

- C&CstsC^' A*. 


- -($ jyL^ 

,/dlz£» pA «^ewd^ ^ 

A ,,«!*■=» ^yy^s <%^=> ///yJ -pT^-' 6‘‘£y&~y 

/ 7Z£t**L*y<^t--rf P-J^C^p-yt.-e^' /%£c* ‘py-ptP^ aSG V~~ p-y>^ />>TW' 

Z(^Z?L- ^ ^ <S/yy(c(^C^- A 5 **-»" /&•' y 3 ^Z<.,<siy/-' £»^y 

7tp*y^ v^vizi' y£* 

yZZ^Ly^y- a*c*~G^*y^Lf y-' y^Ccy y 7t*^s Pips' 

^^t^’.-cyi-' ~^’ 7*L*tsK*jy a-ay/yPPL 

IV. L. Garrison , Agent, ' 

Edison Electric Light Co. 

132 Federal Street. 

dd. ._ 

cJ^C yO/Z^n^o rrr^e_^/~ Qgr^J dZ*_{— 

C^'/yL \ *■*-*— 3 ^ yft /i C-d^z-Ct... 

o^r-^Zr /Pcrv-eAZdZgg JgteeATZ^ o-^e^r- ' ^ s — 

0^.c™-~o eA.iCty~ tyt &■„ —^T7 itZiLtdLec.-y^ CPla-r^A. ^e^il-.-1-rx.. cJCVTa. 

/LtVC.c.lA.- <A cizZZa /C—tj yCi&-.^y ,2_ . _ v2£ C_/ 

^yi"Aty ■ — Cr-A’zy 4 ~ye —1 

£V-- i> — cAr-e —^-W _ ILLc^ aL^~e 

s-nj 7 t^—-X jo -V~}g—- ' ■^L~&~"-'>'' A. c„ 




A-d. s~dgj (Fe-yC yQe^ -Vgr 
aLa c>-^*~Agr- x^ v O X a—>— de-zz^ 

-ege~A A 

-y c~J 

-*j£yr . ‘-'^^i-.—o: 

/Z-&*. -y- _ Aid'll. p^L-t 

( 2 &> 2 #~ %&%-&%; ^ 22 — 

/2e^ &, "^2^*:-»-»»j, j2a y^t 

i ^ 2 i^ 07 '~T -p"*?— ^<Wr 02 r &-<_ s 2 ^-~j? 


2 ?*"/^ < ■** . 7 z >< 5 ^, 

“^ 2 . f 020 t, — .^-*-»* 

/-af—«=*‘y- • '- - -r - t 2 z :0 /^c? 

/T't^SfA- ‘7 r v^5t*3^2^ P"~ 4 

.SrZ-&fr- ,£ 0 ^ 0 -. ~r~ 

10^&£r 2a 0x>3&£ 

ST-t/** 'tfZfrrtf *i- <&&£ P'^^^yjf&Zpr , 4 f'*-~-<^__ 

A' ** ?&-**-**'*gj/f*" t ~*j+*- '/£&■«**’ 7a*'*,~ <A° /& Sss'S- Zf&s'c 

1 &i^£4L' / &*^.S<AZZ: 20^2. ^^4*« 4t*,s*c^Z 

^7‘*>J r /(2s(0***e *&**■■/'%-s7&~z:g<! 2-S'~ /&g£ ^#**^77^- . ^<-*^->'' 

'' ' ■^Aty 'p'<^/~~ <^<* % 2 /Z~ , 702 # 7 ^ 7^77 <0 7 S^C «^v£_ 

'^4^ 0vr#i^L T^ X 70 JZ^ 7^ 

^t77%7^ 0 22*.*7Ar <0crZ<rrt~ — 0r*t*> J2,t(' S£ ^ - 

■ Thomas a. Edison, 
No. 65 Fifth avenue. 


^c_^0 /%z-i~£c^xi^'a ^^ehy^s-^o 


—' C< zc^Cx^o Ay 

^-2- -iii-e^o. ^ ^-c-<^'C. -<y—c»—»c) ^~c^o~c> 

'~;n^&~CeZ<] — C^-CL 

/^s-rU ~/^-fr tc - /-S^Tb /ir ~ eJ^Ctu-v£>-*<> ^ifSb \ 

£o~- — <2Lytyr£y &-^ | 

<-& -a^d-^ /?nb--tH^—-f<'.eLJL.y 9eti) 

~Ct-uzc*> £% — "A^cu-^ -<=C> 

OU^JO ^Col^txi ef-A-^^u >s^-eS5“~ , 
„/ (7 _ ^ , w—. ^r— 

:»/- -Q cA\^e_^<-CJi-^O-CtA. -1 

tt-^~ {/ /? ^ n c ,. 

ytrfc f Wzfv 2-- 

7 jr*rHj3> 

/ Jhfc far* 


jo t- jv 

n i l-rst- 

flt.u&s*t\lMk ***^~*^ 

' 'I'WC't-t 

The Edison Company for Isolated Lighting, 

65 Fifth Avenue, 

New York,-F.ebpuar.y....lOth....-i88 5 . 

Thomas A. Edison, Esq. 


Dear Sir:- 

Por your information, and in order that there may be 
no misunderstanding in the matter, I beg to give below the result 
of the telegraphic negotiation with Mr. Garrison as Treasurer of 
the Brockton company yesterday. My first telegram read as follows: 
“W. L. Garrison, Treasurer, 

132 Federal street, Boston, Mass. 

Edison consents following arrangement without pre- 
judcing rights under contract and in consideration your 
company paying notes and withholding suit he will ex¬ 
change two large dynamos for new ones with guaranteed 
capacity sixteen hundred lamps and exchange two.small 
dyanmos for new ones with guaranteed capacity eight- 
hundred lanps regarding small engine X find it was not 
sold for eighty horse power but for what it is simply as 
reserve therefore if you accept engine as it stands- 
Edison will pay freight both ways on exchange above 
mentioned four dynamos this must be settlement all 
claims in full and is best can be done answer quick. 

P. S. Hastings, 


to which Mr. Garrison replied as follows 

“Dispatch received directors accept proposition provided 
Edison pays for labor in replacing dynamos and also cost 
of resetting small engine including new bets at suit¬ 
able distance from dynamos greatest economy to be used 

W. L. Garrison, 

Treas. ". 

to which on authority of yourself and Mr Insull I replied as folle 

“Edison accepts additional conditions-quoted in your 
dispatch of to-day”. 

Kindly confirm the above at your convenience. 

Mr. Garrison writes under date of the 9th. inst. that 
he will use the station men to do the work of replacing dynamos 
£c., so far as may be possible, without making any charge for their 
services, and that it is only for such extra labor that it may 
be necessary for him to enploy that is referred to in his telegram. 

Mr. Garrison adds-that the notes will be promptly paid 
although he has no notice of the one due on the 11th. ins-t., but 
states that he vill look out for it. 

Very truly yours, 

IV. L. Garrison, Agent, 
Edison Electric Light Company, 
131 Federal Street. 

J ^ a. *ZTe 

ite-A e -*-jA i $ p-ir-aJlzCZZZ, IF Cr./T'i^.j, ^ **■ 

a .A~er f^V<* 



t A‘ 

5 *w *^->-<_> 


X " 7 - • 

- -• (Sigciggedi*. )c/.Wtp /./. . 

£j~ Q'fctJ'&i^-' 

s&e-c^tC' -t*v ez, ^ +r>*t-t-<'&i- *■ a- a-££ ) 

'Cs6->- *-* 

^ ,uvi&£( c££c*A^>'^~£> £<_s ^£-»- *s /7u^ , 



TufCijtSLj — 


Cth*-t~^-l^- V 4 - -tstr-<JLJ L ’ £o--y /~-r-..\ 'o .’•* — 

elk (rca ^-) ^ cZtAlertC) (£«) 


/U-^&JLy Ao Qa^j-o-r^. 

&f '/UL_Jf-Q-AA-J^ Cf_Cc£j£T' 0~lsLAs G£K-*C«-td^<JC iQ.Coy’ ^6CctVv 
yU,<c(^Ctiju AuAJUl^ — fU*MXjd£y CaAo-cZs- £/ *.uJZL jfijr ctde cove/<j 
AXyucAcL d^cA^ CqccQ-C c'^eJOf(j 'QJ~a-£tu,t*_ (UA.Adyf' 

CU^yL^a Jy JU^/l^cA c/JLcP jfe r ^SUZc.^XJLdcAy ^,/iaaL/ Zc^C C^<AAydLfj^ 
/x>0-/*~A0. J^Hs dfJ\Ld ^I Ctm^MjL) lo fi -C^A ^t. cZe^-Ajzj v<Aj A 

/i D^Li^o d/ 0-fro-i cl/ZaZ ry Afyjb ^>^Lclt-t M d ■ */tt cto a uH\^ 

l^J tZK (A rU^-lAACy rt vt (AzA I cXfJc,/Ajb / Zo yy e tA--cy Ad ' 
'/IAclKj^ (Atjb 6-(rt£jL *'- .<L y u cdLyjX r ctzz cuvz/A xj yee Ac ct> dyf. o/\ 
AcU^ caaJL Ouy it< Cy id 'QcuitV XAue &c*y uc-£j '^e/tA^c- 
(AL(tx)J 1 rtryL,dLi) Afy jLo~<~XJL> ca> UA^f^- yj-c-tez c( ccy^ y^v~r~ ^-ctaa. A *0 <^y 
/xAuJAcsr -cox/Jb ActAfv (y-(i''<J-Q^t— QctybaoX/y^Xocc>-uyA^yy c/r . 

ideeytA<£)' (AXtjtAAA/A^jLe zo-eJUL G c/~<A<^A^cjZ Ad cveteX cc^c<^ 
CCU^(Lj^Li*uu<JZ~t£c a J\ WXs dtcAuy^ COtAls *\jULfo CCAL CUa^JU 
cljUctuj}J\^ CtXJO (Ba-41-A. OA *Q cuaajZ <Aq~(S-<-aaj 4/<aou/ (ZcsJLoaa-Jlz/ 
(QcLcxmuj 'QXfLQZrAli ^Ae.ovt,<Zc' 


fe- • 


Thomas A. Edison, 

No. 65 Fifth Avenue. 

New York . .is&T" 


+/ y^i ft. 

H** tf—jT 

"d./b x#j£emJZ/S^^sd& > 

' '< 7 Hr~Y 7 y ax-.* 


’l<xJZJLJ£yf A-*^ 'S 'JyuLjjt) 

e^iCC. < -^y-^j6 

No. 51 West Front Street, 

( 3§&ri6cn*Ki& / . /. 


/?- TOadA/piT- 


cA 2 r 3 ^<\ 

<r*y <&c+^oCcuy 'Mju/y-l. ^ 

uk<, / < k&L^-<zC&p 

t^Lo G^ vkk**)ks —V— ^ 

^ ~C^ 'Zt^eu y^ 

Q»^^ y . ^7£Z4^ 

frz&jtZ ^*--r?T^!X-^r'/b. 


The Edison Company for Isolated Lighting, 

5 Fifth Avenue, 

New York, 

..188 vf 

4 . 

Ji***j-l*^f //(x. 

jr cJ'/ye^tcA.^ 

'I &dh*- $<L — '^Su^y&eZl-'lZo v a., t A -jJL/e vpj 

<? o-ry, ,t*.' 


New York, February 10t,h. 1885. 

Thomas A. Edison, Esq. 


Dear Sir:- 

For your information and in order that there may be 
no misunderstanding in the matter, I bog to give below JtherresQlt 
of the telegraphic nogitiatioh with Hr. Garrison as Treasurer of 
the Brockiton company yesterday. My first telegram read as follows: 
"W. L. Garrison, Treasurer, 

132 Federal street, Boston, Mass. 

Edison consents following arrangement wilthant pre¬ 
judicing rights under contract and in consideration your 
company paying notes and withholding suit he will ex¬ 
change two large dynamos for new ones with guaranteed 
capacity sixteen hundred lamps and exchange two small 
dynamos for now ones with guaranteed capacity eight 
hundred lamps regarding small engine I find it was not 
dold for eighty horse powor but for what it is simply as 
reserve therefore if you accept ongino as it stands 
Edison will pay freight both ways on exchange above 
mentioned four dynamos this must be settlement all 
claims in full and is best can be done answer quick. 

F. S. Hastings, 


to which Mr. Garrison replied as follows: 

"Dispatch received directors accept proposition provided 
Edison pays for labor in replacing dynamosmand also cost 
of resetting small engino including now beltSsat suit¬ 
able distance from dynamos greatest economy to be used 

W. L. Garrison, 


toi.iwhich on authority of yourself and Mr. Insull I replied as follows 
"Edison aeoopts additional conditions quoted in your 
dispatch of to-day”. 

Kindly conficm the above at your convenience. 

Mr Harrison writes under date of the 9th. inst. that 
he will use the station men to do tho work of replacing dynamos 
«c., so far as may bo possible, without making any char ge f or their 
services, and that it is only for such, extra labor that it may 
be necessary for him to employ that is referred to in his telegram. 

Mr. Garrison adds that the n^tes will be promptly paid 
although he has no notice of the one due on the 11th. inst., but 
states that he will look out for it. 

IikMgtSl glMBE; gi> Eaxtltt CCtoMKiiNlSI^ 


W UA«CUHI nistis. 


'. * % v •' r -. • ■' •-, t . • • „.,. y. s ^ 

U^fcjJL i\J, OLs: 

£^t K jL^ . 

. !m^.' d£.-<Jj£Q (%/U^.#dLJ y <&y 

i»-KJL> ^2*4^ -^Ic cLu. .\ ''• " /' • 

^ ^ J~*i ^CUA/ -zbCZ/L 

'A* QAi-ob (hi<h^}-i t> t C AsKj' o—' ^-Jba^dr (ZaZT/C / CX^JlS ajbjfjL) 

Oi-^-o-x^cylr ^LAAjLX^' bfbZc.'^ Qa-oo Gouj!^i-6 

iMj 1 tAA. (S^A-Za^., CZ. ' 

' &b~oJLLj &t> • ex*, c§L< ul, .($*->/ y, 

Am V^> £*-— QJLaZ-’C-' £Za> ' > » 

/ 7 ) S' i<) 

' i /orf i- 

'zMfasf ~£* 

. ' P$&cL^*s’'^^^r . .... 


&^z£r ^ «-*• £y 

tt t g ^> 0 ^..Vte) 

'^tv - - /(Q<ZU*-<-0& 

°~r <T^^t0^u^ /*Zcr ^7 

*2 g^ZccM o^^=fc€» 



3W < Z&khWk> EUtow ^y... 


a., ilLAL&l/AS^&r 

i $£>a&Li^k L 7 

| j^C-rF c^r /FrAcAAdc^ jf J/S~<b~0 i. 

6L/-4a> Qprj-irrAesrjb-r A .f-e-^^Fty/^AAe^-f t^S A 

JJ.£Cf Mccctl, Ado /Cfte.nT/4. 

\ ^ f t<-*-£c -3-CL 3~ ^ pts/fj C-A Ms~a-- V sp-fccJ J-t^t-n./ 2-(5, £ i- 

Qs/rirP'/p r^ r a £ 4^AA/tav t <?/'/, ft t/ / 2'V.’/j 

Adt? ft f. cef/ A/AA-tc* <- * ^f' r / 2 2”T 

fAzt t t>At t y jfc'tdji'F & e^uf sir Scr ips mas/ 

^<tA ?7';l>r-~fi& )■ I* * £y 

Mir -'/Xsl'd'^L > Mf ff/t,c<y AV ZZ-^ _ ^ 

(TlfJ 1 A/ln.C'/rc ^..V tf^trAd^Lc* •jf/OlD-0,0O 

AAc Jtr^P^do ^A^n^Cc-<re.-AL./ 

^r/ 7-t..^..^zA-e Ar^re 

Ar^ f 'Z6*-t_s 

$he Harrisburg Bight-6©mpany. 

' ' '• ■■ 

$-6A t ^juwis jb OiW~ bkb/ QGTy/Z AAyA 
idr d£ fytbris <Mc z£t> 

Mc^/^ ** 


j^CwL^ > @b?~ M.O Ca/^^. 

&)■$- bfbau'6 c/jf jffca//" byb&P <&f#S^i/ 
trf Cb spbo^ Zy~<rZZyi~ c bbz^/ ^p-- 


At/> fyi 

~^ts ^<T&/ /( ^-7rr (??^f7'l J$bk^' 

/? ~/b^r'zw/'~' CZ&. 

W'Pwl / 

isr r l/U'-' msrrur t J / / y. , T i 

Cy/~~bbo ^b-in/l^ o^<^iu*Zc'f7' 
nJ /~ _ ., , / ✓• . s-z* 

’TT/^y <o<-tsty £sfrjyy?'i^y /"S'? 

Qq~ <* l QAJG aZZ cZcbo/y/ZZy tyrt'O QV*uy?Z A 

fyu~fiy 1~ Civuy 04/CU M J<) b tWb/Z 
QiAZL uA>. 4/zi/ 

Gyns? Q/f , 

0*6 4s W , 




r *>- ra- HETSX, Proprietor- ■ 


.</c*n?<.i. e.2 


^ <^'- ^ > <r. r_ 



. £1-^.. . ---^L.- 

.(^Stc-.. ___ 




T. H. HEIST, Proprietor. 


‘Z't,e.£Z*^£*^*6Z^Ze-J <?-t~ 

*yS £^~^/Cr ZZlL-, / ~ 

_2 ^ &/?.. ■ZT**-yr . 

. _ ^ / 

JET.*' <^<r-*-< ^ 

^ ‘ ^'f r-c^~. <srz*, <?*«:.*-. /fa £ 

gpy' Jr~t7 ^rj~-- S^ t 

&*-<£*.S. ^c^rx^i £*~ _,‘^ow21-'. . -- .£-<=*f^r.^- ~ 

£^9-r7^£, _*Z ^c.cJQt^*'- . 

/? z-t.^ C£?<r~*c.£5t.i*-<£'‘. - 

C%''e-«r**..<^GA-*-^ -=. <r.e*c~ r <2*??cl^e)- -^*^t-^£-*e*e t t!£-- 

.^ - 

^ T. H. HEIST, Proprietor. J 


T. H. BmT — >< 

*• »• HEIST, Fropriotor. 

^ --^au. 


V* EE. HEIST, Froprietor. 3 

—- "•-.- >a^t. 




-*-'“■ <^ct . 

. •vS-.s' <a- 

^ 4 *r ^ > 

New York,. 

■188 S" 

(at ty 



J>V 4 U*^Ct. ^. 

S '-—' 

>/ a^L. 

-"'?& — -7UJ? c?h-**<^*UL _ y5 i 

^ (f^TT”” '~~ e * e '£) • ~~ 


<£. J. AoZju.^. 
44 w 

C- i$es/tM-cS£L>t^- 

(& - eJ. M-^-t^^cJc 

£ J/. M. 

^uute^u^ oC. *Z 

EDl SON elect RIC lliOMlNATlNO COM.. 


. They hays been asked fcr v r'Va statanent of 
their affaire'..b.ut make no reply and Authorities are unable to 
' ontain' any. further information in regard to them-. Report of March 
34 1885 considered finals '• ! 




<yy/o, Ttjrr 

. $ r 2-+-* — A-i. - 

^ v y m " . &*-*-*- ^ S *-»«- ^- 

fan-a . /fa*Auj,T~ £4sur»*-c>**a, 

■ft. , Q, / ,/ rid. f/4#I 


f/ij-f Jt(UUcA\^ /Ut £( r (ff£(. t<s/,fa^_ 

tfcL U llttfCCUZ^ fori — 

s(.l(t( u- 0 / '• $'Pi&Cfc(At(-tC^ H\^{f'ii <r,<^ 
■jnw-X'K-- /J'P'Lriir ’fjj^ J & 

/nk~ .foi <■<■ C t/f c^t. -daZtu* <1tUt/U-4f-~U~~ 

n*\. w:L -T ^Xr/?«M 

O'l-^ d^nrft !-. y £(u/t-<.& X^Y' Go fc, 
ELECTRICAL ReWeW.,c^^- fj^j, 

?tHIIimn.«fontf, ^tlu. 

Thomas A. Edison, Esq., 

65 Fifth Ave, New York, 

Dear Sir:- • . . . . 

Your letter of April 9th, to C. B. 

Story in answer to a proposition of his looking 
to a sale of Sunbury EJectric Light Stock, has 
been handed to me by Mn Storey. You state 
in this letter that there is about *2400. of ' 

stock still due you from the Sunbury Company. 

You will remember that you agreed with me in i 

New York last October to deduct from this amount 
the sum of $750. for defects in the construction 
of the Plant. As to the promoters Stock that ! 
is duo to you, the amount I agreed you should 
have, in addition to what has already been'deliv- j 
erod to you was $400. This amount is ten 
percent of the last increase of the Capital Stock I 
of the Company and it still-remains in the hands 1 
of the New York company. I have written them ' 
to-day either to forward this stock to us or to 
deliver it to you for us. 

I would like, if possible, to get something 
out of this business before the bottom falls 
out of it entirely, and as far as I am concerned 
will gladly sell at fifty cents and consider 
myself very fortunate if I get that. I have 
for some time past considered the amount I had 
invested in tho business as lost, and anything 
that 1 can now get out of it will W as good as 
found. We hold tho proposition of settlement 

made by you and-which was accepted by us, and in 
this you agreed to take $1030. in of your 

claim against our Company; 

Very respectfully yours, 

Apru 13, h, 18®. 



Commonwealth Trust Co. Bnilto, 


$he Bdi§0n BLE&Iie Bight 00mpany, 

TV Edi$op Isolated Lighting. 

q tofiKlpKfc,. L.S~^MC j l §§ 5 "’ 

^ S&tsstT’ Si 

4 . %J3iMM, CiJsC 
odh^rv^U (XjeLdMJiSU) 

uH W- 

! 4j^umS'oU bkl %U^$ka^w; 

Qj-uA VUjJLs ** 

*t> ^(ri—i kjzu^^ 


olX^Cj —w 





(XeL£~Qj^t>XXi^ , 

faiM. cUl,^X^L siuArr (h^ (d\C^<..^yt~ 

V^feT XtetMJLA -o . . 


'fynmi 0J.£R5<C»nmrlt. 

Thomas A. Edison, Esq., 

05 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Dear Sir:- 

We are making an effort to re-organize 
the Sunbury Electric Light Company, and to carry 
out our plans, it will be necessary to buy ad¬ 
ditional stock if it can be purchased at a low 
figure. Will you please send me at once a 

thirty day option for all the stock you hold at 
the very lov/est figure you will take? Please 
state in the option the number of shares you 
hold.. I have not very much hope of carry¬ 

ing put this plan, but it may succeed if the stock 
can be bought at a low enough figure. Please 
attend to it at once. 

Very respectfully, 

i eft) 

April 18th, 18Q5. 

•r-oVu. S~£X < 

<A SZcZcfaQ 




ax^o mz ^ &-/& _ 

tffixZU^- Z&<f (c2f7o<- Ax&xL 

W. L. Garrison , 

Broker and Dealer in Commercial Paper, 
132 Federal Street . 



4 ~— 



' “ 'fs-jps- 


She Harrisburg Bl^Fri6 Bight 60mpany. 

«atibm g, April,28tiu, 1885. 

Thomas R.Edison,Esqi, 

65 Fifth Ave., New York. 

Dear Sir:-- 

It is our present intention,should nothing unforeseen occur,to 
turn on the light regularly from our Central Station on the evening of Friday 
next,May,1st., at which time we shall be pleased to have the benefit of your 
counsel and the pleasure of your company. 

Hoping to see you in Harrisburg on the above named date,and with kind re¬ 
gards,! remain 

v ery «ru ly /Mffd- 

t/. <^^Treas., Sec'y.and Gen’1.Manager. 

Thomas a. Edison. 

New York, a^L-JL^L 188 6~ 

IJ™. on 

V & CUso,^<^cs /3 


£ c\/kJ 

G > '6lCs.'1*j fzcsi^cG ^/c) 

< 5 ^ %3'L *0 <ru*CrCjL,cLcLy/' 

/^lLU. 1. ca 'C^C 


L/<$ Zlr-jy £(0 /$ /SlcL (Pa^ix,<^-<y‘ W 

0°Pjt CA-.<}-t/ -<P( Clsl^CS sP/llaU rtsC/ot^ y 

AAS04 e^-Put.o{j ,C.^-ISK OC <a-0 ti'lA-CtsV //o CAA^CCo 

/C\Ai -^t OZAtA-XsCxj <LC/>a oly '/Ppsisij y/trCff3^, 

^3 tn.,<3,<_.(/Ct c<-~i^i c( V'niAs o<s-£umJ 

AS^\ ''LO (O^/^X^oL^'Ltoi.J • / 

VXAX/f jbtUiJxj 
tf^bcv. Gy. 

(PoerfrA^cJ o^C/UU d/.3.V<{ 

X/3lJUb CLA /// !&ala> /<2 £ ^— 

(mcUA boivilMj Q^cJ, 

hamoJjin, a.,C 
<2. <§c/ss'c90 foaai- 

t^se^tr -6"*? 

ows/~ £4 rf<U*4c£ HHcZ 

™ €^o<^ </c>y 

, /- . - ' s , <r 

&T. ci. a*frfly ^ ^£ t , 

%f &**'<'<'*'* <&&re«6 Go 

*<oK C*l4 

Cm/cV <§ ■o-C&fc^tis 
S/ ^ -M • ^ ' 

cJLt. // r, <3 £&i ct e?, tschc6 <2, 

SI<3/11 'er/ fi^K 

^ <m/'~s. v/g'nA, 

A.'F.Dow President? , . 

Wm. H. Divellr-J,r. Trees.: 

.^?|li. RIVER, MASS. 

> Bristol Co. 

Directors the Same end J.CiBoirdenVani^rW.ji.Whitney. Copy of 
.certificate of conditioneriledjMay iS, |j 188$ an»urfV of fixed capital 
■stock S90,000 eanount paid]irj/'tSO,'!!?^ « y ' : ' j ' ' * ‘ 

Real Estat.ev.v. »v 
Machinery.,.,.... . . 
Cash and debts re< 
Material Mfg. Sc, 
Patent Rights...'. 
Miscellaneous. . 

...$ 7, 50C-.O0 
." 30^960 vl6 
* ‘ S, 2|OC09i- 

... a,336*i«. 

VV. .27, 500 i00 


bajpiial4dtock. .*80,175'.00 
/..... •. $7782>29 

Bala face P, S L. 4,533.14 

P5*as»- return report if no 
longer interested in^t w 

?.Q.Z ^ /ft f*L, 

Lf-hu * /gjs- 

TfrJuaAj Olaaa£- %&LL i'W. Crw b-trcrl'h. 



CUo Ivt > 2 ^. 'yvu^ek^ iwiA^ 

____ _ CL^i_ t t|(Twv' ^GL/JLij, Gt/tuA-tZry^. 

'YYudb bb^/. c w4«^<^vsa3fej oJjjjfi 


M/yc5 \j\AaL\j 

1 &. M, 


ao - __ 

„ {& (dfo £%£ S^6 *k? {M*u_ fete. 

'rf&ucy C fcccKs (Pu^ 

(fobs. <?s^ (TUcZcl c7%c^ (/%£. (frz^tc. 

(-£/ ('Tu^ && c&C — 

c% rfs? f&wC 

$€csaJ: *p ^CX^f . <s%£ (?Os<— tf/CstJL _ £^f~ 

s'f §=> (s&~cs%e^5/ iv^i?- ^ c ~^^ '/'d. 0%? 

Hr ^ , , 

"/to &Z- (f?ZD /<£. /$L&C- c-$z0L_ 

/// ffi « /£-(#&£ // ^ ,✓■ 

//(b # # / 6 $LsC —. ,/ s/ , 

„ „ /0 tf6u/£ ^ 

3 0// // / o (p$us& // , // // ~ 

<&£>.* " / k , //■ * ,/ * '' m - G *A 

£Mt /«z?C (f^s <€<? ss S7> 7&s(7&^6Le^ 

f|c Edison Efctfrit JUamtaafias forapm? 


^ ■ si /d s<r<?<r 

$uo y^dt' (%a- £ Jr/ - 

Cfoc ^^cejL-^fr 1 ^ 

- tffc ^ul 

C$u &C s>£yf0ct (fie^(r(M'0^(%><^ 

Aq^-Jkst-. rfj <^2 ZZ p?<¥- 






66-a^t ryt-c P~ /07&, a^.^~^a ' +**£&.- «**— 

-^^ef 6LJZ/~ ]/&*A 

0&r ~%Zt J,t^yA-+^A SM^S O-^ A- 


'fcu^c. &zm- ^-^C~7 ^La^- ^Sx- PuAlc*^&~ 
iJ-^(ZZLo.^A 2tX&£ St^y' tn^vV/ '£cv£ a^^/?-&e.z**y4' 
Jsts-e. Ft*Jr f?i'trX tz~<- s7^ ~~& 

//^f(-r(A-(/r SI'S* %£A&&y.-e~*. t’ <'<^ Ay^r J < 
dyt^-y S'M-'&f Jyiy ^ 

I /h/A T&'Z** ,'J, ^ ^^ 

j ^i^-Aji, <2V A*-*A6 

&, frtuy zsr^erO^t-rzj&Ze--^ .! 




{aAuUsviq _ Qv^ls^iL* _-^i^UicZ^W_ 

_ Aj. cd*UL<U.s£o __... 

_. ^UhAfajUjX^JiJid— G^ Ot/^&icJL^Co 


— ^Lt. — QsClMjlcL — 


.jz^tZcfenv.. *^cw^ 0^£4i/_ .s&t44<yyPM&- J$<%<!/e~ j2v^J&cAm..gM/.. 

' ~*~~ ~ ~^~ ‘ "' " J— '~ >JL 

r £$&uj&xL*L*sH <^Q^.C^}^Jt^b<-. 

^ dsMAsi .Tu 


-„JlUs>AMAM,q* (S/~Ct<i4s<dt<K 


-: jtLjLJ^pcuAlfc^^ __J 

- jk-J2&vdovicl- ^~ot^-^2dt^A. &£-jttyl __-^£ec*t^^j_ .j 

—C&A&.Mi' ^a^eeMuLty -C^fi'eC^—t^—^tci^J^^ ^<dJL-£ _ 

^-/I^L. CUUXO&A„.-C^b—e^U. — ^UJrv *^kzfc_ 


fX/_Jh^k_ tfdKA. — Stupid, _ C^dpXAAs_ 

fk-tMO^_ C^M^_^fe_v2s?L 

(0ie*rl+UM> _ Cts£ttH^. &<t. _ 

-C^£covl<ia — CiztUu. (2/lSAtsC^eAiJU— 

sL*. _ 

/ , t a 6 . ij/ 

_ CL Qd/ztis &pt#4*Li *2<4Su Qsy j j£a&{ 

U J~ JJ _ y ’ . f 4 . „ . s' .■ i /> ~ 

&ilCCC&'&arsr r.rj 




£3 /0/c‘tr‘Z$iee/7 ' - Jv<H 

cfficn. d . QrdUss*^~- Z’t— 

/Q-t-c*-^> — ^trvyv-s £^!_ C &--0 3 ~ n+st3~~ , lAh &—^ 

ixex~t^*~<J — ^ cj Cts-CZCfa*. <lo^CzL *)vo, 

TtZT&JU^o £tLc&^cj Aejiu^^-cU^cf C,, 

w /, 6-i 

•^V- '•^VlO^J < 9 -iL X^JUi- ‘f-^. Q3v~cJkj^ C^JL-y 
GujlcO Oi^A^iTXA^J^. ‘*-Cj/S^oAs'~fc “^<_ 

—fe - ^ *^aj cfco Gcwvvc^-?£^=» &-|— C x 

(5ru^£^X^wj <2-^. <w>4 0JrU<j Aa^z3~l-*cAJ ^~~ 

QauiAj ‘^'v— ty' 

(2lx) 7 (to r-eJkJ At|?Ayv( e/0 iTis<J 


i*JL^ ~-fe- @-^ 

~icfcU~ ^ '£*/■«- o*-*> QWc^-tf-O o«-J iA- Qaj^cXJ 

f\jAc^ i^i h tiLo ^-tr Tlzz, 

sCt\s Co t CK-^o -^xr^cj_£^J Q^as^^ <±1U*xj> (jjxjL^ 

u* Low ^Uaa>| CxJ^ Oj~^xJ-C<K^y - v 

' o(\jcd. —• [^uwo/ cL^fcoio ^Slx. ci!^cy £*U (VK^tO| 

(Hw\jt ^c CX^UL^xaXj ct^O ~tfc^ GUlcc«*A^j tiuet-J COxyX^utAy^c^ 

^ici/vl Q$U»- C CM^ 3 U-o <*-Ct_ O-'pn^J OhZV\^-<n^) XisJj^fbvoLt^j ($ gr -i - t _-_ < 

‘ •'* igfej.? ^ 

••• - XuJs^^l^^eAJ 

Office of Qarfleld Coal Co.. Lim. 

wm. %. frowrx ,« 
H RED ”is5"c0SL t k- 

Garfield Colliery. 

Office of Garfield Coal Co.. Mm. 

WM. n. mUTY, uanac 


Garfield Colliery. 

/-«««-. yCy*»-czX-^, 

6^<U^ ZC <^Sr^<o - 

4?<??*y-e^ f ^L>-'-k /&-£*-*? ^z^<- 

/ q/ 

J£ >> 

/^w - 

St^yTc &>^l (^'-y ^z:' 

c^ 3^£- Qw* , 7 *^ 7 - ?5t Gzz^ 

Jzl* s>pr 





c£ G^CXS' <£<-' 

y **y * «<. 

*41^0 a <2^fX^ ^ ! ''^'' y~*-*r-zr^~ 

*fc_ 7*S^- ^*~ ^ ''**“ S ^ 

^ <J *«-. a ! — <)£j JZLU 

^ 2^r ^£ 

ElBctriG "Light Camp any, 



H, MURHtjEj 

153 Griswold StrB 




Jsi? /v 

flcnsr^-^j c.< 

& /fix. 





<. cX&€fts^ cJ-^^ 







Xh^usAjC- *>2r* 

Pu^i EEO FO ?-£■&- 

/@L^sE4JZ^£ZP}~xf /Xs s77*^&£ou^r 



ysj /p' < Qyt'ma' (Qfm'fi, 

*^cpc <*zr 

/^Z^ZZ^ ^ ^ a£_. 



^ .>-r *x£pZZlc_ F^,^/ ■;Vv.^-.:^'.'FV>.- 

p ,■ f *£zs- ^zzssy 

ft* Edison 0ctWt JHaminnfiiis foinpnii 


cykfitvjftcirtst, ok ‘ . 



^ ^ ^ ^ 

/>? t?iS&4/Zi?£s '*z>£— 



Williamsport, Pa. Sep.7th, 1885. 

Samuel Insull Attorney for Thos. A. Edison, 

65 Fifth Avenue, New York city. 

Dear Sir:- 

Your letter and statement of Sep. 4th as to the account 
of the Sunbury, Shamokin, Mount Carmel, and Bellfonte ctmpanies are 
duly received. It is possible I will have to ask for items of the 

Sunbury account. I will meet the Sunbury Board to-morrow, and 
you will hear from me after that conference. 

Very truly, 

P^-dr^J '^^-TT^Crir-a'Ca 
fifths £2*Xi>4iS . 

z-&£j £b t&t. £$ ?*&z-eS ' 

^<J$L.C-f-0~7> t 5=y /■''^Jpcrf P^zr-*^/ cy?s~~t~^£ £^t*C ^6*>**iJ 

?' r * r ' exst^-trC. &—<Z-r^e^£sfl— A-j-t. 

y@-c~£‘-^<!><^-^LS^ \f~z/A-es?-z **- 1 , £%~iPi^-tZ 

z^i 2 —— 

— 7^ts&-~>*-y d^— p^/3tt.eyy (^y ^-z «^/J <^?^Z- 

^^>~*«' 5 »-«‘’'CJ £fat. ^y~~ ^^'* / " z *" z/ ^ 

(^-^Oz^t^^. ^-£^/-zr-&, &£sg-£&Sc*J4.-j pJes$-<&^&C fiTz), 

y^^zc^-t-e^)^/C>J~S', -tost. ■cfP-er-csfc, -- 

(gT^'Z'i/ p^-z^^C, /d<; &3i^, ^tjtx^dv-f^e^-ts/ ' 

faCt-y ' &to—rj 

^ Cz/rv, &£a-&4i'6ec/j cu£^ a-i'T.^-^ /Zzk t- 

-> ^k^/c / 

£t^'~zrw / ^~ / tf~. t ^ 

Ct^r-gr*?/^— e>Z<-e*C. 

/Pu~i%s.ZS -S’ ]f~~ 


(l*t~£i&vZ^ /fola-t^CiS *-j£- ZsZkz. 

Lt>.^ feL^/ 




Q&£^~m— fS~^— 

Chas. Batchelor. 


Thomas A. Edison. 

Edison Machine Works, 

••XVD3UN n D ew YORK." Nos. 92 to 108 GOERCK STREjET. 

Heitf York._ Qs&.5+JLW5 <--— 

Samuel Insull.Esq., 

05 Fifth Ave., City. 

Dear sir:—Enclosed please find statement of Sunbury 
account for *353,49, I send you this so that you will ,, 
know what the , amount is when you make your settlement w.i . 1 
with the Sunbury Company.' Please give us all the cash 
you can and seAtle the matter as quick as possible. ! 

Truly Yours, 

OenSl Manager 

One enclosure. 

n Machine Works, 

.. r . ^2. < re^L^u 

•^Z’- ^ *y6 

‘ 5 ^/5^<' z ^. <(2!t«<<>-«X 

The Edison Ingandesgent Light, 

Room 2, Bradford Block. 


December 9t.h lSS 

Thos.A.Edison Esq . 

65 Pifth Avenue. 

New York City. 

Dear Rir:- 

I do not suppose there is much use writing you this 
letter os t have frequently done so before but not under the sure 
circumstances, and I trust you will treat it as strictly confiden¬ 

As you are aware we have made quite a large extention in 
the Middletown plant. We are lighting the streets of the whole 
city and people are very enthuasiastic in their praise of the irt 
light. This you will remember is where we closed up the Brush 

Co. and T think with a litTle extraordinary effort, with good suc¬ 
cess we can also close sip ths «as Co., but what S want to say to 
you is that T am very uneasy about the plant. Everything now is 

in splendid condition and it is running in fine shape, but T was 
up there last evening, little accident happened that showed 

Mr. Hoffman arid myself who were present that its success seems to 
hang upon a slender thread. The eledrical work was planed 

and put up by Mr. Leonard in whom I had great confidence and i t 

a-awon afectrio bigfit @ 0r 

Delaware, Maryland, ^fcztern fiennsyloar.ia, ‘Tiriinia, ‘jS/’eet 'Tirfmia 
and JCcw %/orh { . 


_ ^Ux.,(/~cv. . . io '* _ sd df- 

_ /[/Cv ^7l*rV ; C l- ________________- 

.. ~ ..... ‘ 

a_ Cj/ /6r 

7\ IC-4*- . y^ct(rvvvC. ^w«—.. 0>_. 

X>Cwv,^CvVi ^ /C/A.<0 L-v-vrX/lA. fX ^~ p 1/^~^~ 

/Cnjfpj^. /Co _ pp<jr^~- ^njrV^l'C. cx/f~ /(Cb-<^ 

_/2XC_. /J4" /AO .C-v- Ppr^/L- . 

(h^o/lnA- £o . c*/l~ /&■ . l$C't- /C*JiX<C. 

ci£ww? /£4>X A^A-U/k. J? (/U 

Cj2~ (/L-*^ 

C_ *ir-u 

-C/&_ , 

ment, applies and relates only and exclusively to the manufacturing, selling, 
supplying and using of motors by the said Motor Co., as provided for in the 
said agreement, Exhibit A, and not otherwise. 


As regards the aforesaid present and future licensed territory of the said 
Licensee, and all motors sold, furnished, or used therein, the Light Co. hereby 

license agreement, Exhibit A, or to this agreement, as regards the said licensed 
territory of the said Licensee. 


V Sin 's, ’ 

(&*ctsi^v-CZ (l£V. 

J / /' 2 *> 7 , 

^ OLsC/, f&L'tS-Vn^ 


^ I «^£<£->-v3^*^». a^£c*t~^s - 


i < 7 

1885. Electric Light - Edison Electric Illuminating Companies - 
Accounts (D-85-024) [not filmed] 

This folder contains bills and receipts for the Thomas A. Edison Construction 
Department and various local illuminating companies. 

1885. Electric Light - Edison Electric Illuminating Company of New York (D-85-025) 

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the 
business of the Edison Electric Illuminating Company of New York, which operated 
the Pearl Street central station. Included is a cost estimate for a second central 
station in New York City. 

Approximately 50 percent of the documents have been filmed. The following 
categories of documents have not been filmed: routine company correspondence, 
such as letters enclosing checks or calling for the payment of stock installments; 
routine notices for meetings of the board of directors; bills; duplicate copies of 
selected documents. 


—' / 


Increase Capital stock to.. 31.Fi00.000f 

Issue .now. stock.... 500,000; 

do (> por cent, Ronds.. 300,000. 


which oTfor;. for $500,000. Cash 1 . ' ^ ■ • 

For each 8500, cash subscribern would receive 

.5 shams stock tit 850.;....... $250;00 

•'I In m * ■> Bond:-; at 83^.... 250.00 


For each 8100 . cash subscribers would rooeivo 

1 all ere stool; at $50. $50 {00 

'% of a G per cont bond at 83 ^5 50.00 

$ 100 . 

Th;' intoror:t on bunds alono for oach $100. invested would bo 
S3.00 or over Si^^por cont por annum. 

in addition would bo the dividends from stock ostimatod tit 8 por 
coin as follows: 

Receipts frci't 1st; District... S 40,000; 
do do 2nd. do ... 100,000. 


Deduct interest on Bonds.. 18,000.’ 

Not earnings,.................... $122,000. 

This •.w.uld'foe 8 por cant on Capital stock o f $1,500,000. o r now 
subscribers would receive on stock and Bonds lli<g per cont. 

The T,irsbt Go. to waive all right to new. stool: ’and. Bonds’'■b***- 

t*>—vn tra i n—ad 1 it nnr msB«, ... Th'n la . gh t- On . v/mi l ri _ than ■ <**n .. oy a r- 

] . p . n.'oV e n nTe r thn OmjiVU stftak- a f the 11 , 1* q . On, 

Guarantor)"tliat tho'Capital stock shall not bo’ further increased;"” 

.If Bonds aro sold at par arid stock retained, tho 1 at tor would 

stand at $40 per sharo to tho subscribers, and if S per cent' is 
paid'on' stock (tho par value of which is $100 and costs'$’40)' it equivalent to 20 par cent por annum on the .investment* 

If Stock and bonds aro both’sold at par there would lie-a 
profit by selling of 00 per cent. 



Increaso Capital 'stool; to,,,,,,,,,. 

Issue Nov/ stock.. 

" 0 per cant Ronds,,,,.,.., 


•vibich'-o ffor.-ior.' SSfiOjOQOi*-* ‘ 


For each 3500, cash subscribers .would .racoiyp 
5 .pharos ..stock at.Jj50....' ;$J?50',C>6 

;/3 Ronds at S3 y . V-^'d'l'OOO 

•por ontsli S100, cash subscribers--, would- receive 
’ i.shnro S-tock at 850,it',. S50,oi 
yc, of a 0 por-cont Rond at 83^. . 50.o', 

Tho infersat on Ronds alone for.onch 8100. 
-imtogiod 33.60 or over-~3l/ por 
cont por annum. ' / 

In addition would bo the dividends from 
stock ostimatod at Super cont as follows: 

Rocoiptsi'from 1st. District... 3 40,000. 
” ” 2nd. ” ... 100,000.' 

This would bo 8 per cont on Capital stock 31,500,000. 

or now subscribers .’would'roceiye on stock and Bonds il^por cont. 


If Bonds are sold at par and 1 stock retained, tho latter would 
stand nt'JS&O' por share to the subscribers, and if 8 par cent is 
paid on stock (the pnr value of which is S100. and costs 340. ) 
or would be equivalen t to 20 per cent per annum ’on investment.''' 

II*. Stock and Ronds are both, sold at par there would be a 
profit by soiling of 60 por cent . 

The Right Co. to waive all;, right to no\ 
Guarantee that the Capital stock shall not 1 

t bo further incroasodi 


$c/tkcM fflec&ie 
(_■ if^’iY ~n i in 

74 ** ©fc.£Lt—M«n. _✓<«• 

Samuel Insult Esq. 

Dear Sir; 

In obedience to a resolution of tbe Trus¬ 
tees of the Edison Electric Illuminating Co. of Hew York re¬ 
garding unpaid subscript ions . I have this day sold your sub¬ 
scription to Four shares of stock at FSO a share, the amount 
due thereon <• 

Yours c be. 

. The Edison Electric Iliuminrting Co- of New York. 


of Hie Baird of Directors of the Edison Electric Muminaling 

Company of New York, will he held at the office of . 

._. ...on . . .. 

the . &J)'- . day of .... 188<6 atIs3.^.P.P 




0Uyff(__^y^eAjCi^y e>cy/fe^a. - 9^i.‘v^y-<Zeri*iyJLS 

y ' /ZT' & 

The Edison Electric Illuminating Company 


16 Broad St., 'l 

New York, July 17th, 1885 .) 

Dear Sir: 

I take pleasure in announcing that a quarterly dividend of one per cent., being the first dividend on the 
capital stock of this company, is payable on August 1st, 1885, to shareholders of record at the closing of the 
transfer books July sad, 1885. 

If you will kindly fill up and send me the enclosed order, the amount of this and of all future dividends on 
stock in your name will be sent by mail to your address. 

I transcribe an extract from the minutes of the meeting at which the dividend was declared, which exhibits 
(he present financial condition of the company. 

increasing the capacity of 
cable to dividends. 

stock of this company be, i 
the dosing of the transfer' 
1885, at 2 o’clock P. M., 1 


n exhibited a detailed report of the earnings and expenses of the comp 
5 30th, 1885, after paying all expenses, of every description, were §25, 
thcr stated that the company is now absolutely free from floating d 
the Pearl street station having been entirely paid for from earnings, 1 
accounts for current supplies, &a, there remained from earnings a sun 

56 . 90 . 

>t of any kind, the debt incurred in 
d that after such payment, and after 
of $*0,539.40 cosh on hand, appli- 

otiort, duly seconded, it was resolved that a quarterly dividend of one per cent, on the outstanding capital 
nd the same is hereby declared, payable on and after August 1st, 1885, to the stockholders of record at 
ooks on July 22(1, 1885; and that for the purpose of such dividend the’transfer books be closed on July 22d, 
nd reopened on August 3d, 1885, at 10 o’clock A. M.” 

For your further information, I may state that the long pending questions between this company and the 
Edison Electric Light Company (arising from the excessive cost of the Pearl street station, as originally installed), 
have at last been settled in a manner satisfactory to your Board, by the deposit by the Light Company, in trust, of 
171a shares from the stock of your company heretofore held by it—the stock so deposited to be used in promot¬ 
ing the installation of an uptown station, and, meanwhile, to forego all claims to dividends; consequently, divi¬ 
dends are payable only on 8288 shares of stock upon'which the earnings of the last six months are at the rate 
of over OJo per annum. 

Very respectfully, 



' sf&Ay&mt 

ffA^t-Ul. JUd a/tf- ^f-r-t. '^il 

& s~ tficjtfcr 

■ MiftT 


y-*fe >«^e- y ^ 

w^-c^~ y-y y-^ /f « s 7/^/ L ' 1 


is^tsctxs^f (& &/~i7 

s> • & */■*-/* 


IB Broad Street, 

New York City, December, 23, 1885. 

The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Edison Electric Illuminating Co. of New York, will be 
held at the office of the Company as above, on Tuesday, the rgth day of January, i88fi, at 12 M., to elect 
thirteen Trustees for the ensuing year, and to transact such other business as may come before the meeting. 

Action will also be taken by the stockholders at said meeting upon a proposition to increase the capital 
stock of the Company from $r,000,000 to §2,500,000; and in case said proposition is adopted, the amount of 
' such increase, less the amount then due the Edison Electric Light Co. for license rights, will be offered for sub¬ 
scription to the stockholders of record on the books of this Company at the close of business on Saturday, De¬ 
cember 26, 1885. For the purpose of such meeting, and also for the purpose of making such offer of increased 
stock if said proposition is adopted, the transfer books of this Company will be closed from Saturday, the 28th 
day of December, to Tuesday, the 19th day of January, both dates inclusive. 

Other important matters connected with the future development of the Company’s business will also come 
before the meeting. 

In case you cannot be present at the meeting, will you kindly execute and return the enclosed proxy to 
J. B. Skehan, Assistant Secretary, No. 16 Broad St., New York City. 





E. H. JOHNSON, \A Majority of the Trustees. 







1885. Electric Light - Edison Electric Light Company (D-85-026) 

This folder contains correspondence, agreements, an annual report, and other 
documents relating to the business of the Edison Electric Light Company. Much of 
the correspondence is by Eugene Crowell, president of the company, and by Frank 
S. Hastings, secretary. Related material can be found in the Primary Printed 
Collection (Company Records Series). 

, .. AU the documents have been filmed except for routine notices for meetings 
of the board of directors. 6 

Dr. Eugene Crowell, President, 

Edison Electric Light Co,, 

05 Fifth Avenue, City. 

Dear sir:- 

Referring to pur several interviews, with reference 
to the various claims'I have aginst your Co., and your request 
that I should make a statomontAof same to you in writing, I beg 
to draw your attention to the fact that under my contract with 
your Co, I am entitled to receive from them, under certain’con¬ 
ditions, 5100,000, in cash. As I consider that this money is now 
due, and in view of the fact that there is a large balance due 
by me, under ray subscription to the increase in the 'capital stock 
of the Co,, I shall be glad to have an adjustment'of my claim of 
8100,000,, the same being set off against the amount which I owe 
on the stock. In making a settlement of this matter, I desire 
Mr. Batchelor’s stock to be considered as part of my own. 

With relation to the various disbursements made by me, on 
behalf of your Co,, I beg to hand you herewith statement showing an 
expenditure of 838,201,04 in connection with experimental work, 
with the view to the perfection of a system of electric railroads, 

I would remind you that undermy contract with your Co, the inter¬ 
est in electric railroad patents is divided as follows:- fifty 
two per cent .to-your Co., twenty four per cent to myself and twenty 
four per cent to raise the necessary capital for further work. 

In view of the changed circumstances with relation to the dispo¬ 
sition of the Railroad interests I agreed to accept one third and 
to Jour Co, .taking two thirds of. any proceeds that mayi be received 
from the railroad patents. I would like to have this'arrangement 

formally ratified by contract, and I would impress upon you that 
care should be taken by your Co., so that my personal interests 
may be protected, with a view to my being reimbursed the amount 
of the account above refrred to. Inasmuch as y.our Co, only spent 
one half the amount which I have spent, I think that they should 
agree to an arrangement by which they and myself shall bo reim- • 
bursed out of pocket expenses, in connection with this business, 
in exact proportion to the amounts each has expanded. That is, if 
$30,000, is received on account of this joint expense, $20,000. 
should come to myself and 810,000. to the Co, In addition to the 
amount of $30,201,04, I am entitled to receive from your Co, an 
amount equal to that paid me for iny first experiments on electric 
railroading,.which amounted ta about $10,000, 

I also beg to hand you herewith account of the Construction 
Dept, for $15,345.58, being for work done in connection with the 
engineering portion of your Co’s, business. . At the time of the 
formation of the Construction Dept, arrangements were made between 
Major Eaton and myself by which the Engineering Dept, of your Co. 
was practically abolished. I took over most of the employees of 
your Co’s,‘Engineering Dept., and arranged to make canvasses of - 
cities and do all 'the necessary engineering work in connection 
with the making of estimates for central station plants, ■ If I 
obtained a contract for the installation of a plant I was to bear 
the engineering and canvassing expenses applying to such plant, 
but in the event of a failure' to obtain a contract this expense 
was to be borne by your Co. The above referred to account is for 
.such expenses. I my may mention that, under the instructions of 
the Auditing Committee appointed by the last Board of Directors, 
your Treasurer, Mr. Hastings, made a careful audit of this account, 


for which purpose I placed at his disposal all my vouchers and 
books of account. He can bear witness to the fact that not a 
cent of profit was made on this -account, but that it represents 
cash actually paid out by me. , 

V/hen installing the first village plant I found that many 
improvements of a minor character were necessary, in order to 
adapt our system to the requirements of town and village lighting. 
I accordingly engaged the necessary experts to improve the then 
existing instruments, and to produce others which were requisite. 
Mr. K, J. Sprague was engaged entirely on this class of work, and 
in working up a system for the more rapid determination of con¬ 
ductors. 1 hand you herewith an account of 82, 748 . 04 , being the 
amount I paid him, ' 

In consequence of defective instruments, and the non-exist¬ 
ence of others,! was compelled to keep my experts at stations for 
a period far beyond what would have been necessary had the system 
been complete, so far as it applied to village work. In this con¬ 
nection I spent 82,212,18, for which I also beg to hand you a 

I also hand you a statement of extraordinary lamp breakage, 
$194,10, alterations on pressure indicators, $202.50 and an ac¬ 
count for experimental work $ 109,04 

' The raa ults of these various expenditures is that your Co. 
has to-day a system which they can readily put up in small towns 
and villages, without going to any further expense in the way of 
experimental work for this purpose, and although the several ac¬ 
counts above quoted by no means represents my losses in connection 
with the Construction Dept., owing to defective instruments, they 
form, what I believe to be a fair claim against your Go. from which- 


they have and will derive benefit; I may mention that the cost 
of the present pressure regulator, used by your Co,, and so ab¬ 
solutely necessary for the proper working of its system, is in the 
above accounts. This instrument was invented by Mr. F. j. Spragne, 
whilst working for the Construction Dept., and will be assigned to 
your Co. on the settlement of the above accounts. 

It being necessary to obtain certain legislation in New Jersey, 
to enable your Co. to enter into the illuminating business in that 
State, Major Eaton, at my request, on behalf of the Co,, agreed to 
bear the expenses in connection with getting the necessary bill 
passed through the N, J. Legislature, The amount expended by 
me in effecting this was SI,753. Major Eaton gave a check for 
81,000. on this account, and stated that this was all he ,was au¬ 
thorized to pay, as he had assured his Board that I had stated that 
•tlie expenses would not be more than this amount, All I can say 
to this is that Major Eaton must have misunderstood mo, as at the 
time I spoke to him- about the matter I knew the expenses would 
have to be paid, and was in fact paying' them, in addition to having 
promised 81,000,, which was payable after the passing of the Act 
required, I have therefore paid 8753, more than I received from 
Major Eaton, and hand you herewith an account for same. 

The amount of 82,175, for services rendered by Mr. Jas, 

A, Russell, in connection jcbhx with your Go's, patent business. 

Mr. Russell was employed by me to do detective work in hunting up 
evidence with relation to our interference cases, ' 

The account 81,389.42, for experimental work, is for a por¬ 
tion of my ordinary experimental expenses which your.Co, has usu- . 
ally paid from week to week, but for some reason, which I do not 


understand, the amounts i-n the above referred to account were not 
paid to me. 

I disbursed the sum of *388. in working up an agitation in 
the daily press, having in view the injury of the gas interests, 
and more especially those of the water gas companies, for which 
amount I hand statement herewith. 

The account of *2,075., paid by me to Mr.VJohn C. Tomlinson, 
is for services rendered in connection.with your Co’s, business, 
mainly in connection with interference cases, and the working up 
of evidence with a view to taking action against infriggers of the 
lamp patents, 1 engaged Mr. Tomlinson because I was very much 
dissatisfied with the conduct of the legal portion of your Co’s, 
patent|>affairs, and considered that my patentsvwere not receiving 
the attention which they should have received, and the only means 
by which I could see my way clear-to getting an improvement was' 
by engaging counsel at my own expense, 

I may mention that, in addition to the above, I have spent at 
the Edison Machine Works upwards of *30,000, in improving the va¬ 
rious types of dynamos now used by your Co. This experimental 
account has-been written off by the Machine Works to profit and 

I hav 

Station of the First District on a paying basis. I paid this sum 
to Mr. C, E, Chinnock, in consideration of the extraordinary ef¬ 
forts he made to bring the station from a state of absolute fail¬ 
ure to one of perfect success, 

X am very anxious to have the various claims, set forth above, 
recognized at the earliest possible moment, and I desire to have a 

and it is not my intention to make any claim for saflie, 
e also expended 'in my efforts to place the Central 


cash settlement for the various accounts which represent money 


' c)flOyy\cud esQP cLoota, , Qcj 

@kcu <£&-'.• 

r ^*AdZc4xcO yjxJljiCtAJL) ~^tAA.cO Cu -&-/&*» 
cXlo^oy <fbV<w # -^*eootA.aXJ G^aaaajbJLi f ~uxj£j +&ju *j/VL*rj\Ar<Le^ 

<4u^^x&*n*A*JaJL/ 4cAjk«»/ ■ASL*-' oC^&j- Co. cua.3 

~^&te(yCc) Chjl!>«J ^o. I ./c> /tX^L&XCC-’ 'HixJ sjlCojxAAA AjV-&A-V&> A**€AaJ 


9k©j r^oou yj^HtaAsJ 4 oaJZlj coffe*o(-tAn~J 

■X-O *f-6Lu& AAAoJ/t&t Aaaj CXtCo1~&ClAA.K*J Jiroi&j yfdjO MA*t*f>AAc4xAnrvjA 

CtTY**lc*AAAAb AAA* - 4 €utJ 


^}^OAAA*a AaOiaj -CiaaJLl^ 


4+- 2% 



New York ^ . .... 18SJ ' 

Dear Sir: 

.. meeting 

of the Board of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO., 
will be held at the office 

_ the. _ S^Z'' day of. 

_ C " . s 


By order 


^ eZr./ er^- '/& — /^l. cvJ-'/i’ 
^ K/UC—-£e 

^7. /'7/f 0 totcC. 

'^ OU ' ^C. Ccxvb- cco^ <*> 

J * 

'h) ^&su <^oOU^ C^n^fx£Ue>-. -Z? 

<u**s sf&ej /^c^ju^> /L —-c^- -^oU^inO 

- ?7c££/ ^o-tc/ ^JUc^AA/ -**^<>r-utsO 

A-3— '^ cc ^ -&LSU+J (rnajle^ _ 



New York,. 

.188 ,r 

..... 9 . meeting 

of the Board of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO., 

will, he held at the Office of... 

.. day of . 


By order 



' York, . /« S 

of the Board of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO., 
will be held at. the office ofLi 

m a i d^hd ^ ^ r7r: M w. — /A'l. day of. ' 

< 2 ^, $. 

By ut'der 


/. ^ ^ _ __ 

yVljUL-Zz^a 0^ /£i*y 

/cP~'£e -&*£e>C 0t^/&t^uef-p-j -^ ca 


CZ>y^'. ^a^t^a-tAa . 


iCzS&L _ L _ 188 u 


<L^)' L /a-£.cC^ l 

q//Lc/ £<j dt.L(L /&C-ts/si.-C*t,Lj/(d-fiA, 

^ /b'l — 2 p 

C^lif jlC^X. ^ 3-d fo 3 -4*4u 

oJL- 0 *2z> 

33 ^(, 1 ' 1 /^ 1 ,- 7 -ttc-^ tv y ' /c> — 

<//%# ^3p/^/c ■ J X-e_..c.<-^-e 

JLl£^,v ~£~ hn / ^'£, au* 

\Sl(L^o£ pv^e, ('/Cil c/c ^> : . 

d/' of i*y(y ■&£(■ 

JL w/ ^,7 -/ /^ ^ 

~if d~'£J\3-r-& t t-v-c-CC, 0 ,/^_ /^'*-—>—•■ -'(sL'h 

C-l^Co/c ^ ^ 

^~iw3^ 4^r-" ^ : 

h, (,0 r - 

/(>'<?* </ 
v ^°. 




Nciv York. /Q- 



of the Board of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO., 

ivilt be hdd at the office ... 

onj^iuLtutCa^. - the. .. day of 

1S8 <J~cd....0^.?jA...o ’cloclc/$.„M. 

By order 


— Z3-x///^eAS -yC’TT-i 


t/1^? - 

Mio York, . #/7 1RSS" 

. C^.:::.aA/t^L... 

of Hie Hoard of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO., 
will be held at the office of. . 

. Jo 

on. _. 

1S8 Jab. . diJj^o’clouk^M. 


By order 


0i:lT03J-1 i'-UTVS 

„ ytid msoy wan— 

a3TAS10R5IOOWI HA 31 crjHT .T33flTB YTfl383J <iZ .HTfll H051AM 
8^81 3MUU Ml M5IOY W3M30 3.TAT3 3HT*30 8'«AJ 3HT 51301111 03SIMA030 
.^OAS OOlg 30 351AH8 00c|,S OTM I 030lvia ,000 ,05S3 30 HOOTS JwTIRAO' 

A‘l 5103 0.30001 JJA 
,35)3W 3TAC1 TAHT 
i OHA Y5UT3H038 
IVf ,a3SH1A«T.ld-35t 
A 30AS10 >U'A 30 

I 0301 

TA YMARMOO 3HT 30 851CIT AS10RR03MI A 851301330 3HT .8TM: 

,M08MAI JJIW .H .03Sj. ? ; TM3fl 18333 ,513JYUH08 ,0 5I30M3‘ 

SAW YhARMOO 2HT 0831 IH3S0T00 Ml. . 513 8 AM AM MIXAM ,8 M. 

,TM IJ3 .3 .OAHU -;03To£l3 3513VV C33T805IT OH |V»0J.I03 3HT 
83X0T8 ,8<U3HR, 30 ,83M0TS 3RJ3HR H08H3H {TM30I8351R . 

i .00 30MARU8M1 331 j 3J8ATI0t>3 3H7 30 TM30I835IR ,30VH .8 YfM3H ..00 A 

.T«>3aq ,03A5I3SSTI3 8 iT«HE.. MBR'C'A'NTiILEj.w.GEiN&Y .mriith i m v a Tsiaaosi 

A HOTAH .30 ,HOTAH .0 33IMA0 . ,831.13^, ,Y(.0 ,-00 T8U1IT 3JITHA0513M 3HT 3< 
80JJ305IAM * OSIAaeUH A 333W33IT0 .5133700 30 .03AU8UH .M .80517, >7003 
A 3.VAH 07 (13VIA JO %l{l7 ^A^H^A^MA^ASO' * Y3JT5UH 30'>3.ITKAH 

30MAJAH 3M7 OHA 30MA JATlmJlj6^til>eaT«lfa.!tSiaaan5taYD5«80(»l«W^e»nM37 A3'303 taUOf.l 
-Ml 8AW MOOTS ' 3H7 Ml 

JAtIMHA 5II3HT .8ftMyiaS!S'M“uf 0 fSr^SKkoWAi B Sy>«l«CT»t3O?.. 1 8 OT CI38A35I0 
TAHT ■ (103 . TM3M3TAT8 

8TM37A3 303 .030.88 1 000,OV«* THUOmA 

. , vr r VSO.. see' ' ^hto; «ma 

3HT HTIW 7M3M3TAT^g^SSffiiSrfSSffl.ffiS(@oW&i23oT.h«ml?»I(«.MI3 3W 
,38A3flOMI JA I-337AM W^*l A^y°**03''’ 

, ///r wsmmii 


t 5'03 7.130 
3IIT OT ‘10 YJfilMTS 



CAPITAL OF $1,000,000,' OF WHICH $230*000 WAS PAID IN. IN CASH, $530,000 
CREASED to. $ i »5oo*.'oooi5AT'*iwS|wlYiMlpijfj43^\4i! - ’fi^3R6iMi®iia,-. the i r annual 





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. NOV-22-84. 59 LIBERTY STREET. 

CESS Confidence in them they now buy the, bulk of their goods on 314 


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New York,. j£*^^A^$... - 188 & 

Dear Sir: _ 

/^Ti ... meeting 

of the Board of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO., 

wilt he held at the office of..A 



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New York, . AUa/C? _ *./- i xxJ." 

—. «52 l, ^ „ -S-^ 

of the Board of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO., 

ioat be held at the office of_...A O!AL,S^7iA ~ ~„.. » ' A- * 

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. day of .. 

« 4HCe '. Pi 

188 J at„.JMl..o ’doak^LM. 

By order 



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New York,....//..,. .. 188 <T 

Dear Sir: 

_ meeting 

of the Board of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO., 
will he held at the office of„./{tk£z£^ 

./(£!:.. day of. .. 


< -he 

TeZt IT ^ 

Mw York, 


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.. meeting 

of the Board of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO., 

w'di be held at the office of..iAlg^^L^f^..ih\.^i^i...^f^... . 


. the, .. ,,day of 

188 'fldJkr/Jlo 

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The Edison Electric Light Company, 


Nkw York, May astli, 1885. 

Dkak Sir: 

For some months past we have been negotiating with the Sprague Electric Railway and Motor Company 
with a view to securing for our Central and Village plant companies, the use of the Sprague motor on the most 
advantageous terms. 

A practical motor has been a want seriously felt in our system, and the value of it as a consumer of electric 
current, especially during hours of daylight, when the maximum of current is not required for lighting purposes, 
can be easily appreciated. 

Tlie Sprague motor is believed to meet to the fullest degree all the exigencies of the case, and the Edison 
Electric Light Company feels that it can safely recommend it to its licensees as the only practical and economic 
motor existing to-day. 

In the couise of our negotiations with Mr. Sprague, it was found that his motor could be rendered even 
more efficient, though only to a slight degree, if he were allowed to combine in it some of our armature and brush 
patents, and we have finally agreed to allow him to do so, subject in each instance to the approval of our Central 
and Village Station Companies, and in consideration of his paying them through our company a royalty of three 
per cent, on all motors sold by the Sprague Company to any parties whomsoever within the respective territories of 
such Central and Village Station Companies. 

Our own company has 110 interest whatever in the Sprague Company and does not derive any benefit or 
profit directly or indirectly through this arrangement which we are prompted to make solely in the interest of the 
Central and Village plants in which we are shareholders and which we therefore desire to see developed in every 
possible way. 

It is entirely optional with your company to consent or not, so far as your territory is concerned. Our 
advice is that you do consent and so secure to yourselves the royalty on all motors to whomsoever sold by the 
Sprague Company within your territory. If you do not consent, the Sprague Company will doubtless use other 
patents (as they involve only secondary details) and produce almost as efficient a motor, from which, however, you 
will not derive any benefit in the way of royalty. The Sprague Company also contemplates naming special 
prices for motors furnished to Edison illuminating companies if used to any considerable extent. 

We enclose a copy of the conditional contract executed between our company and the Sprague Company, 
also two copies of the contract you should execute if you approve of same and desire to avail of the benefits 
thereof. On their return to us, our own company will then sign them and forward one copy for your files. 

I enclose herein a circular setting forth the merits of the Sprague motor, and awaiting the pleasure of your 
advices, I am 

Very respectfully, 


Secretary of the Edison Electric Light Co. 



future, with such parties as the Light Co. may choose to deal with from time 


said portions or the said territory, the same as provided for in the fifth section 
hereof, but the Light Co. will notify the Motor Co. of such licenses, and will, 
in good faith, endeavor to procure the assent of such new licensees touching 
tile lira visions of this section, in like manner as nrovided for in the said fifth 


In witness wheheuf, the respective parties hereto have caused these 
presents to be executed by their officers, thereto expressly authorized, and 
their respective corporate seals to lie hereto affixed and attested, at the City 
of New York, on the day and year first above written, 



This AGREEMENT made the day of , 188 , by and 

between the Edison Electric Light Company, a corporation created and 
existing under the laws of the State of New. York, and having its principal 
office in the City of New York, herein called the Light Co., party of the 
first part, and 

, a corporation created 

and existing under the laws of and having its 

principal office in the City of , herein called the Licensee, 

party of the second part: 



of the Board of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO., 
will be held at the office off . 

an. .. dmjof....^^^^.. . 

188 Sfd..x2^.lS^o 

By order 


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^5°Jo <7VU $yf,0T?O,OTT0. . . .. . $ 650,000.0 

?e.cvinAs^cjj OTA, ^/, OTTO, OTTO. 


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c4/exo- ^4 

Dear Sir: 

.. ta£cci4ciUit£e& . meeting 

of the Board of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO., 

luilt be held at the office . k 


the.. . .//Jjzf....—day of. 

lS8S'at . 3....L . o ’clock. 

Dear Sir: 

.. .....meeting 

of the Board of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO., 

wilt he held at the office off .. (^f 

an...sMd.sAuzSL&p - the . —day of . 

188 Jlut...J.-.if£.o ’docp^^M. 

By order 



£/■ - - - &*- 

tiff, t. <*—•_ Ji~A-<£4 / 

The Edison Electric Light Company, 

65 Fifth Avenue. 

New York,. . Jttno 27th* . l88 6 

Door Sir;- 

The in at tore that we wish to bring before the parent 
company and the Illujninating oornp any on Monday next are of great 
importance, and, in consequence, I address you this personal note 
to particularly request your attendance. Will you Kindly oblige 
me in thia meteor? 

Very truly yours, 

Vice President. • 


New York, .. 188 ^ 

.r-r^C^? <.f, . meeting 

of the Board of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO., 

will be held at the office of .. 

0 72, _ the _ ?/.• _ day of. . t^sa^. . 

1S8 Sat..Jl/£.o‘ 

By order 



A/ jrlAsO^tTui^ liU^t o 
' sKn^/£ 


o y /&r 


Dear Sir: 

of the Board of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO., 
will be held at the office ofjjDAAjpjdLtJffJ/i^^ 

or^^vkijL^uia^ the _ 3 . 6 ....—. . day of. . 

. 0 

1S8 5! at . j3.U6~o ’doclc_Q,_M. 

■C4rv\AsLch^\y'stilus rhi<L^iso<A^L^s<r-iAJ 
xciu^^ocf/ stsu sLcCtju /iciJUb t 

'h^tr^cs Jlt^u Ijtttu^gL. _ __ 

New York, . /.£/-. 

. 188 $ 

.... . mee 

of the Board of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO., 

f eUA.1 - 

The Edison Electric Light Company, 

66 Fifth Avenue. 

New York, October 17th, 1885. 

Dear Sir : 

The Annual; Meeting of the Stockholders of the Edison Electric Light 
Company for the Election of Thirteen Trustees to serve for the ensuing year, 
and for the transaction of such other business as may come before the meeting, 
will be held at the offices of the Company, 65 Fifth Avenue, New York City, 
on Tuesday, October 27th, 1885, at 12 o’clock noon. The polls will be open 
at 12 o’clock noon, and remain open for the reception of votes until i o’clock 
p. m. Transfer books will be closed on the afternoon of, Monday, October 19th, 
and re-open on Wednesday morning, the 28th instant. 

I enclose herewith a blank form of proxy, which, if you are unable to 
attend the meeting, kindly sign in presence of a witness, and return to me at 
the above address. 

By Order of the Board, 

F. S. HASTINGS, Secretary. 


JVeio York, .._ ^!f^I....188 <J~ 

_. meeting 

of Hie Board of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO., 
will be held at tile office 

n n .c><&.&-v*J-t* 2 ) _ a, P . . <2-fi * . „day of ._ 

188flit..^L€.o ’dock^L.M. 

By order 



) - <^Qu.~o6uZ, 

s£*trf-£) >^-tr*.—-dsA. tZus^. a-(L^£ffLc'/-ce~» L / / r 

£Ls/&-C\** y & 


. I88y/ 

0 / the Board of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO., 
will, be held at the office of...... 4 $.— 7* 

on...... y /M.<uj*s$:Ai. . the . ...Stf. .:. day of. 

v Jr y 7 

188 Jat..<^LL..o’doch/fL.M. 



^— 'y>*^0-*t.-tJLe? 

<Ptuu4-<t ->Z^i fVn-Lt.— 


A 6 • 

To the Stockholders of 

The Edison Electric Light Company : 

Since the last annual report of your Trustees, your Com¬ 
pany has passed through au important and gratifying year, 
and at its olose the outlook for a prosperous future is oleorer 
and rests on a better foundation than at any time in our 

The predictions made in past years that the Edison Light 
had come to stay have been amply verified, and each suc¬ 
cessive year shows more conclusively its superiority over 
otlior presont known methods of artificial illumination, .and 
proves that it is able to successfully stand the test of time. 

The first isolated dynamo sold by your company was 
started May 2,1880, aud the first central station, that of New 
York, Sept. 4,1882. In these, ns in all subsequent installa¬ 
tions of isolated and central station plants, The Edison 
Light has gamed favor, and is now more popular with those 
• who uso it than when the light was first turned on. Indeed 
■it is a remarkable faot that the plant above referred to. as 
being the first isolated installation, is in perfact working 
order to-day, although marked changes and improvements 
have been made in the manufacture of our dynamos and 
electrical appliances, as well ns in our general system of 
electric lighting sinoe that time. 

All of our various interests have associated with them 
the best obtainable electrioal and mechanical engineers, 
whose aim has been to simplify and cheapen our system of 
oleotric lighting, aud as a result of this combined experience 
■aud effort, little remains to be desired in our system of cen¬ 
tral station and isolated lighting of to-day. 

Luring the year 10 central station companies have been 
organized, viz.: Harrisburg, Pa., Des Moines, la., York, 
Pa., West Chester, Pa., Tamaqua, Pa., McKeesport, Pa., 
New Brunswick, N. JV, "Wilmington, Lei., Boone, la., Johns- 
'town, Pa. 

There are now 30 central station plants in operation or in 
course of installation in the United States, a oomplete list 
of which is given below: 


Tamaqua, Pa.. 

• Now Brunswick, N. J. 


Cumberland, Mil.... 

McKeesport, Pa.. 

Taraanua, Pa. 

. New Brunswick, N. J 

Wilmington, Del. 

Boone, Jii.. 

Johnstown, Pa. 

Lockport, N. Y. 

Little Falls, N. Y. 

The plants marked • hdvo underground conductor; the others have polo lines. 

' On August 1st, of the present year, the Edison Electric 
Illuminating Company, of New Tork, paid a first quarterly 
dividend of 1% to its stockholders and has just delared' a 
similar second dividend payable Nov. 1st. This company is 
now on a firm financial footing, reached under extraordinary 
difficulties. . • v 

As stated in our last annual report, this was the pioneer 
central station, and like most pioneer enterprises, it was sub- - \ 

jocted to peculiar difficulties at almost every point. The'most 
serious of them whs, of course, the great cost of installing 
the plant, whioh was so far in excess of the very imperfect 
estimates which could then be made, that the entire re¬ 
sources of the company were not only oonsumed, but it 
was left with a heavy floating debt, to embarrass • it 
in its operations. It is peculiarly gratifying, therefore, to 
be able to state that the company has at last sueceeded in 
discharging that debt entirely from the earnings of the 
station, and is now paying moderate dividends, with a cer¬ 
tainty of increasing them as soon as tlio capaoity of the" 
station is enlarged. 

The following extract from the letter of the Treasurer of 
the Illuminating Co. of New Tork, dated July 17, 1885, 
to its stockholders, announcing the quarterly divi¬ 
dend, the same being an extraot from the minutes of tie 
Company, will show its position to be a Btrong one: 


“ ^f* 10 president then exhibited n detailed report of the earnings niid 
expanses of the company, showing that the not earnings for the six months 
ending June 30,1885, after paying nil exponses of ovory description, wore 
■ $35,000.00." 

“ The president further stated that the Company is absolutely freo from 
floating debt of any kind, the debt incurred in increasing the capacity of 
tlio Pearl Street Station buying boon entirely paid from earnings, and Hint 
after such payment, und after payment of nil outstanding accounts for 
current supplies,-&c., there remained from earnings, a sum of $10,580.40 
cash, on hand applicable to dividends.” 

Tlie Treasurer tlion adds: 

' “For further Information, I may slate that tlio long ponding questions 
betwoen tltis Oompnuy and tlio Edison Electric Light Co., arising from tlio 
excessive cost of tlio Pearl Street Station, ns originally installed have at 
last boon settled in a manner satisfactory to your.Hourd by tlio deposit by 
tlio Light Co., in trust, of 1713 shares from thu stock of your Company 
heretofore held by it, tlio stock so deposited to bo used in promoting tlio 
Installation of an uptown station, and meanwhile, to forego all claims to 
dividends! consequently dividends uro pnynblo on only 8,888 shares of 
stock, upon which the earnings of the last six months are nt tlio rate of 
.6* per annum/ ’’ ' ' ' 

Torn 1 Trustees tieeni it tv matter for congratulation that tlio 
claims of the Illuminating Co. of New York, against your 
Conipany, liavo been amicably settled ns above stated, by . 
the surrender of part of the stook of the Illuminating Co., 
held by your Company, this stook having been placed in the 
hands of three trustees, the trust deed providing that a part 
or all of this stook may bo used for the purpose of aiding in 
securing.the necessary funds for an uptown station. 

...The Trust further provides . that. in case .the ■ IUnttinnt- 
; ing Company does not within one year, from July 1,1885, 

. sucoeed in obtaining the sum of §500,000, and prooeed with 
the installation of an uptown distriot, then, 1,000 shares of 
the said stock shall revert to your Company, and in the 
event of the Illuminating Company' sueeeding in raising the 
above sum of §500,000, then §125,000 in 'stock shall be 
given to your Company as its percentage of the increased 
,.capital, in payment of license. 

i'The time appears to havo fully como when anothor dis- 
'triot should be occupied in New York. Careful and reliable' 
. estimates based on the results achiovod by the down town 
, district, show that a district installed uptown, with all the 
latest improvements, with presont decreased cost of install¬ 
ing and operating, and in a location which is conceded to 
be much bettor lighting than the down town district, 
would return very handsome dividends. There seems to be 
every indication that tiro money will bo raised early this 
winter, and with the incentive given by the trust stook, 
.before alluded to, your Trustees boliovo that success is as¬ 

The effect on the business of your Company of a.second 
distriot in Now York qan scarcely Jjo overestimated. It 
would, without doubt, give an impot’us to the establishing 
of similar districts in other largo cities, and bo a wonderful 
stimulus to central station lighting throughout the country. 

One of the most satisfactory of your licenseo companies 
is that of Harrisburg, Pa. This plant has been recently 
completed, and the plan of construction ns well as its per- ’ 
feet working is the admiration of all who see it. 

An extract from the Now York “ Electrioal Eoview,” of 
June 20, 1885, relating to this plant, will bo of interest: 

“ Thl “ company has licon in. operation about threo months, and is 

tiling. It generally takes a gas company a year to get their business on a 
pacing business, and this lias heretofore been the result with starting Con-' 
•'Ira' Electric Light Stations on the incandescent system.' It has generally 
taken a long time to got customers to pay for wiring their stores, but this 
Company adopted another rule. 

" Thoy have paid for all the wiring themselves, simply requiring a eon- v 
tract for a yenr at so much a lamp, payable monthly. The avorago charge • 
(s soventy-flvo cents for alnmp (of sixteen candle power) a month, and tlio 
system is so popular that ovory lamp of their present capacity (8,BOO) is ' 
sold, and thoy have decided to enlarge their works. They havo among 
their customers the lighting of tho State Capital at §1,000 a month tho 1 
year round, and havo a threo yours’ oontroct.'. In their presont district 
there are twelve hotels, largo and small. Those have nil discarded gas all 1 
over tho liouso and use nothing but Incandescent lights. 

“ Thoso lamps can bo lighted at any time of tho day or night, ns tho 
’-.engines aro always at work. With a few exceptions the Edison lamps are 
fitted to tho old gas fixtures, and tho nverngo expenses to tho company 
...,C<s.ooslof-wlrIiig],JiavO’bdon about §3.00 por lamp. Tho popularity "of 
the new light is so strong that without oxeoptlon all tho users havo taken 

“ In Harrisburg tho wires are all overhead and a better working station 
cannot be found in this country. Tho electric light station is one of the 
best ovor oreotod and situated among residences closo to tho State House, . 

“ K wln P n y any ouo Interested iu tho success of incandescent lighting' visit Harrisburg uud see tho plant in operation."- 

.Since the above was published tbo Harrisburg Company 
’has inoroasod tho capacity of their station to 5,000 lights. 
Jkoy state that thoy are alroady oarning over twenty-fivo 
per cent, on their capital stook, and oxpoot to do still' 


“ It -will pay nay one Interested in the success of iucoudcscont lighting visit Harrisburg and see tho plant In operation."- 

..Since the above was published tho Harrisburg Company 
.-has increased tho capacity of their station to 5,600 lights.' 
!?hey state that they are already earning over twenty-live 
per cent. , on their capital stook, and expeot to do still' 
.better. _. 

The foregoing statement regarding Harrisburg is liot in 
any way exceptional, and only fairly illustrates the great- 
progress that has boon made during tho past two years in' 
perfecting our central station systom, not only eleotricnlly, 
but also commercially. In -is from the commercial 
standpoint that the greatest progress has been made, for" 
while the effioienoy of our plant and method of install 
■tion, as adopted to-day, are in every way vastly superior to 
*>ur earlier work, those facts in themselves would not be’ 
■.sufficient to enlist capital in this most important branoh of 
our business. Tour Company has therefore striven earnestly 
to improve and develop the methods of central station instal¬ 
lation on a sound dividend-paying basis, and it can now be 
stated emphatically that all our installations of tho past year' 
•or more have proven to be profitable enterprises. The 
faults, electrical and financial, which characterized our in¬ 
stallations of two or three years ago, are now happily 
things of the past; and with two or three exceptions, even 
thege earlier installations have developed into prosperous 
and dividend-paying companies; In some cases, to bring 
this about, reasonable concessions have been made by your 
Company, and the wisdom of suoh a course must bo so 
apparent that your Board does not doom any extended 
comment necessary. 


*generosity which, ho .displayecTTIirdughout thtse^v'eSatibu'S" 
negotiations, whioh are now so happily terminated. 

An agreement lias been made with the Sprague Motor 
Company allowing them to use sovoral of our brush and 
armature patents in connection with their motor, which 
increases its efficiency. As consideration for this privilege, 
the Motor Company agroo to pay a royalty of 3% on the 
value of all motors sold to your liaensoo companies within 
"their territory. This arrangement will benefit your Com- 
! pany by increasing the earning capacity of the licensee 
companies in which you are stockholders. 

Beference was made in the last annual report to the 
'arrangement ma,d,e by your Company with the Edison Co. 
for Isolated Lighting, whereby the latter assumed the 
direction of the oanvassing and exploitation of central 
station business. As explained in the last report, the 
Isolated Company was already provided with an offioient 
‘"'corps of agents' and eleotricol engineers quite adequate to 
, carry on this work in connection with the isolated and 
village plant business conceded to them under their 
original.contract with your Company. 

By the the transfer pf this part of our bnsmess to them 
■it relieves your Company of the necessity and responsibility 
of carrying a department of trained experts and agents, 
while at the same time the central station system is being 
more energetically developed and extended. 

In the" business of isolated lighting your licensee, the 
Isolated Co., has met with very keen competition from 
the various infringers on your patents, who, finding they 
.'could not benefit themselves, have endeavored to do all the 
harm they could to tho business of tho Edison Company. 
In pursuing this [course, they hnvo reduced prices to tho 
'bare cost' of manufacture aud installation; and'while tho 
Isolated Co. has never taken the initiative in this dis¬ 
astrous warfaro, it has felt bound to moot the issue when 
forced upon it. Your Directors have many reasons for be¬ 
lieving, that this polioy has entailed heavy losses on our 
competitors, while the Isolated Co has not" only maintained 
its prestige and secured tho bulk of the business, but it 
has also succeeded in holding its own financially. Sooner 
' or later, tho policy of doing business at cost must tiro out 
these various guerrilla companies, if, indeed, thoir opera¬ 
tions are not sooner ohookod by tho enforcement of our 
patents; and[th'ere is no reason to doubt that isolatod busi¬ 
ness will then again bii profitable. 


This, of courso, will bo nugmontod from time to timo 
by stock rocooivod from now companies ns thoy aro organ- 

It must be romembered, however, that four-fifths or more 
of the amount rooeived by us for licouses to sub-oompanios 
is in stock, and this being retniuod by your Company, some¬ 
time must necessarily always olapso before any incomo can 
ncorno to your oompany from dividends on this stock. 

As all of your licensee companies aro doing well and 
indicate excellent earning capacity in the near future, it is 
plain that at no distant day our iucome from this source 
will bo yory large. Many of tlieso local companies have al¬ 
ready paid, and nearly all have oarnod dividends. In or¬ 
der, however, to encourage some of the earlier stations, 
your Company has allowed thorn to apply their oarnings 
to inoroasing their plant, thereby augmenting tkoir earning 
oapaoity and pormanontly adding to the value of the stook 
jield by your Oompany. 

The superiority of tho Edison lamp’abovo nil others was' 
fully demonstrated at tho Eranklin Institute tost in Phila¬ 
delphia, ooncludod last sirring'. Tho Edison company sub¬ 
mitted^ 21 lamps. The'United Stntos Co. (Weston) 20. 
Wostinghouse (Stanley) 20; and Woodhouso & Bawson 11. 

The. committed appointed by the Eranklin Institute, and 
who had charge of tho test at first roplacod broken lamps as 
they gave out with new onos. One lamp of the Edison, four 

The superiority of tlio Edison lanip'abovo nil others was/ 
fully demonstrated at the Eranldin Institute test in Phila¬ 
delphia, oohclndod last spring'. The Edison company sub¬ 
mitted. 21 lamps. The United States Oo. (Weston) 20. 
Westingliouse (Stanley) 20, aud Woodhouso & Eawson 11. 

The committee appointed by the Franklin Institute, and 
who had oliargo of the test at first replaced broken lamps ns 
they gave out with new ones. One lamp of the Edison, four 
of the United States Co., and two of tlio Westingliouse Co. 
were thus replaced. The committee finding that all lamps 
but the Edison yoro giving out so rapidly, concluded that it 
jvas not worth while to substitute now lamps for those 
broken. The final result of 1,005 hours’ continuous burning 

was as follows: 

Edison Lamps, 1 broken out of.. .21 

Weston “ 17 “ “ .....24 

Stanley “ 19 “ « ...22 

Woodhouso & Eawson Lamps, all brokon out of........11 

Thus the great superiority of the Edison Lamp above 
flll others was scientifically and praotically demonstrated. 

The question of tlio legal necessity of calling in the bal¬ 
ance of increased capital stock, authorized Sept. 24,1883, 
having been submitted to the goueral counsel of the Com¬ 
pany, your Board were advised by him that in order to 
comply with tlio requirements of the statute the full amount 
of subscriptions slionld bo called in within two years from 
the date of increase. Acting upon this opinion, your Board 
directed tlio Treasurer to call tlio roinuimng unpaid sub¬ 
scriptions to bo payable Sept. 22, which has boon done, 
although the financial condition of the Company did not 
necessitate the call. 

The present authorized capital of. tlio Company, viz., 
i $1,080,000, will therefore be full paid as soon as the last of 
these installments is collected, 

A profitable fiold for the extension of tlio business of our 
local Companies has been found in street lighting. Until 
recently very little attention was given by us to the lighting 
of streets, mainly on account of the comparatively few lights 
used within largo aroas and long distances, wliioh neces¬ 
sitated the use of heavy copper conductors, thus presenting 
a serious obstacle to its introduction in an economical way. 
By. the uso of what is known, as tho “municipal system,” 
•US now applied by your licensee oompanios, a onrront of 
greater intensity is employod whioh permits tho use of small 
donduotors, and by plaoing the lamps .in series economical 
and satisfactory results are obtained. This enables our 
licensee companies to compote successfully with arc light 
•aid.gas, for street lighting, as well as for interior lighting. 

f.As stated in the last report, tlio elootrie railway patents of 
Sir. Edison wore assigned to tho Electric Railway C'o. of the 
United States, in which tlio Light Company has ono-sixtli in¬ 
terest, viz., $333,333.34. 

Arrangements liavo hoen made with the Manhattan Rail¬ 
way Co., of New York, to condnot experiments on its Second 
avenue line of olovnted railway, for the purposo of testing 
the practicability of tho systom of tho Electrio Railway Co., 
on tho elovatod roads in New York City. A third 
rail is now boing laid on both tracks of the Second 
'avenue line, from Chatham Square to Harlem River, a 
total distance of about fifteen miles, and tho ear and 
motors for operation thoroon, are nojv rondy at tho shops of 
the Edison Machine Works, whence they will bo moved to the 
track ns soon as tho laying of tho third rail is completed. 
It is then intonded to conduct an extensive series of ex¬ 
periments and demonstrate fully the great merit and 
economy that is believed to exist in our system, 

"What has retarded tho advauoe of your company’s busi¬ 
ness in past years perhaps more than anything elso has been 
our inability to refer to central stations that woro earning 
money or paying fair dividends, for ronsons given in reports 
of former years. Capitalists woro naturally unwilling to 
invest money in any enterprise unless it was booked by a 
good record, no mntter how favorable tho investment might 
.appear prospeotivoly. "Wo oau now point with pride to 
almost all of our control station companies, whore financial 
.success is on accomplished foot, and a visit to them inspires 
such confidence that it is becoming much less diflionlt to 
enlist capital in dim enterprises. 

In conclusion, your Trustees would soy that nearly all the 
^difficulties which hove beset our path have been overcome, 
and we regard tho future of the Edison Light and the suo^ 
cess of your Compnny as assured. 

Tho balance sheet of the Compnny to October 1st, 1885, 
is submitted herewith. 

By order of the Board of Trustees. \ 



,65 Fifth Ave.,- New York, Oot. 27,1885. 

-fZe^^Z\j(s^-e^A. ^ 


'ovh,. ./iv ^ v. 18s£~ 


of the Board of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO. 
ivill he held at the office of .. 

. the . ...:. . day of .Afr# 

188<Jai . £t?'$m’cIoc1c^s. M. 

rf t~uC*Ca 



. .188 J~ 


of the Board of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO. 

. day of .' 

188<(~at o’elocp£>,M. 

By order 

/i^ / 4suf) us-Zsftfj 

a, fCoJoJ ^Oo-^PcvU 

U i t /'&B. ' 

Neiv York,. 

. A. 288 c5~ 

of the Board of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO. 

will be held at the office of .. . 

oih. '^t^cxAy . the .-44: :. day of . 

188 <S~at . J^^o’cloftffi. . M. 

B, J °I d °f jh* / 


(L ^ (&rie0cy-C*\ 

'—fetidly) ***-&&? i 

Dear Sir: 


of the Board of Directors of the EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT CO. 
will be held at the of 

the-,<^7& .'. day of . 

Secretary. . 


Kulas and regulations defining the dufcioshnd rospor.- 
° r th,) Secretary, Manager anl r,-moral Su'porlnt-inlont. 

. bo ft ho luftjf of the Socr oft ary and Ti-easuro,’ 

To maintain such supervision over ft ho company’s 
mabl 3 Mm aft all times to provi.1i f 0 >- the obll- 
ipany 'in tj>a t n ulvanc > oi’ th> mururitv of -sun}! 

oooh i an l ’accounts of tho company as .v/j 
clearly in view ft ho assets anl liabilit 
ever kin l or character so tj, .ft h.r will 
f 'r.ancial position of the company is. 

Ti'T’lD, T (J Jiavo special cjua 
of the Mi son Rise trie Light Company, ,t 
'/.itli agents or other authorise l promote 

ich g 'n >ral supervision over the 
pany as .will enable him to keep 
l liabilities of the Company of whs 
t he' v/iii always know what the exan 

ave such sepervisit 
incurred by this i 
selling or otho’-wj 

n . -w -• *.. disposing of isolate,a 

plants as will enable him to secure to the Company full r-,tur n <’ 0 r 
mat >rial sold or work done. 

sworn. Vo pro vile through the medium of contracts err- 
into with, an.1 instructions i3*110.1 to, tho agont* of tho 
Isolated company for such complete oversight of the operations of 
sucli agents us will enable him to properly account to* the Company 
and be responsible for every transaction effected by t.W 

TTR ’* To hoop himself so informed through the den. 
hupt. of tho condition and extent of the Company’s stock of dy- 
numos,. I,amps So, as to enable him in the transaction of his busi¬ 
ness go give preference to the disposition of such as is likely 
to become obsolete by virtue of later improvements and to enable 
Mm .0 provide for any extraordinary demand that the business of 
lus office is likely to develop, 


ni-. <3 .m a11 b,> u *° dut * of tho Oonaral Superintendent 
eiectrif. 1 *.1,7 ’ • TV pro T i:t 'f <il1 r ,la ’ n '*» specifications, estimates. 
elJctncul ^terminations Ac. to enable the proper officers of 

*$!L m"5fTt + t».S\ 00 ?? ra< ! M th ' ,roon anJ »»>'»» such contracts have 
been made it shall be the duty of this officer 

, SWONn. To have such supervision of the work done bv 

to Me !?^r" iP m y ** wil * mabl °- hil ‘> ^ secure a strict adherence 
to his specifications and a gURrantoo that all work will be of tho 
highest excellence and bo oxocuted with promptness and economy. 

odium of contracts 
the agents of the 

Supt. of tho con: 
names, Lumps Ac, 

1885. Electric Light - Edison Electric Light Company of Europe, Ltd. (D-85-027) 

This folder contains correspondence, an annual report, and other documents 
relating to the business of the Edison Electric Light Company of Europe, Ltd. 
Some of the documents deal with the resignation of Joshua F. Bailey, Edison's 
agent in Europe. Related material can be found in D-85-035 (Electric Light - 
Foreign - Europe). ° 

Approximately 50 percent of the documents have been filmed. The following 
categories of documents have not been filmed: routine company correspondence, 
such as acknowledgments of letters received; routine notices for meetings of the 
board of directors; bills. 6 

[JANUARY 5, 1885] 

Fifth Avenue Hotel. 




syt fOrr/Y>// r. ^//'/s/ r //r/ 

ft? Im- -.^v/'Jan. 16th. 1885/#/' 

Dear Sir: 

A special meeting of the Directors of the Rdison Elec- 
tric Light Co. of Europe, Limited, will be hold at the office of 
R. L. Dutting, Esq. 19 William Street, New York City, on Saturday, 
January 17th. 1885, at 1 o’clock P. M. for the purpose of taking 
Tinal action on the Power of Attorney to be given by this Company, 
in order to carry into effect the fusion of the three Paris Com¬ 
panies, Sc., heretofore decided on by the Board. 

Yours truly, 


i r f5-obn 

• todnoss f t ho Honpan y npiu mi to to , l*}rTPjA, 
£*?.. . isi tltio on open Recounts Tor legal anil 
;h loans, in tores*, anti taxes, - amt £100,000. i 
nets of the Oonpnpy now untstanclincV 

ndH haw boon cleolnrod sinoo‘'"t.Ko last Report. 

stonkholdors of tills 


Ashley, Edward W, 

Albinola, E. 

Alao;>, Mrs., Sndio_H» 

Banker, •'■anos H. 

Basis,' Etitjar W, 

Bailey, Tirttimor 
Batehalor, 0. 

Bathurst, Chas. 

'B’ihfj','. ho'iisa 
Ill ant, p nnny 

''daman, V/iliiaii 
Oai'ri:ih, 0, B. 
hanit'.latm, Chass. T i, 
Basteiboloijhosi, Jacques 
0rowel 1, Eu.'jono 
Ooiby'i ri.' 'A. 

Oonj'tioii, A", w. 

Coddinfjton, Herbert 
Outtin.c, ’Uliiam 

CurtissJohn ’-V, 

Alsoji, Henry vr, 

Abbott, bias Ida J, 

Barker, CooY E. 

Bailey, ‘TioytT 
Bailey, Elia a rr . 

Brant, John 
Benjrihnn, R, 

Bunkor,” Ranriol* 

Carnan, o. E. 

Clarke, ‘c.haaV T*. 
fshnso fi Rir'i’inson, 

cVirqua, A. ’P,. 

Cox, Bra. Eliza Adelaide 
Cole,' t." n','.iF' 
Contjdon, Coo. E, 

CuttinjjV'P . 

Cutting, ’ R, Ti." Jr." 

Ciihninrjliaf.i,~v’rs. Hayy E, 
Campbell,, J. P. 

ds Puskas, Frans is 

Divino, Michael 

Edison, Thoms A. 

"Enioh7 ’"Si” ti. 

Edoy, a has. D. 

Faber, Al'frod 

RixKjcx.'t xrsxsxH. 

Foote, Frederick W. 

’Garner, William H. 

"OriPfin, E. T .. 

aostenhofnr, Froriorio 0. 

iiodtiarri, On'tvin 

“flo'Vor, Gao. T '""'is, A11, y for 
A. '!(. 

rfaiTanci, ThupiHs 
'iToiriatoA. T„ 

Jarrray, Rubi. ' Jr. 

Johnson, Ti. 0. 

Juhnston, ?i. R. 

Tnib’rio, fC’*.' 

Johnson, Edward H. 

Judson,' & Nowtoru 

Doarinrj, James 
Dodson, R. R. 

'‘¥ttrir"Wn rK" ■ 

"EliiottV J. n. 

Patman, f>. "J. " 

Porbos, John F. 

Groano,' Gardiner 
Gildorsloovo, W., H. 
Godfrey, CV. H. 

Oov/ori ' hoo. 'TVov/is, Atty 
Rovror, D’oo.. T.o'via 

HotfowisiniV,' A". 

Runt., A. A, 

Jfuinos, W. Ti, 

Johl, Francis 
Jonoa, F.. 'V. 

Johinston,' Fi 1!V"JT'' 
Johnson," G'lias'. H. Jr. 
Inaull, Enmuol 

Kruosi, John 
Kitson, Arthur 
Krohn, Albort 


King, Rharloa W. 
Knight, «eo. ' v . 
Kftyns, Hr. B. T,. 

JYadd, ?r«ud rl. Tinn naatrir. ^hns. R. 

iVonor, Oscar takings ton,' Borman 

Tioon, Rlio 

McfiWu'jhi in, "rank 
Moabownrort, W. H, 
Millar H Pock 
Me'J’ihsoy, K.” M. 
M'c'jiuiS'iy, Buyono 
JS?oro,"W. H. 
WorrjVin, T. N. 

Mb liar, fi r 'o. 

liickorsnn, Tj. M. 

Ord, John W. 

McKosson, 0 . 0 . 

HcOinnis, John Jr 

Miller, M. . 

Kbit, Snriuol ft. 
Mosofi, Otto A. 

Mooro, ' 

Mott,' Oharlos P. 

Morris, Mrs. Mary A. 

Parsons, Rovi 
'Platky, Adolph T>. 
Pnrry, 'V. s. 
"Portbr, John K. 

Pii s’kar.' S Saport as 
Piko, J. Trovitt. 

Paul, Jas. W. Jr. 
Pol ton, r.'ny p, 
Ponoook, Mrs. n. B< 

Puskas ("'i’Kbbcib'rb. 

P'liibston, J. ' Mi' 

Randolph, Rargarot A, 

Richmond, •'awes 

' Saportas *« Darrin or 
i 3 ni toils'tail'/ B. B. 
Sheppard, I.ydia G. 
Stain.', All". • 

'Smith,' Ohostar I. 
"sSMth, MoVt'imnr P. 

Si 1 lock, ,} oo. p. 
S'tonna,'" Honry 
", V. 

Saportas, R. W. 

Thomas, 'loo. 0 I 

Hpham, >John B. 

: Up tun, 17 • R. 

'tfon Hb'fitaa'n, B A Go. 

Watjon, Bonis 
J%iiton, .Jaroti 
Wallarntain,- H. 
"v/Fii'inBradfo rd A. 

'’SSpti'rtne'," A. J. 

Burn',on, w, To 
Stovons, R. A. 
sijklociinijbr, - R. S. 

Smith, Tiuta ' r . 

Si dthors', “)'rs. T-biiiso V, 
Schroodor, Whoa. 

Scott, (*00• S, i: Co. 
Squires, s. W. 

JJnijor, Shns & Oo. 

Watjon, Tool fi 6o. 
V/arrhn, Schiiylor R So. 
Whitin'c, Hiss Mary A. 
Whitin'iji fiamarti'iib 

Dated Now York, .January 17th. 188T>. 

Ztnvicod G, fc6ud-/h^y> 

Q t £cU*>.ovv/ . ‘ .. 


: Majority 




1 Trustoos 


Stato of Hew York, 


City and bounty of 

Now York. ) 

v /« H. lieadovrcroft, being duly sworn, says: that ho 
is the Secretary of the Kdison Rloctrie T 'ishf (’onpatty o V Furupo, 
Ii'iniitod; that ho has road the foregoing Report and knows tho cop- 
ton ta thereof; and that the snmo is true to the hoot of his knew- 
' loqgoinformation and beliof. 

Sworn to boforo no this 1 

j Cj f. day o f January, X H&ili. ) 

sClTdl. COdbu,x Q* 

Now York City, Jan. u f~ 1885. 

j MINUTES of a Special Mooting of the Directors of tho 

jEdison Electric Light Company of Europe, Limited, held pur¬ 
suant to adjournment at tho Laboratory of T. A. Edison, No. 

o * ^ 

!292 Avenue B., New York City on tho day of January, 

Present, Messrs 7 oci*2 ^ ^ 


Secretary Meadowcroft, also He. Upton by 

jj Tho matters passed upon by tho Board at its meeting 

|heId on tho 5th day of January, 1885, having boon then pas¬ 
sed upon subject to the written approval of Mr. Edison, who 

’was not present at that meeting, Mr. Meadowcroft, the Secre¬ 

jtary,produced^the Minutes of the said meeting with Mr. Edison’ 

approval written upon them. He stated that Mr. Edison had 

ctuxjj- L ffci? tV 

read the Minutes carefully and had noted his approval.on 

ich item separately; this appeared from th( 


i Minbtqs of tl 

i approval being written opposite 

Second Vice-president Eatoi 

ated that on January 

CL7th, he had gone over, -with Mr. J. P. Bailey, the unfinish¬ 
ed business relating to the Powers of. Attorney and other 
matters from Paris awaiting the action of this Company, and 

[memorandum of the entire matters 

requiring attenti< 

FIRST: Regarding the proposed General Power of At¬ 
torney referred in the Minutes of the meeting of this Board 

it • 

j^held January 5th, 1885, Major Eaton stated that Mr. Bailey 
|pas of opinion that the form or phraseology of the Power 
jof Attorney heretofore executed by this Company and by Mr. 

|Edison, bearing date February 29, 1884, would answer for 
|the General Power of Attorney now req^red.and .then MnBailoyhal 
jstated that this form had been approved by the Law Counsel 

ft Paris > M * Puoillet. Major Eaton accordingly advised that 

I „ * . ft*' IZdoj 

,pll that now remained^ to this Board^was to authorize the 

^officers of this Company to execute a Power the same in fonn 


as the one referred to, and he stated that ho had prepared 
jlsuch a power, and, on the suggestion of the President, had 
inserted the name of Mr. John H. Harjes, Pasis, as the At¬ 

Mr. Upton stated that Mr. J. Hood Wright had by re¬ 
quest of Mr. Edison, babied to Mr. Harjes at Paris, asking 
if he would serve as the Attorney, and that Mr. Harjes, after 
first declining, had finally, on^epeated request, accepted, 
jprovidod he, Harjes, could name an associate attorney. 
f n Upton father stated that Mr. Harjes was not yet ready to 
||state what his commission would bq further than that it 
would be a fair one. 

Major Eaton stated that the action.of this Board, 
at its meeting January 5th, 1885, in recommending Mr. J. K. 
Bailey as the attorney-in-fact of this Company, whose name 
should be inserted in the proposed Powers of Attorney now 

about to be oxecutod, was not satisfactory to Mr. Edison, 
who preferred Mr. John H. Harjes. 

j After some discussion the Board decided to adopt Mr. 

Edison’s wishes in the matter, and decided to have the Pow- 
jers made out in the name of Mr. Harjes. 

' On motion of Major Eaton, the following resolution 

jwas tlion unanimously adopted, to wit: 

| RESOLVED: That the President of this Company be 

! I* 4 -' ifc- *»•**>•£ H-f 'fitf 

land hereby is authorized to exoeute^the following General 0- 

|Power of Attorney, in the name of John H. Harjes, and the 
|Secretary of the Company is hereby authorized to affix the 
iseal of the Company thereto, and to attest the same, the 
said Power being as follows, viz: 

SECOND:—Major Eaton stated that as a further re¬ 
sult of his said conference with Mr. Bailey, mentioned above^ 
he was prepared to report upon the form of the Special Power 
of Attorney, relating to the transfer of the Two Thousand 
(2,000) Parts of Founder, to M. Loon, or such other party 
as may hereafter be agreed upon. This matter is referred to 
in Paragraph No. 5 of Mr. Bailey’s letter to Major Eaton read 
at the meeting of the Directors, January 5, 1885, said lot- 

eing dated Philadelphia, January 3, 1885, and l 

tha ; 



I Tiajor Eaton stated that the following form of this 
Special Power of Attorney had beon prepared in English and 
^agreed upon by Mr. Bailey and himself; and that pursuant 
j to the President’s request the name of Mr. John H. Harjes had 
|been inserted provisionally, subject to the approval of this 
'Board. The Secretary, Mr. Meadowcroft stated that this 
Powor had been translated from English to French by Mr. 

The Board decided to approve of the inserting of 
Mr. Harjes’ name in the Power, and, on motion, the following 
Resolution was unanimously adopted, viz: 

RESOLVED: , That authority be and hereby is now given 
ito the President_of this Company to execute the following 
Power of Attorney,^and the Secretary of this Company to 
Eaffix thereto the seal of this Company, and to attest it, 

I viz: 


THIRD:—Major Eaton,then called attention to the 
following Paragraph in Mr. Bailey’s above mentioned letter to 

him, dated Philadelphia, January 3, 1885, the 

/loXY 1 

ing,as appears by Mr. Bailey’s letter, . an extract from a 

letter received by him from M. Leon, as follows, to wit: 

ll P. S. It is well understood that you are to remit 
“to us Two Hundred and Seventy Parts of Founder (this is as 

'arrangod heretofore) to retiro the Parts of the Industri- 


i“oXlo fi Electricque, held ir, Franco.” 

Major Eaton stated that Hr, Bailey had advised him 
jit hat what ought now to bo done in this regard is for this 
Board of Directors to instruct our proposed Attorney, at 
jjParis, (Mr. Harjos), to place 270 Parts of Founder, of the 
[Compagnio Continentals, at the disposition of M. Leon, said 
Parts of Founder to be in addition to the 2,000 narts of 

I /wi ’Ccbr Au 

[Founder, but that none of thes'e Parts should be sent to 

!l /s " 

Iparis unless the present proposed Fusion of the three French 
’Companies.wore carried out. 

On motion, the Secretary was authorized to prepare 
;a letter to this effect to Mr. Harjes, and the officers of 
the Company were directed to turn over, for the purpose 
mentioned in Leonas.letter,' the said Parts of Founder, to 
the number of 270 Parts, whenever requested so to do by 

I Mr. Harjos. The Secretary was directed to request Mr. Edi¬ 

son, as President, to sign the said letter. 

I FOURTH:—Regarding the Concessions in the Contracts 

jwith the Gorman Company, mentioneft as the second item in 
the Minutes of the Meeting of the Directors of this Company 
held January 5, 1885, Major Eaton stated he had gone over 
the subject again with Mr. Bailey, since the last meeting, 
and recommended the adoption of the following resolution, 
fvhich, on motion of Major Eaton, was unanimously adopted, 

I WHEREAS, Mr. J. F. Bailey submitted to this Company 

on the 4th day of October, 1884, a certain printed paper 
headed as follows^ to wit: 

ycCbik, lif jnu A 

^ Hw, $(*&/ | 
nfa r | 

jU iuwi- ;j 

Ht-P iytx-tuu^ 4//^j| 

jk JL-Avi^ 
Hueti.u% 3 

"Articles of Association of the German Edison Com- 
“pany in which changes are proposed, and now Articles to 
"bo added;” and 

WHEREAS the said printed paper was recorded as a 
paii-t of the Minutes 6f a meeting of the Directors of this 
Company held on the fifth day of January, 1885, at which 
time the propositions of the said paper wero amended and 
modified^to the extent of three certain items, the same beef¬ 
ing marked respectively, a, b and c, in No. 2 of the Minutes 
of the said Meeting; and 

WHEREAS it is now the intention of this Board of 
Directors to approve of the Concessions in the Proposed 
Now Contract of the said German Company, as specified in the 
said printed memorandum, but the same being subject to the 

^modifications of the specified items marked as above in.N6.2 
|in the Minutes of the said meeting of January 5, 1885: Sr vfjfiii 
! RESOLVED That the President of this Company be, 

and hereby is instructed to notify our attorney:, at Paris, 
to wit, Mr. John H. Harjes, that this Company approves of 
the said Concessions in the Contract with the German Company 
as expressed in the said printed memorandum submitted to aid 
Torming a part of the Minutes of the said Meeting of the 
Board of Directors held on the 5th day of January, 1885, 
subject, however, to the following modifications, also re- 
jorded in the Minutes of the said Mieet ing as above set 
forth, to wit: 

(a) Both Austria and Hungary are to be excluded fran 
the said proposed new German Contract, and are therefore to 
se stricken out of the said printed memorandum of October 


|4th, 1884, submitted by Mr. Bailey. 

(b) It is further agreed ^hat regards those Countries 
jin Europe v/he^fe there are no Patents and where,^ no Patents 
Pare allowed/the said Countries \are to be free \ndr opon for 
jexploitationSand for the doing of\business to boftlAihe Com- 
;!pagnio ^ontinei^ale and ^fhe German company, e^ch being free 
to exploit.its own business, at will, in the' said Non-Patent 

(^) The sum of Fifty Thousand (50,000) Marks mentioned 
in “Article 35" of the said printed memorandum of Mr. Bailey, 
to bo paid by the German Company, are to be paid by the 
said Company to the Compagnie Continentale as a premium, 
and are not to be reimbursed to the German Company on ac- 
Icount of royalties or otherwise; and of this said amount 
of Fifty Thousand (50,000) Marks, one-half thereof, to wit, 
Twenty-five Thousand (25,000) Marks, are to bo immediately 
paid over to the Edison Electric Light Company of Europe, 
jlliimitod, through their Paris Attorney, Mr. John H. Har.jos, 
t as soon as the above mentioned proposed Contract bo- 

I tween the German Company and the Compagnie Continentale is' 
closed, the said Company, to wit, the Edison ' Electric Light 
Company of Europe, Limited, being already under obligation 
to pay this amount, Twenty-five Thousand '(26','000) Marks, to 
|tho Bond-holders of said Company, at New York City; and 

RESOLVED that the said Changes and Concessions, as 
jjabove sot forth, bo and are hereby approved, subject, how¬ 
ever, to the said cash payment, by the German Company to the 
Compagnie Continentale of the said Fifty Thousand (50,0.00) 

: ! 7 

I Marks, and provided, further, that one-half of the said sum, 
as soon as recoived, be at once paid over to this Company 
las above. 

The Secretary was instructed to send certified cop¬ 
lies of the foregoing l'esolution to Mr. Harjes, and to the 
|Compagnio Continentals. 

FIFTH:—Regarding the proposed Fusion in Europe 
with tho Jablochkoff Company, the same to be accomplished 
i through M. Fountaino, Major Eaton stated that tho matter 
.had boon approved at the meeting of the Board, .January 5, 
1885, and had since boon approved by Mr. Edison in writing. 

Tho following Resolution was on motion of Major 
iEaton unanimously adopted: 

RESOLVED; That the Proposod Fusion in Europe with 
ljtho Jablochkoff Company, the terms and details of tho said 
fusion being particularly set forth (1)• in a certain printed 
jMemorandum submitted by Mr. J. P. Bailey to this Company on 
October 20th, 1884, the same being a part of tho Minutes of 

! 'Mu'ftt+e-cCrb 

ithe mooting of ( this Company held January 5th, 1885; and 
I (2) in a certain letter from tho said Mr. J. F. Bailey, dated 
Philadelphia, January 3, 1885, addressed to Major S. B. 
Eaton, Second Vice-prosident,(said letter also being a part 
of the Minutes of the meeting of this Board held on January 
5th, 1885), bo and hereby are approved, provided , however, 
that the said Fusion, when made, does not lessen eithor the 
[percentage of profit, or the amount of lamp royalty, coming, 
accruing, or belonging to the proposed total number of Parts 
of Founder in tho proposed new Fusion Company (of which this 


Company is to bo given its proportion, as stated in the 
aforesaid documents submitted by Mr. Bailey 1, the said per¬ 
centage and the said amount of lamp royalty being more par¬ 
ticularly set forth (1) in tho aforesaid certain printed 
memorandum submitted by Mr. Bailey to the officers of this 
Company' on October 30, 1834, and (2) in the aforesaid letter 
frcm Mr. J. F. Bailey, dated Philadelphia, January 3, 1885, 
addressed to Major S. B. Eaton, Second Vice-president; 

SIXTH:—Regarding the ratification of tho Contract 
with the St. Etienne Company, acted on at the mooting of 
tho Board, January 5, 1885, the following Rosolution was, on 
motion of Major: Eaton unanimously adopted: 

RESOLVED: That the Secretary of this Company be 
and hereby is authorized to notify the Compagnio Continen¬ 
tal that tho Contract with tho St. Etienne Company here¬ 
tofore submitted to this Company for approval be and tho 
same is hereby approved; and that tho copy of the said con¬ 
tract now in our possession bo filed away in tho archives 
of this Company, by tho Socretary, duly marked and endorsed 
as having boon approved at this mooting. 

SEVENTH:—Regarding tho ratification of the ar¬ 
rangement heretofore made by the Compagnio Continentals 
touching the proposed central station at Dijou, tho follow- 

ing Resolution was on motion of Mr. unani¬ 

mously adopted! 

RESOLVED: That the Secretary of This Company be 
and hereby is instructed to notify tho Compagnio Continon- 
tale that tho proposed arrangement for the central station 

jat Dijou is approved by this Company, on the toms: sot 
forth in tho Minutes of tho moeting of the Directors of this 
Company, hold January 5, 1885; and that the Secretary is 
^instructed to send to the said Compagnie Continentals a 
certified extract from the Minutes of tho said meeting, so 
jjfar as they relate to this subject matter. 

EIGHTH;—Regarding the Powers of Attorney made out 
|and executed in the name of John H. Harjes, tho following 
jjResolution was, on motion of unanimously 

ijadoptod, viz: 


RESOLVED: That the Secretary of this Company notify 
j Mn John H * Hanles that if heroaftor he should desire to as¬ 
sociate any other person with himself as tho Attorney^at 
jParis^of this Company, this Company will be pleased to con¬ 
sider the matter, and will no doubt accede to his wishos; 
but that tho Directors of this Company express the hope 
that Mr. Harjes will, at least for the present, give tho mat¬ 
ter his personal attention^ £f£t>n4t-lco/. 

NINTHS—The Secretary of the Company was, on motion, 
instructed to notify Mr. Harjes that the General Power of At¬ 
torney heretofore authorized at this meeting to be made out 
in his name is to bo used only for tho purposes of tho pro¬ 
posed fusion of the three French Companies, as explained 
(1) in the printed memorandum of Mr. Bailey, submitted Oct¬ 
ober 30th, 1884, heretofore referred to in these Minutes, 
and (2) in Mr. Bailey's letter to Major Eaton, dated Phila¬ 
delphia, January 5th, 1885, likewise heretofore referred to 
in these Minutes. 


TENTH:—Major Eaton stated that pursuant to the 
plan heretofore agreed upon betweon this company and Mr. 

Bailey, the latter representing the Compagnie Oontinentale, 
this Company is to doposit a certain number of its Parts of 
[Founder in the Compagnie Continontalo, to wit, 2,000 of the 
jjsaid Parts, with Mr. D. Wallerstein, New York City, subject 
jto the disposition of the Compagnio Cont inentale, and Mr. 
harjos, our attorney at Paris, jointly. 

Maj’or. Eaton stated that we are also to deposit, ad¬ 
ditional to the above Said Parts of Pounder, 270 more of 
(•them, with Mr. Wallerstein the same to bo delivered hereafter 
|by our attorney, Mr. Harjos to M. Leon, at Paris; but that 
neither of those lots of Parts of Pounder are to 
deposited until this Company receives notice that a Stock¬ 
holders’ Meeting of the three French Companies shall havo 
Iboor. called, at Paris, to carry out th^Proposed Plan for^-f 
;jtho Fusion of the said three Companies ^ 

\ Th ° following resolution was then on motion of 

vjf -J5* 



ac tua lly If 

- .!£ 

ifl {.£"&■" 

unanimously adopted, viz: 

RESOLVED: That the Secretary of this Oom- 
. , ?! '. ' . M' tici+tt,. 

pany is hereby instructed to notify thefCompagnic/Continon- 

jltalo.,_.and..out- at torneyMr. Harj ei 

• both- at Paris,- that this 

Company will doposit with Mr. D. Wallerstein, No. 174 Wil- 
, ^ dl,u = 

liam Street, New York City, two^thousand.(-2 T 000) -Parts of / 

|]Pounder in the Compagnie 'Continontalo,- to the joint order of 

, 'ftJio--.Cpmp.a.gnio.„Cpn.t,inentalQ. and* John-H-. -.Har ; j-es-^^id~t^at 
iCompany-^/ill ...also.,.doposi-t--with--t)ie- ; ^a id-Wallorstpil, 

a Is o. d o p osit- w ith ~t h e a id - -Wall o r s trp-ii 
ij.Rart s i> f- Noil. 

-Compigpi-e-^tcj.he dej! 


t-JffLd-f. I i/ 

ie^ sa id illarj 0 s-/t o *M. 



B&ie—Leerr;—Par±s-}-/Mbu'fc^that the foregoing -two deposit^ with 
tho said WaUerstein, w il l n » t bo made by this Company, 

on. ■rtptot- “IV' iTaUiwSav lTu> Cnnj.txij 

hero, wt-il mootings of the Stockholders°in the throe French 
Companies, to wit, (1) the Compagnie Continentale, (2) the 
Compagnie Industrielle, and (3) the Societio Eloctrique, 
shall have been called to take action upon the proposed Fu¬ 

sion of the said throe Companies; > 

l be it further 

RESOXiVF.D: That a certified copy of this resolutii 

WaUerstein and that certified copies -be also mailed by the 

be delivered by the Secretary of this Company to the said 


jjSeeretary to the Compagnie Continentals and Mr. Har.les: f/ s 
I (^ELEVENTH:—Regarding the resignation of S. 13. Eaton ^ 

as an Officer and Director, and the adjustment of his ex¬ 
isting interest with the company, matters which wore brought 
up at tlio mooting of Directors, January 5th, 1885, and laid 

|jon the table for further consideration, he stated that it 

I was important to him to have the matter settled at an early 

After some discussion ^-ru li ning, dacinimg ^ o s. 
i 1 iii ]_ hi 'Ja^c 'tt-cMj «. J 

TWELFTH:—The following Resolution was, on motion 
j|of Mr \yrts CcCLaialsj adopted, viz: 

RESOLVED;- -That the two Powers of Attorney, acted on 
jat the beginning of this meeting, to wit, the General Power 


jof Attorney relating to Fusion, and the Special Power of 
Attorney relating to the 2,000 Parts of Founder, as soon as 
jthe same are executed, be deposited with D. Wallerstoin 
No. 174 William Street, New York City, and that he be re¬ 
quested to cable the fact of said deposit, immediately upon 
the deposit being made, to the Compagnio Continentale, 

I RESOLVED: That a certified copy of this resolution 

be forwarded by the Secretary of this Company to the said 
Wallerstoin, and ^pother certified co^to the Compagnie Con 
tinentale^ If Uy f 'uMd. 

THIRTEENTH:—On motion of Major Eaton the following 
.Resolution was unanimously adopted, viz: 

RESOLVED:- That a certified copy of the Minutes of 
|this mooting; also of the Minutes of the mooting of this 
.Board hold January 5th, 1885; together with certified cop¬ 
ies of the Minutes of any other meetings of this Board which 
jmay contain matters that, in the oninion of eithor the 
President or the. Secretary of this Company, Mr. Harjes ought 
|to be informed about touching his future relations to this 
jCompany as its resident attorney at Paris, bo made and for- 
jwarded by the Secretary to him, the said Harjes, for his in¬ 
formation; and that he be requested to consider the same, 


so far as they relate to the subject matters confided to 


his care, as out attorney ? in-fact^his instructions from 
jthis Board tfu4*Zj fa , 

t ■> FOURTEENTH:—The Secretary was, on motion, directed 
f° notlfy Mr ' J " Bailoy of the action taken at this meet- 


I ing 1 touching tho variohs matters considered; and the of¬ 
ficers of tho Company were directed to confer with Mr. Bailey, 
as occasion may arise, touching any details that may facil¬ 
itate the business now on hand, 

Ccu/W Owl -U^flZ * tw ’ 

lu^ cC&Ltlcf ■Usj-' /U$~ jUt>dC^v^ ‘‘■{f— 

fjy favu, -4W/C UuuCcovwzs, p/& UcAjfei/ 

likwM- Cmuic£-'&$~-* 



w L -t/fae/j 




Jt/£ a* 


A (Us 

7 %~ <uy fa> 2 £~ ^ 
^a/ky rfC * a&fiC /}***. /jC^e^. 

Ak&* /*+*“- ***- J 7 /r*+— /***" 

<mA~ A> /^ J 7 

friy deiUus^k? ^ ny 

fa/far ^ f2&2££A— 

J a+u, fy 0ny AAu^y j}*u- 

^L */ At*' J 7 **~ 6 

jfc ygtj'zfcce' t4* /fcCs* 


£? k f au Tlv-fu^^ )t£U^ ^ 

%lii60*' ytt'C&J (3s2A./T<^ctp,£d^. 0^1'l<_^o{XZt<&+>L, 

rfli/d trlC&pjt/ 

\d6uee/6$^fyff / ^' 



2i Ann street. 


ovuvU •ytruj cUr ^cT inf cu^ 

4° -Aw <*«, 9^ 

-^*Sf W <«W~ -C**,* 

■" ~ -<&- -&*sk 

•^Ocu A&uJ 4o mx> ASu^( 'tpunr^Zy eS -c/ 


0E0 — T01 




ST0UT, MEAD0W6R0FT & e©„ 

21 ' Ann street. 

cfa-uA' . ..<£. ..-/$<$ d~~ 

'dcifttAjUtej BvumJUU ' Sc 


'tfcuA.oUcLA J&U <32>«>ew Y 

Grwjl.OMAan do "MCajo Y 

4o Hid cXt/.. ^ 

a£xruJ tO 


’ 9 ^ 

•/o c-UA do-^oo^d. 

3 *»**> - 

^ •*<««" * 9 ^ ,X^ ? 

o-t fcrS a - tfewua oU/ou^e^ do aM 

3 l .?r^ **“ S Msoitej 

*’ ^ *»«- *uity , 3&J 

—<2^ ctnu.J JoOicue err fczZZZZio- ^ 


J&A ' ®Uety C&^M t-»*doy ^ 

(JatAMZrv <r-^, Qdfa-rx*^. rlurAoJ /yT , — ’ 

ow. ^.>«««/ CPoo^, ^ CUhrrry 


lf-< ! O _ 

8 -8£-. 

7Tfc£a ,^ ^ <*Wt. ,_ 

) tf-S- 



■*6u.aA--'~ : - ‘ • ■ { 

7^I*tAM--H-.~ME^aowoJW , T being duly sworn de¬ 

poses and aays: 

I am Secretary of tho EDISON ELECTRIC LIGHT 
COMPANY of Europe, Limited, and make this statement in 
addition to the return of said Company verified and filed 
on April (XflsSS, and make it a part thereof. 

The entire capital stock of the Company, 5.3, ! 

000,000, has been issued for patents. There have been | 
no profits whatever, and there are existing liabilities of 
over 5i3d,038.50 without any assets. There has been j 
constant outlay and no profit or dividend. 

The Company is not engaged in manufacturing, 
nor does it own, leaso or use any factory, machinery or 
manufacturing appliances. It is not engaged in sellingj 
machines or merchandise of uny description, nor does it 
carry a stock of goods or merchandise. The oily busi¬ 
ness the Company has ever done was to take out patents 
in European countries for Mr. EDI.ION* 8 ELECTRIC LIGHT IN¬ 
VENTIONS. The value of these patents is still in doubt, 
and thus far they have resulted in no profits whatever. 

The stock has no regular market value. Tt-irs— , 
inow-seliing-f-or- per share,..the.par--value being-5100, 

If the stock -were placed on tho market in any quantity, 
e-v-en—t4wugh- -t 0‘OlvIy ~a~ reasonabie-ex-t^n^,--the—t^ri-ee-wou-l-d 
r •h.a-bpok-eflr—and-protoabiy no sales could be made at all. 

J3P” By Chap. 170, Seo. 8 of the Laws of 1861, the Commissioners are empowered to examine, under 
oath, the person representing the Corporation if they deem it neeessarv. to obtain nnv fniw nr ww 

I boliavo 
b'la value of the sto 
hat have boon paid f 
that the stock has a 
; Tho solo and only a 
tract 'bo two an it and 
o avar, in of>t{ of tha tax laws 
iany has no taxable \ 
ict ba taxed on any h 

iad to and ‘Sworn befc 
day of April,(idsSi 

^ (o, 

ySyi^rUh-c//^, (OsOC^co ce/ 



f^^/0 sS&^O 

^S^U^L( 2 s. 
/ ^ / ^a^cV& / fa £ 

' / <^XsU&6~ $y. 2$, 

^^JsUfU^rlt/ f~2te4stf&pl4s 

*<t 2 aass 
( a £ 
)/Vt 2 u^ sSs^flti/. 
^t!oU^uy (2rfs£&U4/ 

c\6L^^C' fa^ULtC' .s@>. 


<J 0 0 
/ / <b o 


/ 4 ~Q 





J cT 


4 o 



4 \ 


4 o 




o 5 , 



/J //0 

M <f; <> 

t O 



c/a cawdli/ute cmc/ a/tfiomt /j 

Qdttomcif and apcnd Jot a 

nn. name, f//acc and dtead /o vote 

Board of Directors 
Edison Electric Light 
Company of Europe, 
Limited, May 6th. 1885. 

Thomas A. Edison 
R. L. Cutting, 

Frederick T7. Foote 
Charles Batchelor 
Samuel Insulin 

Board of Directors 
Edison Electric Light 
Con?any of Europe, 
Limited, May Oth. 1035. 

Thomas A. Edison, .. 
R. L. Cutting, 

Prod'rick IT. Foote, 

Charles Batchelor, 
Samuel Inaull. 

[MAY 6, 1885] 

No. 65 Fifth avenue. 

New YorfdjLX.125.^... 

T. A. Edison, Esq. 

Boston, Mass. 

My Dear Edison:- 

We held a Board meeting of the European nompany 
to-day and ratified the Belgium contract. Will you please sign 
the enclosed three letters and return them to me immediately, as 
I must have them here by Monday morning. The document which goes 
with the letter you sign as President of the Edison Electric 
Light Company of Europe, Limited, I will have ready by the time 
the enclosed letters get back to me. We decided at the Board 
meeting to cable Upton to get him to obtain the best possible 
proposition from Rau with relation to the fusion of the three 
companies and cable it over here for our approval. Please do not 
fail to attend to the dispatching of the enclosed letters, as I 
must have them here by Monday morning. 

Very truly yours. 

To the Board 1 'of• : Direet'oFs'' , 6‘f'the Edison Eleetr.ic-:iiiiRhrtivx’ 
Company of Europe, Limited. 

. . ,:!ioV v. r 3H • . 

You will remember that this Board ratified an agreement 
of fusion of the Societe Electrique Edison and Societe Industrials 
Edison v/ith the Compagnie Continentale Edison all of Paris, the 
ageement being know to us more particularly as the Bailey agreement 
and Mr.Seigel of Drexel, Marges & Company of Paris, your attorney 
there was authorized to sign it. The enclosed letter, received 
from Mr.Seigel and dated Becember24, 1835, encloses a'copy of a 
contract which has been presented to him to sign and which he has 
refused to do without first submitting it to you and receiving </ 
your instructions. He calls your attention to the fact that the 
Paris Compagnies have dropped entirely the basis of a fusion v/ith 
the Corapangnie Continentale and this contract which he is now asked 
to sign has for it’s basis a fusion of the Compagnie Continentale 
and the Societe Electrique with the Societe Industrialle and Com- 
merciale at Paris. 

In this letter he calls your attention to many points of 
difference. The first of which is oh page ? in last paragraph of 
article 3. In the Bailey contract you had the right to step in at 
any time (where the patents of Mr.Edison were in danger of infringe 
ment or annullation) and establish the validity of the patents. 

This right is granted without question. This new contract puts 
forward the clause which seems to give away your right, in-Jas"’much 
as it says that, " Even if Mr.Edison or the Light Oomnanv gjyiul d 
have made use of this right at any timeyan arrangement could stil l 
be concluded by t he Societe Industriale and Commerciale Edison ." 

This seems to me to deny to us the right (if we think it bestjijto 
have' these patents vindicated in a court of law as it might be very 
profitable to them personally if • the lawsuit should not proceed. 

In parggraph 4, page 7, where in your former contract you 
have it clearly understood that under no pretext or condition can 
the benefits that accrue to you as holders of the parts of founders 
be either modified or diminished even in case of a fusion or an 
understanding with any other Company^ To - thia - they have added in 
this new contract, " Even with another company exploiting patents 
o ther than, the patents of Edison." This addition I cannot see 
at present that it will harm us ,but I do not see any use in putting 
it in at all. 

Article 15, page8, privides in this contract for a sinking 
fund, whereas in your other contract nonsuch sinking fund was pro 
vided for. In the statutes of the Compagnie Continentale Edison t 
there is no provision for this sinking fund but the capital was 
obliged to be all paid back before the parts of founder could re¬ 
ceive anything. In the statutes of the Societe Industriale it is 
provided that a sinking fund shall be made\which shall be paid ofT 
the capital stock in a certain number of years as it may be fixed 
by the Board of Directors. You will remember one of the principal 
points of controversy and one of the principal advantages to be 

. derived by your Company,^when the Bailey agreement of fusion was 
madey was; the capital' oW the^Cbmpa'gniie'l Coniirieritaie and Soeiete 
Electrique was .not to fee paid bac k previous to the parts, .o^.founder 
receiving any benef it; ill ; If !my: memory: serves- me right.Hhowever 1 1 -,tiv 
think that a fund of a amortiasement is a thing in Prance which 
the first Board of Di'retutors1,;can vote and therefore if this is so 
it would not be wofrt'h while for you to raise an objection to it's 
being put in-the statutes, £or-t he f i r a 4 —Boasd thnVritn can 

Page 10 and 11 in articel 43 has an additional clause 
which seems objectionable. After recounting that as one of the 
charges of general expense a. royalty (payable to the parts of 
founder of 11 centimes for all lamps of 5 candles and below and of 
centimes for all lamps of six candles and above) shall be paid, 
at adds the following peculiar sentence, "In no case shall there be 
paid to the parts of founders more than one royalty for each lamp 
and the Soeiete Industrials v/ill never have to pay a royalty 
greater tO '- i4 than it shall have received itself and only after it 
shall have actually been paid for it." I think that this is put 
in in order' 1 that lamps manufacture d in Germany which pay a royal¬ 
ty to the Edison Compagnie in Paris under contract shall be except¬ 
ed from the general rule of 11 and 22centimes fran the fact that 
by their contract the royalty that they pay to the Paris Vompagnie 
is regulated by the lowest price of the lamp in any Edison Factory. 
It being therefore quite possible that at some futufce time the roy¬ 
alty paid by Germany might come slightly under these figures the 
Soeiete Industriale-wishes to be secure against a dead loss. 

Mr.Seigel* s letter says that this royalty was 50 centimes in the 
former contract .but as I have not a plan of the former contract I 
cannot compare the two. I think however that the royalty of 11 and 
22 centimes is lower than what he agreed 6n. 

On page 10, same articel, there is an addition of a few 
words that I do not think the Light Company ought to accept. It 
recites that Mr.Edison and the Light Company pledge themselves and . 
their licensees never to sell or to make a delivery directly or in¬ 
directly in certain countries owned by tte French Compagnie without 
the assent of tfife Soeiete Industriale. This in itself would be all 
right but there is added to this sentence the words, "under penalty 
of damagesJf This in my opinion means that the Soeiete Industriale, 
who should look after things to prevent.shipments into it's patent- 
ed countries, will have nothing to do buti.sijk down and make a bill 
of damages in every case where this is done and Mr.Edison and the 
Light Company would be left in the position of employing detectives 
all the time to find out and stop all such deliveries and in case 
they do not stop all such deliveries they would have to pay what¬ 
ever damage that was done. 

Article 44 in which the division of profits is made in 
this contract provides for 6# of the capital paid up whereas your 
Bailey contract provided for only 5 % of the capital paid up. 

Seifeel also calls your attention to article 46 of the 
statutes of the Soeiete Industriale reading as follows, "In cases 
oftesufficient pi-ifits of one year to pay the interest of QpS per 
share the difference can be taken from the reserve fund if it 

'exceeds a tenth of toe capital! 1 As there was no ^reserve fund in on 
our Bailey contract 1 of Mrcursef this 1 ar^'ici'e' shtJuidHriot be there.. 

On page 12 of this contract ^ af thin ffe^hay.ft,.,,the 

following, "In. case- :6f! liquidation' &fty >surpliis,’ afterinpaying'iiipjlthe' 
.shares, is to be divided,* 15# to the liquidators, 50# to the Board 
of Directors and 85# ; rtoythe s f,ounders shares! 1 Now in our Bailey 
agreement in case of liquidation, after paying up the capital 20# fi 
of the residue went to the Share-holders and 80# went to .the found¬ 
ers parts. 

There is a final clause in this enclosed plan of contract 
as to any change that might become necessary in the wording of the 
definite contract saying that the same is of course subject to toe 
cond tions thBt your rights and those of toe parts*'of founder can¬ 
not be diminished. Mr.Seigel says that the division of the parts 
of fainder as now proposed would give you, as far as final result 
is concerned, a smaller interest^bur Mr.Rau tells him in reply 
to his objection that the previous arrangement for you to deliver 
270 parts of flounder to Mr.Leon would be waived thus giving you the 
same pro rata as before. He also remarks that the new plan of 
contract appears' to make no allusion as to your being represented 
on the Board of Directors. I would suggest that if this paper is 
accepted as a basis of contract that you by all means keep in the 
last clause of article 20 of the Societe Industriale which says, 

“By reason of their position as inventors, Mr.Edison and the Light 
Company, can always name one representative to be present at all 
the meetings of the Board of'Directors of the Societe Industriale." 
It is quite possible that they will want him with a consultation 
voice only and no voting powerjwhatever it is we ought to have t 
that. I also call your attention to the fact that oil page 10 , 
article 43, of their contract which says"the lamps used in*the 
factory and buildings belonging to the Societe Industriale' and 
Commercials do not have to pay this royalty and this will be the 
case whatever is the capital of the Societe Industriale". Where 
? aS Si ? ply a manufacturing com any and had certian 
shoufri Iv w y ' V hlnk this clause was quite proper that they 

novr iLv ^arged for lamps used in their own business/but 

xngs of the manufiacturing part oflheloSete^ndustrJalel^ tUild " 

• <:-i h oW n m ! h") a M woaia3 

I would make a proposition therefore that a letter be 
written to Mr. Seigel^in the^sense^that.^i;* 3 . contract of ^fuSlon^with 
the Societe Industrials is' such 1 an entire cliange from'what we have 
already agreed upon that we do not want to consider the matter for 
a moment, that we a re per f e c tiy willing to stand bythe contract we 
have already given him authority to sign. But if the French com¬ 
panies will under no condition sign that contract then if ail the 
modifications and additions suggested by the letter of Mr.Seigel 
as well as those recounted in this letter are erased or put in 
this contract we should be glad to consider it as a basis for nego- 


;7"f rr, w ~ 

/da/C- ffd tC’AM/Cc? '^Cc- 

' fajjlL §*«'. 

j „ s/t S N " 


&■ tU't £ &■■&?'-»&' t* <?- 

(^Aj «J2-e,-*}&«- - 

~i!3S/lritd*]tf'*» • ^ •=■ 

oi^ ^/dx^ Cd Wfc- - 

^ v^Xx/My > s4~~&s i st^- lAM/* 


cfrj>Cc&J- / 

j'VWwXfi* frrlhtnh*^ 

uc CVM^- M; v ^ L 

'U/^'frUs <\^£s filsQ/l- ChsZ&tir — 'Zt?-'6——- 

Hu/ 'WQs^v*^ j (XM^^ fyjua/^ frC(- 

YktMjVuy °*Ay tx£(2^ 

' J ' ■ 1 ., , -// - 
vijfcx/ %to4L^f/t&i? ^€l / 1'£C'P\ **'*"' ' v> ^ f 

)/(j6l$fc'JiAJj ^ Ci<t 

it^r^ ^ ^'Wc<^ Jfctirf- 

^A ^ p $' pytjb«>fi'A&' 

*]M£C^lAy? r H'!l&VL- Gls W^J tyn.^ 

tl Jfc & 0**8 W^- fk.Ucu^t • 


y M'iA**, \$$a,- '\AL&&*fr utp $" $tlUt'&‘U ( 9 r x 

sO "V~" V 

b/L- 1 /!m y /^ 

%Jl£, <\AA^ ^ 

'U/^frUs (dj/ fibo/i— 
i/tu/ ’WOe^byM^ J ° L ^^' 

yj skl&JO \*y cx^£b 

of£&l/ lUfibf/tiik? '^C'^ . ^*" 

A^ *• ~^ct£&i b<«dy p jtfc&f- 

1 ^ i‘ fy^t^db 

c/UM) T4t0&^w«^ r ^i i^«- Ct^ W^ty tri-^6^ 

*f1fc Atft/Q <V*& fM/c-u^t • 



1885. Electric Light - Edison Lamp Company - General (D-85-028) 

This folder contains correspondence, agreements, and other documents 
relating to the business of the Edison Lamp Company. Most of the correspondence 
is by Francis R. Upton, general manager and treasurer of the company. 

Approximately 50 percent of the documents have been filmed. The following 
categories of documents have not been filmed: routine correspondence regarding 
accounts; routine notices for meetings of the board of directors. 

/L£tJLs iclsKSJ C/Yl ^Ol^X^.y<3 ^OTsd^O a^sL*'^/' 

lArut-L, Zrte -Ajl^oU as£, /:duL. 

t£<JL> ■& cry^L^oOtyuv^/ 1 . #jccnsisi^<L cn^ 

~/<JLA^r / . 

'ket^is jgsvtu .-<-,/ er^- fan. (yJrVt’ccy ( / 

/<J- /a ere.■$nis/<L> &lenn*J ^ ^^ 


(£r\ oLrrU 



•folUsW C-00 . (R , < U^<lJ-'in^J 
(o hcJ?, forxjzJ^JtJ^crr^ 

PcLevceAC/. Jer&siA^L-trvi Jbfl.i 

^ftun.Q. FcUsCLCrr-) 
/'I'Un. f'On f 


The Edison Company for Isolated Lighting, 

65 Fifth Avenue, 

New York,-j-armary-lSth.-188 5. 

To the Board of Directors of the lidison Lamp Company:- 

Ploase accept my resig¬ 
nation as a Director of your Company. It is tendered simply 

because I no longer hold stock, having sold my interest. 

Very truly yours, 


Edison Lamp Company. 

.J?I. '..‘188 §~ 

/cbuuuL /(hjAA 

(yyyr y, / 

s 'clot* COuuU4r* *n' ? y 

'J-'? 7 / l 0 yfa/^L -3 
j y^cuUf. , 7&V14 p€-&*U^^ 

A6CZZ<^ cy^y^ 
J\'tZ^&6os't?yi cm.' 

(L^ <0#fr- <rv W* <P<ry-<^ 

/l*u Aay<? AclA* jg^Hyty^ <U*t- 


AAA^ sp~ 

G3~^&££r/%*,,*ss L?cy PSfe 

Edison Lamp Company. 

/f ARK, N. 

*yo(sA. A2cA&y 
£'f~~~=- v/^P 

Y'G^thry- cf\ 

7 C<Au ctsyce* ~7 e y~~ 

0-Uys Pcz*^cfc><7 7 t CU^c/ ^trUA*' 
vVk ‘tty'/AviAccu& V^ta^tr 
Ft-cxt ‘CfcrfyZt' .XZ&z-^c^ yW- 
A<x^^F>? « ^&r£oc/' ~7^V ^eu^ryy' 

ZlCrlstsZtstSiO/ 'UrActs^- — 

OT^&l^/FulA--' O^cstxst^c FAt 

SAr-U^ F/^ls*' FAFC€ ~/^ AcZst^tr' 

yiccc si*l^u££&t unJFttzzi 

Urr^ /uMxf 

Jyh' lAi 



ZZU^L, s&ui d&SWCJt/ /C^C^f 


^j£l jdM5xJ&£ *st*MsA>v*!££A£&Z£Z' X^a 

Ct^s &ittrVLs &>& AsL^t/ 

^y-t>^u£d' aJZ&dMlt 

Edison Lamp Company. 

Edison Lamp Company. 


New _ ^..188 ^' 

x! eo-Z-Cc c*L- cc~*-*- ae - ^^-ac. <zC- 

cod-*-*o-/- 7^<- <?c~<^e*Z<^£o&o<> yy^ddc 

<^1? <&-/ \ / \dto-r-oojfo*- c<^-o^C- 

*>?--dcZ-t--o<.c&'^ : - <zd <-— 'pz-e^t^- — &ypf:/pZd* 

a, Zst •es?~^tr-i't->z---<>-***-^ c*-* cst-o'idz e* e-C Sy? J^Tr^-zi 

y^_ /sCS-t-i-t az^r- 

/ / y, 

d? 0 O-o-a \3S~^ f ~°~ ii ‘ \J%d-o** xT^ccs/Ce-*? CX y-TXL&o-Z-' 

JL. t2-*'/oe-t-C£Z& 

^/'poL-yddCs- xd^d^y^T-x-eZ-'d- ydcyy 0, at--? ^a^><a£_ 

0-7-0- <?-ZjP-P~- -^-O^T—z-i-Soo-yy ,r ■;('$''&'<■^y*L<-X_ Gc-^t^csoo*x. ^odt^ X ' 

C'K— a- *~/S>oiJi_ d-CosZ-XX> e^C^, x3-0-^t/-O-t> S^£~— 

0*-^—isoZd&- -d-d— 0~7^x—- P^d-cst-C^. pd-XZ-^ > ^Cstsu-oCx-X— ^pd&i-'Z- <£—&t- | 

ee-x Cs6r (30Z7-&- y^dapC tx^7>~s-c-^-^'/Z~P z Z t> 

0 ^—Xdi- /!*. ay/Lu. yU^-^zd- £zkd t tflgcooe- XP&-ocxX— ■ 

^£J£^ CasC*-c-&£- 

d^2dg?~e*&*n<r. (?7z*-*ryd-d~ 

' Wie- Sbiacm Sa-w-p Co. 

East Newark, N. J. 


cjy^ov Un'Ua- 

Ch*% <s~- 


‘ •• ojl. 

/ r^«— 

_>. 2 ^— /o~~~ 

■ c4?-t. 

&f\Jk'Zh- «-*>A. ( t/c 3 ry< truCa, 

u 5 l -4 

/v^aJ) ( ^'^*~‘ ^ - 

,£} PL-ytP /Wa^, 4^S 

°^~ wA C3-j &ZZZ, psu^astCC 

u t&Lc. 

"u ^ 

J/’t~~b fU4*Ulj— 

C^E)<A-4L>{^u^ Qu^-J <-4^ 

&ix£h— ^CVr -.00^ C&10U- CJslUSfl 



‘(sl’te Samp Co. 

f lrrtrir Gom|iitin>, 


July 1st, 1885.. 

Thos. A. Edison, Esq., 

65 5th Ave., Now York. 

Dear Sir:— 

We send you by mail a specimen of 
grass which a friend of ours has sent us, 
with the inquiry whether it wiil not serve 
for carbons for incandescent lights. 

If you will have the kindness to lot 
us know your opinion on this subject, wo 
will be much obliged. 

East Newark, N. J., 



0 < ^ oo^c 

/trvt*. v^r^v- , ? 

ijrha^- X* '»“**?-<. 1 


i^rrU^<^' U^ " 


• ' §1 je, £sli^on fsimp Co. 

East Newark, N. J.. ... 188 S 

Qh»-. xX a. 


xA<_ ( 

• a/ j <^xu^ /v*- 

> (li\ t 

~Y“ 7 — 

tjs2_ o~*XZ?ki^£ 


Edison Lamp Company. 

East Newark, N. J. 


6 a. ***■ 


°fr~ *■ 

of 9u~ty&- /*A~* • 

as to its snitableness for incandescent lights. 

On the 14th of July you acknowledged 
receipt of the sample and said that you would 
have it tested and report to us. 

We have none of your favors since that 
above referred to on this subject, and beg 
leave to ask what were the results of the 

Yours truly. 

Western Electric Co* 

■ ' 

Edison Lamp Company. 

East Newark, N. J 'Jk*b -£L.is8<r 


iL~ z. * 

* &■ 3 ~” £t - 

* 9 pu ^,- *T 

^±Zi~^ 7 l j c - 

Jr a “^^7 

tL ^ *',~*~ / ,* ua T. 

a, y- ” a > 4 ~^- 

Edison Lamp Company. 

East Newark, N. J..- 

188 3 " 




c/Al ~H>d.O<Um ^Ayyyojr 1 &OrnflCt/Mj ■ 

c/W JxM , 

far sy*O'U. 

. Jig. ..*£ . xy'I'onHxr.&oto /V&f)' 

e£*£*+ , /, 

4: a 


'll. S. CL. 

Coy.^.j JtduaJ . 

Alt^p~tyyr^> (f. lit. 3 f ^ 


<oov*n, 7 Aw, 4'^ J; f xyn^rUL AtaA™snJt r 

°f ^'/ c • ^Ayms. Jjo sj, . J) Cf . 

^ Aa ™^d ■t***~i ft*'™ ; ^ 

lit W a^orU,a^. aatuJL ynvju 

OA-dM. , Wo Aie'UjU. 'lofo, Mr .JStuzM' /iioJ. 

A UMi4a..l y* t o J'oftfay, . 

fit. MulU jMtom xfa co ' if. 

M yuroth JM ' ^ 

co Y WaMvxx^n, 

fault. ■ 

ill . CVtjt . t dtoaxi . J ./. M.J 

'^Ct/.vo faxytsisfyccilstj 

Edison Lamp Company, f 

.. ^ V'f« /d ¥’- <&*■/• | 

2 ^/ - | 

/fi ^ 

fjt ~tL~ — 

^ ^ ^ f*" '^ £ - 

\ t y*~' - 

.*/*-* t^6. &~ 4 - <5< ^7 

C^T. rg 

% - 'x. r^,^ — :! 


tr V- jV . 




^/J < 2c>Xv^l^i^ r o ~/h~£Lc k t£-f(i/L 

ffp\ „. s.* __ 


^-<?V‘ A -j^\^-t/C«^ ' £th~£~V~J\ 3~, <S*LkAs<H.,U\ 7s<-£.tt-:..t, 

&/-&a-4x(* l (?ff>U^.«»-v^ W ^,'v?.t-<-<-1 w*~ELv. (fa* 

< Tr-**J' O^i^^tX ^ L (' UCi.U\ 

H bt^tj^CCy^u/ (2 e-'is\^Cc 1-i.t-L.C s/'*~t~&PLt4dl 

~&o u(~ m cf-ct u^KU. 'tcn^ ... . 

- CO^a^Lx. ,%Ar- i' “ ‘ ^Sr £ // - ■ ■ ^ -CX tn.u.2 

'cfeCCtyJx te (tl^<'V) Z&rA'C^L. .^'- ‘jr . 

**” G-C(^'*~-&- CL-t'L tZ_l^J 

^ ~f^*-'JtC\~Ar- ^"0 *• f 7 1 1 - i*:’l ?l<vi 

( y%A^^J r ' (/'- c -*^l CLv ct fi'&'Y CA-P^ ^ 

(L~ i 

r*^7 ■ _y 

*3 ^ 4 - ^ <■ u ^""> 

^ 1 (L^-fay 

J a^s>-o-K T’Lc-c^O 1 

! ^ f' ot-O-e tw-^y ^ LATu-L^A-vj 

p eij^X-a ’ r— 

. ^A-2'^'C'Y'^f"” 'jy^^C'eA j — /(ji-Jr-e- <sj u^<a^«CAAj£fi_<i.'^ | 0“OO ^^erusrxi 

|. tr^ I D i^A.,—p (jge»t ^«a. ’zJLtJc t-'---^ e*JL (v-dv-o-c p 

|j JLc-fj (j(^-i> y |-^f U.»*- 2 irf^-—o~ c. eT’fT ^ - 0 

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!| \^o-jt^<) Yl *5 v_a^a-£-A_a_C-_c<u. £vs~$-<-| —“...._ 

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So, ujp'cfce^uj (k-Z-C-t-A-C. t&~ t-o *1 Q.c*-+—~y,.. (At 
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TUm jL..<,^ 


AGREEMENT made and entered into at 
the City of New York this day of 

a Corporation duly created arid existing under and by vir¬ 
tue of the Laws of the State of New York (hereinafter 
called the LIGHT CO.) party of the first part, and THE 
EDISON LAMP COMPANY, a Corporation duly created and ex¬ 
isting under and by virtue of the Laws of the State of 
New Jersey, (hereinafter called the LAMP CO.) party of 
the second part, 


WHEREAS the LAMP CO, is the successor 
in business and tl*e owner by purchase of the factory, ma¬ 
chinery, tools, appliances, rights, contracts, good will 
and business of THOMAS A. EDISON, PRANCIS R. UPTON, ED¬ 
WARD H. JOHNSON and CHARLES BATCHELOR, late co-partners, 
formerly doing business at Ea3t Newark, N. J., under the 
firm name and style of THE EDISON LAMP COMPANY; said 
factory having been especially equipped for the manufact¬ 
ure of incandescent lamps of the character used in con¬ 
nection with the EDISON'System of incandescent lighting, 

WHEREAS the LAMP CO,, has heretofore 
purchased from the LIGHT CO., a certain factory, and the 
tools, appliances and machinery therein contained in the 
City of Hamilton in the Province of Ontario, Dominion of 

Canada, likewise especially equipped for the manufacture 
of incandescent lamps of the character aforesaid, and 

WHEREAS the said THOMAS A. EDISON under 
and by virtue of a certain contract made between him and 
said LIGHT CO., dated the 8th day of March, 1881, was 
granted the exclusive license to manufacture the said 
EDISON INCANDESCENT LAMPS within the United States, and 
the Dominion of Canada, as will more fully appear by in¬ 
spection of said contracts to which reference Tor greater 
particularity is hereby made, and 

WHEREAS the LAMP CO., has since its or¬ 
ganization furnished and supplied lamps to the LIGHT CO., . 
or its licensees within the territory covered by its pat¬ 
ents in North and South America/*!***! for consumption 

. f t Acc* U-Cil trfUAVp 

within the United States,Jat the prices, recently, named 

in the following schedule, that is to say: 

Standard 16 

10 do 

20 do 

24 do 

32 do 

50 do 

100 do 

8 do 

45 » 

50 * 

45 * 

50 » 

60 * 
# 1.00 

B Lamp 35 cts. 

Candle Power A Lamp 

and for consumption within the Dominion of Canada at the 

following prices, to wit: 

8 Candle Power B Lamps 90 cts. 

10 do A » 90 » 

16 do A * 90 » 



WHEREAS the rights of the respective 
parties hereto, the exigencies of business in the light 
of the history and experience of those engaged in the en- 
terprise, has made it expedient and wise to alter and 
modify the terms of said above named agreement and sub¬ 
stitute therefor the present agreement, and 

WHEREAS the LIGHT CO., as the owner for 
North and South America of certain patents relating to 
Incandescent lighting and the lamps manufactured by the 
LAMP CO., is willing, with such safeguard in .respect to 
its future business as may be right and proper, (it being 
recognized, however, that the LIGHT CO., cannot afford to 
put the manufacture of lamps so far out of its control as 
would Jeopardize or prejudice its business by reason of 
either the prices or supply of such lamps) to confer upon 
the LAMP CO., the nxnluaive right of manufacturing Incan¬ 
descent Lamps to be supplied to the LIGHT CO.or its li¬ 
censees in North and South America and, under the condi¬ 
tions hereinafter expressed, for exportation to foreign 
countries in which the LIGHT CO. does not own said inven¬ 
tions, and to that end it is deemed advisable that the 
s rights and obligations of the parties hereto should be 

expressly defined by a contract between them. 

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration 
of the premises and of the benefit accruing to each of 
by and between the LIGHT CO., and the LAMP CO., as fol¬ 
lows, that is to say: 

FIRST: The LIGHT CO., agrees to grant, and 

hereby does grant to the LAMP CO., subject, however, to 
all the provisions herein contained, the exclusive right, 
privilege and license during the continuance of this 
agreement and no longer, to manufacture and sell in the 
manner herein provided, the Incandescent Lamp or Lamps 
now or from time to time used in connection with the 
Electric Lighting System of the LIGHT CO., its successors 
or assigns, and described (in whole or part) in Letters 
Patent of the United States and Canada, now owned by or 
issued or granted to, or that may be hereafter owned by 
or issued or granted to the LIGHT CO., or its successors 
or assigns, under or by reason of any Contract heretofore 
made between the LIGHT CO., and T. A. Er, and in any re¬ 
issues or extensions of either or any of said Patents in 
the United States and Canada; and said right, privilege 
or license shall continue during the life of all of said 
Patents and the reissues or extensions thereof unless 
this agreement of license shall have been previously ter¬ 
minated as herein provided Tor. The LIGHT CO., further 
covenants and agrees that during the existence of this 

Contract it will not license or sanction the introduction 
into the United States or Canada, to be used or sold 
therein, the same or similar lamps manufactured elsewhere 
or by other parties except as hereinafter provided for. 

As regards all the aforesaid lamps covered by 
this agreement, the LAMP CO., will not, without the writ¬ 
ten consent of the LIGHT CO., make any sales whatever, or 
otherwise supply any of such articles, to any persons or 
parties whatever during the granted life or renewals of 
the said patents, or any of them except to the LIGHT CO., 
or to such other persons and corporations as the LIGHT 
CO., may from time to time direct, with full power on the 
part of the LIGHT CO., to revoke in whole or in part at 
any and all times. But the LAMP CO., acting in good 
faith, may supply all of the articles covered by this 
agreement for use outside of North and South America, 
provided each article is marked indelibly with these two 
words, to wit, Eor Export:^* and the LIGHT CO., shall al¬ 
ways have the right, so long as any of said articles are 
covered by any of the provisions of this agreement, to 
satisfy itself, by inspecting the books and records of 
the LAMP CO., that said articles are furnished in good 
faith for actual exportation, and that said exportation 
actually takes place. The LAMP CO., shall always give 
preference to orders for consumption in the countries 
covered by the patents of the LIGHT CO. 

The license herein given to the LAMP CO., is 


granted to them as a privilege personal to them, and i,s 
not to be assigned or transferred by them in any way, and 
this agreement shall, at the option of the LIGHT CO., 
terminate forthwith (1) upon their making or attempting 
to make any assignment of it or of any of the rights or 
privileges herein conceded to them, or (2) upon any such 
assignment resulting by operation of law. 


SECOND: The lamp CO., will, and hereby does, 

admit and acknowledge the validity of all patents per¬ 
taining to incandescent electric lamps, and to the manu¬ 
facture thereof and to whatever appertains to the EDISON 
system of electric light, heat and power which the LIGHT 
CO. may own or acquire while this agreement lasts, and 
the validity and utility of the inventions therein de¬ 
scribed and claimed; and hereby covenant, whether this 
agreement continues or not, and whether any adverse de¬ 
cision in an action at law or a suit in equity on any 
of such patents shall have been rendered or not, that 
they will not violate, infringe or contest the validity 
of any such patents, during their several terms of life 
as originally granted or afterwards extended, or the suf¬ 
ficiency or their specifications, or the validity of the 
title of the LIGHT CO., to any such patents or any of 
them, or aid and encourage others in so doing; save and 
except, however, that if any of such patents shall have 
been adjudicated invalid, in any action at law or suit in 
equity, and the LIGHT CO. shall not have appealed there¬ 
from, or if in the event of such appeals, the final adju- 


dication shall have been adverse to the validity of such 
patent, the LAMP CO. shall then no longer be bound, as 
above provided for, to admit and acknowledge the validity 
of such patent or patents, thus adversely adjudicated up¬ 

The LAMP CO., will, without further compensa¬ 
tion, assign to the LIGHT 00. all inventions, patents, 
licenses and other rights for devices or methods employed 
in the EDISON system of electric light, heat and power, 
or employed in manufacturing articles therefor, which they 
now possess, or which they may hereafter acquire, during 
the existence of this contract; but the LAMP CO., shall 
have the sole right to use such devices and methods em¬ 
ployed in manufacturing, for the purpose (and only for 
that purpose, except as otherwise provided for herein) of 
manufacturing articled which are not applicable to the 
said EDISON system. 

The LAMP CO. will promptly notify the LIGHT CO. 
of any patentable inventions or devices which they may 

tAHnrTrhile this agreement lasts; and they will, without 
charge, and at their own expense, patent the same, at the 
request of the LIGHT CO., and assign the patents to the 

THIRD: The LAMP CO. will endeavor to reduce 

the cost of manufacturing standard lamps, as hereinbefore 
flat ai l ed , and whenever the average cost thereof shall 

fall below 

30 a for 16 Candle Lamps 
for 10 do 

it will lower its prices to the LIGHT CO. to the extent 
of one half of the difference in price between the said 
respective prices and the actual average cost of the 
lamps manufactured, provided the LIGHT CO. makes a like 
reduction in its prices to consumers within 30 days after 
the 1st of January and July in each year the said LAMP 
GO., will render to the LIGHT CO., an accurate statement 
of the number of lamps of each kind manufactured during 
the preceding six months, and the actual cost thereof, 
and if the actual cost shall be less than the prices last 
above named, the LAMP c0. will pay over to the LIGHT CO. 
one half of the difference between such actual cost and 
the price last above named for all lamps for which the 
LAMP CO. shall have received payment during the next pre¬ 
ceding period of six months; and the LIGHT CO., by its 
officers, agents and accountants shall have free access 
at all reasonable times to the manufactory and the books 


of the said LAMP CO., and all other books connected with 
the business thereof for the purpose of determining and 
verifying the statements so made. 

In determining cost, the total manufacture or 
output during the six months, whether for the LIGHT CO., 
or for foreign export, shall be taken into account, and 
the average cost of all the lamps manufactured during 
said six months as compared with the average selling 
prices of same period, shall determine whether the sell¬ 
ing prices can be reduced or not; but if any foreign 
lamps during said six months shall have been sold at less 
than the average cost, in computing* the cost as above, 
the lamps so sold shall be taken at cost. 

(Similar clauses for Canada.) 


FOURTH: The aforesaid cost of manufacture, 

for.the purposes of this agreement, shall be restricted 
to the actual cash cost of (1) labor, (2) material, and 
(3) general expenses, as follows, viz: 

(1) The actual cash paid to workmen for labor 
performed on said articles shall constitute the cost of 

(2) The actual cash paid for material going 
into said articles shall constitute cost of material, and 
if any of such material is purchased on other than a cash 
basis, or otherwise, so that it costs more than when 
bought for cash, corresponding deductions shall be made 

so as to bring the price to the lowest obtainable cash ba¬ 



(3) General expenses shall be restricted to 
(a) depreciation, (b) fixed charges, (c) salaries, (d) 
sundry items, and (e) royalties, the same being fully de¬ 
scribed below, viz: 

fa) An allowance of four percentum on the 
said cost of labor and material shall constitute depreci¬ 

fb) Insurance, rent and taxes shall consti¬ 
tute fixed charges. If premises are owned instead of 
rented, six per centum on the actual cash invested, to¬ 
gether with the interest on mortgages, if any, shall.con¬ 
stitute rent. 

fc) Such salaries for officers, superintend¬ 
ents, boojn-keepers and clerks as are now paid (a state¬ 
ment of which is hereto annexed, marked Exhibit A), to¬ 
gether with reasonable increases thereof as business in¬ 
creases, shall constitute the item of salaries. 

(d) Whatever enters directly into the cost of 
production, other than actual material and labor, shall 
constitute the said sundry items. 

(e) The LAMP CO., may also include in general 
expenses such royalties as they may hereafter pay, touch¬ 
ing the articles covered by this agreement, so long as 
they continue to pay than and to use the inventions they 
cover, with the consent or the LIGHT CO. But they shall 
not use any inventions requiring payment of royalties, 
except with the consent of the LIGHT CO.; if they do, 
they shall not be entitled to include such royalty in any 
calculation of cost, or to include in such calculation 


any excess of material or labor required for such inven¬ 

The said cost of manufacture shall be made up 
from the books of the LAMP CO., within thirty days after 
each and every December 31st and June 30th, respectively. 
In making up the said cost semi-annually, each half-year 
is to stand entirely by itself, but if on any June 30th 
it appears that the profits for the next preceding six 
months have been either more or less than this agreement 
provides for, such excess or deficiency shall bo carried 
over to the next December 31st to be equalized by any 
surplus or deficiency arising from the business of said 
last named six months, after the allowance of the per¬ 
centage of profit herein provided for; and if any sur¬ 
plus arising from the business of the entire twelve 
months, next preceding, shall then remain, it shall be 
divided equally between the LIGHT GO. and the LAMP CO. 

If it is found that the profits for any entire year end¬ 
ing on said December 31st of any half-year exceed the 
fixed percentage of profit herein provided for, the pric¬ 
es of such articles as the LIGHT CO., may then designate, 
or, if the LIGHT CO., fails to avail itself of this op¬ 
tion, such articles as the LAMP CO., may designate, shall 
be reduced enough 'to thereafter absorb such excess. 

At al'vl. siich, o^mi-annual accountings the LIGHT CO., shall 
have full and free access to all books of account and 
records of the LAMP CO. 

Under no circumstances shall the price of any 


article to the LIGHT CO., and its licensees, including 
cost, profit, royalty and whatever else may be included 
pursuant to this agreement, exceed the present or any 
future net price of such article charged by the LAMP CO. 
to the LIGHT CO. 

■ f 

FIFTH: Regarding articles manufactured by 

the LAMP CO., and covered by this agreement, the LIGHT 
CO. shall not, during the continuance of this agreement, 
license other manufacturers to make them, except (1) for 
good cause, or (2) in the case of intermediary companies 
formed to exploit territory. If any such licenses be 
granted, they shall neither (l) be at lower rates or on 
better terms than those at the time allowed the LAMP CO.; 
nor (3) exclude the LAMP CO. from jointly occupying and 
competing in the same territory while this agreement 
lasts. Existing licensee contracts heretofore made by 
the LIGHT CO., are excepted from this provision, as pro¬ 
vided for in the eleventh section herein. 

No license is to be granted to others for gs&d. 
flans*, as above, except in one or more of the following 
cases, viz: (l) the non-performance by the LAMP CO. of 

this contract or any condition of it; (2) their doing 
anything prejudicial to the interests of the LIGHT CO., 
and in defiance of its written protest; (3) their making 
such conditions with regard to manner or cost of manu¬ 
facture as are to the manifest disadvantage of the prog¬ 
ress of the EDISON system, and prejudicial to the LIGHT 


CO., and in defiance of its written protest; (4) where 
this contract is terminated on account of the LAMP CO*S 
refusing to arbitrate, as set forth in the thirteenth 
section herein; or (5) breach by the LAMP CO. of the 
provisions of the seventh section herein. 

SIXTH: The custom heretofore adopted by the 

parties hereto of importing into Canada, carbon, glass, 
platinum and wires for the manufacture of lamps therein 
may be continued, the articles named being now necessary 
as in the past, to the successful and economical manufac¬ 
ture of said lamps in Canada. 

fMemo. Explain this custom) 

SEVENTH: The LAMP CO. hereby covenant and 

agree to pay to the LIGHT CO., the sum of three cents for 
each and every of said lamps manufactured and sold by it 
of which the selling price is not above fifty cents, in 
North or South America, as consideration for the rights 
and privileges hereby granted,and as a compensation to 
the LIGHT CO. on the, sale of said lamps, and for any risk 
it may assume in guaranteeing the payment of sales to its 
licensees as herein provided for. 

And the LAMP CO. hereby agrees to make monthly 
settlements, and to render to the LIGHT CO., monthly 
statements of the lamps sold in the preceding month, and 
the books of account of the LAMP CO., shall be open to 
the inspection of the LIGHT CO., its duly appointed 
agents or officers, during business hours for the reason- 


able inspection of its agents or officers to verify said 
monthly statements. 

EIGHTH: The LAMP CO., shall, at their own ex¬ 

pense, make all experiments requisite to cheapen or oth¬ 
erwise improve their several articles, and in cases where 
such experiments are consented to in advance, or after¬ 
wards approved, by the LIGHT CO., such expense may be 
treated as a special charge upon the profits of the half- 
year when the experiment is completed, and in case the 
profits of the half-year, after deducting such special 
charge, are found to fall short of the allowed per centum 
of profit, said expense may be carried forward to the 
next half-year, and no longer, and be charged against any 
excess of profit then accrued, but if such excess is in¬ 
sufficient to cover such expense, any amount remaining 
shall be borne wholly by the LAMP CO. Any experiment 
made without the approval of the LIGHT CO. shall be an 
expense to be borne by the LAMP CO., and no allowance 
shall be made therefor, unless the LIGHT CO. afterwards 
adopt the improvement, in which case the expense shall be 
a special charge as above. 

All expense and outlay heretofore incurred by 
the LAMP CO., in making experiments, taking out patents, 
and acquiring patents and licenses, are assumed by them, 
and shall not be charged to the LIGHT CO., or be deducted 
from future profits. But all expense hereafter incurred 
by the LAMP CO., with the LIGHT C0»S consent, in purchas¬ 
ing patents and procuring licenses from others, shall be 


treated as a special charge upon profits the same as pro¬ 
vided for above in this section, touching experiments. 


NINTH: The LAMP CO., agrees, within sixty- 

days after the receipt of orders, from time to time dur¬ 
ing the continuance of this agreement, to be always ready 
to supply the demand for lamps of the LIGHT CO., and of 
such parties as it may from time to time direct, when 
such lamps are needed for the installation of new plants 
or for renewals in plants heretofore or at any time here¬ 
after to be installed, but not for lamps in excess of a 
reasonable stock for current wants to be carried in stock 
to provide against possible contingencies, and all lamps 
so sold shall be carefully packed and delivered, properly 
addressed either to some responsible Express Company, or 
to the Railway Station nearest their factory or factories 
free of all charge, except the charge for lamp as per 
schedule herein recited, and for packing or packages as 
per schedule A hereto annexed. 

AND WHEREAS it has heretofore been 
the custom of the assignees of the LIGHT CO., and more 
especially of its principal licensees to wit, the EDISON 
COMPANY £nn . I s o la ted Lighting, to carry a stock of lamps 
to provide against possible contingencies, it is now rec¬ 
ognized and agreed by the LAMP CO., that the demand for 
lamps herein contemplated, which the LAMP CO. is to sup¬ 
ply within sixty days, is separate and apart from the 
keeping up and maintenance of such stock, which need not 


be drawn upon for such current wants after sixty days as 

The LAMP CO. will keep their work up to the • 
highest standard attained by any manufacturer of incan¬ 
descent lamps, either at home or abroad; provided this 
does not involve the purchase of unobtainable patents, 
and will at all times give preference to the orders and 
work of the LIGHT CO., and its licensees, and maintain 
ample capacity therefor, reasonably increasing their 
plant as the demand increases • Failure to do all or 
any of these things shall constitute good cause for the 
LIGHT CO., to at once cancel this Contract, or license 
other manufacturers. But the LAMP CO., will not be lia¬ 
ble in damages to the LIGHT CO., or its licensees, on ac¬ 
count of such failure, except as ordered by the Arbitra¬ 
tion Committee herein provided for. 

All lamps manufactured by the LAMP COMPANY, 
party of the second part, shall be according to the stan¬ 
dard styles and grades fixed and determined upon by said 
party of the first part, and from time to time altered 
or modified by it so as to enable said party of the first 
part to roquire the introduction from time to tims of all 
possible improvements affecting either the style, econo¬ 
my, durability or other necessary qualities of such 
1 ampbut under no contingencies shall the party of the 
second part be authorized or permitted to charge for said 
lamp or lamps to be sold in the United States or Canada 
at their factory or factories a sum or sums in excess of 
the amounts named in the Schedules hereinbefore recited.^ 


The quality of all lamps to be manufactured as at pres¬ 
ent determined, shall be such that under ordinarily fav¬ 
orable circumstances and ordinary use, they will have an 
average burning life of One thousand hours when giving 
light at the rate of 10 candles for every 300 foot pounds 
of Electric Energy supplied to the lamps. 

The LAMP CO shall have the right to refuse all 
orders unless payment be made, or unless guaranteed by 
said party of the first part. It shall also have the 
right to require, as a condition of its filling any or¬ 
ders, that payment be made before the 20th day of the 
month following the delivery of the lamps and in all 
cases where payment may be guaranteed by said party of 
the first part, such payment must be made by them within 
a like period. 

tenth: The LAMP CO will keep full specifi¬ 

cations and data in respect of all devices manufactured 
by them, and will accord to the LIGHT CO,, full oppor¬ 
tunity to examine the same and otherwise familiarize it¬ 
self with the manufacture thereof, including free access 
to all parts of their work; and will at any time supply 
to the LIGHT CO. any part or all of such specifications 
and scientific and mechanical data, drawings and models, 
as it may demand, upon the payment of the cost of their 

ELEVENTH: Whereas all the present stockhol¬ 

ders in the LAMP CO have executed an agreement of even 



date herewith, a copy of which is hereto annexed marked 
Exhibit A, reference to which is now made; it is agreed 
that the LAMP CO. will always in good faith do all they 
can to secure to the LIGHT CO full and faithful perfor¬ 
mance of such agreement by the said stockholders. The 
LAMP CO. rur ther agree that while this contract lasts 
they will not change^tHeir present organization, and that 
they will never dor or perform any act whatever, nor abet 
or connive at the performance of any act, which may in 
any way lead to an evasion of any of the provisions con¬ 
tained anywhere in this agreement. 

TWELFTH: Whereas the LIGHT CO. has already 

made certain contracts with licensee companies (a com¬ 
plete list being hereto annexed marked Exhibit B), which, 
m some instances, may constitute authority to manufac¬ 
ture:- it is agreed that all the rights herein granted 
to the LAMP CO are taken by them subject to the rights 
already granted and the obligations already incurred in 
said contracts. 

the LAMP CO. agree to continue with due dili¬ 
gence the development or business, and to manufacture 
such new and addition lamps, in the same general line 
or class of goods, as may be required from time to time, 
assigning to the LIGHT C 0. all patents thereon, and 
otherwise bringing said articles fully under the provis¬ 
ions of this Agreement; and such new and additional 
articles, together with the articles mentioned in said 
Exhibit C, shall constitute the articles covered by this 



THIRTEENTH: Whenever by the terms of this 

agreement, any matter or controversy shall arise which is 
to be decided, by or left to, arbitration, it shall be 
submitted to a board of three arbitrators, one to be ap¬ 
pointed by the LIGHT CO. one by the LAMP CO,, and the 
third by said two arbitrators; but if either of the 
parties hereto shall neglect or refuse to appoint an ar¬ 
bitrator for a period of ten days after written request 
by the* other party so to do, or (if the two to be chosen 
as above shall neglect or refuse to appoint a third, as 
above, for a period of ten days after their appointment 
then, and in either of the said events, the party here¬ 
to not in fault in the premises may apply, first, to the 
presiding^of the General Term of the Supreme Court for 
the First Department of the State of New York, or, if 
he declines to serve or omits, for ten days, to make the 
appointment hereinafter provided for, second, to the 
Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New 
York, or, if he declines to serve or omit for ten days, 
to make the said appointment, third, to the Central Trust 
Company of New York:- to appoint the arbitrator or arbi¬ 
trators so omitted by neglect or refusal as aforesaid to 
be appointed; and the said Justice, or, in his default, 
the said Secretary, or 1 the said Trust Company, as the 
case may be, shall give to the parties hereto such notice 
of the time and place when’and where he will make said 
appointment, or appointments, as he shall deem reasonable 
and proper, and shall at said time and place after hear- 

ing tho parties hereto or either of them, if they or 
either of them desire to be heard make such appointment; 
and it is hereby agreed that the action of such party 
making the said appointment or appointments, as aforesaid 
shall be binding and that the arbitrator or arbitrators 
so appointed shall exercise the same powers as if chosen 
in the other way first provided for above. 

The decision and award of said arbitrators, or 
a majority of them, shall be binding upon the parties 
hereto. All the expenses of the arbitration, except 
lawyers’ fees, shall be equally divided between the LIGHT 
CO' and the LAMP CO. In case the matter or controversy 
to be submitted to arbitration be one to which the pro¬ 
visions of Title Eight of Chapter Seventeen of the Code 
of Civil Procedure of New York are applicable, such mat¬ 
ter or controversy shall be submitted to said board of 
arbitrators according to and subject to all the provis¬ 
ions, of said title, provided that the parties hereto or 
either of them so request in writing and a judgment of 
the Supreme Court of the State of New York shall be ren¬ 
dered upon the award and be entered in New York County. 

FOURTEENTH; It is further agreed as follows, 


1. The LIGHT CO. will, in good faith, enforce 
and protect the patents assigned to it by the LAMP CO. 
under this agreement, but in the event of the LIGHT CO’SJ 
riot instituting proceedings against infringers or de¬ 
fending said patents against actions brought by others, 


O^-tyA. farUcL tv-v T-»< 

^the LAMP CO. shall have the right themselves, subject to 
the general supervision of the LIGHT CO., to institute 
such actions and carry on such defences. 

2. All patents assignable by the LAMP CO. 
to the LIGHT CO., under this agreement shall be assigned 
as soon as issued. If this agreement is terminated 
while applications for patents are pending, that is to 
say, between the date of filing an application and the 
issue of the patent or such patents shall be assigned 
when issued. 

3» Whenever this agreement provides for any 
consent being given by either of the parties hereto, it 
is agreed that such consent must always be in writing, 
and otherwise not to be binding. 

4. All the provisions in this contract as to 
licensees of the LIGHT CO. shall apply to the LIGHT CO. 
itself, should it become a manufacturer. But the LIGHT 
CO. will not engage in manufacturing the articles cover¬ 
ed by this agreement while it lasts, except for good 
cause, defined above, or as otherwise provided for here¬ 

5. All the provisions contained in this 
agreement apply also to the license granted to the LAMP 
CO. f 

6. Whereas there are certain obligations in 
this agreement which continue after the agreement itself 


shall have bean terminated; and, 

WHEREAS, doubt may arise as to whether 
certain phrases used in this agreement, to wit, "during 
the continuance of this agreement;” "while this agree¬ 
ment continues;" 'during the existence of this contract" 
while this agreement lasts; • are meant to refer to this 
agreement itself, or to the continuing obligations sur¬ 
viving the agreement;- it is agreed that the said phras¬ 
es, and others of like import, relate to the actual con¬ 
tinuance and existence of this agreement itself, until 
it shall have been cancelled or terminated, and not to 
such continuing obligations and conditions as are provid¬ 
ed for herein to survive the agreement itself and to con¬ 
tinue in operation after its termination; but neither 
party shall be relieved from any obligations under this 
agreement arising by reason of any act done or omitted 
or any matter happening, before the time of such termi¬ 

7. No license or agreement to license by the 
LIGHT CO. herein contained shall be construed to refer 
to, or to embrace by implication or otherwise, any li¬ 
cense or agreement to license under any letters patent 
except such as the LIGHT CO. may own during the contin¬ 
uance of this: agreement and license. No grants, or 
licenses or privileges shall be implied from the licenses 
and privileges expressly granted by this agreement to 
the LAMP CO. and to the LIGHT CO. respectively; but the 
rights and privileges of both the LIGHT CO. and the LAMP 

CO., severally, shall be restricted to those expressly 
mentioned in this agreement. 

8. The primary object of this contract is 
recognized as the protection of the LIGHT CO. and the 
general development of the EDISON SYSTEM OP LIGHT, HEAT 
AND POWER on a basis of fairness to all concerned and on 

a basis that shall put it in the best possible position #o 
compete with and overcome all rivals and protect it from 
possibility of enc-roachment by them. All provisions 
are to be interpreted with due recognition of this, and 
with recognition that all contingencies and details can¬ 
not be foreseen or specially provided for. 

AND POWER, used herein, signifies the system of gener¬ 
ating, distributing and apply electric currents accord¬ 
ing to the patents of the LIGHT CO., as such system now 
exists, or as it may hereafter be modified by THOMAS 

FIFTEENTH: If at any time or times by reason 

of improvements tending towards economy of manufacture 
or otherwise, the LIGHT CO. should deem the prices charg¬ 
ed by the LAMP CO. as too high or unreasonable or as 
acting as a restriction on business or the profits there¬ 
of, it shall have the right to demand from the LAMP CO. 
such reductions as it, may deem proper, and if granted 
within 30 days, they shall take effect forthwith; but 
if not granted, the party of the LIGHT CO. shall have 
the right at any time thereafter, on giving six months 


written notice, to cancel this contract and purchase its 
lamps from other persons or corporations, and all li¬ 
cense herein given shall then revert to the LIGHT CO.; 
but if the prices at which the LIGHT CO. so purchases 
from such other persons or corporations shall, after, 
one year from the date of cancellation of this contract 
be higher than those which it had previously demanded 
from the LAMP CO., the LIGHT CO. shall for the two years 
next ensuing pay to the LAMP CO., monthly in cash, such 
sum as may be equal to such excess of price or the number 
of lamps purchased in the next preceding month by the 
LIGHT CO. or any licensee thereof. 

SIXTEENTH: In case the LAMP CO., shall supply 

or sell lamps to any person or corporation in North or 
South America other than the LIGHT CO., or such per-sons 
or corporations as it may from time to time direct (with 
full power of revocation) or shall fail to keep proper 
/books of account for the purpose herein provided, or 
shall refuse access thereto as herein provided, or shall 
fail to render accounts as herein provided, or shall fail 
to furnish models Ac., Ac., Ac., as herein provided, or 
shall delay the supply of lamps except as herein provided 
it shall be at the option of the LIGHT CO., to revoke 
forthwith or at any time thereafter all the licenses 
granted or arising thereunder. 

04 > hx 4 acUmjaaA'Jl Am Akx,.. cAcyijuuiJiM/ i~.y(j^~ 

J-UMJUl pju £c(jJU/IA- S^XcA^Ad' ^A(XkA\^(nM^lO AAAj 

pnoU 3kov\A ocA- Cb , EcUa-ow , AitaA&cf j) gA okiW 

l^!/tau(L^^.QXM^v^ C maoC ^cLuraAcL . '^(W^g yu 

fir'XtaJ^ ^cucjt i 


o^PAm. yj^AAAAM-ckj Jbcrf^u . — 

9 Y 

j<X#ui /jnaAsh^j, cb^ Aka AJUtAtv^ds ^uviAr^ aJ> ckotM-CjAcO /h>, CXy EoUmtw . J^JacuxJja k^oA^tuiko^, A'A-ClaaMJ> 
m. ^llf\A-^ru) cvuct fLcLur€o\cL AA ^okAAiun^ , ^c/fWJ \>hma 


&A<sjMl, CfJha ScbJuriAj ^/W^d- 

0A1 (ikcvuCjJlA^ O^tcuu^jMXcOJ Jaj Akoto (htStM A. 

[n^- ' /f^u £Xx«yux^tAX 44 ^- 

, (Srv 

f cl^jL- Si . 

3^jwJHs °|— f2-- /UaC^^AMa-C/ a/ut. OyiAAAAacL ^ MfuHtu, 

c ^f 

4 ^ 4 ’bSu^./ a. 


H 1 L a^> cJUou\a(^)uK ocb A~o Arkn. J^lAaa- a^/ (&) 
JLaasJIa, A-^Jax\^A'UA'UAC^. AkjAxJ^iA/ -J^tAlAA; Akx 

iyi <o kv^iy Xi^vo c>^ -fLcjaif -t^vU4uo \-o Mtx ^'^r' 

Xvvui/ c«^ -fty. (b /M/v^£^ujJo<ajo 

3J0l. J^ouM~ ci’ctuA^. <jv_. /jock-^)L ( %ALCy\AAAAjji\c^ oAr A&jl 

w~0\ck Cl/uoL c/iA-. OiaA^ Q_^I~M_ /uJL 6 AAn/v\o^ 

-^vm^ AcdbiA- JJ^i/i/i/oji^ >tu cu^ca^^vl'" cuSA^aJUb^ 

A 4 vvaCA 4 -«-oL t\j^j AAaX XtuaaaaJIAAj 0 ^ AQAdO^Lu^ Jb(AM~ 


gr'&ue I 

0 MaoL W^OvOUMA. Cb^. /UAJih ouaactiaaaA-m* 
pX2X/^l>£(7U AAA.S^T^f-^O^' A^-> AM~iaJA&^ Aa^-cAJL. 

I '+Rjb (btPiU" AbjLAJUh^' CA^_, l(. '-f 


>cy //. 

iJ P^fSL C l0Ua(D'<^ 

■Z&MJC 1 7 *e 0 o^faa^ AAnAl^ AaaMajlM- oA-aLk AoJa, 
j^ (o/j2 £A QJLaaA- Jpsux cmaaaamaa. AjJ^cnA- ALs OamctiaaaA-' 

<y* auu-j a &h*cdJUj aaaa/UM.cJU a^u k £ul 

IJIhaAaaasimJ AAAJu/iA-tcb jJUoJUC (l^urindL. 

I'CuaJL/ 17^ OlaaoL/ <V\AyUI— /UrcAoL^ 

oA CAAAAM^cK^ CM. &C(SA—£maJLs £5Wa£>C £duu^ 
^JL&AAa.Qs JfacAAAsftCb^A^ -Uv A&JL Omciaaa*Sa JaQsiSUa*., 

AjiJL&sfrjioC AajJ}aAaA-mM_c{j J-cA^X\- 

Q *- ^ 

f Oty_ O. 

Tag* M <&/u, lif 

< (X-cffL 

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11 ZO ^CAaaAJLsAJ (h^ AAjL cHMAA^LcKj -4- 'fa ow/t^j 

A^JMAa, CTvaaa> 4 ^.oO . 

{ 2.1 ^ -^Jb/ ^ (Vocaaa^m- Xjeybb^AXe^oji -psh^rvAoUioi; 

fa" ” AjO ^O^J- 

jouq* 8^. 

42 «jS,/ 2 .^(mj il^lAOb ^ CUaoL- A-Em. JA-WaaA- ob^yfCobi e^MiAAOL&h^' /Ua_- 

h&AJ-cA. J^JL^i/VL "/Ua/ /tOJU>o" ! 

lou^e. / ^ JlccAAAjpcvtsvy aa+, cuaecnoloLA^eji W 4 -L a^oivuo 

JlM^ia, ''cUaoL 

I 6 ". 4"0 /HT^i-to £^€^ 04 A^A_. pvmcA OAAW, 

MaJ 2 aaA^ ..c^A-IlA o G</vt>He^eA^ X 4 ^A€^KgC 

: -^ 3 ^je_ I -tr'^t^ot, " 2 . 2 _ 

Inrr JUaaA^ jefifotA/fA'f.cO 
|jc£l^v_£_. / 4>' JpAASV-<-CiSL(Aj 4&JL MsOM&IA JUjIaJUa^- rw^ZAAX ei A~0 
oMVfi OjXAMA^. AXAAJIAMcL. hrt> fauJLs OuacX-' "a^ 

|A^-cuA.o<,a/\ (A AchaaaJ^a- mjlslcAlcK -^-£A aJ&Mx.o<Jl wwoua JfAuuA 
|uaA 8 a/RcL ^AC^cnX ,V ouw^_ caaJ. < 7\ /W xTUL ' ' ot^-y caaJL oa 


I 1 WA*- *J~ 

-fot< ^SUtAujl ft 

t£oiAj. Hfy 


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\£uaJLs 11 f I {rMxXA^o^^a^^odLG^. 

I^jaaso ly h-HaA^vu cdLALu flA-&\Ajisu ntco A-oALo /UaA&si-* 

pA€.<A cU^\x*~ JIp oaaaJ^-cka^aa^' 

J^E/OUJI. 2-2-. XnxJt— A^J- cfcciAMjp- focMA\lCXAAAJ^ &$\aJUl OA~ly\ — 

JpSl*fyUMY~ CUA«| n^LCjyt<A~&> O^C^AJLAXck^/O^ciJ^ 

X-^>V^OL A- JkcvutyoAAs^ jAUaJA ^oaJL a*^> c^Mxaao^ /\-(a_>— 

rxUcy^AAJLcA^ JIxxSLajla^a^, oxAchjuA- Aro JLaa oL s$Z.esi%4 a\, 


. .: O 

. A cty. ~i ~i . 

jy^Xo*_*i. A-t) AAaJl. ,/LCKaaaJl JL^.\^aaA~ OXA A$sJUa^ Av^AA I 
c/vc«h^aM0?j6m Aaa&AUa- °LidL, st\JL aJLas^. c\A~ Hms-*-' AaaajxaJ-^iAj , 

■^AAAJL/ 3 .. '^CA^wjo XtcfoA^OtM*^ cr I Ct/UA| 

/XujCWVM'U^* oO -fcs\> £oUaxa~ o~i oi*u-j ck^JIiaA c*aA^€aj»>Kaj 

\c\Jtnn*JL /Kocviaj{.oL 

f | cvma^UMj — o~u Oiaaa^ r\A A jUM& LA ~' A^xMJtyd^' hMAr*A^A<cK, 

\<£aaaj2- 1^ >jo fimrxetipU. aAt. .0\ Ar^ju^ acui^ cUd /u> 

j/Urt4-^uaM- AM'maaaXaaA- Ad aAo -w^-^uaAo! m^mAxA. 

tPnJn**jaA- rwr^AjhACXA'XAs^). 

1 _. .. . .. ' LI'S 

1885. Electric Light - Edison Lamp Company - Accounts (D-85-029) 

This folder contains monthly statements, monthly trial balances, and other 
documents relating to the finances of the Edison Lamp Company. Only one 
document — a statement of assets and liabilities for the year 1884, dated January 
2, 1885 — has been filmed. 

(/Idxlz^r 2 • / <?$ $ ' 

'Z'*^ /SS' 

(Wv6(n vi 



< etAai*AJ'- 







7 /to 





rfLjsU syS/S'SC 

/tdli duA by _ /o QLf-Z p b j 

/'OWlu fc .ytyOMiAJ-Oj 

^<- $cc&S&cl<.cf /P&tnW 


Cio^ j<y 


YZ Z>7,7§- 


G-x, 3 3 y £> 



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(fyal 6rta& 



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rfo, cc + / 



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* 9L/ s-^o/x 

* /§c t> 

* $y o a y t *y f 

/a3 y % t , / £> 


* " P £C OO O , 0 0 

£ 7jJ*9j^±f 

^eciuMof \$a';fa.(tfcur //y6,^p^3 
^Wa^e/ /&»d!aiawi ra&YS' tf£ 
" OaMada. Sl’IUMll y/Of 

1 mo&k L, ’ yy 

it PaauS %. ytto ’ o 0 

QUteiutXtf 9-0 'T-tJ-, U/> 


~. yp&k r-Z&of a / f 

ftkuldr)flMLliAU 0/ 

fyrtxt-O*/ ' 

, ^' 7n et ^i7 v-t-s-s t (,i 

(* S~(> o cy 

/ S'fri/- 


* /± £ xy. 0 3 
J SS73^ r /S 

’77) (ZOOI/kr- 

/SSt <5i/sy7 
/8Z %- HoiT-Gfy 
/$Sd £<33 PV-y 

/?&/- Zyc oyj 

“£ * / £, / y<zy 0 o 

^ * ?/* 70 , 0 o 

* ys*', 0 6 

■* tl*/ ?(>£ ,o 0 

1885. Electric Light - Edison Lamp Company - Lamp Test Reports (D-85-030) [not filmed] 
This folder contains correspondence and reports relating to lamp tests. 

1885. Electric Light - Edison Machine Works (D-85-031) 

This folder contains correspondence, agreements, and other documents 
relating to the business of the Edison Machine Works in New York City, which 
manufactured dynamos and large electric motors for the Edison electric light 
system. Much of the correspondence is by Charles Batchelor, treasurer and general 
manager of the machine works. 

Approximately 80 percent of the documents have been filmed. Orders, bills, 
and receipts have not been filmed. 




Nos. 92 to 108 GOERCK STREET, 

New York .. M a rch 30 » 1883 ■ 

Standard Mand Rock Prill Co., 

Room 111 - 115 Broadway, City. 

Gentlemen: — 

We will make for you two hundred rook drilling ma¬ 
chines, each with tripods, columns and weights ns per model furn¬ 
ished to us, painted and boxed ready for shipment for the'sum of 
forty eight dollars and seventy five cents each ($48.75) all the 
parts of said machine to be .interchangeable. 

Said drills and the other parts named to be made of 
the best materials, in a workmanlike manner, and to be inspected 
and accepted by your expert Mr. B. F. Bergh. 

The above price includes the following smell tools, 
which will accompany each machine:- one drill gauge,: one pin 
wrench, one gad, one double swedge, one screw driver and one oil 
can, but does not include the drills, the prices of which are given 

" Tine of delivery". 

We shall require eifht (8) weeks from the accept¬ 
ance of our proposition to co.'nplete the tools neces ary, after 
which we will commence deliveries in five weeks at the rate of 
twenty-five machines per week, and continue at the rate until the 
whole two hundred are delivered. 

We shall require that the machines be taken at the 
rate of twenty-five per week. 

"Terms of payment". 

At the time the tools are finished and when wehaye h 
the stock in shop necessary to make the two hundred drills we 
shall require a payment of two thousand dollars on account and in 
advance of deliveries. 

All payments to be ma-e upon delivery in cash. It 
is however understood that the payment for the first hundred ma¬ 
chines delivered may be made by the note of the Standard Hand Rock 
prill Co., made at four months and endorsed by M.R.Cook of the 
firm of Cook & Bernheimer. 

We agree to furnish you with drills, when ordered, 
payments to be made in cash as follows:-- 

In lots of five hundred sets at a time made from 
three-quarter "Octagon block diamond" steel, one bar ten feet long 
making four drills of one, two, three and four feet long each at 
four dollars and twenty-five cents each set. 

s. H. R. D. Co. 2. 

Extra drills when ordered in quantities to be for 

1 foot in length, SO.83 6 feet in length, $1.62. 

2 feet " " .93 7 " " " 1.77 

3 “ " " 1.14 8 " " " 1.93 

4 » » » 1.30 9 » '• « 2. OS 

5 >i » 1.46 10 " " » 2.«4 

The prices of extra parts to be 
25 hammers, (weights- 1 with lead) at 
25 stirrups, 

25 hammer clicks, 

100 pair steel strikers, 

25 pair lifting levers, 

25 revolving toggles, 

25 pairs lifting pawls, 

10 spindles complete with holding bolt. 

as follows:— 
32.18 each, 
.27 " 







per pair. 


Very Respectfully Yours, 

Edison Machine Works, 


Chas. Batchelor, 

Oen'l Manager. 

9 * 


lc H 

\£&, /Pfor 


'o %0fct,&Au*j& < 

'** -~ , 


/A/j Arts' Y 

s>(oO^o AI/&- /A/yjy A~^cy AAo 

_ /VA„ ^ 

"//% Y/YrA/j yy/^-AY^ Qy &?tj ~?£/& 

(f ?^<qAPA4AAAA(ya r y/?Yc< r tic^a./Ls siy/aA AtyAs^tY) | 

& &f-&tyutuJ ck(<i^£j YM'<?^/ y/CA/^ <rt\j yALe^r' YY+# ‘At-AjAzcj'zt oz>/l/J I 
v ~? f ch~6C£, <^CU4 aJ5~c(j Ay</yA_J Tt^YyArAAyA/ttsx/YY\ 

'r cAy^T^ /Ac, AYts&vJ oV'^'Cv 1 & <?'/(A <A<Y<Y/goy^ AfAiYYYt^^Y 

'f'cJ-ot^O €zeA/& r ~ CL^YA/Atbiy/'a. ' 

" W&U Wj> 241 <* a-AtY'U-XY AYY S4<Ye^eAjXYi y<£&-AAeY> 

'ofcAY <=/AL//& A~zAc^ &A&-T'y?ex*rA> 
r/ TUatAO cY^/^Z -'P^UL/^y'/ f £€//c>Y Y4^r/C/#a,*<-A^AZ£) 

ff SK aCrt'ZJtS.'}'^- r 0zCt.*C^$~~Ats Ax^/ira-AAb <3_j3-yYi. AA—Ay 

'/ ^y cyoy' < &y / Acy- 7* AZw^&d/'^YryAD , 

' fl/a^ /Z-Atr7^<- y&YYAO ^.esArrAt^ s/P y^Y/Ay/xy y/^^oACY 
f/ r ksjAy (s~/iy t-SYtAA tx <s^ts^?yAo^e-<yx ^ WC Jwa4Abe~tAQ 

" _ cri^jU tAr/A/j cy <£/ ayA) ^ K&txY y&c/u &Yr£x? <*£>, CXCAj <prerA._ 

' CriL^J *A.J^t-A-Ao r <X/<YY /?CYf?-xeY s cxxs A 

f OuA) cY<A> -^£mO !y Z«/^W/ <?~A< A/) /?£& <r/*/A/, 

r ' / /}(c~y£>'rr&^> <Y~yC-c/Y~Ai a -AZ) &c*o <y <A*Lnxy A<zA<Y-ty~^ 

f ^ C fry 

"\ ^/AYaAo-Y/ AlyAY yzyy^jlaPy 

'■ovO a£j — &-z? Gy&AceYi @(2) cyAs'-tx^s ef-^Yf-A/74A) A ' 

//^cY&AA? sA/AA/s/AA/tAA/ r AApAcA A/AiAt <eyA/~ ^ 

' l&~tP IzA/A <=A-AA> 

'f tzfAnA 'ThAAb <^yf' <n 

<f YYY<&t-'/CA> r cc&L A &^&£Ytx*YY ^<x-AZYY 

'r //ib — tzOA-efAj) ~//sy> Ac&M-*As^e.A-s <zz^cs tA-rAc^-esr & 

ff YC^U &f/tr £L (AlA''Zj ~~S//azA /A/j ^/{ sr cs-A// AbAx/PeZ^ 

I, '' cxAv/C^fYCtcb Aj ~A<-^Z~aA/^c*t; ^ 

^/y^zcoa *y^fic*y-/4cxxCA t' ^ 

oA^/AuA/rtixb //uT~7j'jAt A-c^.exfA 

— f^Y A ££Y*Z/ A./*Y4 ^x S*<A I 

ytAjr.<*x^cL4y~A <zLt*c a 

gM'tL) <z/Xa.'60 '7 n f-g / }iu<J ct y&tx^y-pt^csZ^A c 

9 *>(■&-£{CW/ KX. t-Jtt-CZ'Cst*t<.7*~ //^ t-U <£<-J C*^^C-&4*e*^£xS) 

e^dciy -Zsct^tZ^ Wfe< t£c-j ?<y c/st^ • {Zast-S £>Ce^-^ 

'-^/or^yy &-ocaAD , _ ^P<Ar^ tpCe^Z-A?-/? Ss& 

,f ~/AdrA AuJ^yx-y ■^c<^f<SAy^^r\ "' 

" a ^ ^ pu<xy J'r^ -^r a 06 cy/^k> 

/ ^Q&cca efecttfiZ> ft 9 

" za<r<*x) 

U y ^ _ 

&Ks C*_y'r£4J'7$ y c™_; 

1 C&f^L^/^O £tyl££-O0~ f x r <y$ —< 

9 ^7^ dxyz/AJ r &ja 

/ q}^ rt~/ ' Adr<p Ax^e-V cOf^fi *(S> <@JZ3tr XxzA~cS. 

y 2U4 oUx <ybcr*tsJ ~7Ax'^c y-^cc^rAr' lr £? <i?SLp^o 
'f /$^-Xt44A-em~--t&(yZg-X^S> , c?&cUJ ■y^4_J^~ < ^enrX^’ 

,f #uc t '4y*-y' j^tcxa-' &£>'vLSO s^Zu^' 7&e^ 

* AzrZ^T' 'C&?Ky Op-gAs f ^ est^t.cC-, ' 

• v VttfZ^y <2x^0^, <£*..<2^0 y£e~'/*~~ . -..-.- 

151 ^/rslAAp /zjAjz^. cc^cs£2£gs 

,f AA^jCn, — 

A C/~ —FeWy 

y n x 

F- ,, ■ .«$ - 

y /<%_—a r 5\f^ — 

2— n <^a 

'* 3 « , , <=X /, /•£ 


Z, Z 'F 


y.^c y ? c& 

r d . ir 4 &&> X yy f£> 4 <afa 

r ^/uJjO'tf g<m 9 c y' f yd&cfiy de ^Fd ^ 

7 -<^t yfas<t_yp, / y/5rz£) t^yTy-y-a y_^j oDsyzL.,//*e cl_ | 

"^<i3~~ <0j££J*-/'c<y& d 2 ?^ " ! 

f j6ijy/]^4Myyr' &/&> { <&f~ ? ^ 

9 f£)G 
f XJ- 
,f ^cC‘ 

f £\f' <y>CLcr^ 

y ^ c*> 



~/{A -{X^/^Cj.t-tjf. /Jf^^ (®~£?2't~'/^?' 

£Z4*4^y£. <Ssy£-y egf 

^f-tZy/Cx^—r i^cx^yz //^CZ — 

yfe^^c/r/u cifdsi^j k^J), ff-ft 

^CZa. ct^y^LO 7/^Z~ -yt^-^/jz? /AZ fiZ/txui c/eis^x(J 

<v& f *o^ccj sxZ^/y£=; cz^Do^cy 


The Jfliraitfhi ( Sf \iqe Engine (Sonqbanu, 

@or. Gvddcc and £Taycttc fitrccbz, j 

^ fa? . Syracuse, &3 - 1888~ 

. C/r*/ <p/ (gd<-</ or^S 

6 8T cyff_^r stfirot/ { 

u tXjjt^isL/ C2$Z / 7"' 

dt/SeS*-rU?^/O'*/ Hi-^ vZ -JL 0-4 ^stsen/tb *k. sr>*-rvtS 

br* J&txd srm*(± d* /C*-a~/ yet*., do cdo /£*S 

<-$rK^ AcddcdZoi^ do Sdb edoajued <^JLoa. &«*l* 4?>x~d e/suct4*rist+<p* jhxid /^*td\< a**J'£cu*j 

b-t'i/xs da & */l\S ddi^- <xil*p*-ULMJ . t^a o-/d-<^£+j*4K4J 

d^c /So J+^s «v *4 yor^, c<*x> AtAy~r**j d£<*-d 'tL#^*+4-dts<J**d €$£_; oJ'/£ctd&£d i 

/So «-i 
dudc/v^d ol££* 

*V *4 &**-<*£• yo*^ ouct AtAy~r^ <y++^ '6 
^ °d£**S &4srdc(xf , ^nd *t£aJL./■ d&* 0i*S2y &z\^ 
^o* <ZL^JLs S^a-S ^\t^/c'id'^*0 

'MiCv ,v ^ «KJ/ S^ZSJlS 

sr^/rz>U^tS b /■«! .rf&s <£L^*~«ju c/*»\_/ «» 

^ z</ d^yy^a . (t/<L @+ j-<^ < £^y.t^.oj -/^lL s$0?£($ ^£Sii ; d9ut.* 

->uw ^ty+d eSt--do £i.*\jL’ jtf*A.<c.d* ^*a d^y' jf£c** 

>dfjL tidf/A / /S'dLyb /dLs yds<zZ&.t*i\j<t ijt* ym^ a.d /£tS ^t-w+^u /£+. 

srr&s 'P-n^yd.j' aw -4 ^t«.^ ^T^cLiv <£L±j<~<.<>^ / j^t/ ycn^, Ji<d- /»W JLt^^ 

aJ^> ,A? /da /JL*J- /< 

' /dLnJtf' \oaa,/- <n«yJ?d~ ■& ■ 

. Ci^rCc) ^ <fd**s £LyCztA^J c-<J» /d^y£i!sl*<^>S ?!> 

G)L4.. <£lyf^L*S /lUt^/ti\£0\. Jr/ <£$a Vxcu £.-/■ y£/t cy/in-GX* 

8***' JL*-<d- £>'**-' pretaxy /S**j<la^«.JL <£**yt*u*AA 

^U. t /rr**sfe c^ty^uy ,t*nsd «/4« 

yi J04*^.f S'ta*-<^S. do trfd/As JL<^l/f~ CZ-dctMj) dp-9/* 

f 0 <! 0 

<3 < V^ya.i-r.*>££ fd-v &?**+£/ 4Zxf /*-d-&v*~tb d<s. 

<*^ ^ dd»^ •^LstZs££tUL*iA«j OJh c) 

d£«S V <m, 

y ,Kn*Hi OfAatse *y ^oy^u&c ty , 

c«f <3$y&d-tn^tb £<JsSb yot^s-da cda ,<*nj*d!, fr-K* 

cz*yi*j0^ cb&~o<s\j ddo't-'t^ 

djfc/ , /'tLu. 

,e-tr*rttZ'^ dx^KZL <tdi*Mr+j d* $*.*j2b * 


Thomas A. Edison, 

( Edison Machine Works 


New York,.... 


/s IT- <*“ — 

/bsv } 

Jf/tAs JjlXC^I' SJ- Xu 

C^Cd~ytsLC^O ClX~ /4^L^i. slsyi 

ruiJJUi Z*T 7v~tn*XX /zhsl^s- 

^/isCtr /£?&*Ct~ ( Z4^y^U /6?Lc*ts\ J 

feu jfeuu Sff ^ ^U^n^CP 

/ 0 fy. A^<*fax4 J CPisi^O ^4-u- &d rf-tnXL^ 

^ulUd- /firfoX ‘PyXt^tX, yjL Xtt 

cfooLswX&i sUl yCcALAL, XtifiX OX /Ux^Pt} 

~lXxt^ Ia'I scXrxx— ^P^xiX, s&-XLtsi ,' 


It is hereby agreed that nothing herein contained shall in any wise modify 
or affect the aforesaid contract between the Light Co. and the Machine 
Works, save and except as expressly set forth herein, and that in all other 
respects, save and except as may lie expressly provided for in this instrument, 

Skx. ut&yM 


ANSONf). sir 

The Straight-Line Engine Sompj 

ir of Mdes and Fayatte Stieola. 

ClatlM Batoiie lo r M.E 

Edison Machine Works 
104 doe r o k St 

New York 

Dear Sir 

In aletter rooeivod a day or two ago from Mr Edison he writes 
“Ocrald you use the patterns for the 1GE12 Engine ,They are the property of 
the Edison Machine Vfo rks and I think Mr Batcihe lor would like to dispose of 
them tq you .If you are inclined to purchase them , I shall he glad if 
you will enter into oommnioation with hinf‘ 

I believe you understand that we received an order from Mr 
Edison-for the drawings, patterns and one Engi ne and that -we o xeout ed the 
order, shipping the Engine when ordered to do so, for which we recoived 
the amount of the hill 

We afterwards sont the drawing as requested for -which we ha-ve never 
been paid 

We did not send the patterns as we were in hopes you would order 
Twj or three more Engines from us 

As the patterns have not been sent they have not been, 
billed to you..You will agree thatwe ought to be paid , and now as to our 
taking the patterns as suggested by Mr Edison ,we oannot use them to any 
advantage and in no way except to alter them over into our new s tyle of 
Eigine and that seems a groat pity ,ag they are , they ought in time to m r 
becoimvaltable, when it is found as it certainlywi 11 be tint the engine 
ydU'have is as good at the end of five or ten years as it was the day it 

Tie Straight-Line Engine Company, 

I We enolose am itemized bill of the aotual oost of the patterns 

j a:nd :had al ways intended to oharge them up to the Edison Phohine Works at 

They will not be worth to ns more thin $200. oo to use for alter 
over, and we oannot rig speoial uaohinery to build tint size alone , or 
abandon all our old patterns of our standard size and build all of your 

style , we have not the capital to hold the patterns , as we think sons 
one ought to. 

The new style we speak.o.f is one equal to the best of the XXE 
; other s iggle-valve Engines .and^ana--tha*:wil l enable 113 to oonpete with 
them in price .A; 84iSE0P at.$660.oo (We enclose Blue Print) . 

Let sett.Ia. abo-ut the.ipatte ms and payment for both for patterns and dra 
wings without delay and if it is with you as .with us .inconvenient to raise 
the money.„WD will, accept paper on such time as you will be able to imet it 

wings without delay and if : 
the money.rro will, accept pa 

Res peotfully Tours 

The Straight Line Engine Oo 


// flO 

Sijrneuje, N. Y., _ / / _ JSSdZ. 

The Straight Line Engine Co., ®r. 

Syracuse, JY. Y v 

®o The Straight Line Engine Co., 


'ds B un newyork." Nos. 92 to 108 GOEHCK STREET, 

,=._ QJLSLJL --- N EW YOR K,_ July a > 1 8 35 ’ _ 

Geo. P. Breed, Esg. , 

Plymouth, M. !l. 

Dear Sir:— 

As I shall be in Chicago next week I write to askyou 
to let me know if it is possible to get that note next Tuesday. 

We have at last got eastings for a few sets in and 
we shall know in a couple of days how much alterations we shall 
make. I hope when I get back to have a couple of interchangeable 
drills. Everything is now ordered but the oilers, swages and 
weights all of which I am figuring with different parties on and 
shall give the contract as soon as I am sure I have the best thing, 
the cheapest. 

If you can oblige me I shall feel gratified; I 
think we deserve it as if we had had a model as our contract says 
and had had no changes we should have been a long way further 

Very Truly Yours, 


Gen’l Manager. 


ydsun NEW YORK.-' Nos. 92 to 108 GOERCK STREET, 

jact_J5J2JLX- new York, _ July 1S » 188s » _ 

The Standard Hand Rock Mrill Co., 

115 Broadway, City. 

Gentleman: — 

I write to ask you to send tlie note for, 
called for by my contract as first payment on it. 

The material as per contract is now in and a great 
deal of the work is already far along in process of finishing. 

The tools have been finished for some time. 

We are now running through three drills in order 
to see if the tools are all right, when we shall immediately push 
tbrought the order. Altera ions in the patterns and changes have 
delayed us.a little but I am happy to say, in my opinion, we are 
all right now and can still deliver seme drills in this month. 

Very Truly Yours, 

Edison Machine Works, 

By < 

Gen'1 Manager. 




Subioct_K.inishe<i...Ro.cJt--dr.iI.l.-jnode.l l J\|EW YORK, _ July, 39th, 1885. 

Standard Hand Rock Drilling Co., 

115 Broadway, City. 

Gentlemen: — 

The new model "Rock drill" that we have made is now 
ready for inspection and if you will have Mr.Bergh come up and 
confer with us on the same we can commence imnediately their 
manufact re. Many of the parts are already far on their way but 
those parts that must be run through the tools can only be commenc¬ 
ed after it is determined that the model is correct. 

Very Truly Yours, 


Gen'l Manager. 



wrk." Nos. 92 to 108 GOERCK STREET, 

Subj.ct„.Modal.Rock.drill.- NEW YORK,_ August 7, 1885 

The Standard Hand Rock Orill Co., 

115 Broadway, N.Y. 


The 'model' rock drill (made from the tools) is; now 
ready and was 'worked by your Mr.Berg yesterday. 

Before proceeding with their manufacture we shall 
require that you give us in writing your acceptance of this ma¬ 
chine as a model to make the (a00) two hundred rock drills from 
which you ordered of us on March 30th, of the present year in place 
of the model you then supplied us with and which has been altered 
according to your instructions. 

Please inspect the same at as early a date as possi¬ 
ble and if any changes are necessary let us know so that we can 
make it to your entire satisfaction. 

We are putting a complete tripod together also so 
that you can pass upon that at the same time. 

We are quite ready now to commence on the work and 
can begin to deliver drills in a very short space but we cannot co 
commence until you have expressed yourself satisfied that we are 

Very Truly Yours, 

Edison Machine Works, 


Chas.Bat chelor, 

tjen'l Manager. 

^0 ^T^Xly^O <d//#C y^C 
dZdd/<?z</ Zc<y 

/■ ' 

£(H*/ JsOLs S&4& 

<XC6us<%& dig/ O/ 
Ado /drc/G ddy/£* 

d/uyd %istL*6zs Y&kx/ yd^L 
ddy-^Syy OSTt^^^, dig/ /Jt/s d/to*^ /rf 'd^d~ 
cJLri) dlfudd dd^c^ A^>C/ 

U^syd^ atudc .. 

y&l/S &fod/ y/ty^&gyd^dd dd^-ad/ 

frzyy Jhr'/&*^' &&r-d/_s /drnyd^d 

£U/ ^6 aJu* 


y^yt sz^yyut/ / 

%4MjJLfiu^> <??Aau/ 


%/ &/a*o 

Chtt^O ^tT2? 

~^vc, a Z^e/f?y 
_ fjfK 4&&£>~ y&e/, 

j%&7 /£y^7 {2^^/ 
S _ 4- 



"7§~ ^yct^f^y ^^yyy^, 

c&Jlf/sju^ uuo <£es 




Charles Batchelor M.E. 

104 Ooerck Street 

New York 

Dear Sir 

Have you yet seen Mr. Edison in regard to the settlementof account 
If so can you inform us who we shall appeal to for a settlement 

Thera is SltS.60 of the Bill that was furnished on your order which 
you ought to have settled regardless of Mr. Edison long ago 
Very Truly 

The Straight Line Engine Co. 

Cmas. Batchelor, 

Edison Machine Works. 


4EW york.” Nos. 92 TO 108 GOERCK STREET. 

New Vm»Tr, 

—M/fc/v-a ■ 

. / 7 ' 

Z. . 0-6<rd* 

£ y^*' s?° o 



/ OasthZ^ _ 

Ty t , 

5-0 o 

Yf o 

3. sbybso gy'.*™ 

3 -&r*X, Ztvc. * 


/ - 2 -r^’ O O 

y frv-o 

fTfj O D~i 

Edison? Machine Works. 

New York, M&k 


Edison Machine Works, 

S’ewyork •• Nos. 92 TO 108 GOERCK STREET. 

Hew York._ 0ct / 

J,C.Tomlinson, Esq,, 

30 & IB Broad St, City, 

Dear Sir: — 

. I enclose you letter W.H.Townley, 
counsel for Sullivan. Please peruse the same and 
tell me what I should do. 

Truly Yours, 

Edison Machine Works, 

One Enclosure, 

Gen’1 Manager, 


/Q^C <fc 

• -^Cc? a &c<-^ 


y CCjLA£) 04 < Ss&aC&&4A. — f f ^ 



4^-tv^c_c^-«_0 '^ a ^o 



T^z ^zf ( <^c^> 

'X'fe^o =^0 . ‘^- 

^Z-^£u/W-cO ^^^7 '*-*-v_fc--' y&Cc^z^ 

ffao e JL*~C^/ &£ yt^Qj 

Edison Machine Works, 


“xydsun new york. m Nos. 92 to i08 GOERCK.STREET* 

New York,__ 

T,A,Edison, Esq,, 

65 Fifth Ave,, City, 

Dear Sir:— 

The Milan people want me to quote them now for 
another Jumbo. What do you think we should do, ou e ht 
we to try and make some arrangements with the English 
people to sell one of theirs and if so in what manner 
can we cable them to get a reply? i understand they 
j hav0 written to Paris to get the price of one of those 
| two that I built but as I know the Paris Company are 
about to use all three of the Jumbos that they ha v e in 
the Paris Town Hall, I think it hardly likely that they 
will be able to get one. 

Very Truly Yours, 

Edison Machine Works, 

Gen’ 1 Manager, 


c/ax^cX ^ ^y ^ ^ 

/tt4^^> ^4> -'^-^e^ 

JZSus^&yzist^ C&^cL*uC>^ *t^*-*>£ "/^ 

To the above named, Defendant 

itvc Ticrcljlj ^UMWOUttl to answer the complaint in this 

of yonr answer on the Plaintiff s Attorney within_ ^xLi^aO.. _ 

summons, exclusive of the day of service ; and in case of your failure to appear, 
will be taken against you by dofnult, for the roliof demanded in the complaint. 

days after the service of this 
answer, judgment 


2sL±—vi J&C 


\j>4sU, / stibs ^tsle 

'■JLyx^ xCznsvrtsCAd ^J<y-cj sts/~Zs ._. 

Ut^ sC^A sfcil&s sVrzzJL-*-& 

L^y X^ .udLu 

J ^InX^L ^SL^t^L X1SL4S<^C> Y^~%0-C . '££&&&ZrC^ X^tsJL<<<zJvJ-\ 

j xtxi^L' -s/<s^-*o^<*-tsL*6£*ds ^t*St*ds , 

\/ic' ~ftxzyr ^tJuist^on;. 

7/Z~ _.<%£* 

JUa^s ^XtJuoL Xs<x>cxyti^ *£)Cu. s&-^t^cs *//0 y ^<TO 

'sJjZsOU<sxstsu<Sl. sCXS ^ItClJ^cuv*-<As s&Cc^cXi? siibc-d/ 

^iJhs. -dx*<***t*^^ sG^-a-^si. ^ctsC^L — 

l stSZ^suds ~^C*SG~ sCX^i-^d'- -■*-- 

d 7{&udJ<rrJe, M/: 

\ ^st*^JL*r- ^C-<yTV-t-t^ t4s XL& 

\^d' .^tJLex.-JLzstA, c-w, cP^ov£ st£~U 

*stsd' X^^Zs ^o-^. XLtsd; -o-e-O-J-V 
_ sstsds J^Lzs ^^e^X/xri^' 

L tJLsrJl^sV ^t^jti^L sLo -<* xJyti^a^oL . 



J f sjj**^6>-(Jls szsi^Jj sCbod O 

*j 0 (oJzLv ufd-j 

X jXoJ2<^rCUvU 

, „ gljeasje 4^ t*k* HWt *£&t Tlmt tho defcnd ant-Jr r 

appear Jin this action, and that-JS ^ <**L-*^ ... r etabua as Attorney .fori_~— 
therein, and demand that a copy of . In n .,,, lnint , nnd - all papere in this, arfon be served < 

NctToH,, * , " -'■ 

Yoyrs, &c., 

v-v :; &^!p~ 



the Office. 


Office, 65 Fifth Avenue. 



-z -/) c. 


, J' 


^CtZ-d rr-7>o^-^~ 

~ * *' /^^/-0-cr-OJ ^Sur-G 

^Zst't'cc, ■£ <* — y “ye 

**// &zr-v 


0~l?~0 ^&&z , 



to John q.tonkinaoh. E.fl.4,.4.__ 


40 wan st., Git.*. 

THOS. A. EDISON. President. 

CHA8. BATCHELOR. Oon’l Mgr. & Treoa. 

JOHN KRUE8I, Asa’t Cen*l Mgr. 

new york . ..MvambSr;. .*, -iss 

SAM’L INSULL, Secretory. (MU-m.) 

Dear sir! — 

Answering your latter of October S(Hh would eajr that 
we rendKMd bills '*• 1ih« Standard Hand Roe* Drill Company, previous 
to FebWStry 18th, amounting to 86895*69 and since that day wfc have 
rendered 81487.04. they have made ufi A payment of a note for 
8875. on September let or the present year. This note was endorsed 
by Mr. Cook. 

Truly Years, 

The Bdlson Machine Worka, 

*% " 

ften’l Manager. 

Edison Machine Works, 


Nos. 92 to !08 GOERCK STREET. 

_ New York,— 


J.C.Tomlinson, Esq,, 

lO Broad St., City, 

Daai* Sir; — 

Enclosed please find chock for #521.60 in payment 
of principal end interest in Sullivan case, I woujd cell your 
attention to the fact that you told me I erucht to pay this money 
into court instead of payine it direct to Sullivan, however you 
know best which to do and please whatever you do see that we are 
protected,If .it is to be paid to Sullivan we want a receipt from 
him in full of all demands and of courie the return or the con¬ 
tracts which he hoJd«» 

very Truly Yours, 

Edison Machine Works, 
BY . 

One Enclosure, 

Oen'l Manager, 

Edison Machine Works, 

Nos. 92 TO -108 GOERCK STREET, 

New Y ork,—_Nov.l 4 t I^h h, 

T.A.Edison, Esq,, 

65 Fifth Avenue, City, 

Dear Sir:— 

The Board of Directors of this Company declared a 
dividend payable on October 1st of the present year of two and one- 
half per-cent payable in the stojck of the Edison Electric Illum¬ 
inating Company 0 f New York. therefore hand you a certificate 
913 for 40 shares in your own na«b. Please acknowledge receipt 
of same and obligo, * 

Truly Yours, 

Edison Machine Works, 

Ben»a Manager. 

One enclosure. 

Edison Machine Works. 

Nos. 92 to 108 GOERCK STREET. 



Subj(Ct _ New York,_Mox,-2a, . 1 8 85-, 

Edison Co.for Isolated lighting, 

05 Fifth Avenue, City. 

Gent] emen:-- 

Yours of the 19th to hand in regard to Powers Hotel 
armature. Wo have now a man there looking after it but the ^ma¬ 
ture forthis place is giving us trouble in the shoF after extended 
bests owing to the fact that the mass of wire i3 so great in the 
connection cups that ws cannot keep good epntact and we cannot tell 
exactly when we shall be able’'.to replace it. We are pushing 

through the necessary tools for making the new connection cup design 
ed by Mr.Batchelor and as soon as we have them all our difficulties 
ws believe -with the No,8 machine will be obviated. We mpde four 
tests of No.8 machines this week all of which are unsatisfactory 
owing to bad contact. 

We are keeping in mind this Powers Hotel matter and 
have a man there, therefore we do not think they will bo incon¬ 
venienced wary much and immediately we can get out some good ones 
shall replaco the armature. 

l^e call your attention to the fast that this alter¬ 
ation in all the connections of the dynamos is going to give us 
considerable work and delay and would therefore ask your indul- 


Edison Machine Works, 


"xydsun new York." Noa. 92 to 108 GOERCK STREET. 

subj.qt- New York,_ 

Ed.Co.for I.L.2, 

gance in the matter of being a few days late with some of the 
orders, it is unavoidable, 

Truly Yours, 

Edison Machine Worls, 

Qen’l Manager, 


Nos, 33 to IDS E-Derek StrBBt, 


“XYDSUN NEW York." ylaw 6 4-Jo*lT, 3 t 1 bb S 

Samuel Insull, Esq., 

05 Fifth Avenue, City, 

Dear Sir: — 

“ovember 1st'our balance against the 
Sunbury Company was still S353.4S. We understood 
that you were poing >o make'some arrange manta to settle 
this bill. Will you let us know if there is any possi¬ 
bility of such a settlement being made? 

Truly Yours, 

Edison Machine Works, 

Gen* 1 Manager, 

De*r Sir:-- enclosing judgement of Sullivan 
case, also receipt of Sullivan, also general relaese of 
Dean in case of of August 1883 and also 

release of Dean vs.E.u.w. c f December Sd^' 1885, all to 
hand. Please accept thanks for same, " ’ ' : : 


Edison Machine Workp 

We hand you a statement of ours against the 

Shamokin Company, in it you will find that on October 25th and 
November 3d, lbb4 we had bills for this Company for furnishing new 
brush holders for their machines. They have steadily refused to 
pay these bills and say that they sent back to the instruction de-> 
partment two sets of old *H* brush holders in place of them. We 
have of course refused to accept these as we never order them to 
send them back. They however sent back these brush-holders and 
they were entered to the account of the Construction Company. 

I should like to get this matter settled up before Janurary 1st 
and probably you can suggest some way to as I believe 
you have some account with this Company also. We are quite willing 
to do anything that is fair but you know these people ordered from 
us the brush holders and then when we asked for payment they simply 
told us they had sent old ones back in place of them with which 
we had nothing to do at all. Can you propose anything? 

Truly Yours, 

Edison Machine Wn».ta 

-.Sen.'J, Jianapjer. 

e*L., - 

^3,-e. , /c ij/&*($*$ 

. &C( G-*-st* «-C*o-X CO^tA^Cs* 

I ,_y^ ^yt^v^c ^j-cOha/^), ' 

Csfl~4V. flrfrlf Ct/iZA c o£c*. /dcif&Ji^isr £-ca, 

<Uf tA^-/zi C^l-A^AO-A _^CU^UAi 

C" <J-C>-t~<^ CA. «Aaa^j -A^«Aj 

^A_ - -C+J-L^S<><* 

h seeir <%j^4^JZSc*u*^Us cS^tU. <-C^< /itt/dZZ/c*-i *4u. 

.thsVlAA^CC £*-* yo-~a-Q-c^^^j£} h&Zlv 

9t^a>^<0Uaa, C+i-v^cs HlsT* 

V - K^cA^C B tA-/ ^ 3 k>-*^te t ^ < y w< ■Cr&^.cA-‘ 

fith the shipment of the #4 dynamo 

d isc dynamo as. we • thought it would be /better 
there than for- us to]take it to - Schenectady. 

;o-day by express'; 

will dome 

The end .that y< 



the cover off and paAk them again in the sef-jSr’u?x and return them » A , 

Samuel Insuli:— 

Would say in regard to the second clause that The 
Edison Machine Works' prices can never be regular quotations as 
the price varies every day witl{ t e price of material. We cannot 
put up a list price and say we will never sell lower than that 
because the discount is regulated always by the price of material 
at the time. We can say thqrt our prices will be regulated accord¬ 
ing to the terras, of .our■contfact with the Light Company. 

In regard to the Callender Company guaranteeing its 
cables against faults other than ne chanical troubles would say 
i'X. that this ought also to include mechanical troubles that are easily 
> < foreseen, as for instance ,the laying of a cable so close to the 
'^surface that the: heavy jfcraff ic^^^^over it would crush down the 
!o/'~ earth and damage it, or such like faults. The contract should 
'^exempt from this guarantee only.those mechanical troubles which 
are impossible to be foreseen. 

On the second page where the work must be done to 
the satisfaction of the Callender Company's man.we.should require 
that the Callender Company's supervisor vwill give to The Edison 
Machine Works each time that a cable is laid a certificate stating 
that the v/ork is properly done and this certificate should be 
accepted by the Callender Company so that their responsibility in 
the matter can be fixed easily, if necessary. The same kind of a 
certificate shall be given th Th'e .Edison Machine Works in the case 
of hepait*s which are done under the supervision of the Callender 
Company's man. In case the Company should not send a man. to;.super¬ 
vise the making of the repair, the Callender Company must accept 
our account in the same manner that they would if their supervisor 

had over looked the work. --- 

In regard t.o -payinents^wou ; ld> say that the Callender 
Company to receive^payments as Thtf^EdiSjgn^M^lUne Works receive 

theirs and in_kind»- \.. .. 

The claus/e ijithe middle of the second page in re- \ 
gard to the compounds shpcflFVaad so:— "TheeCallender-Company to 
supply The Edison Machine W<|rks.w-ith receipt for making the Callen-, / 
der Company's insulating compounds roitansu1ating and surrounding \j 
cables and such compounds THe Edison Machine "'orks are to be allow(| 
ed to makt ift'bisy so desire |or to use it^s own compounds in place 
of it. » The N 

The Callender Company should supply every speciality 
that mey be necessary for laying their cables beside the bitumin¬ 
ous bridges. 

The clause in regard to turning over all cable man¬ 
ufacture to them is very braod and I: think it would be unwise Tor 
us to keep that in unless you should add to the last paragraph but 
one the words, "to make them itself or return to it's own cable 
manufacture,'' I mean the second paragraph on the third page. 

The contract should provide that the Callender 
Company must not give a price for a cable^laid^ lower than .we do 


' agree:; always to give us 10# better price on the cable but as 
the item of laying the cable in many cases is very large bndthe 
boxes and compound form a large item he might be able to quote 
the price of a cable laid at a lower price than we could by taking 
off all profit on material, labor and laying. 

The contract should also provide that in sompe 
specific cases we are at liberty to use whatever cable we like or 
whiqh is in our jedgement the best for the purpose. There are many 
places where short pieces of cable go in which we might think that 
a piece of kerite cable would be the only thing that would do in 
the case. As an instance,to show that we do not waht to be arbi¬ 
trary in this, we have to pass with our cables underground where 
boilers, bake ovens, heating apparatus are or aiong,.sid§, steam - - 
heating pipes, where the heot in the trench would injure’the cable:' 
In such cases we must be allowed to put in vhatever system of con¬ 
ductor we deem it best to use in that particular place. 

In he third paragraph of the first page, the word 
any should be interposed to make it read as follows:— * The 

Callender Company to bill their cables to The Edison Machine Works 
at prices 10# lower than that given by The Callender Company to 
any other parties. 

The Edison Machine Works. 


: j! 


■ c£^c!«w. /••»>.. -*-• 

\. ,r H . ( : X...' vX' f ( ■(/' ■' 

: ii 

| 6 

Cr, VA.-i •••>’ t-f 1 -.X ' ' ' •• .’ S )\ 



Ga-lx\ x . 

~M qjuULG^i <• {jA^^dCjJ ~d~{ A, M/ 


- xA 

iaXUx ^x/i k64\ 6 ..ft.(^fc, 

-j^-Li J-^a A qx>>j nJr---'('Jxi"\Lai^jAS Llua t 


L r , r [' n ; r 'L P / .oS, 

._• : ..r-..vX::::-r'Cu , .•L'V -pfr^fcrXv; 

4f— V& ^4^ —- 

. 'j: 


; (!x) ~iAAi vXj > yy^rt-^i 

ur^is. Ou. Fitx . 

'iAXAjAlAC* ,(vt>l>vuO l a hft'-tsM ~~j-rt\ \.djsd(frO 

- t+Czjrf 

Q AV^a. JrCt v?x XJ^-O . -/u a I""£i m. Of- - T • • f 

r ' ■ 

4 ^-ocCr-^Q /€l ^o,-Jcx.tlau'A \ 

'fatTTiMQQ ftxk cxd A)-r< x-aJa C <? Jd>r£ 0 ( f'CAA \ 

C-CULltL L (G(3 "Go "/mJLL ti/VD a 

R /5i MAlA tc i L\ v ■ ’ThalaA^uaj . U/-(D / 

?L I n r fo ■( MjJtA tkaAAT^ [ -aAU.y<0 

£j uj-e^i a. fcx> ■(j~f'A&jA JL ^aj-i&AsQ 

ftriLUx^dsiM... ilo t[- Cnx rxAi a rxXFo ! 

(Lt^&-Xi<L<? A'frA-i. - ax(j f\ - \ 

^Uexi ( < J dUtriL^^L.k-1 - -fax aa£,% h-^ ■ 


. ^iiUL fXAiX.t.dL-^_L ,_j 



j y<rfi6 




U „ . ' __; . .. - 



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lAjU ll-L O ( A ft /U. &LXAXLL. t.. 

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" % 4 j,jQ^ 4sO~k& y "M o.L. f<• l. yto'U._ 

~rLAjj.Qi J 1 j? a A-xnLsu L i2 £... ryi'\j> —• 

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av-l^mA O-.? CLb-Ajt ^) - 'MXX3 _: 


>€t£ajz4‘ *• * A,# tw—-'•i C* rt-J, Ac-a.l.,J 

y_ J y A /eiq...» ^--ij y 6 M'p^trtrtUL^.. \ 

zxj^A^ BAjiA-r m ^ '?i <- 1 ( , 

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OPhfljA 'fc\'.. v -WVA A i ,LA^L/! J , Cl ^k. A £_S ■ '5>0 i 



&a Lbuu^A t -- L.-. -( ^ . .... 

k /a-ervx lahJ^A -A. nA qj. A&j ..... 


' wvo l>|Lla y^:' /• ""T* 'plb*? 

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n o D x) ^ai^sc^gic v-a^— Q^t&xo •; 

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_li- .'"•■>-3^—t) 7^1 > T-rflt-f ( 1 * .'( L A All,/ rJ t: fi S\ AS 

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^tvQOVA-C (AaQJL ^^/Aiyl/iA, - 

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(ten b "L-ofl rt>U ! .,oO. r'S ^.7.: s ^ 


Sj^£CJL lAA-^' "CkQ "'^ t&Lg 7',- '. L .(hK_ 


lr^ho‘ fh l^iaa 7- i-v/> •• 

ILaJL» ^VrSL •'••. o Q^2 Lx 6-C.G ,-o -A-M UAs^MmjmjuuA 

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llfX^ /^VJ^VVlaV-> C/O —^i ^l4k MyL>'t/> '-(A-l 

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ii AwjkaJ\a.kjj- b&-AjA> jvu fii'CLi-O^ _ 

!ux_^rip.(!>aJ?7 ^xi ictD-Vj rrK. (hClAJ?L.^<' c & 

aAA.. La d $ A)~l/Qjl^ . 

I | •Jb, ■, ci, rv—,-\_^>.> A !> ... -•< i-t' ---- 

CV J D jw_„ clou uyjbuL.jL.Jgf~(}jj^A^/^ir.- 

L a —?>—- -L( )'~fr‘H y?L’ z \ ' 

i ■ 

f Jl„: A ■ - .. 




The Edison Machine Works to offer the Callender cables i 
to its customers for ubs as feeders at the same time they may 
be offering their system of eleotric tubes for feeders and 
mains. The Edison Machine Works' prices to be at their reg- 
ular quotations, a statement of which is to be attached to 

. \ .W y>/ ' .. .__—-. 

:y\ this agreement. The Edison Machine Works to offer guaran- 

tees to its customers precisely the same for the Callender 
cables for feeders as they offer for tubes as feeders. 

c zf*J The Callender Co. are not to compete with the Edison 

/ M , 

, /->" j\ _ Machine Works on any underground voftt for SdlsoA 'flOStomers, 
v but to have a right to send a representative wherever the 

H 9 Edison Machine Works may be trying to get contracts, said 
representative to be allowed to urge the advantages of the 
\ ^ Callender cables as tendered by the Edison Machine Works. 

^ The Callender Co. to bill their cables to the Edison . 

X! Machine Works at prices ten per cent lower than those given^- 

by the Callender Co. toother partial^. The Callender Co. 
n. to guarantee its cables for a period of five years against 

C' ) i Vvwir-KiU» ■ / 

I —"N faults other than^mechanical troubles or troubled from light* 
f [ ,p ning, and to allow t^nty per cent of the amount of their oon«N 

. • --4 tract with the Edison Machine Works to remain in the hands of 

a third party to be t 

i an additional security for 

their guarantee. This twenty per cent to be withheld from 
the final payment due by the Edison Machine Workfe to the 
^ Callender Co. on each separate contract, and the proceeds to 
be invested in good railroad bonds* 


When laying Callender cables the Edison Machine Works 
mint, accept one of the Callender Co's* men to supervise the 
laying of the cables, the work in doing which to be done to 
his satisfaction^ the Callender Co. to accept his approval 
as a proper execution of the work. The plans upon which the 
Callender cables are laid to be approved by the Callender Co. 
Payments on each contraot to be made by the Edison Machine-^ ^ 

flttH l 

■a dMofeMi 

^ | A } Works as they receive payments from their customer siP^ If the 
^Edison Machine Works desires to make special terms with its 

{ ' /r~~ . t v 

terms-njiafc be appnovsdaby-the Callender Co* T. ~i-■,<.<{ /. . 

The Callender Co* to Bupply the Edison Machine Works 
with receipt for making A opmpound';> far - surrounding the cables, 
and such compound* the Edison Machine Works is to be allowed 
(O' ^ jbomake^ifthey so desire^ The Callender Co. to supply 

^^tuminous bridgesj’for carrying the cables in troughs at a 
price^ten per cent l^wgr tha t, those quoted to other parties. 

The Callender Co.^o use its influence in getting low prices 
for the Edison Machine Works on bitumen if desired* 

If Callender Co. has any patents covering the laying of 
their, cabjjas,the Edison Maohine Works to have the use of Buoh 
^nsb^efi-nn fa?as they may require them in laying say-cables 
bought from the Callender Co. The Edison Maohine forks to 
undertake to turn all its^clble manufacturing, over to the 
; Callender Co^ and to agree not to go into the manufntteiaring 
. -iof such work, /to* ^ 

In case the Edison Machine Works wants any osbles man¬ 
ufactured outside of those quoted by the Callender Co. in, 
their regular lists, the contract must provide for the Edison 


I^JlaohinTw^ks b 

X 1 

r, V ^ C_, X> X ") V 

V ( \=, f 9 . ^ o 

^ '-r ^ v O ^ ^ 

/ «N» 0 

c» ' °i 8 C ^—~ 'x) ^ '/ <b 

nukvuwa mi - _ jing„protected against^the G allo ndar^Cp* charg¬ 

ing exorbitant prices fo^anuf^uri^sraaa (Hr. Injnp ^ - 
uncertain as to how ihis is to be obtained, and would liki’tn 
hare Mr. Callender's vie*s,thereon). 

Should the Edison Machine Works hare offered them a 
cheaper system of cables, equally reliable as the Callender 
System, or a better system of cables (at the same price) than 
that offered by the Callender Co., the Edison Machine Works 
to hare the right to call on the Callender Co. to meet the 
prioes and the quality of the work offered by the new parties, 
and in the event of the Callender Co. failing to do this, the 
Edison Machine Works to have the rigfat to use any auoh new 

/ —X The contract to provide for a continuing interest to 
„ -4>he Edison Machine Works in the business of oable feeders 
--for Edison Companies, in the event of the Callender Co. 

, breaking its contract after the business has been worked up 
by the Edison Machine Works. . , 

?**• ^ r 


X v \K 

^ ux> sr 


Court of Common Pleas, 

For the City and County of New York. 

The Edison Machine Works, , 

' . Plaintiff, 


The Standard Hand Rock Drill Company, 


The Plaintiff complaining alleges: 

.FIRST., That the Plaintiff,' The Edison Machine Works, is a 
corporation organized and existing under the Laws of the State of 
New York, and having its office in the City of New York, and is 
engaged in the manufacture of machinery. 

SECOND.' That the Defendant!, The Standard Hand Rock Drill 
Coirpany, is likewise a corporation organized and existing under 
the Laws of the State of New York and having its office in the 
City of New York. 

THIRD. That on or about the ‘30th. day of March, 1885, the 
Plaintiff, tfhe Edison Machine Works, on the order aid at the re¬ 
quest of the Defendant, The Standard Hand Rock Drill Company, man-, 
ufactured for it two hundred hand•rock‘drilIs and the appliances 
thereto belonging, at the agreed price of Forty Eight Dollars and 
Seventy Five Cents ($48.75) for each and every drill ^and that said 
drills have been duly delivered to the Defendant. 

FOURTH. That Defendant has paid on account of said drills 
the sum of dollars, and that there is now due and owing 

the Plaintiff from the Defendant the sum of dollars. 


WHEREFORE, the Plaintiff demands judgment against the De¬ 
fendant for the sum of ' dollars with interest thereon from 
the ’ day of 188 , together with the costs of 

this action*' - 




The principal office and place of business of -the 
Company, shall be at Ho. 

In the City of New York. 



SEC. I. There shall be an annual meeting of stock¬ 
holders, held at the Office of the Company on the first 
Tuesday of each and every year, 

and due notice of such meeting shall be Riven as the law 
directs, and written notices thereof, shall be sent to 
each stockholder at his last known place of residence. 

■SEC, 2. .Special meetings of the stockholders may 
be held at any time by order of the President or by u ma¬ 
jority of the Trustees, after ten days notice of such 
meeting to the stockholders mailed to them at their last 
known place of residence. 

ARTICLE 1 11. 


Ax any meeting of stockholders, each share of stock 
shall be entitled to count one vote, but such vote can only 


bo given by a shareholder in person, or in case or his ab¬ 
sence by a written proxy given to, and in the hands of a 



SEC. 1. There shall be four trustees, who shall be 
elected at the annual meeting of the stockholders on the 
day or in each and 

every year. 

SEC. 2. In case of vacancy by death, resignation or 
disqualification, the vacancy shall be filled by the Trust¬ 

SEC. >}. The trustees shall hold office for one 
year from the date of their .election, but in case .of the 
failure or omission to hold any election, they shall hold 
over and continue in office, until their successors are 

SEC. 4-. No person shall be elected a trustee, un¬ 
less he owns at least shares of the capital 

stock of the Company. 

SEC. 5. Regular meetings of the hoard of Trustees, 
shull be hold at the office of the Company on the second 
Tuesdays of February, l.lay, August and November in each and 

every year. 


SEC, d. Special meetings may be called at any time 
by the President, or any three or the Trustees, written or 
personal notice of the time and place of such special meet¬ 
ings must be given to each trustee at least one day prior 



The officers of the Company shall consist of a 
President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. 



SEC. I . The President, Vico President, Secretary, 
and Treasurer, shall be elected annually by the Board of 
Trustees on the of in 

each year but may be removed at any time by a majority of 
the Trustees. 

SEC. 2. In case of death, resignation, or removal 
from office of any of the officers of this Company, the 
Board of Trustees shall forthwith elect a successor, who 
shall hold office for the expired term of such officer. 

SEC. 3 . In case or the neglect or failure of the 
Trustees to elect officers at the time prescribed in Art¬ 
icle VI. of these By Laws, the officers previously elected 
shall hold over and continue in office until an election 

is held. 



SEC* I« It shall be the duty of the President to 
preside at all meetings of the stockholders and Board of 
Trustees, to sign all certificates of stock of the Company, 
and to do and perform all acts incident to his office, 

SEO» 2. The Vice President in the absence or the 
President shall perform the duties of the President. 



The Secretary shall keep the minutes or the Board of 
Trustees in proper books provided Tor that purposo, and 
all the records and papers of said Board; he shall also 
keep the minutes of all meetings of the stockholders. 

He shall have the care and custody of the Seal, Stock and 
Transfer Books of the Company, and shall attend to the 
giving and serving of all notices of the Company. And 
shall do and perform such other acts and duties, as may bo 
assigned to him by the Board of Trustees. ' 



The Treasurer shnll have the care and custody of 
the books of account, and of all the funds of the Company, 
and shall deposit all moneys in such bank or banks as the 
Trustees may designate, and shall sign all checks used in 

o • 

the regular course of business, and such checks shall also 
be countersigned by the President. He shall keep his bank 
account in the name of the Company, and shall render a 
statement of his cash account at each regular meeting of 
the Board of Trustees. He shall also perform such other 
duties as may be assigned him by the Board of Trustees; 



The Trustees shall appoint such other officers, em¬ 
ployes and agents, as they shall deem best, and shall fix 
the salaries of all of the Officers of the Company. 



No debt or liability beyond the necessary legitimate 
business and current expenses of the Company, shall be 
contracted without the authority of the Board of Trustees. 
And no note or notes shall be given for any purpose without 
a like authority. 



SBC. I. Each stockholder in the Company, shall 
have a certificate or certificates of stock, signed by 
the President and Secretary, and stamped with the corporate 
seal, stating the number of shares owned by said stockhold¬ 




SEC. 2. Such stock shall be transferable on the 
books or the Company by the holder thereof; in person; or 
by power of Attorney, and upon surrender of the certificate 
so transferred. 



Dividends of the net profits in hand, shall bo de¬ 
clared and paid as often and at such times as the trustees 
may elect; 



A suitable seal shall be provided, and the affixing 
of the seal vo contracts and instruments, together with the 
signatures of the President and Treasurer, shall bind the 


The foregoing By-Laws mdy be altered, amended or 
added to, at any meeting of the Trustees, by a majority 


1885. Electric Light - Edison Shafting Manufacturing Company (D-85-032) 

This folder contains correspondence, agreements, and other documents 
relating to the business of the Edison Shafting Manufacturing Company in New 
York City. This company manufactured belts, pulleys, and rotating bars used in 
shafting gear assemblies. Much of the correspondence is by Harry M. Livor, 
general manager of the company. 

Approximately 20 percent of the documents have been filmed. The following 
categories of documents have not been filmed: routine correspondence regarding 
orders, shipping, and supplies; inventories; duplicate copies of selected documents. 
Related material can be found in the Edison Shafting Manufacturing Company 
Letterbooks, LB-006 - LB-011 (not filmed). 


The Edison ^hating Manufacturing Companij, 



I -Ialso-^^" ‘ ] 

Agents for the sal^ of COLD/ROLLED STEEL SHAFTING, 


86, 88, 90 & 92 GOERCK^STREET, 

wyp c 

\ fats 

\ . — r ~ 

c ov? ", 

l?y yf 

- / ■/ 

d^cc dA<~c ^ 

/ jS. VZ~ <L z# y*C 

7y%\„ p ^'^'~ < y < ‘~ 

<?T*--<— <£3— 





!v —--ALSO-—— ' 

Agents for the sale of tiOLD /KILLED STEEESJIAFTING, 


86, 88, 90 & 92 GOERCK STREET, 


(L6- 4 




/' manufacturers of 


Agents l’or tlic'slifeof COLD/ROLLED STEEL SHAFTING, 


C 86, 88, 90 & 92 GOERCK STREET, /J 

Q ,'s 

'?~y£Z^ cy/ 

JZZZ ~ tZZ. 

/+~~*~4/C. ~^K /■ 

^2L cZr- t ^ c ^ L - t ^C 

sfaCs A <r* 

K * 


The Edison ^halting Manufacturing GompaniJ, 




Agents for the sale of COLD ROLLED STEEL SHAFTING, 


86, 88, 90 & 92 GOERCK STREET, 


/?.rr>£ }*£ 

aJztT'S. /yi ^ 

-&d~ ?C, 


The Edison Shafting Manufacturing Companij, 

manufacturers of 



Agents for tlic sale of COLD ROLLED STEEL SHAFTING, 


86, 88, 90 & 92 GOERCK STREET, 

Tj- Z0fc 

A>^ Z^/?' NT" 

^- - . / 

r^ArZ^y XUy 

QVU /*9 ‘*-*5*^0 

4v?vJL * f &7Z*v*^*. ^ 

y ■ -/-*- /&' y /v AZe*L.. 

4rjvL yyA^*< 


The Edison Shafting Manufacturing Company, 



-.'also- ' 

Agents for tlic sale of COLD/ROLLED STEEL SHAFTING, 


86, 88, 90 & 92 GOERCK STREET, 


The Edison failing Manufacturing Company, 



Agents for the sale of COLD/ROLLED STEEL SHAFTING, 


86, 88, 90 & 92 GOERCK STREET, 

The Edison Rafting Manufacturing CompaniJ, 



Agents for the snlo of COLD ROLLED STEEL SHAFTING, 

The Edison Rafting Manufacturing Compand, 

manufacturers of ^ 


Agents for the sole of COLD ltOLLED STEEL SHAFTING, 
office And works, 

86, 88, 90 & 92 GOERCK STREET, 

The Edison Rafting Manufacturing GompaniJ, 



| ! iktSO—T,, | 

Agents for the sale of GOLD/ROLLED STEEL SHAFTING, 
office' Andvw’obks; ^ 

86, 88, 90 & 92 GOE.RCK STREET, 

The Edison Shafting Manufacturing Company 



- ^—^ALSO—— ,! I 

Agents for the sale of OOLB/KOLLliD STEKL SHAFTING, 


, 90 & 92 GOERCK STREET. 


•The Edison Shafting Manufacturing GompaniJ, 



Agents lor tlio sale of COLD/ ROLLED STEEL SHAFTING, 
office and*, works; 

86, 88, 90 & 92 GOERCK^STREET, 



(1 X 

r/ 7s£ 

^ t-Z 

r r- , 


The Edison Shafting' Manufacturing GompaniJ, 

/ manufacturers of\ 


Agents lor tlie sale oI oOLdJr^LLED STiilEL SHAFTING, 


86, 88, 90 & 92 G O £R C K STREET, 


• The Edison Rafting Manufacturing Company.’ 



Agents for tlie sale ofOOLU/ROLLED STEEL SHAFTING, 
office/ andVworks: 

86, 88, 90 & 92 GO ERG K^” STREET, 

/? - _ . 

v & r y / £y£ >t 

6?<?D / > £+<y' 



^ < V~ ^ 




Agents for the sale of COLl)/'ROLLED 8TKEL SHAFTING, 


86, 88, 90 &-92' COEFijCljC^iSTREET', 




U £& 




/F > 

<L, - 

SA*f'rt cS, 

Vw y°£ \w 

\a/\-&a/mJ^^sVC«a^ Cc3a/v\J^w^ 


st> ^sv 


(\ ''-©^>^AX>'V\^iJi) 'UaaU'SA-^ &>a ^l^VL^VAT^ — 

C^crv\-^x^JlA^tJLA^>v^ a-o ~^W\j Vw^ *^i-i~a^*AJUL-* Ajt£^£^C0 \-^T 

(^»Aw»~A3 ^^^JL^v-UUjO VO>iV^" V -^4' ^^aVWvlWI ’’ 
AJL«A-<JLXZv>i^ vXa. AjSrvAAaXvv* 1 ^ U>-4' V) mAciXCov'-' U ^ *5" Cr^>- 

\j CUaA>v< 5 U^VL-XMAAATa, VJJ ZV^-» Wj. ^SWwilJU \U rVJL- Cj CA-m) 

Vo 1 ^ U>v'--^!>-o— a^ j^vxjv-^ Vi— Ur 

^fVv(TAAAy <X*-~a) (•-'A/S f Vj- oQrVve,#-^ V^aV>~wcAa«>v^ 0—0 

^/vo- £a2&U-<|o Vvfct^i><iO O—\^ .— 

Ur^aUUt'CAUirv^ Vo ^ VvvJlUo-a^»>Ca C bvc*-PjL" UvaUu^V 

J^l- .. » Q . <l.r u n> i v tjj . . 


-^M-Vw-ccv- ' ^^|oCv\j^ '* CjerA^^i-c-v^A^ '<~yt^o ^gJLco<tA> 

,2 7‘ 

y 7f~ 

y' : )/ 

MINUTES of a Special Mooting of the 
NY, held at the Office of the Company, on tho 1st day of 
Docombor, 1885, in pursuance of a Resolution of tho 
Board of Trustees of this Company passod at a mooting of 
tho Board on tho day of 1885. 

This mooting of tho Stock-holdors of tho Compa¬ 
ny was callod for tho purposo of considering tho advis¬ 
ability of and taking tho nocossary procoodihgs for in¬ 
creasing tho capital of tho Company from its prosont cap¬ 
ital of ton thousand, to thirty thousand dollars, a no¬ 
tice of such mooting addrossod to tho Stockholders and 
signed by a majority of tho Trustees having boon publish¬ 
ed in a nowspapor printed in tho city of Now York, for at 
least throo succossivo wooks prior to tho samo, and a 
written copy of such notice having boon postod in tho 
Post Offico addrossod to oach Stock-holdor to his usual 
placo of rosidonco at loast throo wooks provious to tho 
day fixod for tho holding of tho mooting as providod in 
section 21 of tho Act under which tho Company is organ¬ 
ized. Tho following Stock-holders of tho Company woro 
prosont: CHARLES BATCHELOR, ono share; H. M. LIVOR, 

ono sharo; JOHN KEMESI individually and as Trustoo, 
ninoty-sovon sharos. Tho costui qui Trust boing ropro- 
sontod in tho porsons of MESSRS. BATCHELOR & LIVOR and 
Mr.INSULL as roprosonting Mr. EDISON. 

Tho mooting was organized by tho soloction of 

Mr. BATCHELOR, one.of the Trustees as Chairman, and Mi% 

INStJLL as Secretary. ii' 

'■! I||L 

The Chairman of the Meeting stated that it had- 
appeared for sane time to the Trustees of the Company' ' "i 
that the present capital was inadequate to the proper, de¬ 
velopment and conduct of its business that it seemed"to 
them advisable that its present capital should be in¬ 

The Treasurer made a statement showing that tho 
entire capital stock of the Company had been issued in 
the purchase of property necessary for its business, that 
its entire capital amounted to * and'that/” 

the total amount of tho debt and liabilities or the Ccim-! : 
pany at the present time were * and thal 

the amount to which it was proposed to increase the capi¬ 
tal stock of the Company was *30,000. . 

Mr. LIVOR then moved the following resolution;- 
RESOLVED; That the Capital Stock of this Cor¬ 
poration be increased from *10,000 
to *30,000 and that the amount by 
which the said Capital Stoclc is in¬ 
creased to wit, *20,000 be offered 
for subscription to the Stockhold¬ 
ers in proportion to their Kbldings 
at par, Or bo issued for the pur-' 
chase of property necessary' for the 
business of tho Company, 

Tho motion was seconded by Mr. KEMES1 and upon 

being put by the Chairman was unanimously carried, votelfc 
representing all the shares of tho stock of the Company 'i 
being cast in favor of such resolution. 1 1 is ■ 

On motion of Mr. KEMESI seconded by Mr. LIVOR 1 
tho Chairman and 1 Secretary were directed to prepare ort' 
cause to be prepared and executed and filed with the 
proper authorities the necessary certificate as provided 
in eection 22 of the Act under which'the Company is‘or¬ 

The Meeting then adjourned. ' 

^ dn .oa^/Usv 

■ e^y(/Ci£ y^yut^L^ tr/ C^^C Q. C&OA 
' 6^s&hc tyj^ytk/t&cl. szf/tci/’t&t, /hcto/L^ /^cnA*d, 

/i-osCc6^cwk^ , t^?s6b& /7-&2-a~uu£-^pi4^ /C&6 
‘ r l&Z&4sfid* sw-&4AsUr^sisi. 

^^4 crCAjyi. /irt?i£uisdr& . (>*nMk^iAscUi^ 
^&sis^L/y.sC>C<r&i. s&muA^. .a.<yict- ^cm. s^r&Ce-iArz.: — 

(^cnA^CcXvuCe^. * &i*^cC^h^urUsi& Jti?i& /tu^oCs^CM/h t/ 

■ </^stbc yi^e-(TT^cC jiaA^sCfc si.r{!c 

sk.&As\^4M-, ^PSISsQL 

rC^SlsVcC ,PU^C&4. sUT/jCo^ s£irjfc&& /ttHsUcC ^-t^CrtyU^C. 
sl^st&Mst'sT^Mrtceo.swi/slAA^^Ux^ ^asbi,e^st£u. 
,&Afae£*4. .a^\Z^lOlyicl / ,fosCcnsWM*^4Sl4SrU. ~cr/ ^s/L 

Cr)yf-in-. ; 

-edrtrH' s^c\y^coLr oAtioln sMrtd. sbsf si.cwLoC 

'^A.yAM^cyyCt/Ay. .cy/id/ucde, .o^Ady-.cM/fcCcd&j 

slAsiraJu .&aM-MA d^/M-OJ^ JdMiZ /laid 

^asvty,a^Mi& ^<^(HAd ^Q/id ^dd .asvt. -ayMynAtdytyycA 
y^/U-i-dt^^ My /yiy^-,^ (fad, M-tri^yia^ud QrAAeMs2’ t 
■ SL /dCcn^s/ucvi^ czvasu&l 

/Ar^yUO-A-^-, £>uu>U<d-Pud/)-^ /Avyl, O&X^Mlyty&S, Mr 

ytSi£/l^iidCVlA^-c/^z&Au. ^ -i tctA 

rft^sisLaisvuJ^. <n. /}~isudi. dfcuM* ,auutriy-yt^M^ -cm,^A v-ay, 
ddx^c, /fi/ytiyiny raara^/Ac 'Ci^\^cd jAf 

itAx^ut -CM. ^ 

'<ftcn44. -aa/Avu>A ,cu>ce^ - 

d^A-ax. /yu- -a^cjAcr yAc^Aadd 

Mm J^nu^-dtcC -ousupC 

MM* s>wM^,a,e^c^ciM^ /Mod/,/A c -CiH/MoU^cd 
„ Oi^-ow, -cce^vua-dcUUru- Jd jCcM y/uiAty MusieM 
^Atyucj . cTMl^UcCS. -MyMuM, y^add 
-paired /AlsUAsMt^ya ^a/Mcd^ MiadCyAc /Md y 

~ y. at / 4. , a . i ... a 

cytA-d -csiydiAi Mj-C ,^dr^yc ^4~t 
'frtnrdi />vtd/A^ Ady / 2 -cdd/>Ac.riALoCMcMdiy y 
M-aM/Ae. .c^cn-eAyu^M e-cridhMAcd r <?^^ 

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' CHAdUtM /Ladd /AM/faMip, dAAiC 
-0^, aM, cccnrdi. /i.trld yA^ yAw^ yd^M^ew a^, 
AAuyAwMi<yisz- itPioAt/u^dydy^^^ Mdi 

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cf'rpi/vth. <ffl&sfi,asity ,<d'stli£ 

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! A-COcn^ot yt^ ,<&, /yCcreA^ <r^/teuud 

: j!vvU&y4., OiaA^/UjAsM^M Pl^cCctrtA^dAMtyi 

■ c^^fru. sytasCoU <r£ c^vr-tf $/brtvu\M.0i /$ o-&t&A4^ yisr&*'t&. 
/yke4.' yfc£\& riL^^ot0^ sthl sfoyvi'yf-OA/t*- fts^/Ll&i 

O^ff\/0C ,(T^^ (TUIA^pL 

O'fcto'U’t ^yi<^Lt^U>C -OiA. S>-CC\AAaM^ jhr AL&sCdC 
*7~€&(n4*0C S^.C*a4* - 0\AAA^ ,£*AA*cL .&&£ o^xajL 

/hg /^psunA , tr^ ^UyvA^e02 ^th& c^Q-exyi&wse&i 

a&A/\AaaAs^I~4^jk\A-~ ^axX\^Xum»u^ 

cf'yj^ti^ . : td!stht A<eAHA^y^OA^- 

'7^CaJ£sIaA*C\J^ . caaa-apC A?Ct£yy-M, J&rst&£ s^UlAyk^ 
sfcfa. y^vOA/i^ &y /y£&A2~U4s€4s{/^ l7lAyC rpjrW>h 

A-cd^^t-VV&L sJisi' cnyL, ^ ^cr&firt£ 

yfcb-A ^V^CLi^t/u C V <T J tfC&yl^ <\a7~gL CrtA. 

rVLtt .S2.pyl&4 /yir-^iAyUAy?CC / yi^tAytot y^urxy^^a/yCu 

A^~Ot^d- y^,(p\y^ . (TrC/L-^V~sChj£' y^\A/7^- y^^Ay^, tAytf^ 

r&tnAA-^AAAs xaaatu, ■^bnAA* sTAyve^L. S10LS&&2' ^^y~e C<TJ 

\ ^sffli£. yfwy{- /faA^ /y&*ed£ yfa , p^UAA, 

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jf^ArCyyuti^ , $/£\/h~ „ CtepAAJLAyLTJZA*^ ^AyyUA^ 
sfe'^tiAAAsl^lwAAt&ot /(n4 ^X^A, s^Q/vfy 0-TA. 

j-'C't-'ir£t-'£-£ ^ (f^ybh& &C(£cAA*lAstAA^l&slrt^ 

■tCir/MT. ^ 

,4/kt /yisQ^f^A-oL y^cvd* *47%. „ o\s<^/IsL£/1- 

,0\a*s£ 04 ~*^rtvCc&, s^L asvfc^ s&U- 

stMArM/t&lj, ^vrfau.l£, 4-^VU 1 / >\M*jU^rC\4i sr&*££ *fe- 
sftr\> c^stb\A£. A^rvvt^, 

s / v^ / y4 r \'i*0£- ~oCr/6l ~&a,eJL 

'7&?UsCsJ~€J>SWUL — oiw-t- rOAAseC- s^oy^inJ^e, 

s@ /!~££<Jsvnri7l^^\s^sUAAXC^ ~-0u<i 
L t^^v^vl^sM~o£ /)4*-c*s£4 sfe. s0ic£vr&i4.c£skj Ashj? 

^jt&JL syy~ciAJ&/i<nn+vi 

s£. oa4a^ . </^. st&ji srt- tiM^ot ^ aaJ* 
y(jr- / a-/ -\^c>^a^u^ ]J7A*> ^ut. ^&isu?C &Z4^ 
y£>-£^-4 ~^\aa^-*aa*cc>6 

^isy-£ ^4-c^y-€ 
sy&i*. — V~V\/l~'^/4\^0 \s\sU06i ^t^6 

■s^AAJ4-61sU& t^.' CfCwsu, T'l^p •£?■ 

(7%*^ $O&srW/L0\/i. 7y~i £ ahlw t 

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. P&aJSI y^AA^iyi sttr AIajL, AaAAAA AlA^O&WiA/fc^ 

A^-e^A-A-. eJ^o^Xy^ -c^-cxsbrrZ. .a^AiAj^AA^eA^A 
aUaa~ 1\sv-tzjL „ \az£ _ 

a(/4a ^^<aaa~p „ 0i~^s\s&e-o(~ ^tAu>i/U 
^bLjU yj^AT^JU-A^- , 0~^jti^hC. JLaXXtA- - <*-&■ ZoftZv^A 
-ouauL - chaa^oL Jtv~ tints'- 

^AyuuLA£, „ q\a/A\aaa*‘^_ AsCjL. — dX^-C Cr^- tPlJsrYiL 
~ OA3 JAJU~ks<-<JL^ t/^* . GAA-tX ^aaX' 

^~£(!A-y^b-.ytC<jL y\XAA-CAAAC\X _ ^2- 

"7 'j^iAA^UC-oC -aXa. AT^A-^aAJUZa, r &dii>\A aaA, 

■ fi^rvy-C - EamaXA-^^I^ t 

e&*rTAA^0v2. /¥y^ Av>in^ 

OlttjAXr^~ pML JU~ $^AHAAA>lAL At* d? /AvlW' 

jyf £\AAA~^-< 


JL_£* THOMAS A. EDISON. President and THOMAS A. 
CHARLES BATCHELOR and HARRY M. LTVfiR . bein 0 a ma¬ 
jority of the Trustoos of tho EDISON SHAPTTNO MANPPACTTIR— 
IKO OQM'PANY. do horoby certify: 

That the Capital Stock of said Company is 
Ten Thousand Dollars. 

.-2i- . That the entiro amount thereof was issued 

for the purchase of property nocessary for tho business 
of the Company. 







THOMAS A, EDISON . President, and ono of the 
and CHARLES BATCHELOR and HENRY M. LIVOR, Trustees being 
severally duly sworn deposes and say, each for himself, 
that the said THOMAS A, EDISON is President and the said 
are Trustees of said Company and a majority theroof and 
that the statements made in the foregoing certificate are 

Sworn to before mo this 

day of 


INSULL, Secretary, do horoby certify; 

1. That a Mooting of tho Stockholders 
tho office of said Company, pursuant to a%call therefor 
duly made. 

3. That CHARLES BATCHELOR, a Trustoe, 
was duly olocted Chainnan, and SAMUEL INSULL was duly 
olocted Secretary of said mooting. 

3. Stockholders representing in person or by 
proxy more then two thirds of all tho shares'of stock of 
said Company wore present at said Meeting. 

4. Due proof of the statutory notice of said 
Mooting was made. 

5. Tho Treasurer rendered a statement showing 

that tho entire capital stock of said Company was ton 
thousand Dollars, and that the same had boon issued for 
tho purohaso of property nocossary for tho business of 
tho Canpany; that tho ontiro capital of the Company was 
* Dollars; that tho debts - 

and liabilities of the Company did not oxcood the sum of 


0. Tho following resolution was offerod; 
•Resolved that tho Capital Stock of this Corporation bo 

"incroasod fran ton to thirty thousand Dollars and.that 
“tho amount by which tho said Capital Stock is incroasod 
“to wit, S200,000., bo offered for subscription to tho 
“Stockholders in proportion to their holdings at par or 
“bo issued for tho purchase of property necessary for the 
“business of tho Company. “ 

7. Tho mooting proceeded to ballot on said 
resolution, before counting tho ballots it was found that 
ballots roprosonting all the sharos of Btoek of the Cor¬ 
poration had boon cast in favor of said resolution, and 
none opposed , 

Tt appearing that a sufficient number of votes 
had boon given in favor of said resolution, tho Chairman 
declared the samo adopted. ' 






CHARLES BATCHELOR, boing duly sworn, deposes 
and says, that ho was tho Chairman of tho Mooting roforr- 
od to in tho foregoing certificate, and that SAMUEL TN- 
SULL was Socrotary thereof and that tho statomonts con- 

tained in tho foregoing Certificate aro true. 

Sworn to before rao this ! 

day of 1H85. '• 




On this day of 1885, bo- 

foro mo personally appoarod OHARTiKS BATCHELOR, to mo 
known and known to mo to bo tho person doscribod in and 
who oxeoutod tho foregoing Cortificato, and he ackncwlodg— 
od tome that he executed the same for the purposon 

therein mentioned. 

frff A<JB, la. &CXy^t/ci£ 

. dfi—ZQu, --—-- : -- -.—^ 

e ^ctA'ett^ • tfpuA^ecup 

: C^Cci H cf a '7^it^uu^y (P c/u^f Cot*S) 

i^zi^cig. <c£, ca_ t) V’iJoV^^/ &L~C/ CPi/uLHnr-e 

17<) tfTccu^rjf-**- ~A.Ajt. <C?CC-t P <ST fti'cSC CD*. S&JL 

I CC*. Cs£. GcD^/i cc**~y 

! cT7 

•1 - C3^y^_ _ . ^Ccr-^-j_ O C- / - r _^_ 

picJf ^ /^Lc- e£f" 

« \v -\. 

1885. Electric Light - Electric Tube Company (D-85-033) 

This folder contains correspondence and other documents relating to the 
business of the Electric Tube Company in New York City, which manufactured 
underground conductors for the Edison electric light system. Much of the 
correspondence is by 3ohn Kruesi, treasurer of the company. 

Approximately 90 percent of the documents have been filmed. Routine 
letters enclosing checks have not been filmed. 

Law Offices of 

16 & 18 Broad Street. 

yAl*—/ i —*- 


J <P 

.S- CPys j:, J- 7<Zy -Ayy';■ 

syZyy^ J y 

rc^_ ^ ^ 

^yj*~\y-y_yty£<^yt - A^U^y^yAeZy^- / - ~-yy-iy 

X— / ^ cJ~y^c^^r- - 

<2^C~ ^ SYZ^^-yyyy^ * 

C'^c^C A J 2 ^c^cyC- 

The Electric Tube Company. 

18 to 24 Bridge St. 

■ The Electric Tube Company 

18 to 24 Bridge St. 

T. A. EDISON. Piei. ^ & 


Brooklyn, N. Y., . 


The Electric Tube Company, 

18 to 24 Bridge St. 

Brooklyn, N. 

O 188 d 

The Electric Tube Company, 

18 to 24 Bridge St. 

JOHN KRUESt, Tr•■>. 

rn, N. Y., -2S~~ 188S' 

/£/?? /S (AfzC yfiZ-j 
p-r-^oeA^e <?S- * 



The Electric Tube Company, 

’ 18 to 24 Bridge St. 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 


The Electric Tube Company. 

18 to 24 Bridge St. 

Brooklyn, N. Y., ... 

rf-t&fil*.' <&L/.Gte/rf//s 

Y I &.Y:<f2LU- 

, ' , y / 7 


y/Y, /Y~. <*.<<. 0 / 

74YO-& 4~ 

*Yr.L .r.J. 

* ^Yf. . 1 

7s- /bt~tSyYnY'y #-*<■■ X. n.t<.i- / ^c. 0/ .^t,i(fa, ty /~~ — | 

'Tsc/ y-T-t- __j 

^ y C’77'7/ -'*•"<'*'• yzTtr fj^7t- f ft-- (.-— | 

7 Jy .4 ^/? aiLs \ 

' - - <^£. J 1 J~Y.<s v^.c^.<^.y i A ^_ 1 

<z^e-*yt,cY r^c-^t/. ^-.■■/'>{7fYY-' 1 

yTL <&YZ^Z- -'^yZZ^' t ^ JLTut-YL. 

Y<Y (&/y . ~7-' 

-.*— - 

jht*iy ,' A.yy Y v ,y. t- ,. zYtZXZT 

y7<. 7<7( ^ e ' y ' Yu. a.^-ir-is-c~ y^Y-^.L -y _y r j- -tcY ~Z cu- J~YYl 

^ yL. jtY'—-. <Y&. Cy/r.^ ■ ! 

— 'uT.*- 7 -<^C _^«v«s—<^c—ii.A- _^<S- --_ _^ S y/ c ~-f A^V^v^r-. _ ^ " 

-uYr ^cJ^Yy~ J-Y&— 



<s <YYyly u y 


'°7 ( ^r < / . 


The Electric Tube Company. 

18 to 24 Bridge St. 

C> ' Brooklyn, N. Y. ^ 88 ^ 


The Electric Tube Company. 

18 to 24 Bridge St. 

Thomas a. Edison, 
No. 65 Fifth avenue. 


a— .«-*•* 

- OvvJTi-rx 

^\/Wv . \/W'Q-aaJL-C • 

\ ^AAr-r C* •tt/r. v 

U ■« UXG^- -TUUa Z-rAv ‘ 

S. U-c. U«-oA «X^«otu^!\ ea/ .\ r /\ i a^. e c 

\pXt-Ov~J'.. *3.—<=A- \K^X -x^v-«_ e Y*'^ 
r-. *. J.-t-c_ t <ZJLc-a- 


o\^-<A vA - 

, "£^_ Ck c*' -«*~V--V» . CLv, •^tt. CwV' *^-c \*-- *' 

xZ \jt VU * d.. d.zx:^ 

U t-V-ir W«~ 'T&Cv, s 

t rw-^-Q ^ 

•to «JU-«rv^ W, SoUc-ffW. "t* - c*> 1 ■ ^ 

' v \'" tjCL— U ev/Atc!. $=> %£>*■ T‘ erwv- 
<WfcA'~ \fW> «-C_ ^~*~ S .ww*-*.. \s--r 

««. T7U ^ltT«-o o.dct^C Cs - 
vL '^rvrA X^L-y^ O.X; w aXC 

^tiJUvwleA-^U^ ''\j- 

v^v v 

o \Ar~ \*j~ir-^tol. U-* 

^ S. a,rvj.el 

() cf 

Xw-L 2 " / k & J 

%j* oA,A-f^ 

&./ n A- A C .• /, /• „ ,. 

I t- (5;—C7 ’ C-/lA- {. U.c f..'V -\i 

j@_ ^U- L- • /fee C. A?.<fc fiS 

- ^tce/c^:- " ; 

/7 ’ "’ 

ACL.. C c 1 -v.^. .y< 6 <S.- Ccx.:-c,. *0.^ 

Jg-A. lA--U- /7\.. (A c t -iJ Al / <■ Ci A C (ft... -V 

jw C C — /f t ~^Lq fr*\. 

<^.^u oA--“Y66 c “'Qr.' £v~CCl.C /» 

e,-cJfc^ 7-rr . 

r ^i HAX f?^ A Y f>-‘AA7r:J / 


The Electric Tube Company. 

18 to 24 Bridge St. 

-^T //(^c^?f~ 


L, J ' 


~£& yC^eY^ 'Z*Uy£ «^- ^^/'yy-e^fa ■ > ^ ft ^y 

^Z£/LLU c^Y 

^/'V/W ^7 Outf./C-t rfrs y - ^ 

a/'jjfcts J~tut<s/i£ aJ-i^c7~ J~V- — , c^i^f 


z^- Ys£zy -s£r AaAx^cY. 

truAs JtALy-/isfi-6f <& 

Cfy{/V (SAX^b-^t'-r-v 
MtUa Jjfcy ^uiat/^ ? 

^J 1 

Thomas A. Edison, 
No. 65 Fifth avenue. 


23 m. (5 S_ 

' / bo~e z & jw *-* 

/L-e <■ 

ZUj • 

/= , < 

6/' T^.< 

^-tAxe 5L-At ©W^uja*! 



CO^XM^ U. 

<^^<l*jU!jX , cn-t ~&, 77. .^ f 

TZL^ rsz-/»'«_^fc^- c /-t? *Lc-. o^uaAiuj 

JZ*js^ 6 <7^c<-<_ZZZZ^ f^tx / ia <.\_ a _ JZjfpCc*. 

I T^V'cc-t-M^c 


cJgjg?S-c^ SO-h^ljt- 

ClJxA^-p (l^t^«_J 

/WS-^OvCc^. .^. 

<$2«_ c 

2 jl J- Ola-J 

C&x^*-^eAu^U. c^A oo-xSCXt- «-4fe-oo<-w * 

A*-2 aa 1 < j J) 

CpC^t^t < 3 ^^«^ y Oc^J) Jxj/H<£ 

t . . 

C^CA^dZ^.^J' C*S~LXI^ /(%^ •d’A^uAU.^ (kA 
if c^Jr-t 'Tct^^c r*? 


Ct/^rA, /^V <f-L-J~xxA f t^/cyJtAT 


~.J Vt 0C*. 

^^2ccow-ck» c<rLc:(^ c^t*. 

The Electric Tube Company, 

18 to 24. Bridge St. 

The Electric Tube Company, 

18 to 24 Bridge St. 


M V JjAZ-' . //W 

JtH/zJ'', /Jfl'PH-'Z #-fiscd/ JzJfi/ 6 " ^iJc- 

Jo Jiu^C JuJ-<r^ 

. "V- - . — 

Jio AtiJoC JoJ-irr-o^ - f t ^ 

^dutiA,<Li?t~&t4 OtoJ jJ" jiJoLCs -*iSKs<o '*^0 

a^u & ^ 

^ *ULC k-rv4-^(JCt> V**r«- eloorts. _ KMiA^r^ ^y— 

yU ^Ju- ,*70^ /2-t^ C uCc£C ,a^c/■ 

f toCC ^zJzU- ^o*^^-oi+zf~ Oc^c-t-~ " 

The Metropolitan Telephone and Telegraph Company, j 


NEW YORK,i^bssy^,,^r^^..l.188 

ti.JwL,.*, (VO), I 

,jii. ^ ia.v" v'vtXv*^^ 

U2<v-^cvvXL^ U-^viA j 

A.eXtfecCTZZ3^T v.A~~ 

a ‘ ! 

The Metropolitan Telephone and Telegraph Company, 


NEW YORK....!^^e/...^i^§)..188l^ | 

^Vy C tA 

'-A'VTA/V'V iXA/wt^ -cA haA/ x 

rVVV^ ’CX-'V^-C^ 

'-h^aAL^va*' etc i 

(3_X) \_5a-"V^ ^A^AJSL/ C«^>vAA»^v^^ 

.A ou^ 


The Electric Tube; Company. 

18 to 24 Bridge St. 

T. A. EDISON. Pin. 


Brooklyn, N. Y.,_ 



/fn.d&toasii' ■ 

Reel duplication of the whole or of 
any part of this film is prohibited. 
In lieu of transcripts, however, 
enlarged photocopies of selected 
items contained on these reels 
may be made in order to facilitate 


A Note on the Sources 

The pages which have been 
filmed are the best copies 
available. Every technical 
effort possible has been 
made to ensure legibility. 



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lornaa Cl £d U>oru' 



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